Complete Results: Lucha Libre World Cup – The “Dream Team” Reigns Supreme

Mike Killam Mike Killam

May 24, 2015

LUCHA LIBRE WORLD CUP, Mexico City, Mexico

May 24, 2015

Report by Mike Killam for

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-The show starts with both English and Spanish commentary over each other. Matt Striker later informs us (6:15) that they are working on fixing the problem.

-All the teams are being introduced. Team USA gets some great heat, as Jeff and Karen Jarrett accompany both groups down to the ring. Team Mexico blows the roof off the place, followed by the “Dream Team” of Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron and Myzteziz. A drumline comes out with the Mexican Army to present their colors and sing the national anthem.

-Dos Cara, El Fantasma, Canek (huge pop), Villano IV and V, Cien Caras, Universo 2000, Mascara Ano 2000, and broadcast legend Arturo Rivera are tonight’s all-star panel. They will vote on best match, performance, etc. tonight.

-The rules are simple. This will be a single elimination tournament with each match having a 15-minute time limit. If any match goes to a draw, one member of each team will be chosen to compete in a 5-minute singles contest to determine who advances. QUARTER-FINAL MATCHES

THE DREAM TEAM vs. TEAM NOAH Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron & Myzteziz vs. Taiji Ishimori, Yoshihiro Takayama & Atsushi Kotoge

They give the majority of the first half to letting the crowd soak in the return of these three major stars. Mysterio kicks off the match briefly, returns later to sell for big man Takayama, and it’s Myzteziz who handles most of the actual in-ring action. Ishimori looks like he had it with a big 450 splash. The finish comes with Mysterio flying off the apron to take out Kotoge, Patron knocking out Takayama with a superkick, and Myzteziz tapping out Ishimori with a tilt-a-whirl armbar submission.

Advancing: The Dream Team



Double J puts over the young American team, saying Brian Cage is wearing Norman Smiley’s boots tonight. Vampiro never missing an opportunity, “I’ve known Norman for 30 years and he’s only bought two pairs of shoes in all that time.”

This one was all action from beginning to end, getting more and more crazy as the match goes on. Story of the match was pride and ego, as the Dream Team spent way too much time showboating for the fans – Vamp called them out on it dozens of times – and the rookies taking advantage of it. Lots of high-flying stuff, but also some ground game with Patron and Moose. They all ended up on the elevated ramp at one point, throwing suplexes. The tables turned in the end, when Moose gets cocky and starts toying with Patron, who rolls him into the cross armbreaker for the submission.

During the match, Patron threw the Mexican flag at Jeff Jarrett and the two teased going at it. Striker calmed him down, but they are definitely teasing something between them.

Advancing: The Dream Team


THE DREAM TEAM vs. TEAM USA #2 Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron & Myzteziz vs. Matt Hardy, Ken Anderson & Johnny Mundo

Hardy and Mysterio locking up to start the match – lots of old memories being brought back. The heels tag in and out, playing mind games with Rey as they refuse to lock up with him. Patron has enough and tags in, making them get physical quickly. He goes to work on Mundo and tags in Myzteziz, who does some high-flying stuff but ends up selling for the heels for several minutes. At the halfway point, Patron gets back into it and hits Anderson with the step-up enzuigiri, but Hardy attacked from behind to keep the advantage in the heel corner. Eventually he hits a DDT out of the corner to mount a comeback, making the hot tag to Rey Mysterio for the big pop. Hardy and Mundo both take the 619 but Anderson saves the match. They set up a ridiculous Tower of Doom spot where all six guys basically crash and burn. Mysterio with a victory roll but the ref was checking on Patron, and Hardy breaks it up and hits the Side Effect. Alberto puts the armbar on Hardy, Anderson breaks it up and the heels now triple team the Heavyweight Champion with one minute left on the clock. They work over Patron and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but the clock runs off.


Both guys are exhausted. The match creeps along at a slow pace, moving from one big move to the next, with lots of last-minute kick-outs. They get down to one minute and Myzteziz hits the Swanton Bomb for a nearfall. Anderson hits the Mic Check for a nearfall, and the clock expires.


