Lucha Underground Results: Team Alberto Vs. Team Mundo, Vampiro, More

By Sharon Glencross | July 08, 2015

Welcome to our Live Lucha UG Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight’s show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

We get a video recap of last week’s show.

Pentagon Jr talks with The Master! Not the one from Dr Who, though. This one is very mysterious and has a dojo. Pentagon swears revenge on Vampire.

The Mack vs. Cage

These two kick things off. Very short and physical match. Started off with punches and brawling and turned into a series of scarily loud power moves. Some beautiful slam by Mack. Mack hit a schoolboy for the win in a somewhat surprising result.

Winner: The Mack

Son of Havoc is backstage. Catrina appears out of nowhere and tells him death is coming for him. Ivelesse tries to defend him but Catrina throws her on top of him. Angelico walks in and looks taken aback. He hopes they aren’t getting back together. Lucha Underground: The Sitcom.

We get a rundown of the Ultima Lucha card.

We go to the Vampiro interview. Vamp apologies to Pentagon for his unprofessional conduct. He says he doesn’t want to face him in a match. Pentagon call Vampire a coward and wants to know why he won’t do a match. Vampiro brings up his daughter and says it’s all about her now. Pentagon continues to take digs at him until the end of the interview and it’s clear Vampiro is on his way to snapping.

Havoc vs. Muertes

Havoc goes after Muertes right away with punches. Havoc hits a crossbody for the two count. Mil fights back and throws him out of the ring. Mueres is back in control and starts brutalizing Hacov all over The Temple. He powerbombs Havoc on the announcers table. He tosses him around a bit more before finally throwing him back in the ring. Havoc manages to fight back and hit a dive. He wastes time by celebrating and Ivie screams at him to go for the pin. He does but only gets a one count. Somersault reversal as Havoc escapes the chokeslam. Catrina bickers with Ivelesse and Angelico at ringside. Havoc goes on top for the shooting star press but Havoc gets out of the way. Muertes hits the flatliner for the win.

Winner: Muertes

Afterwards, Catrina gives Havoc the kiss of death.

Texano is in the ring. He talks about going after Chavo last week. He says he represents Mexico and he hates Chavo who isn’t proud of his Mexican heritage. He issues a challenge to Chavo at Ultima Lucha. Chavo’s crew comes out and jumps him but Blue Demon makes the save. Then Blue Demon gets a chair and hits Texano with it! He attacks him with kendo shots. Demon says he represents Mexico not Texano and he’ll fight him at Ultima Lucha.

A Drago vs. Hernandez match is made for Ultima Lucha.

Team El Patron vs. Team Mundo

The bell rings. We start with Mundo vs. Alberto, but Mundo quickly tags in Evans. The go after each other with slaps and chops. Alberto shoves him into the corner and starts beating him badly. Aerostar gets in and joins the assault with several vicious kicks. Evans manages to tag in Superfly. Drago tags in. Superfly tags Hernandez in and Drago and Hernandez are in there now. Alberto in, he goes after Mundo who runs away from him. Aerostar goes up top and takes out Evans and Superfly with a dive. Drago and Super Sexy also go up top and take out Team Mundo with dives. Alberto goes up top but Mundo stops him. Alberto chases him to the back. Mundo comes back though to watch his guys beatdown Aerostar. Mundo tags in and goes after Aerostar. Aerstar fights back and Sexy Star is in. Hernandex goes after her but Drago takes him out. El Patron gets in and runs wild but Mundo hits the End of the World to take him out. Mundo and Star and still legal and Mundo rolls her up, using her tights.

Winner: Team Mundo

Pentagon runs in and attacks Vamprio.


By Nathan Favell on 2015-07-09 08:38:50

Original Air Date: 7/8/15

Commentators: Matt Striker - Play-By-Play Vampiro - Color

This is Nathan Favel and we’re back in the Temple for more extreme lucha action from Lucha Underground! This week, LU debuts its first Atomicos Tag Team Match, for our main event! Let’s get to the action!

Match #1: Cage (Brian Cage) vs. The Mack (Willie Mack)

This was a fine way to start the night, with some excellent power moves to wake us up the hard way. To begin with, Cage played the part of the calculating monster, which was discussed by Matt Striker on commentary. The story of the bout was that Mack was looking for a little retribution for being attacked and subsequently replaced by Cage for the Trios Tag Team Match from a few weeks ago. As far as the action, we had a moderate pace to the transitions, but a brisk one for the slams, of which there were more than a few. To say that this was more a fight than it was an honorable competition would be an understatement, although Cage and Mack stopped short of a true brawl. For my taste, I would have preferred more technical wrestling here, but we received a fine outing between two immensely talented men.

Winner: The Mack

Match #2: Mil Muertes (Ricky Banderas/El Mesias/Judas Mesias) w/ Catrina & The Disciples vs. Son of Havoc (Matt Cross/M-Dogg 20/Spartan 3000) w/ Angelico and Ivelisse (Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions)

This was a another fine bout between two people who are often underrated. The story was that Mil Muertes was using this bout as preparation for his title match against Prince Puma, while Havoc was concerned with upsetting history and beating the #1 Contender to the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship, Mil Muertes. The action was solid, with some wild dives illuminating an otherwise standard bout. Overall, this was a good match that I would recommend for its suspense and its action.

Winner: Mil Muertes

Match #3: Main Event - Team Alberto - Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio/Dos Caras Jr.), Drago, Aerostar and Sexy Star vs. Team Mundo - Johnny Mundo (John Morrison/Johnny Nitro), Jack Evans, Hernandez and Super Fly - Atomicos Tag Team Match

This was easily the best match of the evening, without question. From bell to bell, these eight warriors threw themselves into the thick of combat and didn’t relent. With bodies propelled like nuclear missiles, these wrestlers closed the card with as much fighting as they could possibly pack into as little amount of time. While this was not the spectacle that Ring of Honor’s tag matches have been this year, this was an altogether visceral scrap that rocketed from move to move like thunder and lightning. The story here was that these two teams were picked by their respective captains to help diffuse the tension between the rivals, despite the fact that this match only served to fuel the fire that grows between them. Overall, this was a great way to end the evening.

Winners: Team Mundo

News of the Night:

1: Catrina now seems to have the power of hypnotism, as she mesmerized Angelico towards the end of the match, so as to help distract Havoc and thereby allowing Muertes to gain the victory.

2: Texano cut a good promo where he claimed that he is a heel that loves the people, which obviously made the crowd very happy. I like this concept, as he was able keep his aggressive traits while also adding the foundation for some tweener elements, which was able to get Eddie Guerrero over as a tremendous babyface for many years, so it should bode well for the talented Texano.

3: Blue Demon saved Texano from an attack by The Crew, only to attack and turn heel, claiming that Texano is stealing his legacy from him. This was an invigorating booking decision, as it pits two headliners of Lucha Libre together for a feud that should benefit both men.

4: Pentagon Jr. attacked Vampiro and tried to light him on fire with gasoline, in an effort to challenge him to a match at Ultima Lucha.

Final Verdict:

This was a good card that didn’t really impress until the the final match. Once again, the Iron-Man broadcast from several weeks ago casts a long shadow over everything this company does now, as it was such an engrossing experience that can’t be easily duplicated.

Ultima Lucha:

Here is the card for the two-hour special event “Ultima Lucha”, which is coming soon:

  1. Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro (rumored)

  2. Drago vs. Hernandez

  3. Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo

  4. Blue Demon Jr vs. Texano Jr.

  5. Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes - Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship Match

Until next time…