Summary 5

Mario enters Armando’s office and Betty looks nervously at him. Armando directs her to get ready and she goes to tell the cuartel that she’s going home later. Mario asks Armando if he heard right: is all set up? Yes, Armando replies soberly and pulls out a bottle. No, no, says Mario, stopping him, You’re going to have to be completely sober or she won’t believe you. I have an analgesic for you … He pulls out a photo of a beautiful woman. When you have to kiss Betty, pull out the picture and put this face in your mind and pretend that you’re kissing her instead of ugly Betty.

Patricia rushes up to Marcela and begs that she intervene with Armando concerning her salary and making an exception. Have a little patience! chides Marcela. Tell my stomach to be patient, the creditors to have patience! cries Patricia. Do it for yourself! she implores Marcela. Do you want to keep lending me money? Do it for your mental health! I don’t have to lend you anything, snarls Marcela and stalks off.

Betty tells the cuartel that she’s going to have to stay work a little later and the women console her. They think that Armando is a slave driver but Betty defends him. He needs me! They exchange Good nights. Marcela sees Betty by the elevator with the cuartel and frowns at her. Mario swings past Patricia with a running “Hola, mi amor,” and breezes past. She frowns after him. The elevator opens on the ground floor and the cuartel overhears Aura Maria chatting with some novio on the phone and they frown collectively. Inez starts in, Who’s that? Aura Maria, all excited at the prospect of a hot date, tells them that it was a new novio. So, asks Sandra cynically, Was it the same Freddy who paid for your lunch? So where does Freddy stand? asks Inez. Aura Maria is not repentant, nor shamed. You know that I need a good novio, says Aura Maria. Don’t you know that you have a novio who’ll die for you? Really? asks Aura Maria, pleased by the idea. Who? Enters Freddy singing and Aura Maria does a disappearing act behind the reception stand, begging that the others say nothing. He asks if they’ve seen the princesa. She’s not there, they tell him, she’s gone apparently. With some prince? They say they don’t know. “Why did you go… that night…” he sings sadly and heads out. Aura Maria jumps up from her hiding place. Inez warns her that she’ll pay for this some day. Aura Maria thanks them for their little white lie.

What does he want? asks Betty alone in her thoughts in the bathroom. Does he want to fire me? She speculates what direction the conversation will take. In his executive bathroom, Armando is washing up; he considers cologne. He’s startled to realize that he’s cleaning up for Betty. Bathe, for Betty? He stops his primping. In the woman’s bathroom, Betty is troubled. Marcela’s words ring in her ears, denigrating her looks, and she combs her hair in an attempt to improve her appearance. In flounces Patricia, brushing her aside a bit with a stiff “permiso”. She spritzes on perfume and adjusts her cleavage while Betty tries to fix her hair. Doubt plays over her face.

In his office, Mario is on the phone making an assignation. Patricia enters and tells him flirtatiously that it’s been a long time since we’ve been alone together. No, agrees Mario, not since you were sick. But I’m better now, she replies, trying to look her most seductive. How about dinner, my place, candles, bed… Mario apologizes and tells her he’d love to, but he has an appointment. He tries to leave but she forces a kiss on him. He rejects her on the pretext that it’s his office. She’s not happy with this. It’s an extension of your apartment! You’ve had lots of women in here! She tries the sexy approach again but he stalls her and she stalks off in a huff claiming her own appointment. After she gets on the elevator he beats a hasty retreat.

In his office, Armando pulls out the model’s photo and tries the positive imagery that Mario suggested. Betty enters hesitantly and he tucks the photo in his pocket. Are you ready? Armando asks quietly. Yes, she replies, as if going to an execution. Well, let’s go. He rests his head on the door jamb after she passes through, a resigned look on his face. At the elevator their hands touch the button at the same time and they pull apart, startled. Mario skips up hand in hand with one of the runway models and impishly asks what Armando’s going to do this evening, knowing full well what he’s got to go do. Nothing… going home to be with Marcela, Armando replies, knowingly full well what Mario is up to. Mario and the model speak about the lovely evening they have planned and invite him. He says grimly that he can’t. I’ll get you for this! he tells Mario.

Arriving at the apartment, Marcela runs for the phone, it’s Margarita. She’s worried because their expense money hasn’t arrived yet. Roberto isn’t happy with the delay and it’s expensive to live in Europe. Marcela promises that the money will be coming soon: but with all of the expenses of the new collection, there was a little cash flow problem. It will be there with little delay. Is all going well? asks Margarita worriedly. All is well, assures Marcela. This will be the last time. How is Armando? asks his mother. He’s fine, fine, assures Marcela. He’s coming home soon early for a change, he’s been working so hard.

In the car, it’s work-related small talk: How did things go with Banco Montreal? Betty tells him that she’s managed to work out a temporary arrangement. They drive on. He stops outside her house. Well, thank you Doctor for troubling yourself to take me home, starts Betty. Don’t go, says Armando, softly, I need to speak with you about what happened last night. Betty jumps in to make excuses and preempt the conversation. No, you don’t, I knew you’d been drinking… Armando starts again, I need to … Betty interrupts him again, For me, nothing happened. He’s annoyed at her interruptions and barely controls his temper as he demands that she let him say what he needs to say. What happened last night, he tells her, had nothing to do with drinking. He knew what he was doing. This startles Betty and she wonders about him now: Betty thinks that he’s drunk again, to start speaking to her in this manner. How much have you had to drink? I’ve had nothing, he insists. I want to tell you that you (he touches her face) that I’m obsessed with you and I can’t live without you. She’s nervous now. You’re not without me, why I work by your side almost 18 hours a day, says Betty. I want to be closer to you, to touch you, kiss you…, presses Armando. You’re confused now, you’re overworked, offers Betty. No, I’m not confused! I know perfectly what I’m saying! It’s not possible that you’re in love with me! cries Betty. But why! he shouts in frustration that she’s not just accepting his ‘line’. She tells him why it’s not possible: I know your tastes, you like tall, beautiful women, women with blonde hair, blue eyes, and I have none of those characteristics. No, says Armando, perhaps not, but I appreciate you for many other reasons… She asks what/how? He tells her, I love your strength, I love your energy, the way you do things so confidently… I’m enchanted by your sensitivity, a sensitivity I don’t find in others: you’re an angel to me. He struggles a bit for some more compliments: I love your personality… What man wouldn’t be attracted to those qualities? I’m going crazy for you. Since I knew about Nicolás, I’ve been afraid that I might lose you. I can’t restrain my desires to caress you, to kiss you; no, I’m not confused, Beatriz. No Doctor, I don’t understand this attraction, I find no reason for this, she replies, stunned. Armando presses on. This, Betty is the proof that the feelings are deeper than the physical beauty. I know that you’ve said that I have been attracted to models—women with blonde hair and blue eyes—and that’s been true, but they haven’t made me happy. No one has made me happy like you. I’ve learned that conventional beauty isn’t as important as the beauty inside. She’s stunned… are you sure you’re not drunk? I’m not, he insists. He pulls close. It’s time for action. Have you seen the night? he asks her. It’s beautiful. This is to distract her and make her look away. He pulls out the model’s photo and studies it while she’s gazing at the night. Betty enthuses about the night: It’s the same moon that’s inspired so many poets. There’s nothing that inspires more than the moon. He gathers his courage, puts the photo in the back seat and pulls her face close. He smoothly croons, Yes, it’s our moon, it’s our night… He screws up the courage to kiss her. The kiss continues. His eyes are closed and they open startled as she pulls away. Didn’t you like it? No, but my father could be watching out the window. He’s a little alarmed himself by the thought. They drive down the street. In the house, Hermes WAS watching out the window and he thinks that he recognizes the car a being Armando’s and is confused by why it’s pulled off. He’s grumpy.

Down the block out of the line of Papa’s prying eyes, Armando parks the car. How’s this? It’s fine, replies Betty, but she is still anxious, Doctor this isn’t right. What’s wrong? Don’t you feel anything for me? Armando asks. Of course, I admire you greatly, you’re very interesting and you’ve supported my work and you’ve told me that I’m important to your work. Those things attract me greatly. How beautiful, he says, almost sarcastically. Betty presses on, But this is insane you have a fiancée… you’re going to marry. If there’s a scandal, your family won’t forgive you. Armando recognizes this concern and brushes it off: I don’t want a scandal for my family, but you more than anyone know that I don’t love Marcela, he tells her. So what’s the problem? It’s more important to feel: feel what you do for me and for what I feel for you. Or is Nicolás more important? Don’t speak of Nicolás, pleads Betty. You’ve said that you would risk all for me, says Armando. Don’t you wish to live the rest of your life with me? Of course Doctor. He pulls off his glasses (the better to not see her) and kisses her again. She holds his face and tells him that it’s crazy and she’s afraid but she’s ready to commit whatever insanity with him. His cell rings: it’s Marcela. He sounds shaken and guilty. I’m heading for the apartment, he tells her. I’m preparing a delicious dinner for us, she tells him. Okay, ciao, says Armando weakly. It was (he looks sickly at Betty)… Marcela (he makes a face). I understand, says Betty in sympathy. I’ll take you home now, says Armando quietly. (His work is done for the evening!) He looks at her as she beams at him (one final compliment): You’re so pretty now! He puts the car in reverse and backs up to the house. Before they part, Betty stops: One last question… does Doctor Mario Calderón know about this? It’s just that you’re so close and I’d rather that he doesn’t know about this. I’d rather he not know that we’re involved. Armando goes all ‘smooth’ on her. He tells her that he and Mario are great friends, she’s right, but some things are so sacred and this, Beatriz is one of those things. He wants to be clear on one thing though, We can’t speak of this to anyone, not anyone. Don’t speak of this to any of the cuartel. Not one word will leave my mouth on this, swears Betty. He heaves a sigh of relief. Until tomorrow. Until tomorrow. One last kiss, a nervous horsy laugh from Betty, she exits and he waves sickly goodbye. Thoughts swarm in his brain: you’re a miserable creature! Her father comes out to berate Betty for lingering on the doorstep and Armando drives off in a panic!