Hardy attacks from behind as they’re figuring out who is going to get into the match. Matt puts on a sleeper hold as they’re both tired. Patron builds back and breaks the hold, throwing kicks in the corner and firing away with elbow shots. Hardy hits the Side Effect…two-count. Patron hits the Back Cracker…two-count. Hardy with the Twist of Fate…TWO-COUNT. Both guys are slow getting up as we hit one minute, but Patron fires off with a superkick. With 15 seconds left he locks in the armbar! 10..9…Hardy hangs on…5…4…3…and the clock expires.


They lock-up and break off, and there’s a ton of feeling out for the first two minutes. Mysterio out of nowhere hits a big DDT and hits the 619, then mounts the turnbuckle and hits a top rope splash! 1…2…KICKOUT! He goes for the 619 again, but Mundo catches his leg and hits the Moonlight Drive for a nearfall. Big knee shot to the face. Mysterio comes back with a superkick and connects with a springboard crossbody, but Mundo rolls through and hits him with Starship Pain! 1…2…Mysterio grabs the bottom rope. They fight to the top rope and Mysterio perches on his shoulders, hitting the victory roll from the top! 1…2…3! WINNERS: THE DREAM TEAM

Matt Striker and Vampiro say goodnight. They keep the feed going. Mysterio cuts a promo for the fans in Spanish – I can’t really tell what he’s saying, but I got the gist that he dedicated the win to Perry Aguayo. All the teams come down and get a good reaction from the fans. They start handing out awards from the judges. That’ll end our coverage for the night.

AAA Lucha Libre World Cup Results - 5/24/15 (Live results)

Sunday, 24 May 2015 18:00

by Josh Boutwell

AAA Lucha Libre World Cup iPPV Results 5/24/15

AAA “Lucha Libre World Cup” iPPV Results May 24, 2015 Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight stars from literally all over the world converge on Mexico City representing some of the biggest wrestling companies in the world (including AAA, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling NOAH) with young stars, veterans, legends, and future legends competing for the first ever “Lucha Libre World Cup” presented by AAA and Victoria Cerveza.

Tonight’s ring announcer comes down and introduces AAA owner Maricela Pena and botht he English and Spanish announcers are shown. The audio is not very good, I was streaming the show through my laptop onto my TV and I have a big surround sound setup and still ended up hooking up my headphones to the laptop to hear it. At the beginning they played both the Spanish and English commentaries at the same time so it was very annoying but was fixed eventually.

All of the teams were introduced to the crowd, the Dream Team got the huge ovation you would expect. Both Japan teams and both USA teams were introduced together, and all of the Mexican representatives were introduced together. Rey Misterio Jr. is wearing his throwback gear from his old days. His team are also wearing matching Mexican Flag styled gear to add a nice touch.

The Lucha Commission president, El Fantasma, is introduced and he welcomes everyone to the first ever Lucha World Cup. Matt Striker actually addressed the feed issues thus far with sound and other issues and said that it is being worked on. A video package is introduced to hype up the history of Lucha Libre and this tournament. My stream cut out me and when it returned I see the Villano brothers in the ring with Dos Caras and a man in a military outfit doing the Mexican national anthem.

They are using the four sided ring for this event. The judges for tonight: Dos Caras, El Fantasma, El Canek, Arturo Rivera, Villano IV, Villano V, Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, & Universo 2000 are introduced to the crowd. They are really making this feel like a special event, even if they are having the technical difficulties.

As the first match is being introduced my audio went out completely, but returned just as the Dream Team was coming out.

