OCW Supershow 20th March 2015 with Alberto El Patron, Mr. Anderson, Drew Galloway, Scotty Too Hotty, Gangrel & Ricardo Rodriguez.


Last night, OCW had its biggest show ever with a sold out crowd in Burwood for our Supershow featuring Alberto El Patron, Mr. Ken Anderson, Drew Galloway, Scotty Too Hotty and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Scotty Too Hotty VS. Micky Jackson - Scotty Too Hotty.

Chants of “You still got it” met Scotty Too Hotty as he kicked things off with Micky Jackson, who was looking to get his comeuppance on his second international opponent in as many months. Thorn in Jackson’s side Jacko Lantern again cost him the match, appearing in the crowd to throw Scotty Too Hotty’s opponent of his game, allowing the former WWE Superstar to get the 1,2,3 with The Worm.

Kellyanne VS. Demi - Kellyanne.

In a feud that’s been broiling for months, Adelaide darling Demi was set to put the trash talking Kellyanne in her place in a hard hitting women’s match. “Wannabe Lita” chants echoed throughout the Whitehorse Club along with chest chops traded between the two. Kellyanne tossed Demi like a rag doll into the ring post and barricade while Demi put up a good fight. It was not meant to be for her, though, with OCW’s own Kellyanne picking up the win.

Brad Smyth VS. Ricardo Rodriguez - Smyth.

Smyth, like many fans at Burwood, was marking out when he faced Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer and lucha wrestler Ricardo Rodriguez, getting his competitor to sign something for him prior to the match. A perfect mix of mutual respect, comedic spots, devastating takedowns and high flying action, it was Aussie boy Smyth who gained the upper hand over Rodriguez. The two hugged in the ring after the match.

No. 1 Contendership to the OCW Heavyweight Championship Battle Royal: JXT VS. Green Ranger VS. Freddy Fuzion VS. Chris Tayven VS. Syd Parker VS. Unos VS. Jacko Lantern VS. Cletus VS. Cadman Turner VS. Vixsin VS. Jake Navara VS. Alexi Papadopoulos VS. Maddog VS. Matt “Grimm” Basso - Maddog.

Order of elimination: Jacko Lantern (with a distraction from Micky Jackson on the outside); Green Ranger; Fuzion; Tayven; Vixsin; Unos; Parker; Papadopoulos; Navara; JXT; Cadman; Cletus (with Cadman turning on his former friend and tag team partner Cletus on the outside); Grimm.

After the match Grimm got on the mic to bemoan his almost-victory when none other than Gangrel interrupts his whinge fest for an impromptu match between the behemoth and the Vampire Warrior.

Matt “Grimm” Basso VS. Gangrel - Gangrel.

Like Scotty Too Hotty before him, “You still got it” chants could be heard across Burwood as Gangrel dominated the seemingly undominateable Grimm in a fast paced match to see the show through to intermission.

OCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Loose Bastards VS. Slade Mercer & Gabriel Wolfe - Loose Bastards.

This intense tag injected a shot of adrenaline into the Burwood crowd after intermission, who chanted obscenities at Slade and Wolfe and “This is wrestling” towards the match as a whole. A vicious Britney Spear from KrackerJak onto Wolfe secured the win for the Loose Bastards, while Slade and Wolfe debated the validity of the referee’s decision after the match.

No Disqualification Triple Championship with a 25-Minute Time Limit Match: Andy Phoenix VS. Drew Galloway - Galloway.

Despite never having met in the squared circle before, Galloway and Phoenix had it in for each other, trading vicious blows and kicks that spilled into the 750-strong audience, the bar and women’s bathroom. All manner of ringside paraphernalia was brought into the match, including chairs, tables, a caution sign and a fan’s crutches in an effort to gain the upper hand as the clock’s was winding down. In a controversial decision just before the 25-minute mark, Galloway was crowned the new OCW Heavyweight Champion and walked out of Burwood and Australia with triple gold. There are really no words that can do this match justice and its intensity has to be seen to be believed. Stay tuned to Channel 31 to catch it in coming weeks.

Mr. Ken Anderson VS. Alberto El Patron (with Ricardo Rodriguez) - El Patron.

Any match that followed the championship bout would have a hard act to follow, but Anderson and El Patron lived up to these expectations in their first ever meeting. With Rodriguez at ringside, who got involved in the action and received an inadvertent kick to the head from his friend for his efforts, the main event tore the house down. Devastating missed swantons and backbreakers weakened Anderson, allowing El Patron to secure the armbar and the victory.

It’s going to be hard for OCW to live up to the standard of wrestling on show in Burwood last night, but we will certainly try to outdo ourselves when we return to Ashwood on ANZAC Day with former WWE Superstar and current TNA wrestler Brodus Clay/Tyrus. Get your tickets here to see if we can pull it off.