In the house Hermes starts in on her about her boss driving her home, pulling up, leaving, etc. Betty explained that yes, they pulled up, but then he wanted to quickly pick up some cigarettes or something and she went with, then he drove her back. Complain, complain, complain (you know Don Hermes)! It’s not good to sit in in the car with a man like that. People think you’re up to no good. How many times have I warn you about making a spectacle in the street? The only way to shut him up is to leave so she excuses herself from dinner and she and Nicolás leave and go upstairs. Julia starts defending her and tells Hermes to lighten up. He keeps harping on the topic of decent/indecent behavior.

Upstairs, Nicolás makes a joke that hits a little too close to home about Armando and her behavior. Betty doesn’t want to share her evening with anyone else but her thoughts. She tells him that she’s sleepy and he says good night. He pops back in, and Banco Montreal is all arranged? Yes, Nicolás! He pops back in with another question and another, finally the last, is all well with Patricia Fernandez? Yes! One last time he pops in: Because if it’s not, I’m ready to step in for her, he jokes. Alone with her thoughts, she pulls out the diary. Her thoughts flow rapidly… I don’t know if I’m in front of the doors of heaven or hell, but today, Don Armando confirmed what he feels for me.He told me what he finds me beautiful. He loves my fragilities. I never thought a man would recognize those qualities in me. She fears what will happen; what will come to pass with him and Marcela.

At the apart, Armando looks stunned. We hear Betty’s voice as she continues her rapturous recounting of the evening. Marcela comes to greet him with a kiss and Armando pulls away, he can’t. He tells her that he was surprised by the lovely table: it’s been so long. Marcela is surprised, but she continues on affectionately with her greeting. (We hear Betty: Whatever may happen, I know that this way is not right. I know that it’s not right to to become involved with a promised man—what would papa say—but I can’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy this moment. I can’t deny myself the chance to enjoy this feeling, to enjoy the dream I’ve had so long. I love him and only want to be with him. He loves no one now. No, but I’ll fill the emptiness in his heart. Tonight he gave me two kisses…) Marcela tries for another kiss from Armando but he’s almost shell-shocked after his night with Betty and pulls back thinking, No I can’t kiss Mario after Betty! Armando excuses himself to the bathroom where he brushes his teeth. (He gave me the moon, enthuses Betty. I couldn’t confess that I’ve loved him since the first moment I saw him, his looks affect me, everything… He’s affected me so: I can’t believe it all!) Armando scrubs his teeth with increasing fervor.

Armando enters the dining room again and Marcela is waiting. Shall we toast, or would that bother you? She’s annoyed by his rejecting her kiss. I’m not bothered by your kiss. I was just stressed and wanted to refresh myself in the bathroom for a moment. He leans over and kisses her softly. Why do you look at me so? she asks curious at his attention. It’s just that you’re so beautiful, so lovely… I have such a desire to kiss you. He holds her tenderly. Now Marcela is really curious and asks to smell his breath (perhaps that’s why he brushed his teeth, she’s probably thinking, to hide the smell of alcohol.) I’ve not had a single drop, he tells her, why? It’s been so long since you’ve said such lovely things. He continues to lay on the compliments and kisses but he gets a strange look on his face, as if to say… What’s come over me!?!

Betty continues to write in her diary that she doesn’t want to repeat the pain and heartache that she felt during her last love affair. I leave my heart in his hands and I trust him completely.

Betty asks her mother if she can use her black dress for the office today. Don Hermes asks why she wants to wear such a fancy dress, and Betty says that it’s only because she wants to dress well for the office today. Doña Julia in the meantime is watching a commercial for one of those anti-gravity bodysuits that lifts everything and suggests to Betty that she buy one for herself. Betty answers in a mocking tone that it would really not serve her if her bottom was lifted … what would she do about the rest of herself? And then she laughs her nerdy laugh. She also asks her mother for some perfume … obviously she’s out to impress Armando.

Nicolás (a/k/a Microlax) arrives and remarks on Betty’s elegance … he asks her if she’s going to a party or to a funeral? :o) Don Hermes asks Betty if she’s deposited her paycheck yet because he needs to make the car payment, but she tells him that she hasn’t gotten paid yet, maybe on Friday. Don Hermes leaves and Betty asks Nicolás for money from petty cash to help El Cuartel until they get paid. Nicolás asks the reason for the loan and Betty just tells him to make one up; she’ll pay it back as soon as she can. When Nicolás asks her to sign a receipt with her name, i.d. #, date, reason for the loan (he really takes his job too seriously, LOL!) Betty tells him that she doesn’t have the time and tells Nicolás that he’s on the verge of losing his job because the sole owner may fire him. Upon hearing this veiled threat, Nicolás immediately gets up and takes the money out of his pocket. Betty asks him what he’s doing carrying Terra Moda’s petty cash in his pocket and he tells her that in case he needs emergency funds for the other branch of Terra Moda. When Betty asks what other branch, Nicolás explains that it’s his mother’s bakery. Then he asks if Patricia got paid and when Betty says she hasn’t he tells her she must have a lot of money to spare anyway. Just then, Patricia is driving down the road when her car suddenly stops. She tries to turn it on a couple of times to no avail … it seems she’s run out of gas! :o)

Betty walks into Eco Moda and Freddy asks her if she knows where Aura María is … Betty says that she must still be at home. Freddy asks Betty to do him a favor and call Aura María because she has prohibited his calls to her house and Betty tells her that she’s got a lot of work, but she’ll do it when she gets a minute. As Betty takes the elevator, Freddy starts to pace when in walk in Marcela and Armando. Marcela asks where Aura María is, but Freddy is saved by the bell … er, the ring that is, of Marcela’s cell phone. Patricia calls her frantic to tell her that she ran out of gas and Marcela tells her not to worry, he’ll send Freddy over to rescue her. When Marcela hangs up, she hands Freddy some money so that he can buy gas for Patricia’s car. As Freddy takes the money, Marcela asks about Aura María’s whereabouts again, but he’s lucky because as he’s about to answer she walks in the front door. Marcela asks her why she ‘s been arriving late everyday, but Aura María lies and tells her that she’s been on time every single day and Freddy backs her up. When Marcela leaves, Freddy asks Aura María why she was late … did she get drunk last night? Aura María tells him that she didn’t get drunk and she even got home early. Freddy asks if he can take her home tonight and a distracted Aura María answers yes … when he walks away, she whispers “estúpido”. Aaaaay, Aura María!!!

Up at the “presidencia”, Betty is lovingly looking at Armando’s desk and places a candy bar in the middle of it … then she runs away to her office and starts to spray the perfume heavily. Armando walks in and makes a face … obviously he can smell the perfume. :o) Betty walks back out and greets Armando with a big smile, but he’s just matter of fact. She reminds him of all of his appointments for the day and he changes the subject to ask if Nicolás has any dollars in reserve for Terra Moda. Betty answers that he does and Armando asks for a loan of $3,000 so he can wire it up to his parents in London. He promises that as soon as money starts flowing into Eco Moda, she can take the money and pay Terra Moda back. Just then, Armando notices the candy bar, picks it up and asks Betty what it’s doing there. Betty gives him a big smile and tells him it’s for him and laughs. Armando thanks her, but he looks very uncomfortable. While he’s still holding the candy bar, Mario walks in and Betty gets up and retreats to her office. Mario sniffs and asks what the smell is and Armando tells him it’s Betty’s perfume … Mario refers to it as “mata-insectos” and asks Armando what the perfume and the dress mean … did he kiss her again yesterday? Armando holds up two fingers and tells him that he kissed her twice. Mario reminds him that no one asked him to kiss her twice … is he starting to like it? Armando explains that Betty figured out that a man like him can’t be interested in a woman like her so he had to convince her naming all of her qualities. Mario then asks if this convinced her, but Armando tells him that’s where the strange thing lies … he told Betty that he was obsessed with her but she only said she admired him and the only reason he can come up with is that she is still in love with Nicolás Mora. Mario finally notices the candy bar that Armando is holding and asks him where it came from. Armando tells him that Betty left it for him and Mario replies that that’s a very good sign, and as he opens up the candy bar and he and Armando start to eat it, he tells Armando that ugly women, like Betty, only believe if a routine is established, they must become ‘novios’. From this point on he’s got to be the ‘novio’ of Beatriz Pinzón Solano. Armando makes a tortured face and Mario insists that he’s got to prove to Betty that he’s very serious about the relationship. Mario takes Armando into the boardroom and ribs Armando about being “el Don Juan … de las Feas”. Armando gets annoyed at all this teasing and Mario reminds him that he had no sympathy for him when he sent him to do the ‘dirty work’ with Patricia … Armando tells him not to be ‘descarado’ and asks him not to compare; at any rate, that relationship is over. But Mario disavows him of that notion and tells him that she attacked him in his office yesterday and suggested that they go to her apartment, that her bed missed him (Armando smiles through all of this) but he was firm, held his ground and never committed himself. Armando tells that she must be out to make reconquer him, but Mario cynically tells him that she’s only out to conquer his wallet … after all, if they haven’t made payroll, he can only imagine what situation she’s in. :o)

And, as a matter of fact, Patricia is in a pickle with her car that ran out of gas. To add insult to injury, Freddy arrives with a bag of gas (?) and starts checking the car out, opening the doors, and even gets behind the wheel – to do so, he first hands Patricia the bag with the gas. He tells Patricia, tongue-in-cheek, that this poverty doesn’t suit her or her car, LOL! Patricia reminds him that they haven’t paid at Eco Moda, but Freddy tells her he’s fully aware of that … it’s just that if he has no money his lifestyle doesn’t change and no one notices, while with her it’s fully evident. He goes on to ask if she’s ever thought of selling the Mercedes and buying a more modest car, putting the extra money in the bank and with the interest she can pay the gas for the new car, and that way she would avoid all these embarrassing incidents of poverty. Patricia loses her cool and tells Freddy to just get out of the car and help her out instead of making this incident longer … can he just put the gas in the car? Freddy tells him that “perdóname pero discúlpame” :o) … the incident is embarrassing him as well and, when two ladies stop to see what’s going on, he pretends they’re a couple and tells Patricia that this is the last time he will allow her to get stranded like this without gas, otherwise she will not touch the car again! Patricia looks on astounded, calls him “imbécil”, and asks him what the heck is going on? Freddy reacts mortified that she called him an imbecile, after he came in to put gas in her car and his hands now even smell like gas … how is he going to explain that at the office? He addresses the two ladies and tells them that he is trying to be so nice to her and gets treated as an imbecile in return. Patricia totally loses her cool, hits Freddy with her purse, and asks him if he’s gone crazy. As Patricia rolls her eyes and sighs, Freddy responds that this incident is just very embarrassing to him and waves goodbye to the two women who had stopped to look. :o)

