Summary 3

Hugo and the models are rehearsing for the fashion show while the board members watch. Claudia Bosch winks at Armando and Marcela notices. Patricia, who is sitting next to Marcela, is there to regale her with the story about Armando talking to Claudia prior to the rehearsal. Marcela asks Patricia for the name of the model who is being so friendly with Armando. After the rehearsal, Margarita and Roberto congratulate Hugo on his designs and the quality of the fabrics he used. Hugo, very sarcastically, comments that everything will turn out fine as long as no one tricks him again like Armando did with the past collection. Armando, who has smoke coming out of his ears he’s so mad, tells Hugo that the fabric for the collection will be exactly the same as what the models will wear during the fashion show. Marcela tries to make sure that the conversation between Hugo and Armando doesn’t turn into a major fight. After everyone leaves, Marcela confronts Armando and asks him about Claudia’s behaviour. He, playing coy and innocent, asks her how she can even think that anything is going on! She warns him that he’s not to get involved with any of the models…

Betty is showing Sánchez and the guy from the court the materials and designs for the upcoming collection. The other guy has a name, thankfully - Dr. Moreno. Sánchez and Moreno think that the clothes should be included in the lien but Betty says that is impossible. She is very worried and warns them that they need to be extremely careful that Daniel or Roberto don’t overhear what they’re talking about. Roberto congratulates Armando for the new collection and everyone gets ready to leave.

Sandra asks Aura María to get her some catalogues for the fashion show. Dr. Sánchez, on his way out the door, notices Sandra and is immediately smitten with her. He walks with her to the elevator and looks at her as if she were a goddess. He tells Dr. Moreno that his heart is beating madly and that he will marry Sandra. Dr. Moreno tells him to think about it - the woman is twice as tall as he is! That it would be best for him to keep his mind on his work, or perhaps set his sights on Betty, who is on her way to becoming a rich woman, and with all that money even she can be thought of as a beautiful woman. They go to Hugo’s workshop and decide there’s nothing to be inventoried there. They then run smack into the area where the models are changing and Hugo tells them to leave. Betty makes sure that everything is okay and leads them away…

Roberto, Margarita, Daniel and Catalina are on their way out when they run into Sánchez and Moreno… who in their infinite wisdom (NOT!!) decide right there and then to ask Armando to sign the lien paperwork. Roberto wants to know what’s going on, and Betty very ably avoids a major disaster by explaining that the gentlemen have finished with their inventory and Armando just needs to okay their report. Daniel, who doesn’t believe for a minute the inventory story, asks Sánchez for his business card. After everyone leaves, Armando makes sure that he is signing the lien papers and looks them over. Sánchez gives him his business card and offers his services to him! After they finally leave, Armando gives Betty the paperwork and asks her to please stash them away in a safe place - and tells her that EcoModa is now in her hands.

While waiting for Armando, Marcela starts talking to Patricia. Armando, Mario, and Betty exit the elevator on their way to Armando’s office. Claudia approaches Armando, who in a panic tells Mario and Betty that Claudia is his SECOND problem (the first one being the TerraModa/EcoModa issue) and it would be a disaster if Marcela were to find out about Claudia. Freddy wants to talk to Armando about the fashion show, without directly telling him that Jenny should be one of the models, and Armando tells him that he doesn’t have time to talk to him. Freddy, who just doesn’t get it, keeps talking to Armando and actually makes the suggestion about Jenny. Armando tells him to forget about it, that Hugo is the one who makes those kinds of decisions, and that he can’t replace any of the models with Jenny. When Jenny notices that Freddy talked to Armando, she goes after him to find out what he said.

Armando starts drinking and tells Mario that he doesn’t know if the Board meeting turned our well or badly, that he felt that everything was a disaster. Mario is speechless as he watches Armando drink the whiskey in one gulp and reminds him that he needs to be clear-headed. Armando tells him how awful he feels because his father congratulated him about how well things seem to be going at EcoModa, knowing full well that it is on the verge of a disaster. That at this very moment neither the Mendozas or the Valencias own EcoModa… but he swears that he’ll get it back. Mario tells him to Cheer up! and to be careful about how much he drinks and leaves. Armando tells himself that he can handle his alcohol just fine. Armando asks Betty to give him his cell phone and PDA. Betty reminds him that he left them behind in the factory and she’ll go get them for him. As she exits the office, she runs into Claudia, who tells Armando that they have to talk and pushes Betty out the door. Armando begs her to leave him alone. She tells him that she wants him. Betty doesn’t think that it is smart to leave Armando alone with Claudia, but goes on her way to get his cell phone and PDA anyway. On her way, she runs into Marcela who is on her way to Patricia’s desk and asks if Armando is in his office. Betty tries to distract Marcela and offers to give Armando the paperwork that Marcela has for him, but Marcela tells her that she wants to give them to him and that she also has to talk to Armando. Betty lies and says that Armando is with Hugo and Marcela is on her way to find him. Betty stands by Armando’s door and does her best to avoid anyone going in or out of the office. In the meantime, Armando threatens Claudia and tells her to leave at once or he’ll have to call security. She dares him to do it because then Marcela will want to know what she was doing with him! That it would be best for him to agree to give her a little kiss… They hear a noise at the door… It’s Betty trying to go in the office. Claudia tells her to leave them alone and plants a big wet one on Armando.