Lucha World Cup Quarterfinals The Dream TeAAAm (Rey Misterio Jr., Alberto el Patron, & Myzteziz) vs. Team NOAH (Taiji Ishimori, Atsushi Kotoge, & Yoshihiro Takayama)

Taiji Ishimori has worked for AAA many times in the past so this isn’t something new for him. I don’t know of Kotoge or Takayama working in Mexico much but I’m pretty sure Takayama has in the past. The ovation The Dream Team received was pretty special and about what you would expect. To be there live that must have been something special for those fans. Rey Misterio Jr. and Alberto are on a different level than anyone else in Mexico at this point, it’s pretty crazy. It is cool to see Rey wearing his old style of gear if nothing more than just nostalgia reasons. Remember, 15 minute time limit for these matches but there will be an overtime if it goes to a draw. Rey will start things off with Ishimori, this should be fun! They lockup and Ishimori forces Rey into the corner but they break clean until Ishimori shoves Rey. They lockup again and this time Ishimori gets Rey in a waistlock but Rey counters into an arm wringer and then sweeps the legs of Ishimori. They exchange sweeps and nearfalls and Ishimori immediately tags in Kotoge so Rey tags in Myzteziz. They lockup and exchange takedowns and armlocks. Myzteziz sweeps the legs of Kotoge and puts him in a Legbar. Kotoge reaches the ropes and then Myzteziz takes him down again and puts him in a Mexican Death Lock. Kotoge counters into a rollup for a nearfall but Myzteziz counters into a Mexican Surfboard! Myzteziz transitions into a pin for another nearfall. Myzteziz showing off his mat skills early on. Alberto tags in now as does Takayama, both of these men have a lot of MMA experience. They lockup and Alberto gets a side headlock on but Takayama shrugs him off and they run into each other with shoulder blocks. They exchange more shoulder blocks but neither man goes down and then begin slapping the piss out of each other! Takayama catches Alberto with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for a quick nearfall but Alberto answers with a Step-Up Enziguri for a nearfall of his own. Alberto tosses Ishimori to the floor as he tries to interfere and then catches Kotoge with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Alberot whips him into the ropes and hits another Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker followed up by an Enziguri. Rey tags in and hits Ishimori with a Sliding Dropkick to the balls! Rey catches Ishimori with a Spinning Headscissors and then goes for the 619 but Takayama catches Rey in mid-move on the floor and tosses him into the ring post! Takayama tosses Rey into the ring post again and then rolls him back in the ring. Takayama tags in and stands on Rey for a nonchalant nearfall. Takayama hits a Yakuza Kick to Rey in the corner and tags Ishimori back into the match. Ishimori hits a crazy Facebuster and then Kotoge comes in and hits a Shining Wizard on Rey. Ishimori gets a nearfall and tags Kotoge into the match. Kotoge charges at Rey but Rey dropkicks him in the knees and reaches for the tag only for Ishimori to run in and cut him off. Kotoge whips Rey into the corner and then hits a Running Lariat to the back of Rey. Ishimori gets another nearfall and then tosses Rey into Takayama’s boot before tagging Ishimori back into the match. Ishimori goes for a Running Powerslam but Rey counters into a Spinning Tornado DDT! Rey tags Myzteziz into the match and he hits a series of kicks on Ishimori and then a Back Handspring Elbow! Myzteziz hits a Leaping Enziguri from the apron on Ishimori and then dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body! Myzteziz then hits a Press Slam Gutbuster for a nearfall before Takayma breaks it up! Alberot hits the Lung Blower on Takayama but Kotoge hits a Reverse DDT on Alberto! Rey hits a Flying Senton on Kotoge and Ishimori hits a Missile Dropkick on Rey! Myzteziz and Ishimori exchange chops and slaps. Myzteziz catches Ishimori with a hurricanrana and then a sliding dropkick to the knee! Myzteziz catches Ishimori with a La Magistral Cradle but Kotoge breaks it up. Takayama tosses Myzteziz across the ring and then Kotoge/Ishimori hit an Un-Prettier/450 Splash combo! 1…2…NO Alberto breaks it up! Rey and Alberto clothesline Takayama and Kotoge to the floor. Rey dives off the apron onto Kotoge and then Alberto Superkicks the hell out of Takayama! Back in the ring Myzteziz catches Ishimori in the La Mistica for the win!