Back at Eco Moda, Mario tells Armando that he’s got to write a note to Betty. When Armando rolls his eyes, Mario asks him if he still has Adrianita Arboleda’s picture. Armando pulls it out and tells Mario that the picture worked better than the whiskey. While Armando holds the picture, Mario tells him he just has to take a good look at it and get inspired. Then he starts to write:

“Dear Adrianita, This morning was so cold without you. I miss your kisses, your body, your hugs.I love you,Armando”

And then Mario tells Armando that he should put the picture away and cross out the name ‘Adrianita’ and write ‘Betty’ in its place, simple as that (oooh, these cads!). Armando tells him to forget it and Mario tells him fine, don’t worry about it, I’ll handle the details – there’s a huge industry out there with cards and little gifts – he take care of all of the little ‘detalles’ for Betty and Armando will handle the rest. Armando asks what Mario means by ‘the rest’ … and Mario answers, “the dates with Betty”. Armando responds with his favorite phrase, “Que cruzzzzzzzz …”

Patricia has finally made it to Eco Moda and her late arrival is noticed by Sandra and Mariana who greet her in unison saying, “¡Buenas noches!”. Patricia asks them to leave her alone and asks where Marcela is and when Mariana refuses to answer, Patricia walks by their desk calling them ‘brutas’.

Marcela is on the phone with a warehouse when Patricia bursts in whining about the running-out-of-gas-incident. She demands to be paid right away. Marcela loses it and yells at Patricia that she doesn’t make those decisions, Armando does, and he’s already told her that there is no money! Patricia tells her she only has to put up with this because she’s poor and then walks out of Marcela’s office leaving Marcela making faces after her.

Back in the boardroom, Mario tells Armando that he’s got to start taking Betty out dancing and to restaurants. Armando is totally thrown for a loop at hearing this and tells Mario he must be crazy, he can’t be seen in public with Betty. Mario tells him he’ll give him a list of clandestine places, places that their peers don’t frequent, so that no one will see them – after all, Betty is not that demanding. Armando doesn’t know if Betty will like that, but Mario reminds him that this whole thing is supposed to be discreet. Mario then asks what Betty thinks of his relationship with Marcela and Armando explains that Betty knows that that relationship frightens him and that he won’t end up with Marcela and that they would go ahead with their relationship. Mario goes to his office and starts working on the list of clandestine places while Armando remarks he’s not so sure about this, but Mario assures him that Betty will accept anything he offers her, she will never again have the opportunity to go out with someone like him. And Armando answers, while shaking his head, “Calderón, usted no entiende lo que quiero decir. Voy a terminar haciéndole daño a Beatriz. Es que, vea, yo me doy cuenta de que es muy fácil enamorarla. Cada vez que me besa lo hace con una ternura, con una dulzura, me coge la cara y me mira con una admiración como si yo fuera su ídolo.” Mario seriously tells him that he is her idol, but Armando has got one question, what happens when they make money and they can pay Terra Moda and Betty gives Eco Moda back? Mario coldly answers that they just dump her, and Armando calls him a criminal. Mario suggests that when that time comes he just buy her a ticket and send her to Kenya.

Patricia comes into Armando’s office yelling for Armando and Betty tells her she doesn’t know where he is. When Patricia ironically says that she’s his assistant, Betty replies that she is but she’s not his guardian angel to know where he is every minute of the day (1 point for Betty!). Armando walks in and Betty tells him that she’s got to talk to him about the wire (of the money to his parents I assume). Patricia interrupts with a whiny, “Armandooooooo …” but he tells her he doesn’t have the time right now. Patricia insists and tells him she’s got to discuss a very delicate matter with him, and he once again answers that maybe later, he doesn’t have the time. She whines again and tells him she only needs one minute, so Armando starts tells her to start talking and begins timing the minute on his watch, LOL. When Patricia starts to relay her money problems, Armando asks Betty to take over with the timing – Betty holds up her watch and does so gladly. Armando tells Patricia that no one has gotten paid and no one else is complaining, but she claims that her situation is different than everyone else’s, they’re used to just getting by on a glass of water if they have to, they don’t drive a Mercedes Benz, so he can’t compare. She asks for him to make an exception and Armando asks her to step closer … he asks her why she didn’t move to Miami – Patricia answers that this is her country, her job is here and her people are here. Armando looks at her and tells her she can rest easily, her country doesn’t need her, and neither do her job and her people … why does she choose to stay and suffer the horrors of Third Worldism? Patricia insists that he make an exception with her and Armando turns around, winks at Betty, and asks her if they can pay Patricia or deposit her paycheck in her bank account. Betty, while attempting to blink or maybe it’s her nervous tick [I’m not sure :o)], tells Armando that definitely not and she continues timing Patricia’s minute. Armando turns around and tells Patricia that he could do nothing for her … and just then Betty’s countdown reaches zero and Armando tells Patricia that their talk is over, her minute is gone. But Patricia is persistent and tells Armando that this hurts her so much that it may cause her to lock herself up in a bathroom and commit suicide. Armando just calmly looks at her and asks her not to do it in one of Eco Moda’s bathrooms, LOL! When Patricia leaves, Betty tells Armando that she was able to get the $3,000 to send to his parents. Armando asks her to wire the money right away, and Betty answers with her usual, “Sí, Doctor”, but this time it’s accompanied by a big smile. Armando just rolls his eyes again.

Patricia is not a happy camper and is talking to herself about the lack of payment when the phone rings – it’s Daniel. Patricia is so ticked off that she doesn’t recognize him and treats him badly so Daniel asks her to identify herself because he will not permit that someone so uppity continue to answer the phones at Eco Moda. Patricia immediately retorts that he should instruct Armando to pay his employees and then they will answer the phone correctly, but if he wants to fire her he can go ahead, after all, she’s already got her letter of resignation ready. Daniel wants to know what’s going on and Patricia informs him that Eco Moda hasn’t paid this month’s payroll. Daniel asks her what’s going on and she tells him that he’s the stockholder, he can find out himself. Daniel has one more piece of advice for Patricia, don’t answer the phone any longer because one can tell a mile away that she needs money and that she’s desperate for a husband to support her – and he hangs up.

Sandra and Mariana notice Patricia’s shenanigans and correctly guess that the lack of money is driving her crazy. Sandra suggests that they leave for lunch, but Mariana tells her she doesn’t have any money either and then suggests that they call a meeting of El Cuartel.

Hugo walks by Patsy-Pat’s desk and asks her what’s wrong. She relays once again the litany of Eco Moda’s failure to pay and shows Hugo all of her bills. Hugo tells her that as a matter of fact he’s on his way to talk to Marge because the models are furious that they haven’t gotten paid. Patricia suggests that he doesn’t waste his time with Marcela because she’s already told her a couple of times that there’s no money and she should talk to Armando or Betty. Hugo tells her that he will not talk to that ‘mercachifle’; he will deal with Marge … he’s leaving to Milan and he’s got to leave everything taken care of – he’s too has responsibilies to meet. Patricia tells him he shouldn’t complain because he makes a lot more money than she does. But Hugo clarifies that he also lives on a higher budget … he’s got to pay his clothes, his apartment and his mom’s, the dog’s food, etc., etc., etc. Patricia says that’s all well and fine but at least he has a boyfriend for moral support and she only has her own shoulder to cry on … and she’s getting so desperate that she may go after Hugo’s boyfriend. Hugo tells her that his boyfriend would “prefer an inflatable doll to you any day, zzzzzzz.”

El Cuartel has gathered at Sandra’s and Mariana’s desks and since only Inesita has a bit of money, Inesita suggests that they raffle who will eat and who will not. Bertha tells them they don’t have to worry about her because her auto-suggestion diet is working wonderfully. Aura María tells her that it can’t be working that well because she sees her a little heavier now. :o) Freddy walks up and when he asks what’s going on, Sofía tells him that they’re hungry and they have no money. Freddy turns to Aura María and tells him that her problem is solved, her stomach need not feel anxiety, and he hands her some money. Aura María doesn’t hesitate and takes the money with a smile from ear to ear (¡bandida!). Inesita asks Freddy if he’s going to lunch with them, but he answers that due to the monetary crisis he can’t afford two lunches … and wishes Aura María a good lunch. At that point, Betty walks up and asks if they’re going to lunch and Sofía tells the same story all over again, but Betty says that she will invite everyone out to lunch, they’re not used to doing without and she will take care of it. Everyone’s faces change and Mariana asks Betty where she got the money. Patricia, who had been lurking in the background the entire time, suggests that maybe the books of Eco Moda should be checked. Sandra steps up to bat to defend her friend and tells Patricia that Betty is the one that makes the most money at Eco Moda. And Mariana doesn’t hold back, she pipes in that Betty is an economist, knows how to handle money and she doesn’t just have “seis semestres de finanzas en la San Marino”. Now it’s Aura María’s turn and she tells Patricia that Betty is not a spendthrift, she saves. And finally Bertha jumps in and says that to erase any remaining doubts, Betty has a rich boyfriend sitting in an office making lots of money. As El Cuartel enters the elevator, Patricia asks in an annoyed tone of voice where they got that from – a comic strip? And as the elevator door is closing she yells that between all of them they can’t even get a gay man interested in them. And who just so happens to be standing right there? Hugo of course! :o) Patricia explains that she was just annoying El Cuartel because they were saying that Betty had a rich boyfriend. When Marcela asks who it is, Patricia comes back with “it’s probably Goofy.” But Hugo pipes in, “No, it’s not, it’s a gremlin,” - and they all begin to laugh. Armando walks up to join the group and asks them to share the joke. Marcela tells him that they are talking about Betty and her boyfriend – didn’t he know? Armando very seriously says that he didn’t know, he doesn’t get involved in her private life. Hugo tells him that he’s dying to meet him because those type of people should be locked up in a lab for scientific study and cameras should record their every movement (Armando’s face is going from bad to worse) – he’s sure that when they go to kiss each other they grab each other by the ears and get all slobbery. Marcela doesn’t hold back and she says that she doesn’t know how anyone could kiss Beatriz – yuck! And Patricia makes her contribution – she’s convinced that the only thing that can kiss Beatriz is a bat. Armando looks sick to his stomach by all of his comments (after all, he’s the one doing the kissing) and Marcela adds that the ‘novio’ is a millionaire, but Patricia corrects her – he’s a multimillionaire and he lent her money so that she could invite El Cuartel out to lunch at El Corrientazo (more sarcasting laughs). Armando steps off to the side still with a very serious look on his face and Marcela comments that no one can make front of Beatriz in the presence of Armando. Hugo suggests that Armando ask Betty to introduce him to her rich boyfriend so that maybe they can do business together and that way he can get money to pay his employees. Armando’s response is a very staccato-like, “ja … ja … ja, que chistositos están hoy” and tells Hugo that there is no money. He gets in the elevator and says to himself, “I’m going to kill Beatriz Pinzón Solano.”