Hugo tells Marcela that Armando hasn’t been by his studio… Betty knows that time is running out before Marcela comes back looking for Armando. Armando’s door is still locked and Claudia has Armando in a liplock. Betty can’t stand it any more and goes into the office through the Board room - while Patricia watches her with a mixture of confusion and piqued curiosity. Someone is knocking at Armando’s door which scares the hell out of him. It’s Marcela, who wants to know why the door is locked. Betty arrives at the same time and tackles Claudia just like an American football linebacker would, tears her away from Armando and takes her to her office. Marcela asks Armando why the door was locked and he, playing hurt, tells her that he was very busy and didn’t want anyone to interrupt him. Marcela isn’t buying his story and tells him that he has to check the sales figures immediately, while she waits for him to do it. He, without even a glance at the stuff, tells her that everything looks great. She then suddenly opens the door to Betty’s office and is surprised to see that only Betty is there. She had expected to find Claudia hiding there. Claudia is actually hiding behind some cabinets out of Marcela’s range of vision. She tells Betty that she needs the money for the fashion show expenses, looks around the office again, looks behind the door, and is upset to find nothing incriminating. She leaves in a huff and puff, she knows they’re playing a trick on her. Armando goes into Betty’s office, asks where Claudia is hiding, grabs her by the hair, and kicks her out…

Outside, Marcela is asking Patricia if she has seen Claudia since she’s nowhere to be found. She knows she’s got to be nearby. At the same time, Betty is with Claudia, trying to get her as far away from Armando’s office as possible - sneaking out through Mario’s office. Claudia is now insisting on apologizing to Armando. Betty tells her that this is impossible and tells her to stay in Mario’s office. Once Betty leaves, Claudia walks towards the secretaries’ desks. Patricia asks what she wants and Claudia says that she doesn’t need anything. Armando is dying of fear in his office and asks Betty why women are so crazy. Betty tells him that HE drives them crazy! Armando, slightly embarrassed, asks her if she got him his cell phone and PDA… She finally goes on her merry way to get them. Marcela tells Patricia that she hasn’t seen Claudia anywhere and Patricia tells her not to worry, she just saw her coming out of Mario’s office. Marcela can’t believe this. Patricia tells her that Claudia had been hiding in Betty’s office. When Marcela finally sees Claudia, she asks her what she’s doing. Claudia tells her she’s taking a stroll. Marcela tells Patricia about Armando’s door being locked and both agree that something is rotten in Denmark. Patricia stokes the embers and Marcela leaves in a hurry to confront Armando.

Marcela storms into Armando’s office and claps while telling him Bravo! very sarcastically. She congratulates him for his ability to tell lies, and also for having an assistant that is just as talented as him at covering them up. Betty, who came in without Marcela noticing, hears everything Marcela is saying to Armando. Marcela tells Armando that she can’t prove what happened, but swears to him that Claudia will never again work at EcoModa. She then tells Betty that she isn’t Armando’s assistant - she is his Celestina (from a classical Spanish play of the same name, about a woman who was a matchmaker) and asks her to remember that her salary is paid by the Valencias, while Betty is helping Armando to get away with his infidelities. Armando screams Marcela! and is actually furious at the way that Marcela is speaking to Betty. He tells her to stop treating Betty like that… Betty is very nervous but tells Marcela that she just takes care of her boss. Marcela grabs her arm and threatens her before storming out of the office.

