Lucha Underground Results (5/13): Alberto El Patron Vs. Hernandez, 6-Way Match, Jack Evans Debut

By Sean Ross Sapp | May 13, 2015

Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s coverage of Lucha Underground! This week Alberto El Patron and Hernandez do battle, with the winner gaining a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship!

We see a recap of the issues surrounding the number one contendership. Vampiro and Matt Striker also hype a debut coming tonight.

Number One Contender’s Match

Alberto El Patron vs. Hernandez

The two both work each other into the corners, but each makes a break. Patron moves out of the corner and hits a few clotheslines, followed by a backstabber that gets a two count. Hernandez responds by brawling back with clubbing blows before choking Patron.

Patron comes back with a superkick for two. He goes for an armbar, but Johnny Mundo comes and DDT’s him on the arena floor. Mundo gives Patron the ol’ Marty Jannetty into Cueto’s office. Hernandez gets an easy pin.

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall

Patron is shown getting medical attention to close the show.