At El Corrientazo, Betty tells El Cuartel that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she doesn’t want them to mention it anymore. Mariana asks if she still hasn’t resolved her situation and Betty tells her she hasn’t had the time, she’s been working too much, and doesn’t have the time to have a stable relationship. Aura María gives her advice: she should call Nicolás, invite him to a dark place, and then hands here, hands there … Inesita interrupts this and Aura María tells her that she should get him drunk and just take him to a motel. Inesita gets even more upset at this suggestion and Aura María changes her tactic once more: she should let him take her to a motel and then she starts to take her clothes off. Well, Inesita covers her fact at this one, and Aura María has one final suggestion, let him take her clothes off – it’s more exciting! Inesita has had enough and gets up to leave. Aura María hugs her, calms her down and tells her that she won’t open her mouth any more.

Mario and Armando are having lunch together and Armando tells Mario the chisme that is all over Eco Moda: Betty has a rich boyfriend. Mario asks if they said the name starts with an ‘N’ or an ‘A’, and Armando says he’s convinced they’re talking about him. Mario says that since Betty didn’t say a name, could this mean that she’s having a simultaneous relationship with Nicolás and Armando? Armando answers, in an exasperated tone of voice, that he doesn’t know. Mario gets another little dig in and tells him that the possibility that Betty may be cheating on him is more than he can bear. Armando rolls his eyes (yet again) and tells Mario to stop it. Mario tells him that, in all seriousness, when a woman as ugly as Betty gets a boyfriend, she has to tell all of her friends about him, even if she doesn’t mention any names. But Armando tells him that Betty can’t be talking about their relationship because he warned her that it had to stay between the two of them … he doesn’t understand. And Mario quips back with “this can only mean that you’re going to have your first domestic argument, like all couples, and please control the jealousy or you’re going to stick your foot in it.”

At El Corrientazo, Sandra tells Aura María to stop tormenting Betty, but Aura María continues and asks Betty if she’s never had sex with a man. Inesita stops her and tells them to stop this amoral conversation and Sofía sides with her. Betty also asks them to stop talking about her ‘novio’, but Bertha tells her that they’ve got to talk about it at least in front of the Peliteñida because it was obvious it really bothered her. In fact, she was so upset over the gossip that she almost fell backwards like ‘Condorito’, LOL! And for those of you that don’t know who ‘Condorito’ is, he’s a character of a very famous comic strip in Latin America and either he or the people he’s talking to always fall backwards going “plop!” after the punchline.

Mariana chimes in and tells Betty that she should bring Nicolás into Eco Moda right under Patricia’s nose. Betty is uncomfortable with all of this, but El Cuartel insists because they want to get back at the Peliteñida. Betty finally tells them that she simply doesn’t want to go to war with Patricia and, simply stated, there are things that are not true about this story.

El Cuartel returns to Eco Moda to find Jenny using Aura María’s telephone to call her ‘pupuchurro’. Aura María goes right up to her and demands to know what she is doing using her phone. Jenny explains that Hugo doesn’t like her making or receiving calls at the ‘taller’ and she just wanted to let her ‘pupuchurro’ know that she was okay. Aura María tells her that it’s the first and last time that she wants to see her using her phone and Jenny promises that as soon as Sofía pays her cell phone repairs, she will never bother her again. As Jenny takes the elevator, Sandra remarks that Jenny is #2 on her list of possible homicides, #1 being the Peliteñida, of course. :o) Sofía tells them that this afternoon she’s meeting with the lawyer that Marcela recommended … she wants to see El Cheque in jail. Freddy arrives and asks Aura María if she had a nice lunch and if she thought about him as she ate. Aura María tells him with a big smile that she thought about him all throughout lunch, especially when she paid the bill. Freddy then tells her not to worry about going home tonight because he can take her on his motorcycle … Aura María accepts and Freddy leaves. Inesita asks Aura María if she’s going to accept Freddy’s ride home tonight or if she’s just telling him that so he can take his money. Sandra pipes in that she can’t keep leading Freddy on and Aura María promises to straighten everything out later. As El Cuartel leaves, Aura María takes a call from one of her ‘papacitos’ and tells him the same thing she told Freddy … that she’s been thinking about him all day.

Betty walks into Armando’s office – he’s not there – and lovingly places a lollypop on his desk.

Hugo tells his models that they are not paying today either. As the models start to protest, Hugo tells them that he’s got the same problems as they do, he’s got to buy creams, wax, gifts for the boyfriend, etc. … but he’s got a solution for them. They should do what Jenny did: find a guy with money and take him away from his wife. He goes on to say that Jenny did the smart thing, she found someone who can support her. But Jenny interrupts and tells him that her ‘guñi-guñi’ doesn’t support her, she pays for her own stuff. But neither Hugo nor the models believe her and they start to laugh. Inesita walks in and Hugo starts in on her too … she tells the models that she got married, bored him, and he kicked her out. But Inesita is having none of that, she sets Hugo straight and tells him that she was the one that got bored. The models ask Hugo to plead for them about their paycheck, but Hugo said he already tried and he told him in a very serious tone of voice that there is no money. At any rate, he continues, he doesn’t have the physical attributes to convince him. The models suggest that maybe they should go up and talk to Armando and Hugo tells them that they might get somewhere with those lovely bodies.

Armando comes back from lunch to find Bertha with her face immersed in a chocolate muffin. Armando reminds her that he hates people eating in the hallways. Bertha promises that she will never do it again and offers Armando some of her snack. As Armando makes a face and turns her down, Bertha reminds him that she will continue to tell him everything he wants to know, but he needs to keep this quiet and not tell anyone. Armando walks away saying, “Bertha, Bertha, Bertha …”

Once Armando reaches his office, he begins to look at some paperwork and the lollypop goes unnoticed. In comes Betty and asks him if he had a good lunch. Armando absentmindedly answers “hmmm …” and Betty places some paperwork in front of him to sign regarding the wire to his parents. She goes on to tell him that she has good news for him, the sales reports are good and with the money Mario has been able to get, they’re in good shape. Since Armando is almost ignoring her, Betty asks if he’s mad at her. Armando finally looks up from his paperwork and ironically tells her he’s not mad, it doesn’t bother him one bit that she goes around the hallways of the company telling one and all that she’s got a rich boyfriend. Betty acts totally surprised … “¿Yo?” And Armando, finally picking up the lollypop to use as a pointer (jajaja), walks up to Betty and tells her that she did, in fact, do this because Patricia Fernández overheard it and now it’s all over the company. He ends up telling her, “¡Usted me engañó, maldita sea, me engañó!” Betty puts a hand up to her mouth and assures Armando that she never said anything of the kind. Then she goes on to explain how things actually happened and how Patricia had insinuated that she had stolen the money from Eco Moda and how El Cuartel came to her defense and it’s because they tease her about Nicolás Mora. Armando asks Betty if she’s told El Cuartel that she has a relationship with Nicolás Mora, but Betty denies this as well and tells him that Bertha only said it to bother Patricia. The only relationship she has with Nicolás is one of friendship and work. A calmer Armando walks back behind his desk and reminds Betty that he doesn’t want anyone in the company even suspecting that there might be something between them and this talk of a rich boyfriend makes him uncomfortable. Betty replies that she’s already asked El Cuartel to stop teasing her about Nicolás Mora … at any rate, she wants to apologize to him for the misunderstanding and wants to assure him that her word is good and she would rather die rather than break her word, it’s sacred to her … ¿usted me cree, doctor? Armando tells her that he believes her and Betty smiles. Mario walks in and starts to apologize for the interruption and walk away, but Betty retreats into her office. Mario asks Armando if they had a fight, and when Armando just makes a face, Mario then asks if they’ve now reconciliated, to which Armando responds, “No sea un idiota, Calderón.” Mario keeps teasing him and assures him that he doesn’t want to become involved in couple’s intimate moments … and then asks Armando to follow him into the boardroom, he’s got something to show him.

Mario tells Armando that women forgive everything, except that he doesn’t pay attention to details. It’s those little things that make a woman’s heart go pitter-patter. He reaches into a bag and pulls out several cards for every occasion and a box of chocolates … then he reaches into his pants’ pockets and pulls out several different types of chocolates which he throws over to Armando … culminating with a big, heart-shaped chocolate lollypop. But Mario’s not done yet … he pulls out two kinds of stationery to write love notes on. Armando tells Mario that he refuses to write love notes on heart-covered or palm-covered paper (jajaja), but Mario tells him it won’t be necessary because he will become his Cirano DeBergerac. When Armando asks when he became so romantically inclined, Mario tells him that inspiration doesn’t need to be original, you can buy it … and out he pulls first a teeny book with poems and then proceeds to pull out a lot more books of the same type. As Armando loses it and starts to laugh, Mario shows him that what he has to do is put a rose petal marking the page that has her favorite poem and then he proceeds to read the mushy poem. Mario doesn’t stop there … he says if none of that stuff works, then there is always the recourse of romantic ballads, and out he pulls a bunch of CD’s. He and Armando start singing the lyrics to “Linda” but then realize that the song doesn’t fit Betty, so then comes “Ay Amor Divino”, but that doesn’t work either according to Armando, so Mario starts to do his choreography of “Tú Estas Siempre en Mi Mente” (while Armando hits his head with a heart-shaped balloon), but Armando doesn’t like that either, so Mario starts to sing another one and Armando joins him, “Yo no nací para amar, nadie nació para mí,” and Mario tells him that’s the one they’ll use when he gets rid of Betty. (Despite how mean this is supposed to be, I found this all extremely funny – I was laughing out loud!). Armando tells Mario that he likes the ballads and all, but he can’t see himself using them with Betty – it’s too mushy. Mario reminds him that it may seem mushy to him, but this stuff touches the hearts of millions of “fea’s” in the world. Armando agrees that maybe some of the stuff will work, but what’s up with the candy wrapper? Mario reminds Armando that that is the wrapper from the first candy bar that Betty ever gave him and he’s got to hide it somewhere in his office so that Betty will find it and will see how important that was to him … in order for this scheme to work, he says to Armando, he’s got to think of it like medicine, the necessary dosage has to be applied every day and he (Mario) will be in charge of the romantic side of the relationship with Betty. Armando fears that he may feel foolishly ridiculous if he lets Mario be in charge of the romance, but Mario reminds him that all lovers make fools of themselves and that from now on, he’s got to begin to administer the passionate dosage of love to his relationship with Betty. When Armando starts to argue, Mario reminds him that Betty’s already given him his first ‘detalle’ (the candy bar), they’ve already had their first fight, and tonight is the night for reconciliation … hasn’t he heard that the best part of arguing is making up? Armando just looks on horrified. :o) Mario picks out the card that Armando’s got to leave on Betty’s desk, but Armando says that he’s got plans tonight and he can’t keep doing stuff that he doesn’t want to do. Mario reminds him he’s just got to do his other job … Armando takes off his glasses, covers his face and starts to act like he’s crying.

Daniel walks in to Eco Moda and starts hassling Patricia right off the bat. He asks her if she’s got a ‘novio’ or a lover yet to support her. Patricia turns around and tells him that she’s never had lovers. Daniel reminds her that her situation is worse everyday and she’s got to realize that she’s only good enough to make love but that won’t last all of her life, she can’t keep wasting time. Patricia tells him she will not take his insults, but Daniel tells him it’s just advice from a friend, an ex-lover that knows her body really well. She should realize that she’s wasting her talents by working at Eco Moda as a secretary with ‘seis semestres de finanzas’ but if she looked in the mirror she might realize her real assets: a great pair of legs, magnificent breasts, an attractive face … and that she’s still in time to take advantage of these things with a lover that might support her financially. Patricia retorts that she’s grateful for his advice but he’s way off the mark with her (I don’t think sooooo) and she knows how to handle things. Daniel reminds her of her mistake with the pregnancy and that she lost the opportunity of going to Miami with $5,000 a month. Patricia tells him once again that she doesn’t need a lover to support her, but Daniel insists that she take advantage of her assets now because in her future she will just be an old lady with lots of debts … like Elizabeth Taylor when she turned 60. Patricia wants to know why he’s giving her all of this advice and even bothering with her … does he want to be her lover? But Daniel tells her that it’s not him, he’s asking on behalf of a friend that is interested in supporting a lover. Patricia becomes really flustered at this and tells him she can’t stand him and to get out of her sight. But Daniel is not done and tells her that when she realizes her mistake, to just give him a call and he will hook her up with his friend. Patricia just gives him a venomous look. :o)

In the boardroom, Armando tells Mario that he can’t take out Betty every night … he only agreed that he was going to make Betty fall in love with him, not that he was going to become her ‘novio’. Additionally, he says, that he’s already got an asfixiating relationship with Marcela and he can’t have another ‘novia’ … especially ‘vampirito’. Mario tells him that if he thinks he’s already accomplished his goal then he can stop. But Armando then comes back and says that he knows he’s got to do more work, but it can’t be every night. Mario reminds him that Nicolás is lurking in the background and if Armando doesn’t convince Betty, he (Nicolás) will be rubbing his hands in glee over Betty’s money. Armando tells him the problem is that he’s never gone out with an ugly woman, this is the first time that he’s done so. Mario insists that the romance with Betty has to be something serious, something with frequency and intensity … he compares it to a fire in a hearth – you start with a couple of logs, you light them, and when the fire takes then you’ve got warmth for a very long time. Armando compliments Mario on his poeticism and calls him ‘Jorge Luis Borge Calderón’, jejeje (this is a very famous Argentine poet, essayist, and short-story writer) and Mario informs him that he didn’t get that one out of a book “my dear, Pablo Neruda Mendoza” (after the famous Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner) … he’s got to work hard and ensure that Betty is really in love because women in love are really patient and are willing to compromise for whatever you give them, but before Betty reaches that point, Armando’s got to consolidate the romance. Armando says that he’s goig to have a lot of problems with Marcela, but Mario reminds him that he’s an expert at lying to Marcela … as a matter of fact, it might be harder for him to kiss Betty than to lie to Marcela. After that last comment, Daniel walks in and interrupts them. Armando looks him over and in a voice heavily-laced with irony says, “Dichosos los ojos que te ven, Daniel Valencia, ¿a qué debemos tu visita a nuestras instalaciones?” But before Daniel answers, Armando gets it one more dig and tells him that he looks like a funeral director with that black suit he’s wearing. Daniel answers that this is very appropriate because he’s coming to see how capital is buried at Eco Moda … he wants to know why he didn’t receive his dividends for this month, are they bankrupt? With a smile on his face, Armando turns to Mario and asks him if he knows anything about them being bankrupt and Mario just shakes his head … Armando tells Daniel that he assumes that he will get paid tomorrow. Daniel wants to know where he can get more information that just a simple assumption.

Daniel then notices all of the stuff on the table and picks up one of the books with the love poems. Armando tells him that the books belong to Mario, and while Mario sits there looking really uncomfortable, Daniel begins to read out of the book [Armando in the meantime is laughing at Mario’s expense :o)]. Daniel also notices the CD’s … Leo Dan, Elio Roca, Eleno, Juan Gabriel, Myriam Hernandez, Palito Ortega … he ironically congratulates Mario on his collection and tells him he’s definitely the last romantic soul on this earth and walks out. As Armando bursts out into uncontrolled laughter, Mario’s head falls to the table … he can’t believe that Daniel, of all people, saw all of this stuff and now thinks it belongs to him. Mario doesn’t think it’s funny that Armando is laughing at his expense, and Armando explains (while still laughing) that he couldn’t let his brother-in-law know that all of this stuff was his. Mario starts putting away all of the books, cards, and CD’s and tells Armando that he has never felt like such a fool in his entire life. Armando answers that he’s glad he feels that way because that’s exactly how he feels making ‘vampirito’ fall in love with him. Mario assures him it’s not over, and Armando just bursts into laughter again. :o)

Daniel walks into Betty’s office and asks her why she looks so frightened. Betty tells him that it’s probably just an involuntary contraction of her facial muscles when she sees him – the same thing happens when she watches horror movies … and she laughs (way to go, Betty!) Daniel wants to know why he produces terror in her because he can tell her why she produces terror in him. Betty comes back with, “I didn’t know the feeling was mutual.” :o) Daniel wants to know if it’s because she’s afraid that he will ask to look in her computer and find the real numbers of Eco Moda, the losses that would make him request an audit of the books. Her attitude, he adds, is to cover Armando’s back. But Betty claims that it’s not to cover Armando’s back it’s just that he (Daniel) is always the bearer of bad news. Daniel wants to know what bad news he’s brought that makes her say that. Betty tells him that whenever he visits, everyone starts to scream, “Bad news, Dr. Valencia is coming,” and they all get ready to greet him as if he were death itself because he hardly ever has a kind gesture (boy, Betty is on a roll!) Daniel smiles uncomfortably and tells her that her honesty surprises him and he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to be so honest with a stockholder of the company. Betty tells him she would feel the same way if he didn’t doubt her so much. Daniel then asks for his dividend check, but Betty tells him she’s got bad news for him, there won’t be a dividend check because they are overdrafted and they have no funds. Daniel reminds her that he’s got a great capital invested in this company and the last thing he wants to hear is that he can’t be paid his dividends … before making the banks happy they’ve got to make the stockholders happy. Betty agrees but tells him that if they don’t make the banks happy then they won’t be able to meet their obligations with the stockholders in the future. In any case, she adds, she thinks that by tomorrow afternoon they can wire the money to the stockholders. Daniel tells him that she can drop that terrified look on her face, he’s leaving. Betty, with a smug smile on her face, tells him that she’s sure that when he leaves, the look on her face will disappear as well (yessssssss!).

Mario and Armando walk into Armando’s office when Daniel is walking out of Betty’s office. They are intrigued by his presence in Betty’s office and Armando starts to walk towards her office door when Mario stops him and tells him, “Othello, please, no jealous scenes, they weren’t doing anything, exercise control, control,” jajajaja. Armando calls him an imbecile, opens the door to Betty’s office and in an agitated tone asks her what Daniel was doing there. Betty answers that he just came by to find out why they hadn’t deposited the dividends in his account yet. Armando tells her that’s not the reason, he doesn’t need the money, somebody must have told him that they weren’t able to make payroll and he came to snoop around. Betty tells him to calm down, she told him that they would pay him tomorrow afternoon. Armando asks for the list of the wires (for the dividends I assume) and Betty tells him that Sofía must have it and walks past Armando and Mario to go get it. After she leaves, Armando and Mario rush over to his desk and Mario places the candy wrapper in a pencil holder on his desk, then they go into Betty’s office and Mario puts down the box of candy with the card on top in the middle of Betty’s desk. Armando picks up the card so he can read what he supposedly wrote and tells Mario that he would never write something like that. He places the card back in the envelope and then on top of Betty’s desk … they leave her office.

Daniel visits Marcela to discuss his missing dividend check. Marcela tells him that she should drop the role of victim because he doesn’t need the money and he just came in to bother Armando. But Daniel tells her that he really does need the money because he’s been investing in a project that requires a lot of money every month, he’s heavily into debt, and if he doesn’t keep contributing, he might be kicked out of the project and he might lose all of his money. As your brother, he adds, I can tell you I can barely live on the money I receive as a government employee. Marcela tells him that she’s glad that for the first time in his life he talks to her as a brother and she can also tell him as a sister that she will make ‘la cosa esa’ wire him his money. Daniel wants to know if ‘la cosa esa’ is Betty and asks if she’s got enough power to order her to wire the money. Marcela is offended instantly and asks if he is insinuating that Betty has more power than her, and goes on to say that if she doesn’t obey, she will mop all of Eco Moda’s floors with her. Daniel tells her that if she does that, Armando will mop all of Eco Moda’s floors with her (Marcela). Marcela gives him a drop-dead look.

When Daniel leaves Marcela’s office, he walks over to Patricia again and asks if she’s thought it over … can he set her up with his friend? Patricia warns him that she’s tempted to slap him. Daniel answers that he’s got a better offer then: since she thought that the possible lover could be himself, he will allow her the opportunity to realize that dream, at least halfway … she can keep working at Eco Moda and every time that he wants, she’ll come over to his apartment and they will make love. But please, he adds, don’t talk to me at all, you take off your clothes and that’s it … and we will make financial arrangements so that you can pay off your debts. Patricia is even more flustered now than before and tells Daniel that she will not have a relationship with him for all of the money in the world. Daniel notices her bills and tells her that they are about to cut off her cell phone and the problem with her credit cards is now a judicial one … they are going to place a lien on her assets. He hands the bills back to Patricia and leaves, leaving Patricia staring after him.

Betty walks into Armando’s office and hands him the lists of the wires and the total to be paid. She smiles at him and Armando smiles back. When she walks into her office, Armando makes a worried face (he knows what she’s going to find). And of course, as soon as she sits down, Betty finds the card, opens it and reads it. It says:

“Las desavenencias entre los dos, los disgustos, los malos entendidos no son más que otra forma de demostrarte cuanto te amo. Atentamente, Armando.”

Betty holds the card to her chest, picks up the chocolates and hold them to her chest as well, and says, “Don Armando, I love you too.”

We start off with Armando flirting with two models on the way into his office,doing his usual “Rico Suave” routine, one woman on each arm. As he comes through the door, Betty opens her door. He tries to play it off as them asking him for money, of course one of the models asks him “what’s going on”, but lucky for him, Betty’s not paying attention, she’s too giddy over a box of chocolates that Mario left for her in Armando’s name, and only looks at him and says “gracias”.

Next scene, Mario and Armando - - Mario asks Armando if Betty liked the chocolates, Armando says yes - - then Mario tells Armando he has to take Betty out tonight as part of the reconciliation - - Armando says no - - he has an event to go to, and then to Marcela’s and he can’t take BETTY to the event (implication being that he has taken other women besides Marcy) . Mario tells him he’s going to go to the event and then go out with Betty - - it’s part of their reconciliation. So Mario tells Armando to tell Marcy that some people she won’t like will be there, so she won’t want to go.

Armando then goes to Bety and tells her that he will take her home, Betty says yes Dr - - so he tells her “it’s not an order, it’s part of our . . . " she says for him not to worry about it, she understands, and he should let her know when he’s ready to go.

Armando then “invites” Marcy to the event, emphasizing all the people that she doesn’t like who will be there, so she says she won’t go, but then marches back to her office very angry.

Patty follows her back into her office, asking what’s wrong - - Marcy says that Armando’s going out with another woman tonight, and she’s hot about it. Patty encourages her to talk about it, Marcy says no, Patty says she should follow him, Marcy says she has too much dignity for that, but she has other plans. She refuses to talk about it, and marches out of her office, fuming. Patty then follows after her anxiously, saying she can’t just leave because Patty needs money for gas. This explains why Patty was trying to pretend to think about someone else.

It’s now the end of the day, and Mario is coaching Armando on how to take Betty somewhere, drop her off, stop at the party for the alibi and then rejoin Betty later.

Patty tries to hit Mario up for some money while he is talking on his cell phone, but he charges for the elevator and manages to avoid talking to her, while making plans on who he will take to the party.

Armando knocks on Betty’s door to take her home. She’s putting the finishing touches on her hair just before he sticks his head in, and he says “ready?”, and she nods. Then after he closes the door (she’s still inside) he makes a face- - the perfume must smell pretty bad.

Next - - the quartel are at the elevator ready to go home while Aura Maria is flirting on the phone with whoever her newest is, and then she takes off to catch up with him, even though she was supposed to meet Freddy.

The quartel ask if Betty is going out with them, she says no and looks at Armando, who says he will take her since he has an appointment near her. Betty and Armando stay on the elevator to go to the garage while the quartel gets off on the main floor.

The quartel see Freddy, upset that Aura Maria is nowhere to be found - - Freddy goes on and on about how much he loves her, how he worships the chair she sits in, la la la (painful) and Inesita tells him he shouldn’t hurt himself this way. He says that he only is happy when he is near her, so he can’t give her up, and at least there is no competition. At this all of the quartel aviod his eyes, and as he asks them directly - -there is none, right? And they all hurry off home, leaving him sad.

The next scene is Armando and Betty approaching the car. Betty waits on her side, Armando goes to his and is waiting for her to get into the car until he realizes she expects him to open the door (his very subtle eye movements here are hilarious). So he opens the door for her. After they are both in the car, she tells him that she knows it is way out of the way, that his appointment is no where near her, and he could drop her at the corner. He insists that he will take her out - - she says no, back and forth until he yells at her that he will take her out.

Armando takes Betty to a dance club(possibly the same one they went to before? It looks bigger), and tells her he will drop by the party for a while, and then come back and join her. She puckers up for a kiss, and he makes funny faces all the way up to a quick brush and she goes in without him.

Meanwhile, Mario is on his way to his car, to go to the party himself. He gets in, and moves to turn the car on, and Patricia pops up and attacks him “romantically” either to get gas or to get a ride (I missed a little of this because I got a phone call). He drives off without helping her, so she is wandering around the garage without a way to get home. She ends up begging that guard for help, who gives her the money along with the comment that " it is definitely better to be rich than poor.”

Betty’s house:Nicholas is on the phone chatting away at Betty’s house. He hangs up and then she calls asking for her father. Nicholas gives her a lecture on being out late all the time before passing him the phone. Her father asks where she is, and she says she is at a business event with Armando and some other associates. Her father says he can hear the music in the background - - she says it’s a business party. He says he will pick her up, but she says Armando will bring her home. Her father asks why, and she says they are “novios”, to which he says quit joking around and that he will see her later..

Back at the bar, she orders an orange juice - - the bartender says she has to want something stronger than that, so she says an OJ and a glass of very good whisky.

Next, Armando is at the party, schmoozing and ogling (just visually) the women, especially the TWO who are with Mario. He turns to walk across the room, and there’s Marcy. He’s visibly stunned. Then he says how suprised he is to see her, and she reminds him that he invited her. She begins to insinuate that he doesn’t want her there, and that one of the women with Mario is for him. He plays the whole “it’s all in your head” routine, and then drags her over to the two women and asks them (his hand wrapped around her upper arm) which one of them is for him. They both look at him as if he’s nuts and say more or less the same, then Marcy pulls away and says he’s embarrassing her.

Armando tells Mario that he has to get rid of Marcy so he can go be with Betty. Then he goes back to Marcy, and they are still going back and forth about her espionage mission and all of his women.

After this, a really cute guy Marcy doesn’t like shows up and tells Armando that they have to talk business in the office at the house/apartment of the party(after repeatedly “inadvertently” reminding her of why she doesn’t like him). Armando invites Marcy to come, but she passes.

Betty orders another OJ and continues to wait.

Armando goes with the other guy, once they get in the study the guy says Mario sent him, and Armando says of course there is someone else. The other guy says that she must be beautiful - -a model, a queen, etc., and Armando is becoming progressively more embarrassed - - the guy just wants a name, but that’s not gonna happen.

Then Marcy shows up so they pretend to talk business - - Armando says it may take a long time so she should wait at his apartment. She leaves and he heads out almost right behind her to catch up with Betty.

Mario tells Armando that he should calm down, that there’s no hurry, because “las feas” wait - -they have no where else to go. Mario points out the Armando seems more worried about Betty than Marcy, and Armando says that he has to make up for before.

When Armando gets to the club, Betty is so happy to see him she literally falls on him to hug him, and he falls with her into the seat of the booth, and awkwardly hugs her. He apologizes, and tells her what happened with Marcy. She says that he should go to his place and work it out, he says he wants to stay, they go back and forth until he is yelling that he wants to be with her.

Armando meets up with Betty in the disco so dark ‘that people use Braille to read the faces of the people they’re meeting’, having escaped Marcela’s suspicious clutches once again.

Today: Armando apologizes and tells Betty that he wanted the night to be special for both of them. “As you order it,” she says. “Noooo… it’s no order,” he graciously replies, “It’s pleasure. And this whiskey?” he asks. “It’s for you,” says Betty anxiously, “I hope you like it.” “Thank you so much,” he says smoothly. “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and could use a drink.” Betty nervously chuckles and says that she knows he can handle his liquor. “I know that you know might need an “embellecedor” to be with me.” He looks up, guilty and startled. “It was a joke—haw haw,” chortles Betty awkwardly. “No, no, Betty, I don’t need any stimulant to find you attractive. I see you… Yes, I see you and to me you’re pretty. I drink the whisky only to de-stress, for no other reason. Let’s toast. For you…” He’s soooo smooth. She clinks glasses with him, “For you, Dr.” They draw closer to kiss. His cell phone rings. He sees that it’s Marcela. “Oh no!” She suggests that he not answer it because of the noise in the disco, but Armando knows that he must. “Well, I’m sure that you’ll think of something to tell her,” says Betty, “you’re very good at that.” He gives her a strange look and leaves to take the call away from the table (he goes outside.)

We see Marcela in her apartment, imperiously demanding, “Are you coming? When are you coming?” Armando doesn’t want to see her and continue this fight. “I’m not coming to the apartment tonight,” he tells her. “Great, fine, very good,” she says back, bitingly. “Let’s leave this for tonight,” says Armando, firmly. “Ah and why did you take so long to answer your phone?” she demands. “I went outside to take the call.” “Why would you have to leave the cocktail party to answer your phone?” she presses. “What, do you want me to argue in front of everyone in the party? Give them a show like we had earlier?” “Fine!” huffs Marcela. “I’ll see you later,” concedes Armando. He mutters to himself as he heads back to the disco, “I’d better turn this phone off or she’ll be calling me all night!” He pulls out the photo of Adrianita for his pep talk and tells himself he’s got to kiss Betty. Betty is patiently waiting for him and asks him what he said to Marcela. He tells her that If he don’t stay in Marcela’s apartment, she thinks that there’s something wrong with him. Betty tries to understand Marcela’s position. “Maybe she wants some confirmation that you’re relationship is legitimate.” She expounds a little on her own philosophy, “When a man lives with a woman it’s not a marriage, it’s not a partnership… it’s love,” she tells him. He’s surprised by this and explains that what there is between him and Marcela is not love, it’s business, and convenience. He wants to know if Nicolás knows that they’re out together. She clasps his hand and reassures him no. “This is the most sacred secret in my life!” Armando isn’t fully convinced and presses on, “What would happen if Nicolás found out?” The thought alarms Betty, “It would be horrible because he knows that you’re my boss and engaged. Don’t tell me that you still think there’s something between me and Nicolás?” He demands that she swear that she’s his alone. This touches her profoundly. She clasps his hands and swears passionately. They close in for the kiss and really get into it. His eyes bulge with the ‘effort’!

In another seedy bar, Nicolás is meeting Sanchez and his pal to pay him the money owed. They get the money and they order another bottle. Nicolás wants to leave but they drag him back to be their guest. He accepts knowing he doesn’t have to pay. Sanchez tires to pump him for gossip as to what’s happening with the business but Nicolás doesn’t want to ‘divulge’ classified information. Where’s that bottle! It comes and drinks are poured all around. Where’s another cup! It comes.

On the dance floor, Betty and Armando are dancing; well, he’s trying to dance and she’s hanging on to him like a leech or octopus, tripping on his feet. He pulls back a little and tries to do some steps, but she latches back onto him, arms around his neck, and he struggles to maintain his composure.

We see an increasingly irate Marcela alone in her apartment (notice how un-cozy it is, just emphasizing her aloneness?) Marcela calls Armando’s cell again and gets an answering machine. She tries the home number and gets a message too. She’s tries another and it’s Patricia. She demands that Patricia give her Mario’s cell phone number. We know that Patricia is poking her nose in and wanting to know what’s going on but Marcela doesn’t have time to talk. “What does it matter to you! Give it to me!”

Still at the Color-In cocktail party, Mario is chatting up a pretty woman at the party and his cell rings: “My God!” He knows that phone number. “Who is it?” asks the woman. “It’s the fiancee of that man who was at the party with me: remember that scene?” He makes a quick decision and turns off his phone. We see the volcano Marcela sitting alone at her dining room table and she promises to make them pay, she knows that she’s being played for a sucker.

Armando and Betty leave the dance floor. His paranoia is showing. Betty comments on it and he tells her that he’s looking for people who know him. “It seems like everyone’s looking at me like they know me,” he tells her. Betty tries to reassure him, “None of your people come here.” “I know, I know, it’s just with the problem with Marcé, I’m just a little paranoid.” He starts to flirt with her some more, “You know, I’d like to take you to a much nicer place, a restaurant… But that would be dangerous.” Betty is touched, but she’s grateful for any scraps of attention he throws her way, “No… any place I am with you is beautiful,” she tells him. “This place will remind me of a lovely night. When we’re together, you can rest assured, don’t be nervous, be in peace.” He kisses her cheek, then her lips. A spotlight shines on them and the disco’s emcee announces that it’s the hour of romance. He invites all of their chosen couples in love to join in their contest to prove how much they love each other… they’re going to have to sing a song. Armando panics, “Betty, I’m going to pay the check and we’re going to leave, now!” The light circles around to choose the couple for the contest and… they select Betty and Armando! Armando half slides under the table in embarrassment, “No, no, señor, we’ve paid the check and we’re leaving so we can’t qualify for the contest,” he protests. “Don’t worry about that!” cries the emcee. The emcee turns to the crowd, “Are we going to let them leave? NO! Stay and compete in the contest. What’s your name?” He holds the microphone to Betty. “Betty…” “Betty, what?” “Beatriz Pinzón.” “And your name?” He turns the mic on Armando. “Armando…” “Armando, what?” (Quick… he panics…) “Armando Manzanero ” LOL ( If you don’t know of Armando Manzanero, he’s a prolific singer/songwriter, mostly of classic love songs.) “How amazing,” enthuses the emcee. He looks for a little background information: “And are you married… engaged… what?” When he notes their ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look, he chooses to start the contest. He gets Betty ready to start the song. “Music, maestro!” Everyone claps. Betty starts off and begins to sing “Si nos dejan…” badly off-key, but enthusiastic. Armando looks on terrified, seconds away from vomiting, judging by his expression. The emcee encourages her as she stretches for the high notes. “Now it’s Armando’s turn to join in,” cries the emcee. Armando is paralyzed at the idea an he doesn’t start and the emcee turns to the group and shouts “Armando doesn’t love Betty!” The audience picks it up and repeats “Armando doesn’t love Betty!” and he must join in. He gets into it and sings really, really badly. Finally, the emcee rescues them and takes away the mic. “Now, as everyone knows, couples in love end with a kiss… Kiss her!” The audience chants, “Beso! Beso! Beso!” Betty grabs Armando and kisses him enthusiastically. “Another?” suggests the emcee capriciously. “Otra! Otra! Otra!” cries the audience. Betty grabs him again and complies with a huge grin. ROTFLOL The emcee moves on to another couple and they head for the table. “Oh, Armando, I didn’t know you had such talents,” teases Betty. Armando can only think of making their getaway. They head out. As they’re leaving they see Aura Maria with some guy and duck back. “Did she see us?” asks Armando in a panic. “No,” reassures Betty, “She appears only to have eyes for that guy she’s with.”

In the bar, Nicolás is getting tipsy with Sanchez and friend. He gets up to leave but they won’t let him, in spite of saying that he’s got to get up at dawn. Two chicas come up and start flirting with Sanchez and his pal. Sanchez introduces Nicolás to the ladies and they flirt with him too. Sanchez tells them that Nicolás wants to leave and they plead for him to stay. Sanchez tells them that Nicolás is an important business man. Pleased with the attention the two hussies give him, Nicolás plays the big man and offers to pay for drinks. But first, he’s got to arrange to stay later. “I’ve got to call and cancel an important meeting.” He sneaks away to pretend to make a business call: it’s really to mama. “I’m with good people and I’m behaving. I just wanted to let you know where I was. I’ve got to hang up now.” He walks back to the table and pretends to still be talking about business, “Cancel that order, call those people, etc.” He puffs himself up with importance. “Those employees don’t pay attention to orders!” “Calm yourself, papacito…” says one of the flirts. She starts ‘calming him down’ with some kisses. They toast amongst themselves.

In the car, Armando drives up to Betty’s house. Betty looks up at the dark house. “It seems that my father’s asleep but it’s better if you let me out quickly. It was a lovely evening and I hope that you don’t have any trouble with Marcela.” “Don’t worry,” Armando reassures her. She closes her eyes for a kiss and waits. He looks at her like, now what?!? You mean I have to kiss her again?!? He pecks her and she stays where she is, eyes closed. “Good night…” he tells her, as if to say, allright already! “Oh, yes, good night!” Betty gets out of the car and waves happily to him. He waves to her with that slightly pained expression on his face. She sneaks in the house, quiet as a mouse, but there’s papa waiting with a blanket over his head. “Papa! You startled me!” He rants about this unseemly behavior: “You’re making assignations!” “Do you see what time it is?” He thrusts his watch in her face. Betty tries to make her excuses: “I was at a work function.” “Hah! You should be paid overtime.” “It’s not in my contract, besides I’m an employee of confidence,” she replies. “And what about the other representatives of the company… You were with them?” “No,” Betty says, “She wasn’t.” “Don’t you know that you could get into trouble with his fiancee?” Betty hangs her head. “She knows that I’m his assistant and she has nothing to worry about with me. I’ll speak to him tomorrow.” “See that you do!” he huffs. “Now get to bed!”

In the bar, everyone’s getting progressively drunker and the one flirt says that she’s going to head off home with Nicolás but he can’t because of ‘business’. The other asks to use his cell phone and he generously waves it at her. The other flirt can’t hear anything and she runs off to ‘make her call.’ The first flirt gets Nicolás’ phone number and he tells her to leave her number with his secretary, Julia Pinzón. Nicolás realizes that his phone is gone. “Where is she with that phone? “Don’t worry, I’ll get it from her tomorrow,” assures her pal.

Betty is writing in her diary about the glorious night. “No man has every serenaded me, nor made me feel so desirable. Others have mocked me, but not him.” (In his apartment, Armando—with a dog!—is alone with his guilty conscience.) Betty knows that they run risks with their relationship, that they almost crossed that boundary today with nearly running into Aura Maria. She speculates further about Aura Maria behavior and how Freddy is going to be hurt.

We see that Aura Maria is necking with her ‘tipo’ in front of her house and Freddy is spying. She tries to break off and the guy wants to stay necking. “Let go of her!” demands Freddy, rushing to defend her. “Who’s that guy!” demands the date. “Nobody, Just a guy I work with!” says Aura Maria, surprised to see Freddy and trying to tread the fine line with this new date. “Some coworker?” Freddy is wounded by this and Aura Maria knows she’s hurt him. Freddy is furious. “Go home, Freddy,” she tells him. The guy wants to pick a fight and Freddy isn’t backing down, “Come on, I’m ready!” “Freddy, go home” she pleads. Rather than fight, Aura Maria and the guy drive off, leaving Freddy to suffer alone.

Betty, still thinking as she writes in her diary, “I worry about Freddy suffering because he loves someone who doesn’t love him.” She knows what that’s like. “I’m happy because Armando has made it clear to me where he stands with me and Marcé. He escaped from her—for me!—he abandoned her at the cocktail party—for me! I can’t believe he’d leave a woman like her for me. (We see Marcela alone in her bed, pensive, severe and beautiful.) This may be a war. It may be premature to worry about these things, but I’m living my dream. This is a beautiful dream and I’m going to enjoy dreaming it.”

The next morning, as she’s putting clothing away, Julia is avidly watching a commercial for pushup bras and panties; Betty comes in and asks her for something. Julia suggests that Betty should buy some of that lingerie. “Nooo… mama. You’re asking a lot of that clothing to help me, besides I don’t have money for such things.” Mama tells her that it will lift her bust. Papa chides her for encouraging their daughter to go out in the street thrusting her boobs out like some hussy. He growls at Julia.

Downstairs, Nicolás is waiting glumly for Betty. “Q, Nicolás, what’s up? How did last night go with the lawyer?” “Fine, fine.” She notes the face. “Are you sure everything’s fine?” “Sure.” “Okay, ciao.” She leaves and he picks up the phone to call Sanchez. He asks for news of his girlfriends. There’s none and Nicolás’ goose is cooked!

Freddy tells Wilson how hard it was to see Aura Maria with some other guy. He is practically in tears and Wilson listens attentively. Do you have any more tissues, do you? “No, I don’t, sorry,” says Wilson. He sadly advises Freddy, “You shouldn’t run after that Magdalena.” “I tried to act like a man,” says Freddy sadly. Betty enters and asks for Armando. “He’s not here,” whimpers Freddy. Betty gives him a look.

Outside Eco Moda, Marcela has just arrived. Patricia drives up and bellows for Marcela. “Marcé! Marcé! (that voice could strip paint!!) I couldn’t sleep all night wondering what happend!” Marcela is reluctant to recount the details of her humiliation. Patricia figures is out by looking at her face, “Aaah, Armando escaped!” Marcela breaks down, “He’s going out with some woman, I know he is, but he has no idea what will happen when I find out who she is!” Patricia tells her that it’s time to use her techniques. “I did! It was a disaster! And even worse, I had to see that awful Ricardo Mantillo. I made a scandal and Armando is going to kill me!” She sees mopey Freddy and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that he has a cold. “Has Armando arrived yet?” “No,” sniffs Freddy. “So… I’m not going to wait all night at a man’s apartment waiting for him” Marcela starts furiously talking to Patricia, but turns first with concern to Freddy and hands him some money. “Buy something for your grippe and buy me something for this nervous congestion.” She rubs her forehead and she and Patricia enter the building. Wilson tells Freddy to stop crying. Seconds later, Armando pulls up and Wilson runs up to get the car.

Armando arrives at the office and talks to Freddy and the doorman. He asks about Mario, Marcela and Patricia, whether they have arrived yet. He sees that Freddy is crying. Freddy says he has a cold, the flu. Armando calls him a crybaby.

The doorman comments very familiarly about Armando’s late night and pats him on the should. Armando asks if he has to touch him in order to talk to him. As punishment he has to wash all the company cars and on the block.

Marcela and Patricia are talking in bathroom. Marcla wants information regarding what Armado did last night. She is very upset. Berta is eating in one of the stalls and overhears everyhting they say. Marcela called Armando’s apartment last night at the time he should have arrive, but he didn’t answer the phone. Marcela wants Patricia to call someone from the cocktail party to check up on when he left and with whom. Patricia doesn’t want to do it. So she tries to talk Marcela out of it; she doesn’t want Armando to blame her. As a last test, Patricia calls the apartment; Marcela calls his cellular. He’s not at either place. Marcela tells Patricia to call Colorin.

Berta is very agitated as she comes out of the bathroom. She approaches Sophia. She says she overheard a conversation between Marcela and Patricia and if she doesn’t share it she’ll have to go off her diet. She describes the whole conversation. They agree that they need to warn Armando because he has been so generous to the cuartel.

Betty has written Armando a poem. Full of references to the previous night. A love letter. She reads it outloud to us. She rolls it up and wraps it in a ribbon like a parchment. Then she places it on her desk. More about the poem later…

She sees the chocolate that she gave him and is very pleased that he has kept it.

Berta enters and asks where Don Armando. She tells Betty that Marcela and Patricia are trying to find out what he did last night. Berta asks Betty if she knows what is going on. Betty is defensive. She talks about amante. Don Armando is soltero. No tiene amante. La otra but not a lover. Berta laughs.

Mario and Don Armando talking in the factory. Armando describes the previous evening, karaoke. Mario wants to know what Armando sang to her. Did Marcela interrup the romantic evening? Of course. What happened? He tells Armando that Marcela called him at midnight. Did you reconcile with Betty? Yes. It was like boxing. It hurts when you are being hit, but it left me anethisized. He realizes that Marcela is crazed with jealousy.

Patty calls called Colorin. Armando left at 10 alone. “I don’t need any more proof, right?” says Marce. She wants Patty to let her know when he arrives.

Betty amd Berta try to call Armando to warn him. Berta wants to know where he could have been with last night. She’s assuming that Marcela is right and that he didn’t go home all night. Betty looks like she thinks he went out on her, too. And is angry.

In reception. Freddy is crying. Aura Maria enters and asks his pardon for what she did last night. He’s angry and lets her know. He asks the doorman to be the intermediary in their discussions from then on. Aura Maria is clearly ashamed of herself.

Don Armando arrives in reception with Mario. He mentions how late she is. He calls her on the carpet. She promises that this is the last time that she’ll be late.

Armando, Mario and Freddy arrive on the floor, peek out of the elevator to check out the battlefield. They say buenos dias to Patty. Patty calls Marce to let her know that Armando has arrived.

Betty is on the phone as Armando arrives in the office. Berta is in the office. Berta has a little smirk on her face as she asks how his even was. Everyone has been looking for him. Marcela even called Colorin. Betty tells him everything that Berta told her.

Marcela comes into the office. And it starts. Armando says, “Marcela, let’s not begin.” Marcela asks Betty to leave, but she does not. Then starts yelling. “The next time… tell Betty so they all aren’t so worried about him. She tells him everything that she knows about last night.

He’s in a corner. Marcela is angry and asks him to let them know when he’s going to go out with one of his girlfirends so everyone doesn’t get upset and start looking in hospitals. Avisa. Who did he take home last night? Why did he get in to work so late this morning?

Armando comes out fighting. He puts the speaker phone on and calls his apartment house doorman. The doorman says he left his apartment at 7:30 this morning, alone. He’s edging out of the corner. She’s almost touching Betty’s poem. Betty sees it.

“Freddy come here. What time did I arrive this morning?” Freddy agrees that he arrived at 7:30. “Did I intimidate you to answer this way?” No, jamas. Armando has a slight smirk on his face. Almost out.

Marcela points Betty’s poem at Armando.

Then he tells Betty to call Production to verify that he and Mario were there earlier.

Marcela is still angry, pointing that poem at Armando. She’s angry at Betty too for knowing the intimate life between Marcela and Armando.

Then she throws the letter on the desk. “Why didn’t you answer the phone?” she asks. She yells that he thinks he can erase everything with his explanation. Then she opens the poem. Reads it out loud. With all the references to the previous night.

Armando is quiet,in shock. He cannot believe what he is hearing. Betty had signed it Delmira Agustini. Marcela asks who that is. “I don’t know.” Who is it? I don’t know. If some woman is going to go to the trouble of writing you a poem, you should at least remember her name.

Betty is standing in back of the door.

When Marcela leaves, he uncrumples the letter and calls for Betty. She enters the office. He asks her who put the letter on his desk. Now he’s angry at Betty. How could she think of doing that. I only wanted to give you a surprise. I’m very sorry. We should end this love.“Doctor tu no puedes mas con esto. I feel very bad.” Pero Betty, calmemos. Marcela is always suspicious. (Did Betty really use ‘tu?')

“No puedo destruir una relacion en esta manera.” Armando tries to talk her out of it. I already love you. I can’t be the other, the lover. The best thing is for us to end this. He tries to talk her out of it. She says, “Fue muy bello lo que vivimos. Vamos a volver a ser lo que siempre fuimos…”

Armando is left with mouth open. She cries behind the door.

Patty and Marce are in the factory. Talking. Marce is determined to find out who Delmira Agustini is. She’s thinking she’s probably a model.

Armando and Mario talking in the factory. Armando says, “Betty broke up with me. No quiere saber nada de me.” He actually seems sad. Upset.

Betty is in her office. She’s saying to herself that it was a useless dream. She’s crying. La cuartel enters her office and wants to know all. Who is the lover? “I don’t know her; I don’t know who it is. Don Armando does not have a lover.” She does not want to tell them anything.

The cuartel keeps after her and starts talking about how Marcela will discover the amante and will fry her in oil. When she won’t tell them anything they complain about her ‘falta de solaridadad.’ As they all leave, Dona Inecita tells her she did well to not tell them anything. Betty tenderly touches the picture of Armando on her computer screen.

Marcela, Patty, and Hugo are talking in the factory. Marcela asks Hugo who Delmira Agustini is. Who is this model? Hugo wants to know why they want to know. Marcela doesn’t want him to know. He guesses that Armando is playing around again. “Les aviso, bueno.”

Mario and Armando are talking in the factory (there are sure a lot of secrets being talked about pretty loudly in that factory. You would think that some of the workers would overhear). Mario says that all pairs have crises and “ojo de Nicolas Mora.”

Betty’s house. The phone rings. Nicolas and Don Hermes fight to answer it. Don Hermes wins. It is a beautiful woman calling Nicolas. She identifies herself as una amiga, la amiga del Doctor Sanchez. She has something in her hands. Nicolas starts leaving to meet her to get it from her. He tells don Hermes that he has a date. Don Hermes asks why he’s taking the calculator and business stuff.

Hugo calls Patty. He has the information that they are looking for. “When you know you will die.”