Mario comes in to ask whether Claudia is gone, and Armando tells him that she’s still a problem. He says that Betty once again saved his butt and tells him everything that happened. Mario reminds him not to let anyone insult Betty. Armando tells him of course, since Betty is his guardian angel. Mario makes one of his crass comments about Betty’s looks. The phone rings and Armando asks Betty to answer it. It’s Nicolás. Betty tells him that she can talk right now. Mario starts listening in on the conversation and tells Armando that apparently someone outside the three of them (Mario, Betty, and Armando) knows about the embargo. Mario asks Armando if he isn’t worried about Nicolás’s involvement, whether he’s actually met him in person. Armando tells him that he hasn’t, and Mario tells him that he doesn’t want this guy to mess things up. Again he asks Armando about this guy who is so close to Betty. Armando tells him that he trusts Betty implicitly. Mario insists, that it’s fine that he trust Betty blindly, but who is this man? He reminds him that Betty doesn’t have any money and would never have dreamed having all that money within reach. Mario keeps harping on… Armando looks worried about the tone of Mario’s comments and asks him what he wants him to do. Betty has stood by him through thick and thin and proved her loyalty over and over? Impossible that she would betray him… Armando asks him to show some kindness. But Mario keeps bugging him and says that Nicolás could influence Betty, that he needs to be careful because they’re talking about a lot of money. Armando can’t believe his ears, says that he has met Betty’s family, that they’re honest, decent people. Marcela walks in again and tells Armando that she’s on her way to her apartment. And keeps at him about Claudia, and that he better not try anything after she leaves. Armando again plays hurt… She tells him that he has to be respectful of her and he tells her that he doesn’t appreciate it when she treats him this way. She tells him that he must find a way to get rid of Claudia. That she cannot model during the fashion show tomorrow night. She never wants to see her again! Mario asks Armando if he’s going to fire Claudia and he responds that it’s impossible. Everything is ready for the fashion show. Mario tells him that he understands his dilemma - Armando answers that it’s both their problem!

Freddy is chatting with Jenny and Marcela stalks past. He tells her that he’s tried to help her, but to know avail. Aura Maria overhears him tell her that she owes him a lot, how nice that he believes in her. “El cheque” honks for her and she leaves, kissing Freddy on the cheek. Aura Maria snaps him out of his fugue. You know that she lives with someone. So, I have to live my dream, says Fred. He sings and dances off.

Betty enters and hands Armando some checks and is on her way out. Betty, sit please. Betty, you swore to me that all this would only stay amongst us three. That’s not true. It seems that Nícolas knows all. That’s not what we agreed upon. If I can explain, starts Betty. Why! He shouts. If I can explain, says Betty. She tells him about Nícolas being a true, dear friend from the university. I’ve needed him to accomplish many of the things that have needed to be done. He came with me to see Dr. Sanchez because we met in an irregular type of place. My father would kill me if I didn’t go with him. So, he knows everything? asks Mario. He’s an ally, explains Betty, and he understands everything. I couldn’t have done these things without his help. I’d put my hand in the fire for him. Why didn’t you tell me this before? asks Armando. I’ve seen you be so upset that I didn’t want to upset you further. Are you hiding anything else? No, how could it occur to you? I swear on my father and mother! Fine, don’t keep anything else from me again. He dismisses her and turns to Mario. Well, what do you think? We have no choice, I guess, replies Mario. They’re committed now.

Marcela arrives at Ecomoda and demands that Armando either fire the model or Betty.

Armando talks with Hugo and tries to get him to fire Claudia. Hugo gets upset and says no. Hugo says that he can’t fire a girl just because Armando got involved with her and now she’s making his life difficult. Armando tells Hugo that he hasn’t done anything with Claudia. Hugo laughs and says yeah right, if a woman is after you in that way it’s because you gave her something to run after.

Marcela asks Armando is he was able to fire Claudia and he says that Hugo said no. Marcela then asks for Betty’s head. Armando says that he can’t fire Betty. Marcela is furious and says one of their heads has to roll.

Betty arrives at the office 15 minutes late. Armando is angry with her for being late. Betty explains that there was a problem with the bus and reminded him that she is always very punctual, unlike others. Betty glances towards Patty’s desk. Armando starts yelling like a mad man asking where Patty is. Marcela comes out of her office and asks him why he is yelling he tells her and Marcela looks annoyed.

Later Patty shows up and Marcela sees her. Marcela warns her not to come in late. Patty tells her she over slept. Marcela can’t believe that Patty just said she over slept like it was nothing. She god mad at Patty. She told Patty that she can’t have her coming in late because she is trying to get Betty fired and if she comes in late Armando will fire Patty as well. Patty gets all excited to hear that she’s trying to fire Betty. Then Patty says Armando can’t fire her because she is pregnant and it is illegal to fire a pregnant woman. The cuartel hear Patty say this and ask Bertha when the test results will be in. Bertha tells them this afternoon. They can’t wait!

Marcela is in the lobby and sees Armando and starts yelling that she asked Betty to pay the bills for the show and she didn’t. Armando points out that she did and shows her the checks. Marcela says she asked Betty to give her cash (which is a big fat lie). Marcela storms into Betty’s office and yells that she asked for cash. Betty tells her that she didn’t but that she will run down and get the cash for her.

