Summary 4

Freddy is speaking to the hotel employee and informing him that Jenny is a model and that they are waiting for him. The employee shows them in as the Cuartel watches.

Betty is concerned that involving Armando could cause him big problems with Marcela. Sandra tells her to stop worrying. She tells her that they will be grateful to them for unmasking Patricia. Sophia, angry that Jenny has been allowed to enter, tells Betty that they are going in. She goes on to say that Armando cannot invite that shameless girl and Freddy and leave them outside. Aura Maria chimes in and says that if that fool went in why can’t them. The remainder of the Cuartel are in agreement. Betty says that hopefully all of them wanting in will not indicate that they will all be out of a job.

Freddy is leading Jenny down some stairs covering her eyes with his hand. He introduces Jenny to Catalina who whisks her away to the dressing room. A waiter approaches Freddy and Freddy, acting as though he’s somebody important) informs the waiter to remember him because he will be waiting on him throughout the evening. Freddy with a drink tells two women who pass by him that they are doubly good looking and as they proceed past him he eyes them.

Hugo is in the dressing room with the models and he tells them that he is upset with them because he spends the entire day telling them that they look “divina” and they never tell him that he is handsome. The models approach him and put kisses all over his face. Jenny arrives and he sends her to get her hair and makeup done. Jenny thanks him for the opportunity and promises that she will not fail him. He brushes her off and looks at another model and does not like the way a dress fits her. He doesn’t like her bra and yells for Inesita to bring him his bras. He shows the model how the dress should look by demonstrating with his hands on his breasts.

Armando is on his way to welcome to the audience. Freddy comes calling his name. Armando stops, does not look at him and puts his hand in the stop position. Freddy stops and Armando continues to walk. Freddy gets another drink, a woman passes by and he takes off after her all the while singing.

Patricia joins Marcela, Roberto and Margarita. Margarita wants to know how Patricia is doing. Roberto invites all of them to sit down. Patricia indicates that she needs to speak to Marcela. All excited Patricia tells her that her life is getting in order. She tells her that a person has offered her a really good job in Miami with an apartment in South Beach, a car, $5,000 a month plus expenses. Marcela wants to know how it is. Patricia brushes her off by telling her that it is someone that she does not know and that they will talk about it some more later. She tells her that the most important thing is that her son will be born in Miami and that she will need to leave immediately. Marcela is swinging her head side to side all excited.

As they are leaving to sit down, Guiterrez approaches them and thanks Patricia for taking the tests. He tells her that he believes that her pregnancy will be somewhat difficult for her. He continues to tell her that she is fortunate to have insurance in order to cover the costs. Patricia informs him that it will not be necessary because she will be leaving Eco Modo tomorrow. She tells him that she has been offered a job abroad. Guiterrez tells her in English “congratulations for you”. He then goes on to ask if it will be alright for him to tear up her lab results that arrived that day or would she like to have them. They might serve her in some way (he makes that weird movement with his lips). He states the tests that were conducted and also mentions the pregnancy test. She gets a worried look and wants to know what pregnancy test. He tells her the one that she requested. She informs him that she did not request one. He tells her that it had arrived with the other tests. She wants to know if he has looked at them and he answers no. She wants to know where the tests are, he says in his office. She tells him that she needs him to turn them over to her. He informs her that Berta will give them to her first thing tomorrow. She asks why Berta and he says because it is her responsibility to archive them. Patricia asks if Berta has seen the results. His answer, of course.

Patricia has a very worried look. She goes to call the office and speaks to Wilson (again with a lollie pop) and asks if Berta is till there. He says that everyone has already left. She tells herself that she will need to arrive early the next day in order to take the exams away from that fat lady before she causes a disaster for her. (During this speech to herself, Armando can be heard welcoming everyone and announcing the beginning of the show.)

When Patricia sits down Marcela wants to know what Guiterrez wanted. She tells her nothing that they were discussing what needs to be done to her contract before she leaves. Armando sits down by Marcela. He puts his hand on her leg, while asking how his speech went, she looks upset with him and removes his hand from her leg. He looks at her hand and then at her. She says that it went well and that this collection is going to be very good for them. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

The Cuartel is outside in the cold. Aura Maria states that the show has begun. Betty tells them that it is better for them to forget about it and they can turn in the exams tomorrow. She believes that it is best for them to leave. The Cuartel stops her as she begins to leave. Sophia says that they are not moving from there, especially with that wretch in there. Aura Maria says that Freddy probably forgot since he was with Jenny. Betty says that maybe Armando does not want them in there.

Back inside Freddy is behind Armando. Armando irritated with him asks him if he can’t tell that he is trying to watch the show. Freddy informs him that the Cuartel is outside. Marcela tells him to tell them to leave. She tells him that earlier in the day she had forbade them to attend. Armando sitting in his chair looks scarred, but doesn’t say a word. Marcela complains to him wanting to know what that woman is thinking (referring to Betty). She goes on to say that she wants to be involved in everything and does she think that she is going to do what she wants in spite of her orders.

Mario leans over and tells Armando that he should not prohibit the true owner from entering. Armando gets up and Marcela wants to know where he is going. He tells her that he will return shortly. Patricia wants to know what is happening and Marcela fills her in. Patricia wants to know if Berta is outside. Patricia tells Marcela that they are not to let them in that it is as though they are laughing at her. Patricia wants to know why Armando got up and Marcela informs her to throw them out. Patricia’s answer is “Aye Marce”. Marcela says that he would not go against her orders.

Freddy is informing the Cuartel that Marcela had told them that they were not to com. Betty says that it is best to leave. While Freddy is trying to make them leave Armando appears and invites them in. On her way in, Betty apologizes and tells him that she does not want him to have problems with Marcela. He tells her to hurry and go in. When Armando turns he comes face to face with Freddy who gives him a disappointing look. Armando puts his finger to his lips indicating for him not to say a word. He walks away. Freddy passes on the same signal to the hotel employee.

Berta asks Armando for Mario. He indicates where he is sited but tells her that he can not be disturbed.

Once he has rejoined Marcela she wants to know if he has sent them off to which he answers no. She wants to know if her is making fun of her. He says no and that they will discuss it later. She begins to get angry and she says no. She wants to know how he could go against her wishes. He wants to know what she has against them watching the show. He wants to know what she has against them. He tells her that they are employees of Eco Moda. She reminds him that a lot of money was invested in this show and not for a circus to appear. She says that she has nothing against the employees. She state that the only reasons he let them in was for Betty. Their voices get louder. His parents tell them to quite down. Armando tells Mario that this is going to cost him blood. Mario tells him that it is blood or the company.

Patricia can’t believe that the Cuartel was allowed in. She turns to look at them and they all wave at her. Marcela stops her from getting up in order to throw them out.

Jenny comes down the run way. Freddy is throwing kisses at her. Sophia’s mouth drops open. She says that this can’t be. She pulls up her sleeves as though she is ready to fight. The Cuartel tell her that she is not going to do anything, especially after Armando let them in. Since Sophia cannot stand to watch Jenny, she and Betty go to the bathroom.

Aura Maria is upset with Freddy because he was able to get Jenny in the show. The remaining members of the Cuartel vow that he will pay.

When Betty and Sophia go to the bathroom Betty tells Sophia to go ahead because she needs to make a telephone call. After Betty leaves Sophia does not go into the bathroom.

At Betty’s house, Nicolas and her parents are preparing to have dinner. Her father wants to know if they plan on waiting for Betty. Her mother says that she believes that she was going to be late. During this conversation Betty calls and informs her father that she will be late. He wants to know where she is and then tells her that he will pick her up in an hour. She says no, however, he insists. She asks to speak to Nicolas. Nicolas wants her to call him on the cell phone. Her father gets upset with him and makes him take the telephone. Betty asks Nicolas to please accompany her father to the hotel. Nicolas agrees.

Betty goes looking for Sophia.

Sophia has approached Jenny before she goes out on the runway and tells her that this isn’t a show for “Zorras”. Jenny goes out. Sophia holds up a sign that says “Zorra” which distracts Jenny. Jenny makes a wrong turn and begins to drop the shawl that is part of her outfit. Everyone is looking at her in amazement and embarrassment. The Cuartel is laughing. Sophia, hiding, holds up another sign “bandida”. Jenny’s concentration is totally gone. Another sign “Quita Maridos” appears. The Cuartel is laughing harder. Freddy is beside himself. Hugo runs to the beginning of the runway and pulls her off. She tries to object.

Betty’s parents and Nicolas are finishing their meal. Betty’s father remembers that he needs to pick her up. Nicolas says that he will accompany him, her father objects. Betty’s mother insists that Nicolas accompany him. Nicolas tells him that Betty asked him to go with him. Nicolas makes a joke to Betty’s mother. Her father says that if he is going to go with him then he needs to keep his mouth shut, because flies do not enter a mouth that is kept shut.

Mario is telling Armand that the show is going well. The audience’s reaction is going well. Mario wants to know what is worrying him. He says Betty. He tells him that Marcela is going to get obsessed with her and does he realize what is waiting for him after the show. Mario tells him that Marcela is important to him but that Betty is important to the company and that if he does not treat her right there is someone who can give her what she wants.

The show is over and Armando’s parents congratulate him.

Jenny is in the dressing room crying and wailing that Sophia distracted her. Inesita tells her to stop inventing stuff that Sophia was not there. Jenny tells her that Sophia was there with the rest of the feas. Hugo tells her to stop crying and tells her to take off her outfit. He tells her that he told her one that she is only for in-house modeling and that she will stay as the in-house model. All this time Jenny won’t stop her crying and wailing.

Hugo goes out and takes his bows. Guiterrez is standing behind Armando making his weird lip and nose movements.

After Hugo’s speech Freddy goes up on the stage and helps one of the models down. Marcela, Patricia, Armando and Mario are congratulating Hug. Hug kisses Marcela, Patricia and then tries to kiss Mario, who stops him.

Berta tells Sandra to go and get Mario. The Cuartel makes signs to Mario that they want to speak to him. Patricia notices the signals. She approaches Berta and tells her that she needs to speak to her. Berta says no that she doesn’t take orders from her. Patricia begins calling for Marcela. Berta asks what she wants. Patricia asks for tests. Berta says that they are at the office. Patricia tells her that those tests contained a pregnancy test that she did not request. Berta says that she doesn’t see a problem. Patricia tells her that the problem is that someone else requested the test for her. She threatens her by telling her that if the test results are leaked she will sue her.

Mario approaches the Cuartel and asks if they need to speak to him. They ask him to wait a moment. Sandra tells Berta to tell Mario. Patricia tells her to go ahead that Guiterrez would like to know what is going on. Mario approaches them and wants to know what is going on. He is taken away by Catalina. Sandra tries to convince Berta to turn over the exams. Patricia threatens to call everyone to tell them how the tests were solicited. Patricia tells Berta to turn over the tests and that she will claims that she asked for them. Marcela approaches the groups and asks the Cuartel to follow her.

Armando watches them go off and cannot concentrate on his conversation with the clients.

Marcela is yelling at the Cuartel. She says that the only reason that they came was because of Betty. She tells them that she is the one that gives the orders. She tells Betty that she may have an important job being Armando’s assistant but that she is nothing but a simple employee. She tells them that if the continue she will show them who is Marcela Valencia. They try to tell her that they brought some important news. Armando appears and asks what is happening. Marcela says that they were just leaving. He says no. Marcela begins to object, but Patricia arrives at that moment and tells her that she needs to speak to her, Marcela objects, Patricia tells her that she is no longer pregnant. Armando tells the Cuartel that they are welcome at the reception. Betty tells him that they were about to leave and he says no. He speaks to Betty alone and tells her that she has the right to be there above everyone else. He reminds her that she is the one that saved the company.

The Cuartel is telling Betty how nice Armando treats her. Betty says that she is afraid that she has launched a war with Marcela. That she has made a big enemy.

Patricia and Marcela are in the bathroom. Marcela says that she doesn’t understand. Patricia says that she had requested the pregnancy test. Marcela wants to know what happened with the other test, because they are hardly ever wrong. Patricia wants to know if she thinks that she is lying. Marcela asks what about her being late she continues to tell her that she needs to tell Mario. Patricia asks her to keep quite until she can tell him. Marcela agrees and tells her that when she arrives in the states she should have a good checkup. She wants to know what happened to all her excitement about moving to the states. She asks what happened to her great job offer. Patricia tells her that she needs to confirm it. Marcela tells her to confirm it.

Patricia shows the exam to Mario. He wants to know what happened. She said that the first test that she had done herself were wrong and that she also had the symptoms. She said that she also wanted to find out how much he would worry about her and their son. She tells him that she loves him. She goes on to tell him that he passed a big test showing how much they love each other. He tells her to remember that she is going to Miami. She ways that she doesn’t want to leave. He tells her that this is a great opportunity and that she shouldn’t let it slip away. He tells Armando the exciting news. Armando looks suspicious.

Patricia shows Daniel the test. She tells him that there was an error in the first exam. He wants to know why she had the test all the time and just remembered to show it to him. She told him that Eco Moda had just delivered them to her. He puts the test in his coat pocket. She wants to know if he really thinks that she would play around with him about being pregnant and take his money. He tells her that he would have found out if she had delivered a baby and if she had not that he would not receive one penny of his money. She says that she does not want to leave and he tells her that she is leaving. He tells her that tomorrow she will resign from Eco Moda and that he will send her chauffeur to take her to a travel agent and then to the airport with orders not to return until he has seen her leave on a plane.

Nicolas and her father arrive at the hotel.Papá and Nicolás have come to pick up Betty at the hotel. Dad’s off parking and Nicolás heads in. Nicolás pulls out his cell and pretends to be on an important call in order to impress some models waiting outside. He circles around them spouting nonsense about money and trying to sound like a big deal. They walk away disgusted. He calls one back and shows them his card, but she takes one look and heads away. He is stopped by the doorman and Nicolás tries to tell him that he’s there to see the number 2 person at Eco Moda, Beatriz Pinzón. He then tries to explain that he’s a very important person, showing him the card! Then he plays the ‘I’m Betty’s novio’ card, all to no avail.

Gutierrez inside flirts with a woman. The cuartel approaches the buffet and they start to dive in. Marcela walks up and asks what they’re doing there. They look scared. We’re waiting for Inéz. Well wait for her outside! They scurry off. Patricia walks up looking mopey. Marcela asks what’s wrong and Patricia tells her that her things aren’t going well.

Outside, Betty tells the cuartel that she won’t catch the taxi with them, that someone’s coming for her. Is it Nicolás? they tease her. Well, yes, it is. They spot Freddy talking to Jenny, trying to cheer her up and they eavesdrop. Jenny tells him that it’s Sofia’s fault and the cuartel’s shocked to hear him refer to Sofia as a ‘bruja’. He assures her that it won’t be her last night of modeling. He pulls out the Binaca, squirts, and moves in for a kiss. Aura María is about to run forward and pull out somebody’s hair, but is held back. Inéz enters and scolds Jenny. All of the models have left! Jenny makes plans to have Freddy take her out. Aura María is not happy but Sofia thinks this is great: another chance to show ‘el cheque’ that Jenny is a tramp. Jenny is on her cell talking to her ‘popi’ very loudly and she tells him that she’s going out to celebrate her success as a model. She allays his suspicions. She hugs Freddy and they head on out, with the cuartel hiding as they pass by. Sofia wants to call Efraín and tell him everything but cooler heads prevail. Betty leaves to say goodbye to Armando.

Outside, Nicolás is still waiting. Freddy hands him a tip! Freddy and Jenny put on the yellow plastic visibility vests. Jenny tells him that she’d like to spend a night with him. Aura María comes up and asks for a moment of his time. He’s busy right now, he tells her, but she pleads for some time. She asks for a ride home, but he’s promised Jenny. She’s depressed, Freddy tells her. Well so am I! Fine! Don’t flirt with me again if you can’t help me tonite, says Aura María bitterly as Jenny calls out in that special whiny voice, Freddy… Freddy’s heart relents and he makes his excuses to Jenny. Jenny tells him that he’s been in love. Freddy explains Aura María is his friend, besides that he doesn’t want to cause her problems with ‘el cheque’. Aura María you’ve spoiled this plan with Efraín, complains Sofia. What matters to you what happens between you and Freddy? Well, I’m not going to make a gift of him to her! retorts Aura María. Jenny gets on the cell phone and calls her popi to say that she’s going home. Aura María is all smiles and she collects the protective vest. Freddy waves to Jenny sadly. The cuartel’s gone, Jenny is left standing alone and Nicolás pulls the cell phone and starts in again with the big deal nonsense; chauffeur, champagne on ice… Hérmes yells for Nicolás and wants to know what the deal is. Nicolás jumps. He then explains to Jenny that the chauffeur lost the limo and she looks at him disgustedly. Nicolás tries the doorman again and the doorman goes to find Betty, but leaves someone in place to guard the door.

Roberto and Margarita take their leave of Armando and Marcela. They’re heading off tomorrow for London. Roberto tells Armando how satisfied he is with the collection. He’s sure that at the next meeting they’ll have great news to report. Margarita adds her praise. She notes sadly that Armando and Marcela seem to fighting too much tonight. Hug at least! Armando tells her that he’d like nothing more than to make peace with Marcela. Are you going to be fighting in September when you get married? You’re supposed to be happy, says Margarita. Daniel cynically comments that no one gets married to be happy. Marcela grudgingly hugs Armando and they mutually agree soto voce that they’ll ‘make peace’ later. His parents leave. As she’s leaving Patricia passes by Daniel and he doesn’t pass up the opportunity to insult her, and then he leaves. Betty rushes up and with her usual guffaws, thanks him for the lovely evening. You enjoyed yourself? asks Armando. She assures him that they did. The doorman finds Betty and tells her that someone is waiting outside for her who claims to be the general manager of Terra Moda and her novio. Betty thinks this is a funny joke. That Nicolás, what a comedian! Then she notes Armando’s alarm and gets a little nervous. Armando takes the card and comments on the title. I didn’t know that you had business cards. There aren’t others, says Betty worriedly. She leaves and Armando explodes to Mario…General Manager! He and Mario are concerned.

Outside Betty yells at Nicolás for his rash behavior and how she thinks that it’s possible that Armando can think that they’re playing him for a fool. How can you have said that you were my novio? Nicolás thinks she’s overreacting. As for novio… don’t I come when you call? Hérmes honks and Betty and Nicolás gets in. Immediately he starts harping on the hour, etcetera, and Betty makes excuses. Off they go.

Armando is shaken by the business card. Mar is sure that they’re novios: look how he came to pick her up! Anyone that ugly, there could be no other reason. Tomorrow we’ll reverse everything, says Mar, lift the embargo. We can’t do that because if we do all of our creditors will come and everything will collapse. We have to leave her in charge. Well, says Mario, Betty has been trustworthy. And, although Betty denies he’s her novio, the ‘tipo’s’ behaved well to her and to the business, he continues, but Mario’s still worried. They decide that everything will continue as it is: it looks like the novio is going to stay in place too. The best option still, says Mario, is to make love to her. That stupid plan again? asks Armando. Mario presses on with his theory but Armando refuses. There’s no way I’m capable of making love to a woman so ugly. Besides, why me and not you? Mario has all the answers. There are only three people involved in this and you’re the boss and you hired her. Besides, if it weren’t for Nicolás, I’d say that she was in love with you. The way she looks at you… you’re the only one who stands a chance against Nicolás Mora. Don’t wait.

Walking in the front door, papá continues his rant. Hérmes believes that the president should have taken her home. He’s taking liberties that don’t belong to him. What do you mean? It was a job function! she exclaims. And how does that impact you? he asks testily. What would you do there? I’m there to answer questions, assist Don Armando: I can’t leave until he gives permission. Papá’s very down on the whole world of models and fashion shows: they’re a flighty crowd, low morals. I know! says Betty exasperated. It’s not my world, it’s my job! Her mother comes up and supports Betty but Hérmes continues to grumble. I saw this girl with a very short skirt on a bike (mutter, mutter, mutter about indecency, etc.)

Aura María and Freddy are in a disco. He offers her a drink and checks his wallet to see if he can afford it. So… why are you so depressed. Aura María makes some stories up about family and then gets to the real issue. And you go chasing off after that imposer. Do you like her or no? Freddy is on the spot. Well, Jenny has some savage charm (he moves closer to elaborate), legs like a jungle creature… I only want to know if you like her, demands Aura María. So, then are you in love? Freddy blusters but Aura María presses on. He tells her that with any sign, he could fall. Aura María is disappointed that he’s chasing after the beauties now. With Jenny I could fall into an abyss: with you I can see heaven How divine! she shrieks. Repeat that will you? she says ecstatically. He does and Aura María kisses him enthusiastically and suggests they leave and go somewhere else. They rush off and she plants another passionate kiss on him.

Armando and Marcela come home still fighting: now about him giving permission to the cuartel to enter. We owe a lot of success to Betty. So we’re her peones now? remarks Marcela angrily. No, no, says Armando. Look, I made mistakes with the New York deal. Betty is the one who worked out the loans and made all of the financial deals to make this collection possible! She’s not one of the feas, she’s an important component of the company. As much as you and Mario. Hah! exclaims Marcela. Betty is my right hand. That she’s a woman… If she were a man you wouldn’t have any problem with her. You’re the woman in my life. Only one of your women! retorts Marcela bitterly. How can you feel like you’re competing with anyone, especially Betty? Marcela rags on… No more arguing! I think what you’re saying is ridiculous, says Armando. If you want to continue this attack on Betty, that’s your problem. If you want to continue this fight in the office, so be it. I’m going to my apartment. Don’t go… she pleads. She comes over all soft and affectionate. She wants to celebrate the success of the collection. She wins him over (some struggle!) with kisses and incipient sex.

Writing in her diary, Betty recounts the evening’s event. She’s worried that Armando believes that she could be betraying him with Nicolás, that Nicolás could abuse her trust and his, and worse, that he believes that they’re novios. She wishes that she could tell him that he’s the man of her dreams (Cut to Armando in bed, Marcela in her deep post-sex sleep, him wide awake. He’s replaying in his mind Mario’s comments and plan to romance Betty. He rolls over and recalls further: You’re the boss, if it weren’t for Nicolás Mora, I’d swear Betty was in love with YOU!) He pulls the sheet over his head). Back to Betty. She’s fallen asleep with her diary.

Armando has a dream and he is romping thru an orchard with Betty frolicking to the strains (“Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be…”) She’s in flowing yellow chiffon, with flowers in her hair. They play hide and seek among the trees and he searches anxiously for her. She comes back and holds leaves across her face. She pulls them away and he goes to kiss her. She dashes away, he searches for her again. She peeks out from behind a tree and they share manic, foolish grins. She’s holding a duckling. He’s about to kiss her… No! No! Sweat breaks out on his face. Marcela wakes him up out of the dream. What was it? Something horrible!

Betty’s mother wakes her up too, she’s having a lovely Don Armando dream. Wake up or you’re going to be fired. She tells her mother that she had the most lovely dream… the same as Armando’s! LOL

Over breakfast, Marcela asks for details of the nightmare. She mentions that he’d never had dreams like this before. He chokes over his juice leaving Marcela looking stunned.

At reception, Mariana answers the phone for Aura María. She’s not there and it appears to be Aura María’s mother. ¡Que pena! What stress for her poor mother, Mariana and Sandra comment. Betty rushes in and Sandra comments slyly on her lateness. Freddy hasn’t arrived yet either. But we know his name and address, Sandra notes playfully. Armando and Marcela enters and he looks awkwardly at Betty. She looks hesitantly back. Has Aura María arrived? asked Marcela. She’s arriving. Well is she there or not? Mariana fudges that she’s on her way. They want to know when she arrives. Armando speaks up, I need Freddy immediately. Betty awkwardly gets on the elevator after Armando and Marcela. Surprise! Patricia isn’t there yet either. Marcela tells him to not be too disappointed because she’s leaving the company. He’s ecstatic… don’t toy with me! She’s got an offer to go to Miami, Marcela tells him. He goes on and on about how happy he is and Marcela heads off to her office. Armando takes a pass at Patricia’s desk as if he’s a batter hitting the baseball out of the park. Yeesss!!!

Aura María and Freddy enter hand in hand and Patricia greets them sarcastically, noting their late arrival. It’s not your problem, says Aura María. Of course it is, because it’s an EM problem, says Patricia snottily. You’re just bitter because you couldn’t trap Dr. Mario Calderón, counters Aura María. As Patricia asks Freddy if he’s prepared to handle Aura María being pregnant, Jenny enters and overhears this conversation. Look at them, mocks Patricia, with the same wet heads, same clothes, same cheap perfume! We just had a shampoo in a beauty salon, says Freddy. Hah! Are you going to be responsible for her child? I’m not going to get pregnant, strikes back Aura María, I take care not to, unlike some people! Mariana cautions her not to laugh too hard because her mother is furious. Aura María rushes to call her afraid that she’ll be kicked out of the house. Freddy offers her shelter if it comes to that, but Aura María brushes him off in her panic to make things right with her mother.

At Patricia’s desk, the phone rings. Daniel asks if Patricia asked if she’s handed in her resignation letter. I can’t resign, I need this job!

Armando agonized over having to seduce Betty.

He suggest that Mario be the one to do it. Mario insists that he wouldn’t be able to do it. Mario conducts a test. He calls Betty from her office. She comes out from her office and stand by her office door. Mario asks her for some report and Betty says okay and within a few seconds returns with the report and lays it on the desk. Then Mario tells Armando to call Betty and ask her to do something. Armando calls her and Betty comes out of her office and this time walks right up to Armando and asks how she can help him. Armando asks her for some report and Betty rushes to get it in her office. Betty emerges from her office and hands Armando the report. She then asks if she can help Armando with anything else, Armando says no and she asks again if he is sure. Armando says no and Betty leaves. Mario smiles and says see! I wouldn’t have a chance with her, plus she knows how much of a player I am and wouldn’t take me seriously.

Armando looks like he wants to die.

Armando couldn’t bring himself to think about the idea of kissing Betty. Mario kept on trying to convince him, Mario even attempted doing some role playing, where Mario pretended to be Betty and Armando tried to flirt with her. Mario kept making really funny facial expressions imitating Betty. Armando told Betty (Mario) that he has these really strong feelings for her but he is engaged to Marcela and he can’t do anything. Mario said that wouldn’t work because while Armando is professing his ‘love’ for Betty from afar, Nicolas will really be seducing her. Mario tells Armando he will have to really seduce her. Then Armando says what if they have to become intimate? Armando makes a grossed out face.

There were a lot more scenes like this one where Armando in contemplating seduces Betty. The only thing he was able to do was stare at her a bit, which was more than enough for Betty because she started to think that maybe Armando was starting to notice her but then she laughed and said nah….

Daniel called Patricia and asked if she had written her letter of resignation. Patty told Daniel that she was done and that she was going to give copies to Gutierrez, Marcela, Armando, and the Mendozas. Daniel asked why she was sending this letter to all of them and Patty replied that they all have to know her reasons for leaving. Daniel asks Patty to read him the letter and she does. In her letter she tells all, how she broke Betty’s computer and Daniel has pressured her and made her become a spy along with the old VP (forgot his name). She goes on to say that Daniel sexually harassed her and forced her to have sex with him….Daniel was freaking out…..he told her that she could stay. Patty asked him to beg her and Daniel said no. Patty decided to stay and said she would keep the letter in case he would try to fire her again.

Patty is opening up her bills later and screaming and crying. Her cell phone and apartment bill came. Marcela started laughing at Patty’s dramatic cries. Patty tells her how poor she is hinting that Marcela give money, Marcela quickly leave for lunch with Armando and Mario.

The cuartel are getting ready to go to lunch and Bertha tells them that she is on a new diet in which she does not eat lunch. The cuartel is shocked by her drastic diet and urge her to eat with them, especially since they will all be eating healthy so that she won’t be alone. Bertha says no. They eventually convince Bertha but she tells the cuartel to go ahead of her because she needs to make a phone call. When the cuartel leaves Bertha opens her desk drawer which looks more like a candy store and picks up about six different snacks. She starts eating quickly and laughing that she isn’t going to go hungry!

Nicolas calls Betty and tells her that the lawyer wants to know where they stand. Betty informs Armando and Armando tells her to tell the lawyer to leave things as they are.

Armando realizes that he must seduce Betty before Nicolas does.

Still at the bar, Mario tells Armando that after all, he is a lucky man, there are worse things than kissing Betty. But Armando is not swayed by his argument and assures him that he will go no further than kissing Betty, he will definitely not touch her. Mario reminds him that they are trying to save the company, but Armando tells him that if it has to comes to that (having a relationship with Betty), he would rather lose the company.

El Corrientazo has a new owner, Don Frijolín, and he waits on El Cuartel. They place their lunch orders and, when he gets to Bertha, she informs him that she only came along for the card reading, she’s given up lunch for life (she must be really full from the snacks, LOL!). Seated by himself at another table is Freddy and he asks Don Frijolín to put Aura María’s lunch on his bill and then leans over to whisper something else to him. Back at El Cuartel’s table, all the girls tell Aura María that it’s nice to have a boyfriend (referring to Freddy), but Aura María tells them that he is not her boyfriend, he’s just her friend … El Cuartel is not convinced after what happened last night. Don Frijolín comes over and brings Aura María a juice, courtesy of … Freddy. :o) Aura María tells El Cuartel that she likes Freddy, but he’s just like gum and he’s sticking to her. Inesita gives her some advice: if you don’t want him sticking to you, then don’t lead him on. Bertha tells her that they will not permit her to keep playing with Freddy’s feelings. Aura María’s answer is that Freddy is a nice guy, but he is not a promising future for herself and her son. Mariana finally gets down to business, the reading of the cards … she tells Betty to concentrate on the man she loves when cutting the deck. Sandra suggests that she say to herself, “Nicolás, Nicolás, Nicolás …”, but of course, Betty says to herself, “Don Armando, Don Armando, Don Armando …” :o) Mariana directs her to ask in silence the questions which she wants the cards to answer and Betty asks herself, “Why is he looking at me that way? What’s happening? Is he finally noticing me?” Then Betty cuts the deck in thirds and the card reading commences. Mariana tells her that the man she loves appears and that he does, in fact, want to have a relationship with her, there’s money and riches and she’s going to receive some assets (this would be Eco Moda, obviously). Mariana’s assessment of the situation is that a dream that Betty has been wanting to come true is about to come true … and off we go to a Love Story sequence again :o), Betty runs into Armando’s arms in his office and he gives her a big hug, then we see, Armando running goofily through the woods again while Betty’s holding the duck, and finally he gives her a rose during a candlelight dinner saying, “Una bella flor para una bella mujer.” El Cuartel notices Betty’s far-away look and tells her to wake up. Aura María pipes in that she must be really happy that she will finally lose her virginity and Inesita tells them all to calm down, that it’s just a card reading.

Mario and Armando arrive at Eco Moda and, as they exit the elevator, Armando says he’s very worried about making payroll this month and he doesn’t know who they can ask a loan from. Mario turns to look for Sandra and Patricia tells them that they’re not back from lunch … “and look at the time!” Armando ironically asks her how she accomplished the miracle of returning back from lunch on time and Patricia tells him that she didn’t have enough money to go out to lunch because with what she makes at Eco Moda she can barely pay the bills. Armando asks her why she didn’t go off to Miami then, there she would have certainly received better money. Patricia avoids an answer and tells him that she’s going to go have a drink of water … to which Armando replies that she better have her own cup because they are trying to save money, LOL! When Patricia leaves, Armando tells Mario that this payroll thing is really bothering him and off they go down the hallway. Just then, Hugo comes out of his “taller” wearing a shiny silver shirt and yelling for Inesita. Armando plugs his ears with his fingers and asks him to stop yelling for Inesita, he should be working instead in his “taller”. When Armando asks him to go and design, Hugo says one of his favorite phrases, “No oigo, no oigo, tengo orejas de pescado”. :o) Thankfully, Inesita arrives with Bertha and Hugo takes her off to the side and tells her that the president has been harassing him … and sneaks in a Lewinsky joke before parting. Mario and Hugo roll their eyes when Betty and Sofía come walking down the hallway and Armando starts to also harass Betty for her tardiness. Betty assures him that it will not happen again and off she goes in search of Sandra and some reports that Mario needs. Armando is left in the hallway with Sofía and Bertha and he also tells them that he does not want them to be tardy again … ever. As Sofía runs away, Bertha stops Armando and tells him that the reason they were late is because Mariana was giving Betty a card reading. Now intrigued, Armando wants to know what the cards said and Bertha tells him that they said that Betty and Nicolás would be together in the middle of great riches (you guys can imagine Armando’s face upon hearing this) and that Betty is now very happy. Armando is really worried and walks into his office cursing. He tells Mario about what Bertha said the cards told Betty and Mario tells him they can wait no longer, it’s time to make a move, they can’t afford the luxury of not believing in what the cards say. Since they will be working late tonight with Betty, Mario suggests that at around 7 or 7:30 he will say that they’re tired and that they go to a restaurant. But Armando responds that he can’t risk going to a restaurant because somebody may see him that it would really be embarrassing if it came back to Marcela. Mario comes back with “It’s worse than that. You will lose your prestige for life, seducing such an ugly woman!” Aaaay, Mariooooooo! Then comes up with a final suggestion, that they go to a restaurant that’s out of the way … he will take care of all the arrangements. In comes Betty with the reports and Mario sends her for her things so that they can begin to work. As Betty leaves once again, Armando leans his head resigned on Mario’s shoulder and says in a consoling tone of voice, “Algo bueno debe de tener.” :o)

Nightime has descended upon Bogotá … Marcela comes in to Eco Moda looking for Armando and Patricia informs her that he’s closed up in the board room with Mario and “Miss Universo”. When Marcela gives her a questioning look, Patricia explains that it’s Betty. Marcela walks into the boardroom and Armando tells her that they might not make payroll tomorrow and they’re trying to get an advance so that they can make payroll. Marcela makes a face and tells him she’s very tired and she’s going home, is he coming with her? Armando tells her he can’t, he has to work all night, he’ll call her. When Marcela leaves, Armando looks over at Betty with that weird look, and Betty just smiles nervously. Betty asks how long they will work tonight because she’s got to meet with the lawyer and with Nicolás. Armando tells her that she will have to cancel that date because unless they’ve got the numbers worked out, they can’t leave. Betty leaves to make the phone call and Armando makes a really suffering face and tells Mario that he will not be able to do it. Mario cheers him on and suggests that he take another drink.

Betty calls home to let them know that she will be working late and for her father not to worry. She then asks to talk to Nicolás and tells him that she won’t be able to make their date. Nicolás doesn’t think it’s a good idea to stand up the lawyer and suggests that he go alone … Betty agrees to this. Nicolás wants to know if he can take money from petty cash because the lawyer is “poorer than St. Francis and doesn’t have enough money to even support a parrot”. :o) Betty authorizes his withdrawal of money from petty cash and Nicolás reminds her she can call him on his cell phone if any more problems arise. Betty just responds that they will talk tomorrow. Don Hermes comes in and asks where Betty is and Doña Julia informs him that she will be working late again tonight and somebody from the company will surely bring her home. Don Hermes is not happy and says that he will keep an eye out on the situation because that “slave driver” wants to make Betty work 25 hours a day. Nicolás interrupts and asks for his dinner right away because he’s got a lot of errands to run … Doña Julia just gives him a look and Don Hermes makes a smart remark.

Back at Eco Moda, Betty informs Armando that Nicolás will meet with the lawyer on his own. Armando doesn’t like this at all, he had asked her to cancel the meeting. Betty explains that it’s not a good idea to stand up the lawyer, after all he’s got power of attorney he can put into effect at any time. Mario asks him to calm down and asks Betty to get him another whisky … Armando asks for the whole bottle. When Betty leaves, Armando tells Mario that he doesn’t like this at all, Betty is not following orders and Nicolás is doing whatever he wants. Mario reminds Armando that he’s the one that’s got to have total control over Betty and Armando plops back in his chair and just says, “¡Ay, qué horror Dios mío!” :o)

Marcela gets ready to leave Eco Moda and Patricia walks up to her and asks her for a loan. Marcela’s reaction is “you want another one?”, and Patricia promises to pay her back tomorrow, when she gets her paycheck (I don’t think she’s ever paid her for the first loan). Marcela reluctantly takes money out of her purse and loans her 100,000 pesos in cash. When Patricia goes to give her a hug, Marcela dismisses her with the excuse that her hair will get messed up, LOL!

In the lobby, Aura María receives a call from another one of her “papacitos” and gets all excited asking him when they’re going to go out again. Out of the elevator comes Marcela and tells Aura María that she hopes that tomorrow she will be on time. Aura María assures her that she will and wishes her a good night, but then shrugs her shoulders and goes back to the telephone. As she makes arrangements for a date, Freddy walks in with a second vest and a helmet so she can take him home. Aura María tells him she can’t leave yet because she’s got to take care of some correspondence for Olarte. She asks Freddy to take it up to Sofía so that she can call Olarte to come pick it up. When Freddy goes on his happy way to do as he’s bid, Aura María sneaks out. :o(

El Cuartel comments the fact that Bertha has not eaten all day … but Bertha is in the bathroom with a big supply of snacks gorging out. Freddy comes up and hands Sofía the correspondence for Olarte. Bertha comes out and Freddy escorts them all in the elevator telling them that his “amada” is waiting for him anxisouly. When the elevator reaches the lobby and they all exit, Freddy notices that Aura María is gone and starts calling for her. El Cuartel tells him that she’s left already, but Freddy tells them that it can’t be because he was going to take her home and she would have let him know. As El Cuartel leaves, Freddy is disheartened and plops down in Aura María’s chair … she’s done it to him again. :o(

Back in the boardroom, Betty explains that her proposal is to cut costs by eliminating point of sales and instituting franchises instead. Armando tells her that presents one big problem: Marcela would be out of a job. But Betty explains that Marcela could be in charge of the franchises. Mario suggests that they’re all tired and they can’t consider any proposals reasonably right now and that they should all go out to dinner. This seems really strange to Betty and she proposes that she order dinner for the three of them, but Mario persists with his idea of going out. As Betty leaves to get her things, Armando makes another one of his faces (like he’s going to face hanging) and asks Mario where he’s going to take her with that “muppet” (¡ay, pobre Betty!). Mario tells him not to worry about logistics, just take another “embellecedor” (a/k/a whisky). Betty comes back out and asks if they will be long and Armando begins to say no, but Mario nods his head right in front of him and he changes his answer to tell her that he doesn’t know how long this will take. Betty says she’s got to let her father know and Mario suggests that they just call him from the restaurant if they start to run really late. Betty accedes and leaves again … Armando tells Mario that the “embellecedores” are not working, Betty is starting to look more and more horrible by the minute, it’s like being at the dentist waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. Mario gives him his coat and off they go.

Nicolás calls the lawyer from Betty’s house and tells him that he will be meeting him alone because Betty can’t make it. As he hangs up the phone, he tells Don Hermes that he and Doña Julia (who are sitting on the couch) look just like a portrait … a portrait circa 1800, LOL! As Nicolás is about to walk away, Don Hermes asks who Dr. Sánchez is and Nicolás tells him he’s a lawyer who helps out with the contracts, but if he’s got any more questions, he can call him on his cell phone later :o).

Mario, Armando and Betty walk into what looks like a not too reputable bar. They grab a booth and Mario takes one side, ensuring that Armando and Betty sit on the other side, side by side (Armando looks really uncomfortable). When the waiter comes up to take their order, Armando orders a double-whisky, Mario will have the same, and Betty asks for a “jugo de mora”. Mario tries to put everyone at ease so he asks Betty to explain some of the proposals she was making. As Betty starts to explain, Armando crosses his arms, looks over at Betty and rolls his eyes, yet again.

Dr. Sánchez and his crony are discussin legislature at a much less reputable looking bar when Nicolás arrives. Dr. Sánchez wants to know what’s going on with Eco Moda and Nicolás tells him nothing has happened. Dr. Sánchez suggests that they execute on the lien, but Nicolás tells him that Betty will talk to the president of Eco Moda tonight and then they will decide. Nicolás takes a drink of aguardiente and chokes on it. :o)

Betty is still explaining her proposal while Armando shakes his head at Mario as if saying, “I can’t go through with this.” The waiter approaches their table once again and Mario orders ½ a bottle of whisky. Betty tells them that since this seems to be taking a long time she needs to call home. Armando is so distracted by his inner thoughts that he almost forgets he’s got to get up to let Betty out. When Betty goes off to make her phone call, Armando tells Mario that everything is starting to look beautiful to him, the bar, the waiter, even Mario, but Betty still looks horrible. Mario asks him to name his two ideal women and Armando names Cindy Crawford and a Colombian model, Adrianita Arboleda. Mario tells him to visualize that it’s Adrianita Arboleda who went to make the phone call and when she comes back, she will be Armando’s and only Armando’s. Mario makes up to leave, but Armando freaks out and tells him he can’t leave him alone because the whisky hasn’t begun to take effect yet and things are not blurry enough, Betty is not blurry enough. Mario can only say, “¡Ay, mi doctor Armando!”. :o)Betty phones home (no pun intended, really!) and she tells Don Hermes that she is going to have dinner with Don Armando and Don Mario and Don Armando will take her home. Don Hermes wants to know where she is, but Betty fends him off and promises she won’t be home late.

Armando, who is clearly drunk by now, tells Mario: “Esto … para que le quede claro Dr. Calderón … esto es una canallada, una canallada que yo no le pienso hacer a la pobre Beatriz.” But Mario insists that if he doesn’t go through with this Betty will do the “canallada” to him with Nicolás. Then he starms chanting “Adrianita Arboleda, Adrianita Arboleda …” and Armando repeats after him. By now, Armandoo is really happy, but when Betty comes back, she still doesn’t look like Adrianita Arboleda, LOL! Mario excuses himself and tells them he’s got to leave, but they should stay. Betty’s reaction is “¿nosotros dos?” and Mario tells them yes, they should stay and enjoy a while longer. Armando agrees (I think he is totally resigned and drunk by now) and sits back down. Betty tells Mario that she thinks Armando’s drunk too much and he shouldn’t keep drinking, maybe it’s better that they leave … especially since Marcela is waiting for him. But Mario insists that he’s very depressed because they can’t make payroll for the first time and the relationship with Marcela is not working. He begs her to stay so he won’t drink alone. Mario wishes Armando good luck and leaves. Armando turns to Betty and tells her that they should make a toast. When Betty asks if they should toast for Eco Moda, Armando tells him that this is going to be a toast to him and to her … the glasses clink.

After Mario leaves, Marcela calls Armando on his cellular to find out what he’s doing. She’s happy to learn that he is with Betty… Armando goes towards the table to do the deed with Betty, but not before reciting his mantra…

Armando: Adriana Arboleda, Adriana Arboleda, Adrianita Arboleda…

Betty: Did you have any problems?

Armando: The usual ones…

Betty: Did you tell her that you were with me?

Armando: Yes…

Betty: And what did she tell you?

Armando: Ah, she calmed down…

Betty: Doctor, do you want me to keep explaining the business about the maquilas?

Armando: No, no I don’t want to talk about that anymore. Really, Betty, thanks. I want us to talk about, well, other things. For example, I want us to talk about you and me. You must always think that I don’t notice what you do for me.

Betty: No, no, I’ve never thought that, doctor. I know that you are very busy and have a lot of stress. You can’t spend the whole day telling me “thank you Betty, very kind of you Betty, I really appreciate this, Betty”… (she laughs).

Armando: Betty, would it be possible for you to let me finish what I want to tell you? Yes, well, see here, more or less…

Betty: No, no you don’t have to explain it, doctor, that’s what I’m paid to do…

Betty: Yes, yes, doctor…

Armando: Thank you. Let’s see, it’s more or less this way… I do notice everything that you do for me, day after day. I know that you must think that I am an indolent, unfeeling, a man without, or no, a man made of stone. I am not, I am not, I am not like that, Beatriz. See? And, and, know something? That I want to tell you something from the bottom of my being. You are very special to me.

Betty: Thank you, doctor, you are also someone that I care for very much.

Armando: Thank you, Betty. Nice song, no? (the song is called Locura mía… which translates to something like “I must be crazy to think this” - to think that you would ever love me…)

Betty: Yes, it’s divine.

Armando: So, shall we dance or what?

Betty: What?

Armando: Let’s dance…

Betty: You and me?

Armando: No, no, of course you and me, Betty, who else would it be?

Betty: But, are you sure, doctor? It’s just that I’d never seen you acting like this and I didn’t think you’d be interested in dancing with me.

Armando: Do you want to dance or don’t you? What do you want, yes or no?

Betty: Yes, yes, of course!

Armando: Well, then we dance, right?

As they walk to the dance floor, Betty thinks to herself: he asked me to dance, he asked me to dance!

Betty: (who’s apparently stepped on Armando’s toes once too many times already) I’m so sorry, doctor, it’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve been out dancing.

Armando: No, no, don’t worry about it, I’m not an expert either…

Betty is thinking dreamily… I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it! While Armando is thinking the same thing, but horrified… Armando hugs Betty closer, and his face looks like he’s just swallowed turpentine… Betty closes her eyes and is literally floating from joy!

The song is finally over and a new, faster one, starts to play… Betty thinks that they’re going to keep dancing but Armando gives her the “this was a once in a lifetime thing, babe” face. They go back to the table and Armando fills his glass again - the whiskey bottle is nearly empty by now.

Betty: Oh, doctor, I’m sorry to meddle, but, don’t you think you’re drinking too much? You have to drive home…

Armando: I’m very much enjoying this… What’s your problem, Beatriz? No, am I so boring that…?

Betty: No, no, no, doctor, it’s not that…

Armando: Then, please tell me, because I don’t understand, no… Ever since Mario left all you’ve been telling me is that we should stop drinking, that we shouldn’t dance, that we not do this or the other, that we should leave. Please, Beatriz, tell me, am I that boring?

Betty: No, no, no, doctor, not at all. It’s just that I know how stressed out you are because of how things are going at work, because of Doña Marcela, and also because I know this isn’t your kind of place. And that the company isn’t what you’re used to either.

Armando: Beatriz, perhaps you are right about the first couple of things, but not the rest of it. You’re completely wrong. I am very stressed out today, I am nervous about EcoModa, and Marcela is driving me up the wall. But, the rest, geez, I am very happy here, can you understand? I am enjoying my drink, I am doing something different, I’m relaxing very well. And, about who I am with, I very much like who I am with, Betty…

Betty: Doctor, I think it will be best if you slowed down your drinking. Or, maybe that you mixed the whiskey with some water, added some ice. It’s just that you’re not making any sense.

Armando: What do you mean that I’m not making any sense? Why, because I’m telling you: Beatriz, I really enjoy being with you? Because I tell you, Beatriz, go ahead, let’s dance? That’s why I’m not making any sense? No, I’m going to tell you something, you know? There, you with your juguito de mora… See, when you started working with me, if you’d been fired, well I would have been fine. It wouldn’t have made a difference to me. But if you were to leave now, I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Betty: It’s a matter of getting used to it, doctor. I’m sure that if, if I were to leave EcoModa and left everything organized for my replacement, she would be just fine…

Here we start hearing the theme of the movie Jaws, which will be the “theme” for this very special moment! And Armando is sounding more and more drunk…

Armando: No, no, no, no, I am not talking about another assistant, no, I am talking about YOU, incredible, but I would miss you, miss you as a woman…

Betty: Ay, doctor, please stop drinking…

Armando: Why? I need to drink, need to drink, see… Do you know why? Do you know why I need to drink? (he takes another drink which apparently burns his throat because his reaction is Wow!) Because I need to let out, let out what I have inside and what I feel for you. No, I’m being serious. Don’t look at me with your eyes coming out of their sockets, don’t look at me like that. I’m going to tell you, see, that ever since I found out that you had a boyfriend, yes?

Betty: But I don’t have a boyfriend, doctor!

Armando: Whatever, whatever, I don’t care. Ever since I found out about Nicolás Mora, I started feeling, I just didn’t feel well. I felt this longing, a malaise, something that I didn’t like, and I thought about it, and while I was thinking I told myself: Armando, what is happening to you? I realized I was jealous, that I was jealous of Nicolás Mora…

Betty: Doctor, don’t joke about this…

Armando: Do I look like I’m some kind of a clown? No, right? I just couldn’t with what I was feeling, I couldn’t handle it…

Betty: Doctor, but I don’t have a relationship with Nicolás, I’ve told you a thousand times. And, please, let’s change the subject because you don’t know what you’re saying…

Armando: That I don’t know what I’m saying? Know what? Beatriz, do you want me to tell you something, the truth? You, you, are my OBSESSION! (the Jaws theme intensifies, Armando looks like he’s about to toss his cookies…)

Betty stands up to leave because this is just too much for her to handle…

Betty: Doctor, please excuse me, I have to go to the restroom…

Armando: Settle down, settle down… Aren’t you listening to me? I like you, you are enchanting…

Betty: Doctor, what are you doing?

Armando kisses Betty, who literally FAINTS!

Armando: (lightly touching Betty’s face, trying to bring her to) Beatriz, Beatriz, Beatriz, Beatriz! What happened? ¡Wake up, Betty, Beatriz!

Betty: Doctor, tell me I’m dreaming…

Armando: (takes Betty’s hand and touches his face with it) No, no, no, it isn’t a dream, no, I am here, touch me, I am here, I am real…

Betty: Ay, doctor, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s going on…

Armando: What’s wrong?

Betty: You’ve had too much to drink…

Armando: No…

Betty: And I went over the line… Have a nice evening, doctor, good night…

Armando: Beatriz, Betty!

Betty sprints out and Armando tries to run after her… However, the waiter intercepts him because he thinks Armando is trying to leave without paying his bill. He tells him that it’s quite common when couples have a fight. Armando tells him that Betty is not his girlfriend, and the waiter tells him that he saw them kissing. Outside we see Betty…

Betty: He kissed me, he kissed me! What’s going on?!

In the meantime, Armando is sitting at the table, touches his lips (and doesn’t look too upset at all) and says…

Armando: I kissed her, I kissed her…

Betty gets home to the usual welcoming committee of one: Don Hermes and his inquisition. Betty pretty much blows him off and goes to her bedroom. She starts thinking out loud and immediately starts writing in her diary…

A dream came true for me tonight, the most unattainable and anxiously awaited dream… A fantasy that I only dreamed would come true right before I died. Oh, Don Armando pledged his love to me! He told me he was obsessed with me and HE KISSED ME! Yes, he kissed me on the lips. I felt the ground give way. I thought it was another trick, the same thing that always happens, my dream that Don Armando would be in love with me, but quickly vanishes. But this Don Armando was real, he told me, and I was able to confirm it when I caressed his face. It was the flesh and bone Don Armando who is by my side every day, the stern man that I fell in love with. It was a real kiss! But something inside me won’t let me feel the happiness that I expected to feel after a woman who dreams with an impossible love has it become a reality. I’m not jumping for joy, I’m not drawing hearts all over the walls. I AM AFRAID. I don’t know what he sees in me. What is it about me that obsesses him, that attracts him, that made him want to kiss me? He is an important man, from a well-known family with a long tradition, he is a man pursued by the prettiest women, and worst of all, engaged to Doña Marcela. He is getting married, there can be nothing between us. I am not the woman for him. I wouldn’t be able to make him happy. I’m afraid that this was all an accident. He was drunk, depressed, stressed out. Maybe he really didn’t know what he was talking about. Or what he was doing. And if that’s the case, I will have made the worst mistake ever, because when he wakes up he’ll remember that he kissed his ugly assistant. The one in the dark office, and who dreams about him 24 hours a day… I’m afraid that when morning comes, we’ll both see how disastrous the kiss was. I have no idea how to look at him after that. He will be uncomfortable. Probably that kiss will be the death of me because it might mean that I’ll have to distance myself from him, probably he’ll want to erase any trace of it, because it is a dark spot in his life, the result of a night when he drank too much and he might want to clean the slate by vanishing me from his life. I’m afraid of the dawn…

While Betty writes in her diary, we see Armando arrive at Marcela’s apartment. He looks very, very worried… He is still drinking and we can see in his face the things that Betty is writing about. When he finally makes it to Marcela’s bedroom (she is asleep), he takes a picture of the two of them from the night table. It’s the first time that one of his “adventures” with another woman seems to have affected Armando enough to actually make him feel guilty.

It’s morning at EcoModa and we see Marcela and Armando arrive. He’s wearing dark glasses to somehow alleviate the effects of the hangover he’s suffering. When he gets to his office, Betty is already in hers. He once again grabs a picture of him and Marcela and after looking at it places it back - somewhat askew, as if to avoid seeing it. Betty greets him but they’re both very awkward with each other. She asks him how he’s feeling and immediately notices his hangover. She offers to get him something to help him feel better. As she leaves, Betty bumps into Mario Calderón.

Mario: Am I interrupting anything? (Armando nods “no”) I want details! Did you kiss her? (Armando nods “yes”). Mario’s reaction is absolutely OBNOXIOUS… I can’t believe it! What did you feel, was it traumatic, horrible? Come on, brother, tell me… You’re so quiet, what happened? Do you still have all your teeth? Come on, tell me… Did you leave a piece of your tongue in her braces?

Armando: For God’s sake, leave me alone, I feel terrible…

Mario: Well, I would also feel horrible, if I had to kiss a woman like Betty, brother…

Armando: Can’t you see…

Mario: Do you feel like throwing up?

Armando: You need to realize what’s going on. We’re being callous. I don’t know where I got the strength to tell her that I was obsessed with her and later to kiss her. Oh, my God!

Mario: Well, well! But, what did she do? Did she jump at the jugular? (he makes a sound with his tongue like Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs) Did she want sex? Armando! Come one, ugly women are very repressed, if you give them just a smidgen of hope you’ll have to watch out. Brother, please, details, tell me something!

Armando: Nothing. She didn’t do anything like that.

Mario: Then…

Armando: She fainted, she fainted, she thought it wasn’t real…

Mario: Oh, my God! Listen to me, I’m getting the vibe that this kiss affected you more than it affected Betty. Or am I wrong?

Armando: Well, you are not wrong…

Mario: Really?

Armando: That kiss affected me more than it did her. I, I, I don’t know, it is the strangest kiss I’ve ever given in my life, the one I gave her last night… I don’t know how I was able to do that to Beatriz. I, I feel as if I were lying to an angel. See, Calderón, Beatriz doesn’t deserve what we’re doing to her!

Mario: Well, but, but, but, tell me something… Are you telling me that there was passion in Betty’s kiss? That Betty is feeling something for you?

Armando: Yes, yes, yes…

Mario: Ah, ¡then what she feels for Nicolás isn’t that strong!

Armando: Apparently not, and if it is that way, then I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. I committed a crime unnecessarily.

Mario: No, no, Sir! We cannot leave Betty unattended like that. It could be that she has feelings for you that are stronger than what she feels for Nicolás. But we have to keep Betty in line. That guy is after her money. Our money! Armando, what we’ve just started cannot be left unfinished.

Armando: Know what, Calderón? I drank too much yesterday. I was too drunk and she thought that everything happened because I was drunk. Nothing else. And she didn’t even bring it up a few minutes ago.

Mario: Well, you’re going to have to make sure that what happened was for real. You have to tell her again.

Armando: I can’t, I can’t do that again! First of all, it’s callous to do this to Beatriz. Secondly, I’ve got a hell of a hangover, my head hurts, my innards are about to explode, and I have a moral hangover. And, I’m going to tell you something. My liver is going to fall apart, because I cannot drink a couple of bottles of whiskey every time I have to kiss Betty!

Mario: No, the thing is that today’s declaration has to be when you’re completely sober or she’s not going to believe you. Today’s reconfirmation is completely dry…

Freddy is seating at Aura Maria’s desk when she runs in (late again) wearing sunglasses asking him if everyone knows that she is late. He says no because everyone believes that she has been in the bathroom since 8:00 a.m. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and he moves away. He moves away from her desk and he wants to know why she is late. He wants to know why she stood him up. Aura Maria, lying, says that her son called her and told that he wanted to be with her so that she should hurry home. Freddy begins to question her about her trip home. Was it one of those that you meet some friends on the way home and end up arriving late. She wants to know what he is trying to say. He tells her that if someone doesn’t arrive home early, they go to bed late, then get up late. Aura Maria, becoming upset, tells him that she went home early. She tells him to quit bothering her. Freddy tells her that she arrived home early - for breakfast. He then tells her that if the woman who you give you live to, your heart arrives to work late then is it not the gentlemanly thing to do. Aura Maria realizes that he telephoned her mother and becomes more upset with Freddy. She wants to know why he did it and he replies that they were both worried about her and they needed to share their anguish. She tells him that her mother was already upset with her and she will be more upset now. Freddy said that he did not mean to upset her, but that she is his mother-in-law and that they have to work together. He tells her that there is one problem, he realizes that her mother is his mother-in-law, but her mother does not realize that he is her son-in-law. (During this part of the conversation Aura Maria won’t look at him.) He tells her that this evening when he takes her home, in order for her not to stray, he wants her to introduce him so that her mother and he can speak more formally. Aura Maria comes from behind her desks, pulls at his ears and tells him that she wants to thank him for everything that he has done for her but for him to stop pursuing her. She also asks that he no longer call her mother. He goes on to tell her that with their relationship that she should introduce him. She tells him for him to understand that she is not going to introduce them. He then asks if she doesn’t want him as her boyfriend. He asks about their evening together. She tells him that they are only friends, they had a good time, but she doesn’t want him bothering her or calling her mother. She wants to be left in peace. He wants to know if there are more friends. She tells him that he is not showing her respect. He wants to know if someone special holds a special place in her heart. She tells him no. He tells her that the most important thing is that no one holds that place. Freddy takes off. Aura Maria’s date calls and she is telling him what a good time she had, she’s been thinking about him and she is missing him. Freddy overhears the conversation.

Betty enters Marcela’s office. Marcela is on the telephone and indicates for her to leave. Betty says that she will wait. Once Marcela is off the telephone she jumps all over Betty about being at a tavern and kissing her boyfriend. She now enters her office as though nothing has happened. Betty tells her that she and Armando are not married. Marcela tells her that they are engaged. Betty immediately tells her that things are not as she imagines. She tells her that Armando was drunk, he did not know what he was doing and that it was an accident. Marcela asks if she were drunk. Betty answers no. Marcela tells her that she knew what she was doing and took advantage. Marcela continues to tell her that she is in love with him and she is trying to trap him. Marcela tells her that Armando is in love with her, he’s going to marry her, that he belongs to her. She asks for her resignation. Betty begs her not to do this to her. Marcela yells at her that everyone is going to find out, the entire company, the employees and the shareholders. Marcela tells her that she is going to call her father and inform him of the type of daughter that he has. (Betty comes out of her dream). Marcela is saying her name. Since Betty doesn’t answer she asks if she is deaf. Marcela wants to know what she wants. Betty tells about the problems with the banks and that they need money to pay them. Betty asks if she has an idea how much money they have collected. Marcela says that she is reviewing and that she will turn them over to her later. Marcela tells her that the next time that she enters her office and if she is on the telephone for her not to stand there like a stupid person.

Patricia approaches Sophia and wants to know when they are going to get paid. (She is swinging her hair and flipping it her with her hands. Berta stands behind her and imitates her.) Sophia tells her that she doesn’t know for her to ask Betty. Patricia asks Betty. Betty tells her that she doesn’t know. Patricia tells her that she needs to be paid today. Betty tells her that she is going to have to wait until, at a minimum, until the end of the week. That there is no money. Patricia becomes very upset and tells her that they aren’t going to do this to her. (Betty shrugs and takes off.)

Betty informs Armando that Marcela does not have the projections ready and that she will turn them in to her later. (Armando still has his sunglasses on and is holding his head. He is facing his computer and won’t look at her.) Betty picks up his dishes and is on her way out the door when Patricia walks in furious and yelling that Betty won’t pay her and that she will not permit it. Armando turns around and tells her not to yell. She continues to yell and tells him that it doesn’t matter to him because he has money, but she doesn’t. He puts his hands to his ears. She tells him to help her. He gets up from and his chair and yells back that he is not going to help her. He tells her that he is going to ask Betty when they can pay her. Betty tells him that she already told her that it would be at the end of the week. Armando asks Patricia if she can understand this. Patricia tells him that he can’t do this to her. She tells him that she needs to pay her utilities or that they are going to cut them off. Armando tells her that they can cut them, that they can cut her head. She asks him what she is suppose to do. What road is she suppose to take? He tells her that she should have taken the road to Miami. Armando is holding his head.

Betty and Patricia leave Armando’s office. Since they are both exiting at the same time Patricia shoves her. Sophia and Berta are laughing and Sophia tells Betty that she is mean telling Patricia that they don’t have money to pay her until the end of the week. Betty informs them that it is no joke, but true. They both stand up looking at her in shock. Sophia tells her to stop joking. She tells her that she doesn’t have money for lunch. Berta says that she needs to pay the children’s tuition and that her husband is going to be upset with her if she goes home and tells him what is happening. Especially since she used the savings for her surgery. Betty tells them that no money has come in. She tells them not to worry and that they will be her guest at lunch. Sophia asks Berta what is she going to do. Her ex-husband has not paid her. At that moment Jenny comes out and is speaking to Sophia’s ex. Sophia tells her to tell him that she is waiting for her money. Jenny tells her that today is not a good day because he is depressed. Sophia tells her that they are not going to get paid today and that she is very depressed and has many problems. Jenny tells him that they are not going to get paid and for him not to worry. Sophia takes the phone away from her and tells him that she needs her money today and next month’s in five days. He tells her that he can’t bring it. She tells him not to worry that she can go pick it up. He informs her that he is sick. Sophia asks what is wrong. He tells her that the doctors are not sure, that it could be stress. Sophia wants to know if it was caused by Jenny’s telephone bill or Jenny being with someone else. Jenny takes the telephone away and asks that she leave him alone for one day. Sophia tells him that she has left him alone for a week. She needs the money for the children. She wants to know if Jenny is going to tell her or should she. They fight over the telephone and it falls. (Patricia has now joined them.) Jenny is crying. She goes to pick up her telephone and calls for him. She yells that he has died. Berta says “the check”. Jenny says no, her telephone. Jenny continues to cry and wants to know why she does this to her. Guiterrez comes out and wants to know what is going on. Jenny tells her that Sophia threw her telephone to the ground and broke it. Guiterrez wants to know why she did this. Sophia tells him that it was an accident. She explains what happened and Berta tells him that was how it happened. Patricia says that no it wasn’t. She tells him that she was a witness and she re-enacts the scene. When she throws down the telephone it breaks into pieces. Guiterrez has Jenny and Sophia go into his office.

Betty brings some medication to Armando. She tells him that she told him not to drink so much. She laughs. She tells him that she is going to Marcela’s to see if she has the reports ready. She wants to know if Mario also has it. (He still can’t look at her.)

Patricia is in Marcela’s office recounting her story about the telephone incident. Marcela worries about Sophia losing her head over Jenny. Patricia tells her that Jenny has behaved decently. She then goes on to tell Marcela about not being paid today. Marcela tells her that it is true. She tells her that the new collection has taken all the money and that it will probably be at the end of the week. Patricia doesn’t know what she is going to do. Patricia asks her to speak to Armando about an advance. Marcela tells her to do it. Patricia says no that she had already spoken to him and that he wanted to kill her. She wants to know what they did last night, get drunk. Marcela tells her no, that Armando, Mario and Betty went to tavern for an hour. Patricia tells her she should not permit it. Marcela tells her that she is not going to fight over it. She is going to say her fight for when he goes out with a real woman. Marcela asks Patricia if she can imagine how Armando must have looked walking into the tavern with Betty. They burst out laughing. (Betty is outside the door listening to the conversation. Betty looks like she wants to cry.)

Patricia and Marcela are still talking. Patricia tells her that she should still do something. She says that with Betty’s involvement in the company that she gives her a little space Betty will take away her boyfriend. Marcela says no that it will not happen. Betty knocks at the door and enters to get the report. Marcela and Betty continue laughing at her.

Berta, Mariana and Sandra are listening at Guiterrez’s door reprimanding Jenny and Sophia. He tells them that the Company has to intervene because their situation is interfering with the Company’s work and leaving a bad image. Jenny says that it was Sophia’s fault and he agrees. Sophia tells him that it is not true. She tells him that the only reason that Jenny went to work there was to bother her. She tells him that she passes her day passing by her and speaking to her ex-husband in order to provoke her. He wents to know if that is correct. Jenny says no. In fact, she is moved by her situation. Sophia loses her temper and tells her to be quite. Guiterrez tells her to calm down. Sophia says that she can’t. How can she say that when she has taken her husband away. Jenny says that she did not take her husband away. According to Jenny, they merely met, fell in love and live together like millions of couples. Jenny begins to cry. Guiterrez tells Sophia that this is her third warning and with that she is fired. He goes on to tell her that if she wants to keep her job that she will need to reimburse Jenny for her telephone. He tells her that they can take payments out of her checks. Sophia loses it and says that she has to take the money that pays for her children’s food and tuition in order buy a telephone for Jenny. However, Jenny and her ex-husband don’t have to pay her. He tells her that situation is not the company’s business. Sophia says consider her fired. The Cuartel try to calm her down. They call a 911.

The Cuartel asks Betty to go and speak to Guiterrez. Guiterrez and Jenny are on the way out of his office. Jenny thanks him for everything that he has done and he tells her that they could not let it continue. Jenny tells Sophia that she is sorry that this has gone so far. Sopha again loses her temper and is going after her when she is stopped by Berta. The Cuartel tells Jenny to go in and speak to Guiterrez in order to get her job back. They make suggestions as to how she could be reimbursed, but she refuses. Betty asks to speak to him. He says that he will, but not in regards to the subject about Sophia. The Curatel bands together. Mariana takes it upon herself to go in and speak to him. She tells him that if Sophia is fired the entire Cuartel quits. (The Cuartel did not know anything about Mariana’s plan.) He wants to know if they are all in agreement and she says yes. He goes out to where the Cuartel is and asks if this is true, they look puzzled. He tells them what a great joy this is to him and tells him that he expects their letters of resignation. The Cuartel is upset. Marcela comes out and wants to know why they are not working. They tell her that they have all been fired. Sophia goes with Marcela to explain what has happened.

Mario enters Armando’s office and wants to know what is going on. He wants to know if Betty has done a strip tease for him. Armando says that nothing is happening. He tells her that she talks about everything that has to do with the business, but not about what happened last night. Armando tells him that he is starting to feel bad and uncomfortable when he is alone with her. Mario tells him that he is going to have all night to declare his love for her. Betty enters and wants to know if Mario has any information for her and he gives her the number that she is needing.

Marcela tells Sophia that she can’t let Jenny take her job along with her husband. Sophia tells her that she doesn’t have money to pay for the telephone. Marcela says the Company will give her a loan. She also gives her the name of an attorney in order for him to demand the money that her ex-husband owes her. She tells her that she is doing this because women have to stand together against other women who steal their husbands and boyfriends. Marcela tells her that she will talk to Guiterrez regarding the resignations of the others, except Betty. She wants her resignation.

Freddy is giving his support to the Curatel, especially Aura Maria. He tells her that if she has to go that they will go together and he will take care her. Berta says that her husband is going to throw her out. Sophia tells the Cuartel that Marcela is going to take care of the resignations, except for Betty. (The Cuartel does not show any support for Betty.) They decided to leave for lunch. Berta tells them that she will catch up with them because she needs to call her husbands. She stays at her desk and opens a bag of Ruffles potato chips.

Marcela and Patricia run into the Cuartel at the elevator. She asks them if they resigned. She asks Betty if she has turned in her resignation and she tells her that she cannot resign because Armando needs her.

Marcela comes in and tells Armando that she is leaving. He says that he needs to do a couple of more things and he will meet her later. Sophia and Berta come looking for Betty, Sophia yells her name. Armando asks her not to yell, so she whispers her name. They ask Betty if she is ready and she tells them that she will meet them. When she comes out she asks Armando if he needs her, he says no. He then stops her and tells her that he will take her home. He tells her to let the rest of the Cuartel know that she will not be leaving with them, but not to tell them the reason.