Winners: The Dream Team via submission (La Mistica)

Lucha World Cup Semifinals The Dream TeAAAm vs. Team ROH/Underground

Rey has changed his gear up, wearing the more baggy tights type of gear he has wore the past decade or so. ACH has talked about how it was always his dream to face Rey Misterio Jr. so this is probably very cool for him. Team ROH/Underground attacks the Dream Team and they begin brawling all around. ACH dives off the apron onto Myzteziz while Moose places Rey on the top rope and then dropkicks him off the top to the floor! Alberto hits Moose from behind but Moose tosses him hard into the guardrail. Cage tosses Alberto into the ring and then hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. Cage chokes Patron with the ropes and then tags Moose into the match. Alberto ducks a right hand and hits a Lung Blower on the big man! Rey tags into the match but the rudos beat him down in their corner. Cage tags into the match and then he hangs him up in the ropes from the apron and drags him over the top with a Superplex from the apron into the ring! ACH tags into the match and covers Rey for a nearfall. ACH tosses Rey under the ropes stomach first slamming him onto the concrete! Myzteziz comes in but ACH tosses him right back out and then ACH knocks Alberto off the apron. Cage drags Alberto up onto the stage and suplexes him on it! ACH hits a Sliding Dropkick under the ropes to Rey on the floor knocking him into the announce table. ACH drags Rey back in the ring and tosses him back into the rudo corner. Moose tags into the match and whips Rey into the corner. Moose charges right into a boot and then Rey hits a Spinning Headscissors into a Hanging Octopus! Moose counters it into a Sides Slam attempt but Rey counters into a Tornado DDT! Rey tags in Myzteziz who hits a Springboard Hurricanrana on ACH followed by a Superkick! Cage comes in and clotheslines Myzteziz and then he lifts Rey up in the air but Rey blocks it and shoves Cage to the floor! Patron runs back in and hits a Tope Suicida through the ropes onto Cage on the floor! Patron tosses Cage into the ring post and Rey holds ACH as Myzteziz Superkicks him! Patron drags Cage up on the ramp and gives him a receipt by Suplexing him on the stage! Rey and Myzteziz drag ACH up onto the stage as Patron Suplexes Cage again! Patron grabs ACH and Suplexes him on the stage as well! Rey and Myzteziz grab Moose and Double Suplex him on the stage now! Patron grabs a Mexican flag from a fan and waves it in Jarrett’s face which pisses him off. In the ring Myzteziz lifts ACH up in a Wheelbarrow and drops him down into a Facebuster from Rey! Rey gets a nearfall and then Cage comes in and Rey lifts Myztteziz up into the air into a dropkick on Cage! Cage rolls to the floor and Rey hits a Plancha off the apron onto Myzteziz as Cage pulled him into it! Cage then Powerbombs Rey onto the ring post and then ACH uses the ring post to fly around into a Headscissors onto Myzteziz! In the ring Moose and Patron square off and Alberto hits a DDT! Cage and ACH try to interfere but Alberto nocks him to the floor and then Alberto turns around into a Pop-Up Clothesline! Moose lifts Alberto to the top rope and then climbs up with him and attempts a Superplex, but Alberot hangs him up in the turnbuckles and hits a Diving Double Foot Stomp! Alberto then goes for the Destiny Armbar but Moose blocks it allowing Cage and ACH to hit him from behind. The ROH/Underground trio hit a Triple Powerbomb on Alberto but still only gets a nearfall! Cage and ACH whip Alberto into a Spear from Moose! 1…2…NO Rey breaks it up! Cage lifts Rey up but Rey bodyscissors Cage over the top to the floor! Rey then uses his legs to hold open the ropes as Myzteziz hits a Tope Suicida onto ACH & Cage! Rey then hits an Asai Moonsault onto ACH & Cage! Moose slaps Alberto repeatedly in the ring but the taunting hurts him as Alberto hits a Flying Armbar followed by a Superkick and then he locks in the Destiny Armbar! Moose taps!