Note: Marcela is in a foul mood throughout this episode

Betty comes back with the money and asks Marcela to sign for it. Marcela gets angry and asks if Betty doesn’t trust her. Armando tells Marcela it’s just procedure. Marcela leaves the office without signing.

Later..Betty is not at her desk when her phone starts ringing. Bertha goes into Armando’s office to leave him the contracts for the models. Armando asks Bertha to answer the phone. Bertha answers and it is Nicolas. She is all excited. When Betty walks into Armando’s office Bertha tells her that her true love Nicolas called. Armando looks shocked. Betty hands Armando some papers and take Bertha out of the office. She tells Bertha not to say that in front of Armando, she reminds Bertha that Nicolas is not her boyfriend and she says she wants to keep her intimate life private.

Armando is with Mario and he tells him about Betty having a boyfriend. Mario makes some comments about who would possibly be interested in Betty. Armando looks horrified of the idea. He can’t believe Betty didn’t tell him.

Later Armando asks Betty and she tells him that the cuartel made up the story about Nicolas being her boyfriend. Armando is relieved.

Armando goes to Mario’s office and tells him the good news. Mario is surprised at how happy Armando is, and suggests that it’s personal. Armando laughs and says he’s happy because that is one less thing to worry about. Mario tells him that they still need to find out who this Nicolas is.

The cuartel are waiting for Inesita and they go to the bathroom to wait. Inesita arrives and they start talking about going to the show. Patty comes in and laughs at them. Sandra says that Patty can’t forbid them to go because someone much higher has already said they can go. Patty asks who and they say Betty. Then Betty says they can all go. Patty starts screaming for marcela, Marcela comes and ask what is going on. Patty asks her if all the employees with be attending the show. Marcela says no. Patty tells her that Betty is inviting the entire cuartel. Marcela looks at Betty and tells her no, she tells her to stop acting like she is the owner of this company, and to remember who the owner is. Betty has this wicked smile on her face. Marcela says the only of you that will be going to the show is Inesita. And Patty says and Inesita can’t come out from behind the scenes, Inesita replies don’t worry I don’t intend to. Marcela and Patty leave.

In the showroom the models are getting ready. Claudia walks in and Hugo tells her that he’s received some complaints about her and he wants her to be on her best behavior. Claudia says ok. She goes to her locker and drops a small liquor bottle. She quickly picks it up and makes sure no one saw her and puts it away.

Bertha goes into Armando’s office and asks for the contracts and Armando starts asking her what she knows about Betty and Nicolas. Bertha starts telling him everything, and how angry Betty got when Bertha said it in front of him. Bertha starting laughing and said she never guessed Armando would like gossip so much. Armando asked for to tell him everything.

Bertha tells Armando all of the details of the card reading she did for Betty at El Corrientazo a few months ago … that a very important man had come out with whom she was in love and that man was fundamental to her life – the relationship was going to be very intense and would change her life as well as his. While Armando listens raptly, Bertha flashes back to that day at El Corrientazo and tells Armando that Betty didn’t want to say who this man was, so they started pressuring her and she finally told them that there was in fact a man that she liked very much … that she went to school with him, that women find him very attractive, that he’s very strong and people are scared of him, that he’s not a millionaire but has money, that he drives a big car … his name is Nicolás Mora. Betty went on to tell El Cuartel that nothing had happened between Nicolás and herself, but Mariana assured her that something was going to happen in the future and it would change both their lives. Armando wants to find out what Mariana meant when she said that this relationship would change both the lives of Betty and Nicolás. Bertha interrupts and asks Armando whether he believes in card readings, and Armando gets up from behind his desk and tells her that that’s not important, the important thing is that she’s telling him some gossip and he wants the whole story … how is this going to change their lives? Bertha continues with the story – Mariana told Betty that this relationship might not change her life for good, but it would be very important in her life. Armando is still not clear on what Mariana meant and Bertha tells him that it seems that everything is pending … it’s still not resolved yet. As Armando goes to question her more, Gutierrez storms into the office to get the contracts for the models. Gutierrez breaks into English and Armando very annoyedly warns him to stop speaking English because his English sounds more like Russian, LOL! Bertha leaves the office to hand Freddy the contracts so he can take them over to the hotel for the models to sign. Freddy is thrilled at the prospect of this mission, hands Bertha the envelope while he sprays some Binaca in his mouth and on his hair and takes out a comb and a mirror to touch himself up. As Freddy is about to get on the elevator, Marcela asks him where he’s been and Patricia interjects that he now has a girlfriend in the showroom, Jenny. Marcela tells Freddy that he’s got an errand for him to run … she needs him to run some money over to Catalina Angel at the hotel.

