Lucha Underground Results (7/22): Johnny Mundo In Action, Prince Puma, More

By Sharon Glencross | July 22, 2015

Welcome to our Live Lucha UG viewing party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight’s show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

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The show opens with Dario in his office talking to Ryck. Dario gives Ryck a free medallion without having to wrestle for it as well as some cash.

Johnny Mundo vs. Texano

Mundo gets a mixed reaction. Crowd seems majorly into Texano though. Mundo trash talks Texano a bit. Lock up to start. Mundo throws Texano into the corner and goes after his leg with a vengeance. Texano is really selling it. Mundo pokes Texano’s eyes and drags him outside and continues to brutalize him all around the temple. Texano fights back with chops. Mundo comes back with an enziguri. Texano goes for a powerbomb but Mundo counters with a Russian leg sweep. Mundo goes for the end of the world but Texano escapes. The goons hit the ring and attack Texano for the disqualification. Del Rio shows up and attacks them. Texano whips the heels to send them on their way.

Winner by DQ: Texano

Texano and Del Rio stare each other down to end the segment.

Hernandez confronts Dario is in his office. Dario tells Hernandez he gets tweets from the fans and they all say they hate Hernandez. Hernandez is mad. Dario announces that his match against Drago will now be a “Believer’s Backlash.”

Cage vs. The Mack

Short match, Mack got the surprise win out of nowhere and him and Cage ended up brawling all over the temple. Security gets involved and the wrestlers beat them up as well so Dario storms out. He makes a falls count anywhere match for next week.

Winner: The Mack

Dario informs us that after the break he’s going to make a major announcement about the future of the medallions.

Dario calls the new medallion belt a “Gift from God” and say they guarantee a title shot whenever the wrestler wants…but they can’t just “cash it in” and have to tell Dario so he can properly promote the match. I suppose that’s a dig at the MITB briefcase. If the medallion belt holder waits to long for a match they will have to defend it. A seven-person match for the belt is made for Ultima Lucha next week. The participants comes down to the ring. Fenix returns. Dario is mad but says he will be allowed to compete in tonight’s 10-man battle royal which is about to commence.

Battle Royal for the medallion

No Del Rio interestingly. Vinny attacks Fenix in the corner and bangs his head against the buckle. Ricky Mandel out via Famous B. Argenis is out too with a pele kick from Famous B. Killshot brawls with Famous B. Delavar eliminates Killshot. Delavar eliminates Vinny next with a neck snap. Mascarita takes out Superfly and himself in the process. Marty and Delavar work together and take out Famous B. Fenix takes out Delavar. Now the battle royal is over with and it’s Fenix vs. Marthy the Moth via pinfall or submission.

Fennix vs. Marty the Moth

Fenix won a short match with the rana to regain the medallion. He thanks the fans and poses with them. Dario is mad.

Winner: Fenix

Prince Puma is out next for his interview.

Puma comes down to the ring in what looks like new ring gear. He’s about to say something when Catrina and Mil Muertes interrupt. The Disciples of Death go after Puma but he fights back. Mil looks uneasy. Mil eventually runs down to the ring and they brawl. Puma hits a 630 splash on him to end the show.