Winners: The Dream Team via submission (Destiny Armbar)

Lucha Libre World Cup Finals The Dream TeAAAm vs. Team TNA/Underground

Rey is wearing a traditional Aztec headdress to the ring. Rey and Matt will start the match, it has been quite awhile since we have seen them in the ring together. They shake hands and then go to lockup but Matt tags Anderson instead which frustrates Rey. Rey and Anderson go to lockup but Anderson tags in Matt right back. It looks like the TNA tandem is messing with Rey’s head. They finally lockup and Matt forces Rey into the corner and shoves him but Rey answers back with a shove of his own knocking Hardy on his ass! They lockup again and Matt gets Rey in a wristlock. Mundo tags into the match and puts Rey in a wristlock as of his own. Mundo whips Rey into the ropes but Rey catches him in a Wheelbarrow Armdrag! Mundo and Rey lockup and Rey catches Mundo in a wristlcok but he eats a boot from Mundo. Anderson tags in and puts the boots to Rey but Rey quickly kicks Anderson in the gut and tags in Myzteziz. Myzteziz hits the ropes and shoulder blocks Anderson and then hits a field goal kick for a nearfall. Anderson tries to tag out but he stops Anderson and tags Patron into the match. Patron mounts Anderson in the corner and rains down right hands on the former TNA World Champion. Alberto hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Sliding Dropkick for a nearfall. Alberot puts Anderson in a Legbar and tags Myzteziz into the match as he dives off the top with a Corkscrew Splash for a nearfall. Anderson manages to tag out to Hardy who takes turns with Mundo slamming Myzteziz into the corner. The Americans take turns beating on Myzteziz and then Matt dives off the top with a Flying Axe Handle for a nearfall. Mundo tags in and hits a Double Suplex with Hardy on Myzteziz for another nearfall. Mundo kicks Myzteziz in the balls and then tags Anderson in and holds Myzteziz as Anderson kicks him. Anderson puts Myzteziz in a headlock and then whips him into the corner and charges at him, but Myzteziz moves and Anderson nails the ring post with his shoulder. Alberto tags into the match and hits a series of clotheslines on Anderson followed by a DDT! Alberto follows up wtih a Step-Up Enziguri on Anderson for a nearfall. Patron climbs to the top but Hardy crotches him on the top and then tags into the match. Matt pulls Alberto down and then hits a series of Leg Drops for yet another nearfall. Matt puts Alberto in a headlock but Alberto fights up to his feet and breaks the hold. Alberto hits a shoulder block running over Matt and then reaches out for a tag, but Matt trips him and drags him to the heel corner where Mundo tags back into the match. Mundo hits a series of elbow drops and kicks as we get down to five minutes remaining in the finals. Mundo hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on Alberto for another nearfall. Matt tags in and the Americans beat on Alberto in the corner. Matt whips Matt into the corner and then charges into a boot from Alberto. Alberto climbs up top and hits a Tornado DDT! Alberto tags in Rey and Matt tags in Mundo! Rey slides through the legs of Mundo and then hits a series of Sliding Dropkicks for a nearfall. Rey hits a drop toehold sending Mundo into the ropes but Matt cuts him off before he can hit the 619. Matt goes for a Powerbomb on Rey but Rey counters into a hurricanran sending Matt into the ropes! Rey hits a Double 619 and then a Springboard Splash on Mundo! 1…2…NO Anderson breaks it up! Myzteziz clotheslines Anderson over the top while Alberto sets up for a Superplex on Matt up top! It turns into a Tower of Doom spot with everyone! Myzteziz and Anderson clothesline each other and everyone is down now. Mundo gets to his feet and tosses Myzteziz to the floor but then Rey catches him with the Victory Roll! 1…2…NO Mundo breaks it up! Matt hits the Side Effect on Rey as Mundo kicks Alberto the floor! 1…2…NO Rey kicks out! Alberto tosses Mundo to the floor and then hits the Flying Armbar on Matt followed by the Destiny Armbar! Anderson and Mundo both come in to break it up. Mundo hits a wicked Superkick on Myzteziz and Anderson hits a Back Suplex on Alberto! 1…2…NO Myzteziz breaks it up! Myzteziz hits a Michinoku Driver on Anderson! 1…2…NO Mundo breaks it up! Matt tosses Myzteziz to the floor and then he hits the Twist of Fate on Alberto! The time runs out!