In the meantime, El Cuartel is getting ready to leave for lunch and Bertha is on the phone with the lab trying to get the results of Patricia’s blood tests. El Cuartel tells Bertha that they will wait for her at El Corrientazo, but before leaving Betty asks her why she’s going to the Presidency, but fortunately El Cuartel diverts her and off they leave for lunch. While Patricia looks on suspiciously, Bertha confirms with the lab that she will have the results today. Armando comes back out to Bertha’s desk and asks Bertha to come back to his office to finish with the gossip. Patricia is even more suspicious upon seeing this.

Bertha asks Armando if he will be going to lunch, but Armando tells her that he wants to finish this business once and for all. Bertha retakes the story and tells Armando that Mariana gave Betty a second card reading and this time she told her that there would be turbulent times ahead in both her personal and professional life because those two aspects of her life were greatly intertwined. There would be great problems but also great satisfactions. Mariana went on to say that it was very confusing because a dream would be realized for Betty in the midst of a storm. Sofía became worried when she heard that there would be hard times ahead because she thought that would certainly mean Eco Moda … unless, Bertha piped in, Betty had a love interest at Eco Moda. Betty finally tells them that her love life was already determined when she was born: “Nací solterona”. :o)But Mariana insists that there will be great changes to Betty’s personal life, a dream will come true. Betty explains that she and Nicolás are not dating but that he may appear related to her professional life because he was forming a corporation and she was helping him out. The flashback ends and Armando asks Bertha point blank about Nicolás forming a corporation, but Bertha can’t clear this up. Armando changes the subject and now wants to know whether in fact Nicolás is Betty’s boyfriend, but Bertha explains that it’s only her platonic love interest and no matter what Betty does, “Nicolás no le para bola”, LOL! Bertha goes on to tell an Armando who is on the edge of his chair about the time that El Cuartel went out for a drink and Betty said she wouldn’t dare to bother Nicolás because he had a lot of dates. Bertha’s opinion is that Betty knows that Nicolás is an impossible dream, but since the cards said things were going to change, then maybe things will get better for Betty. After all, she’s very intelligent and nice, but she’s a bit ugly and she would have to win the lottery. Armando just rolls his eyes in response. :o)

Armando goes on to ask Bertha to ask how reliable Mariana’s predictions are, and Bertha tells him that she predicted that Armando would be the new president of Eco Moda, that Mireya (his former secretary) would leave, but at other times she’s been way off … for example, she told also told them that Eco Moda would go through hard and turbulent times, but nothing like this has happened yet, “¿cierto doctor?” Armando does an “of course not” gesture with his face and thanks Bertha for all of the information. He reminds Bertha that this will stay between the two of them, he wouldn’t want Betty thinking that he’s questioning her private life. Bertha totally agrees because if Betty knew she would kill her. As Bertha leaves, Armando says to himself, “Maldita sea, maldita sea, maldita sea”. After all, Mariana’s predictions have all been on the ball.

At El Corrientazo, all of El Cuartel has ordered chicken for lunch – they’re going to diet right along with Bertha so as not to tempt her, but they are not happy. When Bertha walks in, she follows a tray of food that is set down at another table and sits right down with the two people there … Sandra has to go and get her :o). Bertha asks why everyone is having the same thing for lunch and Inesita explains that they’re doing this for solidarity with her diet. Bertha tells them she’s got really great news … this afternoon the lab is bringing Patricia’s test results including the pregnancy test. Betty interrupts everyone’s joy and asks Bertha what she talked to Armando about and Bertha tells her that it was about her platonic love, Nicolás Mora. Betty then has to explain that Nicolás called the office and Bertha took the call and told her it was Nicolás right in front of Don Armando. Mariana tells her that everything that came out in the cards is now coming true. But Betty refuses to go along with this line of thinking (after all, she’s really in love with Armando) and continues to question Bertha. Bertha just says that she told Don Armando that she and Nicolás are friends. The girls wants to know why it would bother Betty if Don Armando found out about Nicolás and Betty responds that it’s her private life and Don Armando doesn’t need to know about it … what they talk among them in El Cuartel should stay between them. Bertha sticks to her story about what she told Armando and adds that he wouldn’t care if Betty is in love or not, he stayed back at the office as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

