Summary 2

Sánchez tells Nicolás that they have to acount for all of EcoModa’s property prior to placing the lien. Bertha tells Sofía that she has figured out how to get Patricia to undergo a pregnancy test and finally figure out if she’s faking or not. The banks start calling EcoModa since the Chamber of Commerce bulletin announcing the lien by TerraModa has already been published. Betty does her best to keep them at bay. Nicolás tells Betty that the process has started against EcoModa. There’s no going back. Bertha tells Gutiérrez that Patricia hasn’t had any of the blood tests required of all new employees and that she isn’t covered by a health plan - “a big problem should she have an accident at work.” Gutiérrez tells Patricia to have the tests done. She of course doesn’t want to get them done, but tough luck… Even Marcela won’t get her out of this one.

Marcela asks Armando if he’s okay since she thinks he’s looking pretty bad lately. He tells her that, as usual, he is worried about the upcoming launch. She bids him goodbye and goes on her merry way to pick up Armando’s parents at the airport. Betty gets a call from Wilson saying that someone is waiting for her. She tells Armando that the paperwork for the lien by TerraModa against EcoModa have arrived. Mario asks who is delivering the paperwork and Betty answers that Nicolás Mora, a friend, is making the delivery. Mario gets very worried and asks Armando if he knows who Nicolás is - whether he can be trusted. Armando tells him that Nicolás is a classmate of Betty’s, a neighbor who is working with her at TerraModa. Nicolás gives Betty the paperwork and tells her that the judge is going to send a court official to perform an inventory of EcoModa’s property. He tells her that this cannot be avoided and that there’s no way to know when it will happen. The phone rings in Presidencia and since Betty isn’t there to answer it, Armando yells out her name… Mario warns him to stop yelling at “el monstrete” because from this moment forward she owns EcoModa.

Mario asks Betty about her meeting with the lawyer he recommended and she tells him about the meeting. Mario reminds her to make sure that everything is handled very carefully. Betty explains that everything is going well, and drops the bomb about the inventory. Armando has one of his fits of hysteria and starts yelling at Betty for not taking care of avoiding this, Betty explains that this is something that is beyond their control. She is obviously ticked off at Armando and goes to her office. Mario tells Armando that Betty is right and that it is important that he stop yelling at Betty.

Armando goes to Betty’s office and asks her if she has prepared the payment projections… She tells him that she has them. Armando then, very calmly, starts to talk to her and tell her that she needs to understand that these are very tough times for him, that he’s going to be upset, that he has given his company to her. Armando hugs her and tells her that he is fearful that they will be found out, that he won’t be able to save the company, but Betty comforts him and tells him that she will take care of everything, that she will be behind him 100%, that they’ll work together and be able to conquer it all. Armando takes a hold of Betty’s hands and tells her that she is the motor that runs his life, and that together with love they’ll be able to fly above it all, do great things, fly over the ocean, the mountains… Betty tells him: yes, doctor, we’ll go hand in hand, safeguarding one another, you and me against the world, until death do us part, doctor… Did you really think that this happened? Sorry!! Another dream courtesy of Betty’s fertile imagination!

As usual, reality bites and Betty wakes up to find Armando yelling at her since they have to go to the banks. Sofía’s husband arrives to talk to her. Aura María calls Sofía to let her know… Inesita warns Sofía about keeping a clear head. Everyone, including Patricia, el Cuartel, Freddy and Efraín, is surprised at the new, calm Sofía.

In the meantime, Roberto asks Marcela how badly hurt EcoModa came out of the previous collection. She tells him that the company can withstand the losses, but that it is best if he talks directly with Armando. Armando and Betty are talking to one of the bank managers, Dr. Contreras, who tells them that the bank is going to start a process against EcoModa…

Armando tries to reach an agreement with the bank official, telling him that a very important company has taken over EcoModa and that he’d like to work out a payment agrement. Betty does her song and dance about how EcoModa will be able to meet its outstanding debts, however Dr. Contreras wants more insurance than that. However, there’s nothing else to give since EcoModa is now in the hands of TerraModa. Armando begs him to be discrete and not make a big scandal about what he’s just found out - and assures him that EcoModa will pay as promised. Betty asks Contreras to consider her proposal.

Marcela tells Margarita that Armando has been behaving very well these past few days, hasn’t been cheating on her, and is right now with Beatriz - which helps her to be at ease. Daniel arrives to say hello to Armando’s parents. Betty and Armando also arrive and Armando asks her to prepare a report to outline the payment plan to the banks, as well as an overall report of the company’s financial picture and have it ready the next morning. Betty tells him that she has already prepared those reports and Armando congratulates her for being so efficient. Claudia Bosch walks into Armando’s office and asks him to speak to him in private. He tries to tell her that he can’t, and for extra security hugs Betty’s shoulder to prevent her from leaving. However, Betty tells Armando that she has work to do and leaves him all alone with Claudia - which does not please Armandito one bit. Claudia asks Armando to get rid of Betty so they can spend the night together again. Armando tells her that he has a lot of stuff to do, that he’s busy and doesn’t have time to be with her. She tells him that she’ll let him be if he kisses her, which he does and Betty overhears the whole thing. Marcela calls Patricia to ask her if Armando is at work because his cell phone is off and she can’t reach him. Patricia tells her that he has just arrived with el Garfio… Patricia is on her way to Armando’s office, which prompts Bertha’s radar to go into action and alert Sofía to call Betty to let her know that Patricia is on her way and might catch Armando in a “compromising” position. Armando is still going to town with Claudia, when Betty comes out and tells Armando that she has a message for him. Armando, because he really is at heart an idiot apparently, gets mad at Betty for interrupting… Patricia gives Armando the messages and knows something is amiss since his hair is all messed up.

Freddy talks to Hugo to tell him that to ensure that the next collection goes perfectly, he needs to allow Jenny to model! Hugo makes fun of Freddy. Bertha’s husband calls her to let her know that he is back from his trip and wants to see the car she bought with the six million pesos he left with her. Bertha is a tad nervous, to say the least. Betty finishes one of her unending series of reports about the state of EcoModa and tells Mario and Armando about the projections for payments to the creditors, which will only work if the next four collections are a success. Mario tells Armando that there is just no way that they’ll be able to meet their outstanding debts and that the only thing left to do is for Armando to save EcoModa and see what else he can do afterwards. Betty recommends that they pursue a strategy that includes exporting the merchandise to try to get rid of the stuff from the failed collections.

After Betty goes home, Mario keeps talking to Armando about the dire situation at EcoModa, how Betty’s projections state that they must fulfill all their outstanding debts within the next year, and that if things continue going the way they are prior to the end of that year Armando will have to turn over the presidency to Daniel. However, there WON’T be a company to give Daniel to preside, since it now belongs to Miss Universe also known as the beautiful “genie.” Mario begins to plant the seeds of doubt regarding Armando’s blind trust of Betty… Armando tells Mario that he does trust Betty, that she is completely trustworthy, that any time that he asks for the company back she’d return it without batting an eyelash. Mario tells Armando to be very careful of the way he treats Betty, since ALL of them (Armando, Mario, the Valencias, the Mendozas) are in her hands.

The new and svelte Bertha gets home and is greeted by her Gordito. He inquires after the car since he’s bought her a gift for it. Bertha has to confess about the lipo surgery which has the effect of making her husband faint dead away.

Armando is greeted at his parents’ home by stern requests from Daniel and Roberto for an extraordinary board meeting. Armando does not accept their demand, using as a reason the company’s regulations and statutes - the next meeting won’t be until September. Margarita and Marcela support Armando’s point of view. They stress that it will be then that Armando’s one year term as President of EcoModa will come to an end and it won’t be fair to have a meeting prior to that anniversary. Roberto agrees to not have the meeting, but tells Armando that he MUST see a report of the losses from the previous collection, as well as the plans for future growth.

Betty talks to Nicolás about all the problems and EcoModa and he tells her that she must be very careful of where she hides the lien papers because if the Mendozas and Valencias were to find out there would be a major scandal. Betty tells Nicolás that they would have a double whammy of bad news: first about the lien on the company and WORSE that it is she who placed the lien and owns the company. Nicolás says that if they were to realize the truth about Betty’s role, they would have to treat her like a princess. Betty, as always mocking her own “ugliness,” tells Nicolás that they would have to treat her as the Princess of the Uglies. Nicolás starts to make comments about what Betty could do with all the money involved but Betty reminds him that she would NEVER do any such thing or keep the company for herself.

The next morning, Patricia goes to the lab to have her blood tests taken care of. Bertha tells her friends about the encounter with her husband. Armando tells Betty about the big mess he’s now in since Daniel and Roberto are demanding the reports about the losses and projections, as well as the thankfully failed demand for a board meeting. Armando asks Betty to prepare a doctored report regarding the previous collection so that the losses won’t be as bad as they actually were. Betty, as usual, accepts to cover up for Armando. Bertha calls the lab and impersonates Patricia to ask if they could please also do a pregnancy test. The nurse tells her that they will and that the results will be ready tomorrow.

The phone rings at Betty’s home and her mother answers it… She looks surprised to hear that someone is asking about TerraModa. Don Hermes looks at her and yells out that yes, that’s the name of the company so she answers TerraModa - and is once again surprised to be asked about Dr. Mora. It is Dr. Sánchez who wants to know when he can reach Nicolás. To his inquiry as to who she is, Julia responds that she is Nicolás’ “secretary”… Speaking of the devil, Nicolás arrives and Don Hermes gives him the third degree about where he has been, and that the phone is ringing incessantly between 8 am and 6 pm, and that all the calls are for TerraModa and he wants to know what to do about it. Nicolás apologizes and says that he was out running an important errand. He also asks if they notice any changes in his appearance. He then points to his pants and Doña Julia makes the comment about whether his mom finally got around to mending his pants! Nicolás looks to make sure there aren’t any “problems” with his pants and then says that the real change is his new cell phone. Don Hermes wants to know if TerraModa will be covering his cell phone expenses and Nicolás answers that “of course.” Nicolás then proceeds to make a phone call from his cell phone - to Betty’s house! Doña Julia answers the phone and asks who’s calling - Nicolás tells her it’s him. Don Hermes gets mad and tells him to turn off the phone and reminds him about how expensive cell phone calls are. He also tells him that he’s very confused about the large amounts of money in TerraModa’s account at Banco Montreal and wants to know if the bank lent that money to TerraModa. Nicolás plays innocent and says that he has no idea since it was a deal between Betty, Armando and the bank. The phone rings again… It’s Dr. Sánchez for Nicolás again. He tells him that he’s in court and that it looks like the lien on EcoModa’s inventory is going forward. Nicolás tells him that this cannot happen and that he must stop any such action. Sánchez tells him that it’s too late and that he was only calling him to warn him and to tell him that it would be done in the strictest confidence. He also tells him that he’s on his way to EcoModa and will keep in touch.

In EcoModa, Betty gives Armando the report for his meeting with the Board. He tells her, as usual, taht he won’t have time to familiarize himself with the information so that she should be ready to discuss it at the meeting. Betty’s phone starts ringing and Armando tells her that it’s more important to make copies of the report than answer the phone. Betty leaves… Since the phone won’t stop ringing, Armando picks it up and finds himself ear to ear with Nicolás. Armando tells him that Betty isn’t there and asks who’s calling. Nicolás identifies himself and tells Armando that it is urgent that he speak to Betty, that he needs her to call him back as soon as possible at home or on his cell phone. Armando tells him that he can’t be bothered to leave a message for Betty!

Don Hermes walks in on Nicolás resting on Betty’s bed, and complains that while HE is working, Nicolás is sleeping. Nicolás answers that he’s not sleeping, he’s meditating. Don Hermes wants to know why Nicolás is acting so strangely since he received the phone call from Sánchez and why he said something about “holding his horses.” Nicolás answers that he was just repeating a line from a movie he saw when he was a kid. Don Hermes tells him to stop saying inane stuff and Nicolás responds that a messenger is asking for money and they don’t have funds to cover the request. Don Hermes asks if Dr. Sánchez is that someone and Nicolás answers that he must be working as a messenger since so many attorneys are out of work.

Bertja asks Freddy to go get Patricia’s blood work results at the lab…

Armando explains to Mario about how Betty combined the losses and profits from the past two collections into a doctored report to present to the Board. Roberto and Margarita arrive at EcoModa… Margarita asks Aura María if she’s still single and looking for the man of her dreams. Marcela helpfully states that Aura María is looking very hard…

In the meantime, Armando and Mario are singing praises about Betty’s latest creative accounting, the phone starts ringing again. Mario finally gets fed up at the incesant ringing and tells Armando to answer it. Armando answers and of course it’s Nicolás again. Nicolás again tells him that it’s urgent that he speak with Betty. Armando asks if the urgency involves that Betty’s parents have died. Nicolás answers no. Betty arrives and Armando complains about Nicolás’ calls. Nicolás complains to Betty about having to make so many calls from his cell phone. Betty tells him that she doesn’t have time to chat - but Nicolás tells her about the lien and Sánchez’ impending arrival at EcoModa… Armando finds out that his parents are on their way AND Betty tells him about the lien. You can guess Armando’s reaction to the news…

Daniel arrives and is greeted by a lollipop sucking Wilson. Right on Daniel’s heels we see Sánchez and some other guy (from the court). Daniel greets everyone and asks Cata if she’s going to once again be in charge of the publicity for the fashion show - and tells her he’s surprised that she’s back since he thought she had a reputation to protect. Cata cuts him off by saying that she believes in what Armando is trying to accomplish.

Sánchez and company run into Armando and Betty as they get off the elevator on the first floor. Armando tells them that they MUST be as discreet as possible and they respond that they will of course be. Sánchez is surprised to realize that Betty works at EcoModa and asks her why she hadn’t mentioned this to him before. She says that she’s been working for EcoModa for a while and that she had lent money to Armando which had never been paid back to her. She also says that he should go ahead with the process while she tries to reach an agreement with Armando. Betty escorts Sánchez and the other guy to production and tells the employees that they are from an insurance company and need to do an inventory of the equipment, and asks for their full cooperation. Sánchez tells the other guy that Betty is good people. The other guy thinks the whole situation is a bit strange. Sánchez agrees, but that it’s of no concern to him. Sánchez hands his coat to one of the seamstresses so that she’ll MEND IT for him!

At the board meeting, Roberto wants to know who Sánchez and his companion were. Armando gives him the story about them being from an insurance company. Daniel says that the only insurance the company needs is against Armando destroying it. Roberto tells Daniel to shut up, that he’s not there to listen to that kind of talk.

Wilson tells Aura María that the two gentlemen are at EcoModa to place a lien on the company. Betty overhears this and SCREAMS at him to come talk to her. He asks him if he’s ever had the nightmare that someone was about to tear his head off and then placed it in a box. He answers that he has and wonders why Betty wants to know. She tells him that his nightmare will come true if Armando finds out what he’s been saying to Aura María. She also adds that it is all a misunderstanding that has already been cleared up. AND asks Aura María not to say a word to anyone about Wilson’s comment.

Betty goes to the boardroom and Armando asks her to present the report. Meanwhile, Hugo arrives and Patricia tells him that he’s wanted in the boardroom. He says that he’s in no mood to sit in on a borin meeting and that until “those people” start talking about nice things, he’s no longer going to attend their meetings.

Betty explains that once the next collection is launched, the financial situation will again be rosy. Daniel responds that this will only be true if the report she’s presenting is not doctored. Roberto tells Daniel to stop with his comments… Daniel has the last word saying that no matter what, Armando will not be able to meet his goals.

Patricia goes into the boardroom with the menus for lunch. Daniel stares at her, looking scared. She gives him a menu and asks him when he’s going to acknowledge that her son is his! Daniel tells her that this is neither the place nor time to talk about this subject. Patricia doesn’t let go and tells him that she has already had the child’s DNA tested and that the kid is definitely HIS!! Then she asks her son, Danielito - the spitting image of Daniel in a business suit and slicked back hair, to come in and show Daniel the papers that prove that he is a Valencia. Daniel doesn’t want to look at the child or the papers. The boy tells him “look, daddy, I am your son.” Roberto tells Daniel that those papers prove beyond a doubt that the child is his; Margarita tells him that he has to step up to the plate and that Patricia does not deserve for him to treat her badly; Marcela tells him that Patricia is her best friend and that she’ll never forgive him if he doesn’t live up to his responsibilities. Armando and Betty have these very happy expressions on their faces during this whole exchange. Patricia tells Daniel not to worry, that what she’ll do is make sure that all of Colombia knows the real man behind the title of director of the Economic Resources Board. Of course, this has all been a daydream of Daniel’s… However, at the mere sight of Patricia he does start sweating bullets and Roberto asks him if he’s alright. Daniel says that nothing is wrong. Patricia keeps giving out the menus and giving Daniel killer looks. Daniel can only blot the sweat from his forehead…

The Cuartel goes to el Corrientazo for lunch and Sofía tells them that Freddy is on his way to get the blood test results for Patricia’s pregnancy test. Inesita tells them that she cannot believe that they are doing this just to prove that Patricia is lying. Aura María tells her that if she doesn’t want to be a part of it, to just cover her earas. Bertha starts to order a feast for lunch but her friends won’t let her. Inesita comments that what they’re doing, regarding Patricia, isn’t ethical. Sandra says that if Patricia is pregnant, they won’t say a word. But if she’s not pregnant, they will tell Mario the truth and then everyone will know what is ethical and what’s unethical.

Back in the boardroom, Patricia is taking the lunch orders and collecting the menus from everyone. She’s standing by Mario and asks him to help her. It is now time for Mario to daydream… She hadns him a baby and tells him to help her because she is working. The baby’s name is Marito. Armando tells her that they’re in the middle of a meeting. Patricia says that the baby is not only hers, he is also Mario’s and asks Mario to help finish feeding him a bottle while she takes the lunch orders. Mario is trying to do everything and anything to make the baby be quiet, but all he does is cry. Patricia tells him not to let the baby cry (Mario’s face is hysterical). Mario finally comes out of his trance and gives Patricia his lunch order. She, very harshly, thanks him very much for his “help.”

Hugo finally makes his way to the meeting and asks Patricia to get him a salad because he’s gained too much weight and if he doesn’t lose weight he’s going to end up a “spinster.” He asks Daniel what he thinks and Daniel says that he looks better when he’s heavy. Hugo wants to talk about the new collection, but is distracted and asks Catalina how she stays so svelte. She tells him that it is an ongoing battle and that she just tries to eat moderately. In addition, she says that for many people, overeating is a psychological issue…

And speaking of the battle of the bulge, Bertha is watching her friends have the lunch that she wishes she could have ordered. Mariana says that she feels awkward with Bertha staring at her and tries to give her part of her lunch. Bertha wants to eat Sandra’s leftovers… Inestia asks the waiter to clear the plates of those who are through eating to avoid tempting Bertha. Bertha screams that no one is noticing that she’s starving! Aura María says that it is best to leave…

The Cuartel is back at EcoModa and Bertha says taht she can’t stand it anymore, when they see Patricia looking at herself in the mirror… Sofía tells Bertha to think of that image any time that she feels she can’t go on with her diet. Bertha goes to the bathroom. The Cuartel keeps talking about Bertha and Sandra says that they have to support her and go on a diet with her.

Betty catches up with Sánchez and takes them all over EcoModa. Sánchez tells her that all of this could one day be hers…