Vampiro actually gives Alberto some water at ringside. Myzteziz and Rey do the same with a waterbottle. The man representing the Dream TeaAAAm will be Myzteziz and the man representing Team TNA/Underground will be Anderson. Anderson attacks Myzteziz as he gets in the ring and beats him down on the mat. Anderson hits a sereis of elbows and then covers him for a quick nearfall. Anderson whips Myzteziz into the corner and then he slams him into the top turnbuckle repeatedly. Anderson puts Myzteziz in a side headlock but Myzteziz fights him off with a series of kicks. Myzteziz rolls Anderson up with an inside cradle for a quick nearfall. Myzteziz and Anderson trade nearfalls and then Myzteziz attempts a Sunset Flip and connects it but Anderson was in the ropes to break up the count. Anderson climbs up top and attempts the Kenton Bomb but Myzteziz rolls out of the way and quickly climbs up top himself. Myzteziz hits a Frog Splash! 1…2…NO, Anderson kicks out! Anderson catches Myzteziz with the Mic Check out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Myzteziz kicks out and time expires!

We go to a 2nd OT and this time Matt Hardy will represent TNA/Underground and Alberto will represent the Dream Team. Matt attacks Alberto from behind and whips Alberto into the corner. Matt hits a Running Clothesline followed by a Running Bulldog for a nearfall. Matt whips Alberto into the ropes and puts Alberto in a Sleeper. Alberto breaks the hold and whips Matt into the ropes. Matt goes for a backdrop but Matt kicks him and then hits another clothesline for a nearfall. Matt and Alberto exchange slaps and chops and then Alberto takes Matt down with a series of clotheslines. Alberto hits the Lung Blower for another nearfall! Alberto goes for a Superkick but Matt ducks and hits the Side Effect for a nearfall of his own! Matt hits the Twist of Fate! 1…2…NO Patron kicks out still! Matt goes for another Twist but Alberto counters with the Flying Armbar! Alberto hits the Superkick and then locks in the Destiny Armbar! Matt holds on until time expires!

Rey Misterio Jr. and Johnny Mundo step in the ring and the fans get behind Rey with “yes we can” chants. Anderson distracts Rey from the foor allowing Mundo to hit him from behind and put the boots to him. Mundo whips Rey into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Rey ducks and then hits a Spinning Headscissors sending Mundo into the ropes! Rey hits the 619 and then dives off the top with the Flying Splash! The crowd explodes! 1…2…NO Mundo kicks out! Rey dropkicks Mundo into the ropes and then he goes for the 619 again but runs right into the Superkick! 1…2…NO Rey kicks out! Mundo hits Moonlight Drive on Rey but again Misterio kicks out a two. Mundo goes for Starship Pain but Rey counters him into a Rollup, but Mundo rolls through and hits a nasty Shining Wizard! 1…2…NO Rey kicks out again! Mundo goes for Starship Pain again but this time Rey rolls out of the way and then hits a shoulder block through the ropes and dives off the top with a Seated Senton followed by a Springboard Cross Body for a nearfall. Mundo goes for a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and hits a huge roundhouse kick! 1…2…NO Mundo kicks out again! Rey leaps to Mundo’s shoulders and attempts a Victory Roll but Mundo counters into a Front Slam! 1…2…NO Rey grabs the ropes but Mundo goes right to Starship Pain! 1…2…NO and Rey still kicks out! Mundo drags Rey up to the top rope and lifts Rey up to his shoulders but Rey counters into a Victory Roll from the top! 1…2…3 and the the roof blows off the building!

Winners: The Dream Team via pinfall (victory roll)


By Kris Zellner on 2015-05-24 07:00:00


AAA 5/24 - Palacio de los Deportes del Distrito Federal (Lucha Libre World Cup = iPPV)

  1. Lucha Libre World Cup - Quarterfinals: Alberto el Patron/Myzteziz/Rey Mysterio Jr. beat Taiji Ishimori/Atsushi Kotoge/Yoshihiro Takayama with Myzteziz using a Mistica on Ishimori.