However, Armando is really very worried and calls Mario at the hotel. Armando tells Mario that Betty is deeply in love with Nicolás Mora and he doesn’t even realize she’s alive. Mario quips back, “Igual eso nadie lo hace, ¿o sí?” :o) Armando brings up the point that now that Betty’s got 50 million dollars in her pocket maybe she will begin to appear more attractive to Nicolás, and not only that, but a dream is about to come true for Betty. Mario just looks quizzingly at the phone upon hearing this last statement and asks Armando how much he’s had to drink. Armando tells him that he will take care of a couple of things and he will meet him at the hotel to further discuss this matter. After Mario hangs up, he asks Freddy, who’s just arrived and is staring in trance at the models, if he’s seen Catalina. Freddy tells him that she’s cooking somewhere :o) and Mario leaves giving Freddy a “you’re hopeless look.” Hugo notices Freddy staring at the models and asks him what he’s doing there. Freddy starts to give Hugo pointers on the choreography, but Hugo cuts him to the quick and Freddy tells him he’s only there to have the models sign the contracts. Hugo sends him off to see Inesita so that they can take care of the paperwork quickly.

But since Freddy is the eternal “enamorado”, he walks into the models’ dressing room and starts introducing himself right and left, but they don’t start paying attention until he tells them he’s got the contracts – then they all flock to him. When he gets to Claudia Bosch’s contract, he has to walk it over to her because she is standing by her locker. When Claudia goes to look for a pen in her locker to sign the contract, she accidentally drops a small bottle of liquor on the floor and Freddy remarks, “Un poco fuerte el perfumito, ¿no?” Claudia ignores him and just asks when Armando will get to the hotel.

Back at El Corrientazo, El Cuartel is on their way out. Bertha thanks everyone for their solidarity and tells them she is really full from her lunch, how about them? They tell her that they are full as well, and when Bertha walks away to the bathroom, they actually say to each other that they are really still very hungry. Aura María says the diet might come in handy and Betty replies that maybe in Aura María’s case it will, but when it comes to Betty, it doesn’t matter if she’s fat or skinny, if she eats chicken or pork, because no one would notice (then she laughs her nerdy laugh). As Inesita is reminding everyone that they have to help Bertha out so she won’t break her diet, the cook yells from the kitchen, “¡Saquen a esta mujer de aquí! ¡Saquenla por favor, se está comiendo todo!” And, needless to say, it’s Bertha who’s invaded the kitchen - she didn’t go to the batroom after all :o). El Cuartel goes to pull her out and she comes out with her hands full of food, nibbling on stuff. They take the food out of her hands but Sofía insists on checking her purse … she finds a porkchop, potatoes, sweet plaintains, green plaintains and even silverware! As El Cuartel hauls Bertha out of El Corrientazo, Inesita pays the bill.

Mario finally finds Catalina. She tries to tell him where she’s going to seat his people, but Mario takes her by the hand and leads her outside and tells her how special it is that they’re holding hands … he’s “at the door of eroticism” :o). Catalina withdraws her hand and tells him Hugo says that he’s so fertile that he can get women pregnant by merely holding their hands, by osmosis. Mario rolls his eyes and his mind starts to wander, so Catalina asks him what the problem is with the word pregnancy.

Back at Eco Moda, a courier from the lab drops off the test results. Aura María immediately tells Freddy to take them up to Bertha. Freddy goes upstairs and hands Bertha the manila envelope with the contracts as well as the envelope from the lab. Just as Bertha is about to open the envelope from the lab, Gutierrez comes out of his office asking for the contracts and notices the lab envelope also addressed to him so he picks it up and walks back inside his office. Bertha and Sofía don’t know how they’re going to get them back.

In the “taller”, Jenny insists one more time … she asks Inesita if she can accompany her to the hotel to take the clothes. Inesita tells her that’s out of the question. Freddy walks in and does an Hugo impression, and Inesita warns him to be careful, that’s how Hugo got his start :o). Freddy becomes manly immediately and Inesita leaves laughing. Since Jenny is wearing a snakeskin vest, Freddy tells her, “¿Cómo estás, mi anaconda preferida? Como me gustaría morir asfixiado por tu cuerpo.” Geez, he pours it on thick, LOL! Jenny tells Freddy that she’s resigned to the fact that she will never model, but Freddy tells her not to lose hope, he knows what he’s talking about.

Back at the hotel dressing room, Claudia Bosch is sneaking drinks from her locker while Hugo is giving last-minute instructions to the models. As Hugo plops down on a couch in between two of the models and with another one yet behind him, Claudia walks over to one of the chairs and it’s very obvious she’s more than a little tipsy.

Marcela arrives at the hotel. Catalina tells her that Hugo is waiting for her in the models’ dressing room. As Marcela leaves to go find Hugo, Mario tells Cata that it wasn’t a good idea for Marcela to go to the dressing room. When Cata asks why, Mario tells her that one of the models went crazy for Armando … Cata gives him a cynical look and asks in jest if it was his lotion. And Mario answers, “Armando tiene una loción enloquecedora.” :o)

Hugo notices Marcela in the dressing room and while Marcela can only look over at Claudia Bosch, Hugo starts giving her his litany of complaints, from the lights to the sound system to the technicians. Marcela only listens with half an ear and asks how Claudia is behaving and Hugo answers that she’s doing just fine … he tells Marcela to get rid of the bad aura. Claudia looks more and more drunk.

Armando finally arrives at the hotel and Cata tells him that Marcela is in the models’ dressing room … Armando immediately asks for a drink (isn’t he drinking a lot lately?). He tells Mario that he wants to talk to him outside, but Cata stops him and asks him what’s the matter. Armando says that he’s gambling his life away on this fashion show and collection. On their way out, Mario and Armando run into a model. The model runs back to the dressing room and tells Claudia that Armando’s here. The model also notices that Claudia’s been drinking and tells her she could get in a lot of trouble if she’s found out.

Out on the terrace, Mario serves Armando a drink - Armando suggests to Mario that he have a drink as well … things are worse than they thought. He tells Mario about the card reading and what Mariana said about the man that would change Betty’s life and that she would change his life as well. Mario tells him that he can’t believe that he’s going so overboard over a simple reading of the cards. But Armando says there have been too many coincidences: (1) Betty’s life is changing, right? (Mario nods); (2) Betty is changing Nicolás’ life because he’s now working for Terra Moda (Armando relates to Mario that Betty recommended Nicolás way back when Olarte was fired – and what worries Armando is that Betty is making him part of the appropriation of Eco Moda by Terra Moda and that could make anyone lose his head, it’s a lot of money); (3) Mariana told Betty that her greatest desire would come true in the middle of turbulence and that that would change her life – and her life is in fact changing: they’ve handed her a $50 million company of which she is the sole owner, in the middle of the chaos that they are all living. And the worst thing is that those two (referring to Nicolás and Betty) are going to end up in a romance … Armando is convinced. Mario reminds him that he’s basing himself on a mere card reading, but Armando contends that Mariana is always on the ball when it comes to her predictions. When Mario rolls his eyes, Armando agrees to leave the card reading out of things, but the facts are that Beatriz Pinzón Solano is in love with Nicolás Mora, right? Mario nods his head again. Nicolás met Betty when she was poor, right? Another nod. The guy is not rich, but he’s an economist and he’s familiar with both Terra Moda and Eco Moda … how about if he were to turn Betty against them? Mario answers that a woman as ugly as Betty would probably sell her soul to the devil in order to catch a husband. And then Armando poses the critical question, “What are we going to do so that Nicolás won’t turn Betty against us?” And Mario’s answer is: “A usted le va a tocar competir con Nicolás Mora. A usted le va a tocar enamorar a Betty. Armando’s reaction is a stunned “¿Quéeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” - FREEZE!

Armando tells Mario that his suggestion to seduce Betty is stupid. He reminds him the mess he is in with Patricia.

Marcela is arguing with Armando. She wants him to fire Betty. Marcela is being a total bitch. She tells Armando that if he wants to see her happy give her the head she asked for.

Catalina interrupts them and suggests to Marcela that she go home and get dressed.

One of the models notices that Claudia is drunk and warns her to sober up fast. Claudia doesn’t seem to care.

Hugo is getting all of the models dressed and starts looking for Claudia. He finds her practically passed out on a bench. He notices she is drunk and tells her to leave. Claudia gets angry and tells him that only Armando can fire her. Hugo gets more angry and tells her that in there he runs things and he wants her out! He tell Inesita to call her a taxi. Claudia says she will not leave unless Armando tells her to. Hugo tells Inesita to call Armando.

Inesita calls Armando and tells him that Claudia wants to see him. Armando gets angry and tells Inesita that he can’t see her now. Inesita tells Armando that Claudia is drunk and warns him that she may cause a scene if she doesn’t leave. Armando goes to see Claudia.

Claudia starts hugging him and trying to kiss him. Armando pushes her away forcefully. Armando tells her to leave. Claudia tells him no. Armando starts yelling at all the models to stop moving around. He grabs Claudia and starts dragging her to the door. He tells her he wants her out now!!!

Marcela walks in and demands to know what is happening. Armando tells her that Claudia is drunk and he has fired her. Marcela told Armando that he should of fired her when she asked him to. Armando told her that he tried to fire her but Hugo wouldn’t allow it. Armando tells Marcela that she should be happy now, he gave her the head she wanted. Marcela looks defeated.

Marcela asks Hugo what he going to do with one model short at such short notice. Armando says that he know someone that can help. Armando calls the reception at Ecomoda and Freddy answers. Armando asks Freddy if Jenny is still there. Freddy says yes and Armando asks to be transferred to her. Freddy starts asking why and Armando gets annoyed. Freddy transfers the call and runs over the where Jenny is and tells her the Armando is on the phone for her. Armando asks her if she knows the choreography for the show. Hugo takes away the phone from Armando and asks Jenny that if all her spying paid off, does she know the choreography? Jenny says yes and Hugo tells her the get in a taxi and get there now. Freddy gets on the phone and tells Armando that he will personally bring Jenny. While Freddy is talking on the phone she gives him a big kiss on the lips.

The cuartel is anxious to get the results from Patricia’s pregnancy test. They tell Bertha to go into Guterrez’s office and steal them. Bertha tells them no but they push her into his office. Gutierrez is on the phone with his phone explaining to her that he won’t be long at the show and basically kissing some butt big time. Bertha walks in and sees the results she tries to take them but instead tells Gutierrez that he can take his wife if he wants to. Gutierrez is startled and asks what she is doing there. She tells him that she need Patricia’s test results so that she can log them. Gutierrez tells her to wait and opens Patty’s test results. He starts reading off what tests were done and he comes across pregnancy test. He asks Bertha who ordered this and Bertha says that Patricia must have. Gutierrez says that’s good because it’s important for the insurance to know. He hands Bertha the results.

Bertha leaves the office and the cuartel are anxiously waiting for her to open it. They barely let Bertha open it. Bertha reads out the tests until she finds the one they are looking for. Bertha gets a huge smile and says negative.

The cuartel is thrilled. Patty hears them and asks if they are fighting over raw meat! The cuartel ignores them. They want to tell Mario but he has already left for the show and won’t return until tomorrow. They decide they can’t wait until tomorrow. They decide to go to the show (where they will be able to publicly humiliate her), they are sure that with Betty’s pull they will be allowed in.

At the hotel…Marcela (who is now dressed for the event) and Armando are speaking with Armando’s parents. Armando’s father asked why the show hasn’t begun. Marcela tells him that they had a problem with on of the models and that the replacement is on her way. Marcela told them that the model got drunk. Armando’s parents were shocked at the model’s lack of professionalism. Marcela says that some man probably gave her one night of passion, promised her the world and the next day wanted nothing to do with her. All the while Marcela is glancing at Armando.

Patty arrives and see Daniel and Mario together. She is a bit unnerved about the fact both father’s of her ‘baby’ are there. She grabs some whiskey and starts drinking when Marcela sees her and quickly takes it from her hand. Marcela tells Patty that drinking is not good for the baby, Marcela is shocked at the ignorance of Patty.

Patty joins the group and when the waiter brings over a tray of seafood appetizers she fakes being nauseous and goes to the ladies room.

Daniel has another nightmare. He imagine a news reporter approaching him and asking him why he hasn’t accepted that he has a son.

Daniel follows her to the bathroom and asks the ladies there to leave so that he can speak with Patty alone. He asks Patty if she has thought about his offer to move her away. Patty says yes and that she is not going where he suggested. Patty tells Daniel that she would be willing to go to South Beach (Miami, Florida). She said she wants him to buy her an apartment and a car like the one she has now. Daniel tells her that an apartment in South Beach is too expensive. Patty tells him that she has been accustomed to a certain way of living and she wants to maintain it. Daniel agrees to give her an apartment. Then Patty asks for an allowance of $10,000 a month to care for her and ‘their’ baby. Daniel tells her no and offers $2000. Patty says $5000 and Daniel agrees, but she would have to leave tomorrow.

Daniel leaves and Patty starts laughing and is thrilled that she is going to South Beach. Mario then sneaks into the bathroom. Patty is surprised. Mario offers to marry her. Patty is surprised but fakes like she doesn’t care and tells Mario that she’s not asking him to marry her. Patty leaves the bathroom and starting thinking about what she should choose, South Beach or a husband. She starts laughing about how all her problems are suddenly solved.

The cuartel arrive at the hotel but the doorman won’t let them in because they don’t have an invitation. Sandra starts threatening him but with to no avail. Freddy pulls up on his motorbike with Jenny. Sofia looks upset. Jenny starts talking to her pupuchurro on the phone and tells him (loudly so that Sofia can hear) that she will be modeling in the show. Freddy and Jenny are allowed in. Jenny goes in first and when Freddy starts walking in the cuartel stop him and tell him to go get Armando. Betty tells Sofia that she doesn’t want to involve Armando. Sandra tells her that if Armando sees her he will let her in and it’s best to go right to the top. Freddy agrees to get Armando for them.