  2. Lucha Libre World Cup - Quarterfinals: ACH/Brian Cage/Moose defeated Hijo del Fantasma/Hijo del Texano/Psycho Clown when the NOAH referee messed up the finish as Texano was supposed to get pinned by Cage but he didn’t count the 3 then counted a pinfall for Texano on Cage by mistake. Konnan came out saying it was a draw and that there would be overtime which saw Texano beating Cage quickly.

  3. Lucha Libre World Cup - Quarterfinals: Blue Demon Jr./Dr. Wagner Jr./Solar I beat MASAMUNE/Kenzo Suzuki/Tiger Mask III

  4. Lucha Libre World Cup - Quarterfinals: Ken Anderson/Matt Hardy/Johnny Mundo defeated Angelico/Drew Galloway/El Mesias in overtime with Mundo going over Galloway.

  5. Lucha Libre World Cup - Semifinals: Alberto el Patron/Myzteziz/Rey Mysterio Jr. beat ACH/Brian Cage/Moose with Alberto using a jujigatame on Moose with only 40 seconds left.

  6. Lucha Libre World Cup - Semifinals: Ken Anderson/Matt Hardy/Johnny Mundo defeated Blue Demon Jr./Dr. Wagner Jr./Solar I with Mundo going over Solar.

  7. Lucha Libre World Cup - 3rd Place Match: ACH/Brian Cage/Moose beat Blue Demon Jr./Dr. Wagner Jr./Solar I that went right into overtime because of time restrictions which saw Cage use an F5 on Wagner who was stretchered out.

  8. Lucha Libre World Cup - Finals: Alberto el Patron/Myzteziz/Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Ken Anderson/Matt Hardy/Johnny Mundo when after going to a draw in regulation then a draw in the 1st OT, Rey went over Mundo with 10 seconds left. Rey then dedicated the win to the memory of Perro Aguayo Jr. afterwards. Myzteziz said afterwards at the press conference that EMLL definitely should send a team next year.

The awards went as follows

Wrestler of the night - Rey Mysterio Jr.

Dive of the Night - Angelico

Match of the Night - Alberto/Myzteziz/Rey vs. ACH/Cage/Moose

AAA Lucha Libre World Cup Results: Alberto El Patron, Rey Mysterio, King Cuerno, Moose, More

By Sean Ross Sapp | May 25, 2015

The AAA Lucha Libre World Cup is now complete, and the “Dream Team” of Rey Mysterio, Myzteziz and Alberto El Patron emerged victorious. You can see full results below:


  • The Dream Team (Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron, Myzteziz) defeated Team NOAH (Taiji Ishimori, Yoshihiro Takayama & Atsushi Kotoge)

  • Team USA (Moose, Cage, ACH) defeated Team AAA (El Hijo Del Fantasma/King Cuerno, Psycho Clown & El Texano Jr)

  • Team Mexleyendas (Blue Demon Jr, El Solar, Dr Wagner Jr) defeated Team AJPW (Tiger Mask III, Masamune, Kenzo Suzuki)

  • Team TNA/Lucha Underground (Matt Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Johnny Mundo defeated Team Rest Of The World (Drew Galloway, El Mesias, Angelico)


  • The Dream Team (Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron, Myzteziz) defeated Team USA (Moose, Cage, ACH)

  • Team TNA/Lucha Underground (Matt Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Johnny Mundo defeated Team Mexleyendas (Blue Demon Jr, El Solar, Dr Wagner Jr)

Third Place Matches

  • ACH vs. Blue Demon Jr goes to a time-limit draw

  • Cage defeats Dr. Wagner to give Team USA third place


  • The Dream Team (Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron, Myzteziz) vs. Team TNA/Lucha Underground goes to a time-limit draw

  • Myzteziz vs. Mr. Anderson goes to a time limit draw

  • Matt Hardy vs. Alberto el Patron goes to a time-limit draw

  • Rey Mysterio defeats Johnny Mundo to give the Dream Team the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup