Summary 6

Hugo tells Patricia that he already knows who Delmira Agustini is. Though Patricia whines for some gossip, Hugo says that he will only tell Marcela directly because she’s the only interested party.

Marcela walks into Betty’s office and asks her to check if the money from the sales has come in so they can make payroll. Betty stares at Marcela and slips into a fantasy. In the fantasy, Marcela asks Betty why she’s taking Armando away from her and begs her not to do it. Betty answers that she’s giving him back today because she knows how much Marcela loves him. And since Betty loves him so much too, she’s given him the best of herself but she acknowledges that Marcela is his fiancée … she reminds her to take care of him because Armando needs a lot of love. Marcela hugs Betty and assures her that she will give him a lot of love - she has learned form her mistakes. Betty tells Marcela that they are both of them belong to Armando but he can only take one of them to the altar and it should be Marcela. As Marcela says thank you in Betty’s fantasy, Marcela asks her to snap out of it and Betty informs her that the money has come in, they can start meeting their obligations today.

Armando and Mario walk in as Marcela leaves Betty’s office … Armando asks Betty what Marcela was doing there and Betty explains that she was checking whether the money has come in so they can cover their obligations. Armando, looking sheepish, tells Betty to go ahead and find out the amount of the overdraft and he walks away from her office. Armando walks over to his desk and Betty calls home to talk to Nicolás, but he’s not there so she finally has to call him on his cell phone. Of course, the girl that has the phone answers and Betty interrogates her as to who she is and where Nicolás is and why she has the cell phone. As Armando and Mario listen on, Betty tells the girl, in an angry tone of voice, to relay a message to Nicolás: Betty called him and she needs to talk to him urgently. When Betty hangs up, Armando calls her to his office and asks her whether she found out the amount of the overdraft and Betty answers that she can’t find Nicolás and he has that information, but she’s going to call the bank directly instead. As Betty walks away, Mario tells Armando that it seems the call to Nicolás affected Betty tremendously.

Nicolás arrives at a park to recuperate his cell phone. He asks the girl for the cell phone and she demands to know who Betty is. When Nicolás asks if Betty called and the girl responds affirmatively, he starts to freak out and asks her what she told Betty. The girl tells him to calm down, she just took a message and Betty is waiting for his phone call. Before handing the cell phone over, the girl asks Nicolás where he is taking her tonight for dinner and Nicolás tells her he’ll take her to LeNoir, the restaurant where all the rich people go. Nicolás asks for the phone again, she puts it behind her back and he reaches over and takes it. Nicolás calls Betty who immediately asks him who the girl is that answered the phone. Nicolás answers that it’s just a friend, but Betty wants to know why she had the cell phone. Nicolás tells her he had to go to the bathroom and asked her to keep it for him until he came back. Betty doesn’t buy the story and asks again about the identity of the girl, but Nicolás reiterates that she’s just a friend and immediately changes the subject and asks Betty why she needed him so urgently. Betty asks him for the overdraft information but since he’s so busy with his friend and he’s not in front of the computer, she will find this out directly from the bank. As the girl starts to hang all over Nicolás, he assures Betty that he has all of that information in his head and starts to rote off figures including interest. When Betty asks him if he’s totally sure of the figure, Nicolás stares over at the girl’s legs and he doesn’t sound too convincing. :o) Betty tells Nicolás she will call the bank anyway to confirm and that they’ll talk at home later, she doesn’t want to discuss this any longer from Eco Moda and she hangs up. Nicolás tells the girl that he will go get his car and come back for her … but when he reaches the corner he gets change out of his pocket and hails down the next bus. :o)

Mario tells Armando that the conversation between Betty and Nicolás was really strange and they should be worried. He especially didn’t like the fact that Betty will meet Nicolás at home tonight. Armando takes a whiskey and asks Mario for suggestions. Mario reminds him that the romance is not consolidated yet and Armando wants to know what else he needs to do to consolidate it … he’s already taken her out every night this week and he’s kissed several times. Mario gives him a suggestive look and Armando adamantly tells him that he will not sleep with Betty … at any rate she wants nothing to do with him. Mario reminds him that he may have a small place in Betty’s heart but there are serious obstacles in the way: he has a fiancée who is an executive of this firm and watches him 24 hours a day, he’s the boss and she’s the employee, he’s rich and she’s poor (well, at least in theory this is true, Mario adds, jejeje) … Nicolás, on the other hand, is single and from her same economic class - there’s no reason why she should turn him down unless … Armando gets down on his knees and begs for Betty’s forgiveness. Armando tells him he’s already done enough, he’s taken her out and kissed her, but Mario reminds him of what can happen to his company and his family if Betty and his ‘boyfriend’ were to keep Eco Moda. Armando responds that it hurts him to keep doing this to Betty and then there’s also Marcela breathing down his neck at every turn … he’s playing with fire. Mario tells him every love story is a struggle (aaaay, Mariooo, jajaja) and tonight Betty is going to talk to Nicolás and that, he adds, is certainly playing with fire.

At Hugo’s workshop, Hugo tells Patricia and Marcela that he’s found out the identity of Delmira Agustini - she’s a famous Uruguayan poet very well known for her views on female chastity. Patricia starts to ask where she lives, if Armando has maybe set her up in an apartment … does Hugo know where she is? Hugo tells them that he does … her remains are in a cemetery in Montevideo, her husband shot her twice in 1914. Hugo tells Marcela that she’s chasing a ghost that does not exist and even if she did, she certainly wouldn’t write for Armando. As Hugo leaves for lunch with his models, Marcela tells Patricia that someone put the poem on Armando’s desk and she’s sure Armando didn’t even know it was there. And, of course, she guesses that it has to be somebody that works at Eco Moda and has access to his office. Patricia asks if she kept the evidence, and when Marcela shakes her head, Patricia tells her that if they had the poem they could send it to a handwriting analyst that could tell them a lot about the ‘bandida’ who is after Armando. Marcela tells Patricia that she’s been watching too many movies, she can forget about the handwriting analyst, but she assures her that she will find out who gave that poem to Armando.

Betty is staring at a photograph of Armando on her computer screen when Sofía walks in to tell her El Cuartel is leaving for lunch. Betty tells her that they can go ahead and she will catch up with them. Sofía notices that Betty is acting strange and asks her if something’s wrong, but she assures her that everything’s fine, she’ll be right there. Betty walks into the boardroom and tells an Armando, who is still drinking, that she’s leaving for lunch – does he want her to order something for him? Armando stares off into space and says no. Betty tells him that if he doesn’t eat something the whiskey might not agree with him, but Armando dejectedly answers that she shouldn’t worry about him. Betty, with a worried look on her face, leaves the boardroom and closes the door behind her, leaving Armando still deep in thought accompanied by his whiskey.

In the lobby of Eco Moda, Aura María calls Wilson over so that he can hand the correspondence to Freddy for distribution upstairs, including two urgent telegrams for Don Armando. As El Cuartel looks on intrigued, Aura María tells Wilson that the telegrams are in the last two envelopes and Wilson relays this message to Freddy. Betty arrives and asks if they’re leaving for lunch and as El Cuartel begins to complain that they have no money and only two of them can actually eat lunch, Betty tells them not to worry about it, she’ll treat them. At any rate, she adds, she’s got good news: payroll will be paid this afternoon. Everyone starts hugging and kissing at the good news … Freddy even hugs Aura María, but when he realizes it’s her, he pushes her away and she pouts. Wilson reminds Freddy that he’s got to pay him what he owes him, and Freddy angrily responds that he had to rain on his parade. Since everyone’s already noticed Freddy’s strange behavior, Sofía asks Aura María why Freddy is acting that way. Aura María, with a big smile on her face, explains that Freddy caught her necking in her car with a ‘friend’ and is now really mad at her, so he’s made Wilson the liaison between the courier department and the reception department. El Cuartel doesn’t react well to these news and Inesita reminds her that what goes around comes around and she’s bound to pay for the way she’s treated Freddy, if not here, well then up there (and points to heaven). Aura María answers, “las mujeres buenas se van para el cielo, pero las malas van para todos lados,” and laughs again. Inesita makes a play on words and she asks Aura María whether she knows that “almas devotas” (devout souls) will go to heaven, and the camaras focus on “almas de botas” – Aura María who is wearing boots and Betty who isn’t! [Have I said recently how much I love the writers? :o)] Aura María adds that they shouldn’t look at her in such a righteous manner, after all, she’s not going after any man that is engaged or married … and as we get a look at a consternated Betty, Aura María adds that that would certainly earn her a place in hell.

In Marcela’s office, Marcela tells Patricia that Armando’s lover has got to be one of Hugo’s models, who else can it be? After all, they went directly to Color In. Patricia suggests a scenario: what if Armando left with her from Eco Moda, dropped her off somewhere and then went back for her (little does she know this is exactly what happened). Marcela goes down to the lobby and asks Wilson who Armando left with the night before … Wilson tells her that Armando left with Betty.

Darkness has descended upon Bogotá and Armando is still drinking in the boardroom - does he work anymore? Mario walks in and asks if he’s decided what he’s going to do, but Armando tells him he’s got to think some more. Betty walks in and tells Armando that all of their obligations have been met and then has to walk away because her phone rings - it’s her dad calling to find out when she will be home. Betty tells him that she’s on her way out right now and asks him if Nicolás is already there. It seems that the answer is yet and Betty once again tells him that she’s leaving right now. Mario and Armando overhear the conversation and Mario begins to nag Armando about the Betty/Nicolás situation but Armando tells him to leave him alone. Betty walks back into Armando’s office to tell him she’s leaving and Armando offers to drive her home, but Betty refuses … he’s drunk too much and Marcela is in a very bad mood, it’s dangerous. Armando urges that he’s got to talk to her, but they are interrupted by Hugo who says that he’s got to talk to Armando right away. Armando is extremely annoyed by the interruption but Betty makes the best use of it and walks out. Armando yells after Betty, but she’s already gone. Hugo tells an extremely angry Armando that he doesn’t know what he should design because they are so low in funds – should he begin designing for poor people? Armando yells at him to continue designing the way he’s always designed, money’s already coming in and he doesn’t need to worry about it. Despite Armando’s words, Hugo keeps ranting and raving about designing for the poor and suggests that maybe they should leave the designing to Armando’s assistant, after all, she’s an expert at how poor people dress. Betty is just outside the door and she overhears Hugo’s spiteful comments.

Patricia holds her paycheck up, kisses it and tells Marcela that she doesn’t know if she should deposit it or frame it. Betty walks by and wishes them a good night. Marcela tells Patricia that Betty’s a ‘descarada’ and Patricia asks her if she seriously thinks that Armando’s having an affair with Betty, after all, he might be drinking more than usual, but his taste can’t have deteriorated to that extent. Marcela assures her that of course she doesn’t suspect that Betty is Armando’s lover, she just knows that Betty covers up for Armando and probably sets up all of his dates. Patricia reminds her that there’s not much she can do about Betty, she’s Armando’s protegé and her hands are tied. Marcela responds that Betty is the only one that can lead her to Armando’s lover. If you only knew, Marcela …

Down in the lobby, El Cuartel is once again waiting for Aura María as she makes arrangements on the phone for that evening with a ‘papacito’. Aura María stops her conversation when Freddy walks in and Freddy asks Wilson to tell her that she can feel free to continue talking because he can’t even hear her. Aura María pouts again and cuts her conversation short. When Aura María walks by Wilson and Freddy, she says good night but only Wilson answers, Freddy claims he didn’t hear a thing. :o) Aura María turns to Betty and comments that it’s a miracle that she can leave with them tonight … Betty answers that her boss doesn’t need her anymore and out they go. Upon their departure, Freddy breaks down again and asks Wilson for his gun. Wilson tells him that he knows that he’s not allowed to carry guns here, and Freddy answers that that’s exactly why he asked. :o)

Armando keeps downing the whiskey while Hugo reprimands him as well as Mario … they will never again get involved with one of his ‘niñas’, he warns. Mario ironically states that now they will have to ask ‘Doña Huga’ for permission and Armando pipes in that he would like to talk to Mario without ‘Doña Huga’s’ feathery presence. :o) Hugo calls them Abbott and Costello and warns them again to stay away from his models … after all, they can always get ‘Delmira Agustinis’ … zzzzzzz! LOL! When Hugo leaves Armando tells Mario that he’s sure that Marcela has told everyone about the poem and the gossip is probably all over Eco Moda by now. Mario cuts to the quick and asks him what plans he has for Betty tonight and Armando says he has none, Betty has rejected him. Mario is beside himself at Betty’s audacity … it’s incredible … obviously Nicolás Mora is better than Armando, does Armando know him? Armando tells him that he’s not interested, he’s tired of this game, Marcela is going to kill him and he doesn’t have the heart to keep doing this to Betty, he is running out of valour. Mario tells him he can go ahead then and leave things as they are, he can just go home and dream about Eco Moda’s situation one year from now. Armando starts to teeter-totter and asks Mario what he should do … get down on his knees, take Betty a serenade? Mario suggests a mariachi, but Armando outright rejects that idea. Mario suggests that he at least go to Betty’s house to straighten things out and lay down the rules of the game and he hands Armando a small stuffed animal (like a beanie baby) … a puppy called Popeye that he should give to Betty as a ‘detalle’. Armando asks if he should also kiss her and Mario tells him that there are $50 million and his family in the balance … that’s little to ask. Armando tells Mario that this is the last time he will do this, he’s never begged any woman, especially a woman like Betty. Mario warns Armando that if he lets a ‘fea’ like Betty reject him, he might as well get operated and borrow a dress from Marcela or he might consider entering a monastery, because his manhood would have ended. Mario starts shadow-boxing with Armando, trying to prepare him for tonight. :o)

Marcela catches Patricia walking out of Mario’s office and asks her why she’s so nervous, is she waiting for Mario or are they (Marcela and Patricia) leaving together? Patricia tells her that she’s staying a while longer. Just then, Armando and Mario walk by, Mario keeps on to his office while Armando calls for the elevator. Marcela asks Armando where the cocktail is at tonight. Armando tells her that there is no cocktail tonight, he’s on his way to the supermarket and then to his apartment. Marcela asks Armando to go by her apartment after he’s done with the grocery shopping, and Armando reluctantly answers yes. Marcela ironically states that he doesn’t have to, after all, he must have better plans. Armando just tells her he will see her later tonight at her apartment. As Armando gets in the elevator, Patricia runs over to Marcela and asks her if she believed the supermarket story … he’s probably going somewhere else, they should follow him. Marcela refuses to follow him and tells Patricia that if someone is trying to take Armando away from her, she can make life a living hell for that that person and for Armando, she has other ways. Marcela leaves and Mario comes out of his office looking for Sandra … he can’t find his car keys. Patricia offers to give him a ride home, but Mario says he’ll call a taxi, he doesn’t want to bother her. Patricia says it wouldn’t be any bother, it would be a pleasure. Out comes one of the models and asks Mario if he’s ready to leave … Mario tells her that there’s a small problem, he can’t find his keys. The model says that’s not a problem, she’s got her car in the garage and they can leave in that. Mario takes the model’s hand and bids good night to Patsy-Pat as she mutters, “desgraciado”, and dangles Mario’s car keys.

At Betty’s house, Doña Julia asks Betty to tell Nicolás to clear the dining room table so they can go ahead and have dinner. As Betty starts to help Nicolás, she picks up a framed picture of Patricia and asks him what it’s doing there, she doesn’t want to see a picture of Patricia in her house. Nicolás tells her that it’s his inspiration. Betty asks him where his cell phone is … Nicolás shows it to her and Betty reminds him that Don Armando’s money pays Terra Moda’s bills and he can’t let his ‘amiguitas’ borrow the phone - it’s not a tool to seduce people. As Nicolás starts to answer that he hasn’t let anyone borrow the cell phone, the phone rings at Betty’s house … Don Hermes answers it and tells Betty that it’s her boss. Betty takes the call and Armando asks if they can talk - he’s parked right outside, can she come out? Nicolás suggests that he come in and they can invite him to dinner. Betty answers that Don Armando’s in a hurry and he can’t stay for dinner. As she heads for the door, Don Hermes asks what’s going on and Betty tells him that she brought home some diskettes and Don Armando needs them and he’s also got to give her some instructions he forgot to give her at the office. Don Hermes warns her that he doesn’t like her meeting him out in the car, why can’t she invite him to dinner? Betty stands firm and goes outside anyway to meet an Armando who has just looked at the picture of Adrianita Arboleda and taken another drink. When Betty asks Armando what he needs, he orders her to get in the car. She gets in and tells him that they have nothing more to talk about, they have to make believe that nothing has happened between them. Armando asks her if she doesn’t have a heart, how can she be so cold and cut him down like this? Betty nervously keeps looking towards her house and that prompts Armando to ask her if she’s listening or if she’s worried about Nicolás. Betty assures him it’s not that, it’s her father … he suggested, almost demanded, that they talk inside. Armando tells her that there’s no way they can discuss their intimacy with Nicolás and her father listening on, so Betty suggests that they just go somewhere else to talk.

Armando is in the car with Betty, doing his best to convince her to come back to him, and she’s telling him it isn’t possible. He tells her that she has been so cold, so distant, that he they touched the heavens when they were together, that the time he has spent with her has been the happiest of his life, and now she is acting as if they were going into hell. How can she walk away? She tells him that she feels the same, that they touched the heavens, that it is everything she has dreamed of (at this point he glances away and rolls his eyes), but she sees now what she is interfering with, that it is unfair to his family, to hers, to Marcela, etc…and it makes her feel so bad. Looks directly at her and asks which feelings are stronger, those for him or those feelings of guilt, and she says of course her feelings for him. She is so earnest, and he is clearly doing his charm routine.

He starts to say that he wants to spend every night with her, chokes half-way through, and then gets it out, and then he says “y Ud?” She responds, “Doctor”, and then he leans in and kisses her(without looking at that woman’s photo). They continue to kiss as the guys from the gang that pick on betty and nicholas come and look in the car. Betty and Armando don’t notice. The group goes back to a hang out spot and decide to pick on whoever’s in the car (they don’t know, they couldn’t see any faces). They’re going to tell them to “get a hotel”.

Then we are back at the car, and Betty taps on Armando’s shoulder to break off the kiss, but he is reluctant, so it takes repeated taps before he pulls away. She tells him that they can’t continue with this, that it is too dangerous, and they should stop it now. He goes on and on about how he can’t leave Marcela now, because of the business, all of the problems would be exposed. And she agrees, and says that’s even more reason to end everything. His voice tightens the way it does when things aren’t going his way (although he manages not to shout, impressive control for him) and says that he didn’t mean that they should end, only that they have to be careful. She is still reluctant, so he breaks out with the “ultimate line”, Don’t leave me - -and then he shifts to the “tu” form - -“no me dejes”, and leans in for another kiss, which she totally falls for. They kiss for a few seconds and then the gang starts knocking on the window, saying “quien es”, etc., and then Betty turns and sees them, and they see her, and talk about “eso”, referring to her. Armando gets mad, and asks what is the problem. Then he gets out of the car and says, I asked, what is the problem? The guys call her the fea of the barrio, etc., and Armando walks over to the side of the car where they are, (they started off tapping on her side of the car), to confront them. One of them brushes up against Armando’s lapels, then refers to “esa divina”, and armando loses it and gives the guy a shove. Betty has gotten out of the car and is trying to calm him down and separate them, but Armando sets her aside and attacks the guy with a kick in the crotch and a cross (punch). The guy tries to jump him and gets pounded, then two other guys attack him with the initial guy out of play, and Armando is punching and kicking like its the street fight that it is. (well, it is 6 to 1)

Somewhere in there Don Hermes is checking out the window and speculating that soemhting is wrong. Then he sees the the beginnings of the fight, and goes out to interrupt, leaving with “I told you so, I told you so.”

Nicholas is sitting at the table with Dona Julia, and makes the mistake of being a little to open. “So much trouble and she’s ugly, imagine if she were pretty?” and gaffaws at his own joke. Nicholas earns the right to be disinvited from Dona Julia’s table, and she takes away the fruit he was reaching for, and the drink directly out of his hand.

Then Don Hermes is out there with Armando, and they have them both taking the same boxing stance. (more reminders of their similarities) Don Hermez smacks one of them, and you can tell they don’t want to be known as the barrio guys who beat up on old men, so they throw in the towl and go home. On their way out they make some crack about the “novio” defending Betty. Don Hermes ask what happened, and they make up a story about walking over to get cigarettes, and then Don Hermes tells Armando he should quit, its a really bad habit, which Armando agrees with. Armando then drives Betty and Don Hermes back to the house (it can’t be far if her father could see the incident from the house), and Don Hermes says that is why he doesn’t want her in the street at night. He then invites Armando into the house to get cleaned up, but Armando says he just wants to go home. Don Hermes says that his novia must be waiting. Betty gets back into the car to talk to Armando, and asks if he is unhappy. He says yes, he came over to get her back and now he leaves with empty hands and a face full of punches. She says, no not empty handed, she cannot refuse him. He asks if Nicholas had really defended her before this way (I MISSED WHEN THIS Happened), and she says, yes, once. Then she asks if mentioning Nicholas upsets him, and he says yes, but if she says nothing happens between them then it is okay. He tells her then that she should tell everyone that Nicholas is her boyfriend, so that they won’t be suspicious. She gives him a kiss on the side of his mouth and gets out of the car, and he puts his fingers up to where she kissed him for a minute before driving away.

Taxistas? - - Armando has a long story to tell Marcela about how he ended up so beat up. First he talks about a taxi driver, then talks about ending up in the “barrios” and how someone attacked his car so he had to defend it, and got beat up. The barrio reference seems to distract her, so he gets out from under her extensive scrutiny.

Then later, we see Betty writing in her diary, talking about how he showed how much he cares for her by fighting to protect her,how he appreciates her for who she is. She talks about changing herself for him, becoming a different person to please him. Simultaneously we see Armando in bed with Marcela. Marcela asks about talks about how Armando has been so tense lately, and so irritable, and he responds that SHE’s making him tense and irritable, and she gets on his nerves with all of this needling about other women and he’s sick of it, so if he wants to get beat up, or hang around in the barrios, or whatever, he can.

She leans in and kisses him, and he goes along, sort of, with his eyes open the entire time, which is a contrast to closed eyes and “active” approach with Betty. (whether its in earnest or part of his seduction routine, I have no idea)

THE NEXT DAY: All Made up and nowhere to go?

Betty’s house

Betty turns over her paycheck to her father(what is she, 12?), and then asks for some money back. He asks for what, and she says she is going to pick up a few new clothes, and he says not to waste too much money on such things. Her mother asks if if she is going to a certain shop (probably where she usually goes) and she says no, a new place her mother doesn’t know. Then her father leaves the room and she says she is going to buy lots and lots of clothes, and be a completely different person.

Next she is talking to Nicholas about how she is going to change her look. Nicholas asks about Patsy, and she says she is nothing like Patsy, and he says he knows because Patsy is beautiful and she is “different”. (I’m not liking Nicholas so much these days, for someone as mediocre looking and unappealing (in a masculine way) as he is to be so shallow is unbelievably arrogant, and to be so rude to someone who is his friend and who gave him a job, well, that’s reprehensible.) Anyway, Betty tells Nicholas to take a good look at her face, because she will never look like this again.

Marcela and Armando at Breakfast -

Armando gets a call on his cell phone and doesn’t recognize the number, so at first he is reluctant to answer it. Marcela asks - -don’t you want to answer it. Then he says of course, and it is Betty, calling to ask how he awakened, and he says fine, and then she asks for the morning off to do some shopping. He says fine. When Marcela hears that it is Betty, she asks that Betty issue the Check to Daniel, and Betty asks if he is with Marcela. When he says yes, she doesn’t like it, and Marcela asks about his his having to account for his every move to Betty.

Marcela asks Armando what he is going to do, he says go to the office as always, Marcela says he can’t go into the office looking like that (referring to the pounding he took).

At Ecomoda

The nasty guy that supervises all of the support staff and is constantly speaking English, better known as Gutiérrez, is approached by Pasty and asked ‘where is the receptionist?’ He replies, I suppose in general reception (reply in English). And Patsy says no, she isn’t. She is nowhere to be found.

Armando and Marcela arrive at Eco, and Aura Maria is nowhere to be seen. Freddie tries to cover for her, but he can’t pull it off. Marcella and Armando have had enough. As Armando and Marcela head towards the elevator, Patsy and the guy with the rug and the bad english come in and announce that Aura Maria is not here yet again, and something should be done, she should be fired. Marcella says that Aura Maria should come to see her, IF she comes in, because she is fired. Freddy is begging Armando, and gets very close to Armando’s face, then asks if Armando is wearing make up.

After they all go up on the elevator, Freddy says desperately to the guard that they can’t fire Aura Maria, she has to be there so he can ignore her. He is clearly devastated by the possibility that she won’t be around.

Armando goes along, and then announces (to Patsy’s overwhelming dismay) that Patsy will now have dual duties, his secretary AND recepcionist of Eco Moda. Marcell is amused by this and doesn’t bother to hide it. Armando takes Patsy’s hands and tells her she has the perfect profile for the job, she likes to work and she likes to be on time. The irritating supervisor is chiming in at every turn, repeating everything Armando says and even using the same gestures. Armando asks if he plans to follow Armando into hell, and still he’s reluctant to stop.

Patsy is crying to Marcela about this, that she can’t be a receptionist, but Marcela says nothing. Patsy says at the rate she is going, she’ll being Armando tells Pasty that even though it’s not what she contracted to do, part of her contract IS to keep her boss happy, and so she has take this job.

Then Hugo begins making fun of Armando with his makeup, telling Marcy she’d better watch out for her makeup or Armando will use it all. Marcy tells him to stop and not say anything to Armando, but she and Hugo and Patsy all laugh about it.

Mario arrives at work with the model of the week on his arm, and still can’t find his keys, so he asks Sandy to take care of ordering him a new set.

He then goes in to find Armando taking off the make up and asks about Armando’s new look. Armando makes a face, then Mario looks closer and says what happended to you? Armando says he got into a fight with some guys. Mario says he didn’t know Marcela could hit so hard, Armando says I told you, some guys, some of Betty’s neighbors. Mario asks what happened, Armando says “don’t laugh”, but of course Mario does, from the first sentence: “I was kissing Betty”. then he tells what happened, about how they made fun of betty, pobrecita, and Mario says how, and when Armando says that it was to say she was ugly, Mario says it was like calling him Mario Calderon. Then Mario asks why he got mixed up in it all, and Armando says, he didn’t know, he was just so furious he had to do something.

Then we see Betty shopping, looking at some dramatic and beautiful clothes, and asking for assistance.

Scenes for tomorrow: Betty goes to the hairdresser for a new style, and then comes into work and everyone stares. Armando is so floored he drops his pen. We see it from her perspective, so we don’t know if the changes are good or not.

In Armando’s Office

Armando has told Mario about the fight that occurred the previous evening. Mario asks since he was so gallant to defend her if they are back on. Armando tells him yes, but they have agreed to see each other less. He has also convinced her mkae the Cuartel believe that Nicolas is her boyfriend in order to keep them from suspecting that there is something between them. Mario believes that he should leave a surprise gift on her desk. Armando is against it.

At The Receptionist’s Desk

Freddy is saying to himself “To Be or Not To Be”. In the meantime, Wilson is keeping an eye on the door. Aura Maria arrives, visibly upset, and Freddy informs her that she is about to be fired. Aura Maria is shocked and says that they can’t do this to her. She begins to speak to Freddy, who says that he does not want to hear her. Since Freddy has declared war with Aura Maria he will not speak to her directly. Instead he uses Wilson as his interpretor, who has to repeat what Freddy and Aura Maria have to say to each other. Aura Maria asks Freddy for a favor and she calls in her son. She informs Freddy that they have been thrown out. Upon hearing this and seeing her son, Freddy begins to melt. He tells her son to greet him. The little boy mimics Freddy’s dance. Freddy, no longer using his interpretor tells Aura Maria that Guiterrez is waiting for her upstairs. She leaves her son with Freddy and sends Wilson to get the boy some breakfast. Before Wilson leaves he tells him that he can not let them fire her.

In The Lobby On The Second Floor

Patricia immediately approaches Aura Maria and lets her know that due to her firing she is also causing problems for her. Aura Maria hurrys off and is telling the Cuartel that she arrived home at 6:00 a.m. and her mother was waiting at the door with her son and her bags. She continues by saying that she now arrives at work only to find out that she is being fired. The Cuartel sympathize with her, but Sophia lets her know that it is her own fault. She had been warned before and she continued to arrive late. Berta tells her that there is nothing that they can do for her. She informs her that Guiterrez is waiting in his office for her. Sandra says that their only hope is Betty. However, Betty has not arrived and Aura Maria begins to cry.

At The Beauty Salon

Betty arrives and tells Sammy, the stylist, that she wants a new look. He looks at her through the mirror and shakes his head.

Back At The Office

Inisita has joined the Cuartle and she tells Aura Maria not to enter Guiterrez’s office until they come up with a plan. Sandra tells her to go speak to them and tell them what has happened. Sandra believes that once they hear that she and her son have nowhere to go that it will move them and they will let her keep her job. Sophia asks her if she is pregnant, because if she is they won’t be able to fire her. Mariana tells Inisita that she is their only hope. Inisita agrees to speak to Armando and tells Aura Maria to hide from Guiterrez. While Aura Maria is trying to escape Guiterrez comes out of his office and orders her into his office, which she refuses to do. Inisita tells him that she will not go in there until she has had an opportunity to speak to Armando. The Cuartel try to hide Aura Maria but Guiterrez says that he can see her and makes a remark to Berta about her no longer going to the gym. Guiterrez tells them that the decision has been made. Mariana trys to explain Aura Maria’s situation, but to no avail. Sandra tells him that Aura Maria will not be entering his office and he says that it doesn’t matter because she is still fired. He returns from his office with her letter of dismissal. The Cuartel is urging her not to accept. In the meantime, Marcela arrives and wants to know what is going on. When she is brought up-to-date she tells Aura Maria to take the letter. Inisita tries to speak to her but she informs everyone that the decision has been made and that Aura Maria had been warned. Aura Maria accepts the letter and takes off.

In Front Of Patricia’s Desk

As Aura Maria is passing by Patricia wants to know if she has been fired. When Aura Maria tells her yes and that she can know be happy Patricia says that she is not happy. She asks God why this type of things happen to her.

At The Receptionist’s Desk

Freddy is giving Aura Maria’s son a new hairdo, it looks just like his. Aura Maria returns and asks the guys to leave her alone for a moment. She calls her boyfriend and tells him what has happened. She asks him to come pick her up and that they will all go somewhere to sleep. The boyfriend informs her that he is leaving on a business trip that day to Greece and it seemed as though he won’t be coming back. Freddy tells Wilson that he can’t let this happen to her.

On The Second Floor

Sophia and Berta try to speak to Armando about Aura Maria. He tells them that he doesn’t want to talk about it because there is nothing that he can do. He goes on to tell them that it also hurts him. Sophia tries to say something to him, he stops her and says that he doesn’t want to discuss it. She tells him that what she wanted was to ask what happened to his face because it looks funny. This ansgers him and he tells her that it is not funny. When he walks away he overhears Berta telling Sophia that Marcela did it. He turns back and tells them that it wasn’t Marcela. After he leaves, Berta convinces Sophia that it was Marcela.

In Front of Patricia’s Desk

Patricia is begging Marcela to stop Aura Maria’s firing. Marcela wants to know why she wants this when she was the first one to go to Guiterrez. Armando arrives and asks Patricia why she has not moved her belongings downstairs. The Cuartel and Patricia are trying to convince Armando and Marcela to give Aura Maria a second opportunity. Freddy arrives and asks Armando and Marcela to listen to him. He has Aura Maria and her son come upstairs. Freddy tells everyone what has happened to Aura Maria and her son. He tells them a very moving story that has everyone in tears. The Cuartel tells her that they won’t leave her alone and that she can go live with one of them. Armando whispers to Marcela that they can’t do this. Marcela takes Aura Maria to her office. When Armando orders everyone to work Patricia asks about the marks on his face and Inisita wants to know who hit.

Jenny and Sophia

Jenny is asking Sophia for her money in order to purchase a new cell phone. Jenny threatens to go to Guiterrez.

In Marcela’s Office

Marcela is reprimanding Aura Maria for not completing her job. She wants to know why she was thrown out of her home. Aura Maria tells her what has happened and even that her boyfriend has invented a trip. Marcela talks to her Aura Maria about how she is leading her life. She wants to know what she expects when she behaves in the manner that she does. Aura Maria tells her of her dream to buy a house for her and her son. She knows that she can never have that dream due to her economic situation so that is why she is looking for someone. Marcela asks what about Freddy since he is in love with her. Aura Maria that she cannot imagine a life with Freddy. Freddy is only a messenger and the men that come looking for her are more than messengers. She says that she deserves better and she will get someone better. Marcela tells her that Freddy being a messenger does not matter. She tells her that she needs to look for something more solid in her life. She asks her if she doesn’t think that Freddy stays as a messenger because he doesn’t have someone to make him want to make more of his life. She asks if she doesn’t think that she could be the woman that he needs.

In The Lobby of the Second Floor

Marcela informs the Cuartel and Patricia that Aura Maria is staying. Patricia hugs Marcela. Patricia tells her that she is happy that she is staying, but she still doesn’t like her. The Cuartel makes Aura Maria promise to straighten up.

In The Lobby

Freddy tells Wilson that he can’t leave Aura Maria without a home. Aura Maria ararives and tells Freddy the good news. She tells him that if it had not been for him she would not have a second chance. Freddy tells Wilson to inform Aura Maria that know that the situation has been resolved that war is back on. Freddy is on his way outside when he asks someone if he can be of assistance. It is Betty. We can only hear her. Freddy, Wilson and Aura Maria are staring at her. Aura Maria wants to know what she has done to herself. Betty tells them that it is a change of look.

Entire Office

As Betty is making her way to her office everyone is saying “Betty”. They cannot believe what they are seeing. Listening to Betty’s voice you can tell that she is excited about her new look. When Armando looks at her he has a small laugh and tries very hard to keep it under control. He wants to know what she has done to herself. We finally get to see Betty. She has more makeup, her hair pulled up still with her bangs and curls down the side of her face. She is wearing a long skirt but more of a casual type of attire than a business store.

Sophia returns from Marcela’s office in which she discussed the loan that had been promised in order to pay Jenny for the cell phone. Berta asks if she has seen Betty. She says no and the Cuartel tells her what has occurred. Sophia says that she needs to see Betty about the loan so the entire Cuartel take this opportunity to go and look at Betty.

In Betty’s Office

Sandra wants to know why the new look? Mariana goes on to say that it must have to do with Nicolas. She then picks up the the candy and note that was left on her desk by either Mario or Armando. Betty tries to take it away before she can read the note. Betty tells them that she will explain everything to them at lunch.

In Armando’s Office

The Cuartel is not pleased with Betty’s change. Inisita makes the comment that she should have asked someone with experience. They are trying to decide if they should help her. On the way out of Armando’s office Inisita asks Armando what happened to his face. He tells her an accident. Outside of his office Berta tells Inisita that Marcela hit him. Armando hears this and Berta quickly closes the doors to his office.

In The Second Floor Lobby

Patricia makes a comment to Marcela about the marks that she left on Armando’s face. Marcela gets upset and wants to know who she can think that she would do a thing like that.

In Armando’s Office

Armando tells Marcela that everyone believes that she hit him. She wants to know if he believes that she is capable of doing such a thing. He answers yes. She tells him that she will do to him if she ever catches him with another woman, all the while kissing him. Betty comes out of her office and sees them. Armando gets upset. Betty needs Marcela to sign the check request. Marcela can’t make eye contact with her because she is trying not to laugh at her new look. When Betty leaves she begins to laugh and make fun of her new look. Betty is standing outside of Armando’s office and hears the entire conversation.

In Front of Berta’s Desk

Jenny arrives to ask for her money.

At Sophia’s Ex-Husband’s Office

A girl with a very short skirt walks into his office. He jumps out of his chair and asks her when they are going to go out. She hads him a piece of mail that states that he and Sophia must go to counseling.

Patricia and Marcela

They are laughing at Betty’s new look. Armando overhears them and wants to know if they are making fun of Betty again. Marcela says no, they’re making fun of her boyfriend. Armando looks upset.

Patricia and Marcela snicker together at the elevator about Betty and her new novio. “Imagine how her novio will react when he sees her tonight with that frightful new look!” says Marcela wickedly. Betty walks down the hall and Hugo and one of the models catch sight of her mock Betty too (hey! she’s not deaf!), Hugo is particularly cruel. “Is there another fea around her?” Patricia tells them no, they’re seeing the same one. Cruel laughter at Betty’s expense all around. Betty walks past and looks not so much hurt as tired, used to cruelties. She walks up to Sofia and gives her some papers signed ready for issuing checks. Freddy comes up singing and Betty walks away. After she leaves he comments on how unfortunate her new look is. Sofia reminds him that it’s not for him to comment. “Make yourself useful and tell that bandida the money’s ready for her cell phone.”

Inez is adjusting some garments on Jenny. Freddy knocks and asks Inez for a few moments of time with Jenny. He brings her good news: “Sofia now has the money for your cell phone.” “Really?” she asks suspiciously. “I wouldn’t tease you,” says Freddy earnestly. Jenny asks Inez for an early lunch, “I’m going to go get my phone.” Freddy offers to drive her. She’s not so interested but he presses on and she asks him about Aura Maria. He pleads his case: don’t let what’s gone on with Aura Maria get in the way of a beautiful friendship.

Armando is upset that everyone is mocking Betty. Mario has yet to see the new-and-improved Betty and he enters her closet office on some pretext to check it out for himself. He dashes back out and can’t control his mocking laughter, “I can’t believe it! It’s like we have another fea!” He wants to tease Armando some more. “So… Did you talk to her about her new look? There’s nothing worse than to ignore a woman’s new look! You have to comment on it! Look… When a woman changes the look it’s for a husband or lover.” Mario presses him to pursue this with Betty but Armando is hesitant, especially after knowing that Betty has been the target of some nasty comments that she couldn’t possibly not have heard. “She’s not going to believe me now if I say anything: she’ll think that I’m mocking her like others.” Mario won’t back down, “No, no… You’ll have to talk about the clothes or the hair. If I was in your place, I’d make love to her as she looks like now, so she knows you love her.” Armando rejects this idea out of hand. “No, no!” “Where’s the photo of Adriana Arboleda; you need some inspiration.” Armando has it handy: he pulls it out and they admire it (the woman in it) together. Betty enters with the report Mario asked for. She spies the photo and Armando notes her reaction. “It’s a model,” he mentions casually. “Ah… Is she Colombian?” asks Betty. Armando mentions that she is, that she’s a well known model. “Is she going to work for us?” asks Betty. “I hope so, because she’s so beautiful,” she says graciously.” She asks him about lunching and he teasingly sends her off to have hers. She heads off and overhears him telling Mario that if Adriana Arboleda walked in his door he would drop everything for her.” This is not what Betty wants to hear. She turns away, her spirits a little bruised.

Sofia gives Jenny the money for the cell phone and has her sign a receipt and tells her to cause no more problems. She makes Berta log the receipt. Jenny is anxious to go buy that phone. “Let’s go, Freddy.” They ask Freddy where he’s off to and he explains that he’s off to heaven (with Jenny). Inez comes up and they head off to lunch.

Jim is riding Wilson like a bronco and Aura Maria asks him to behave. The elevator opens and Freddy appears with Jenny. He asks Wilson for his 2 protective vests and to tells Wilson to tell Aura Maria that he’s off. “Where?” she asks, disbelievingly. “Inform Miss Aura Maria that I’m going to use my lunch hour to pursue my personal pleasures. Ciao Jim!” “Ciao!” Aura Maria looks stunned. The rest of the cuartel arrives and collects Aura Maria for lunch. Mariana excitedly tells the others that they’ll have a lot of gossip today because one has a new novio — and Sofia notes that another has lost hers, making Aura Maria look at her. Berta adds to the insult and mentions that that’s not all she’s lost, she’s also lost her only pretender!

Outside, Jenny worries that Freddy is making Aura Maria upset but he reassures her that there’s nothing more than a professional relationship. If things are cool between them, that’s the way it should be. Jenny tells him that that’s good because he deserves better. Freddy is excited by this unexpected compliment and he invites her to take a seat on his scooter (and grabs hers!)

Aura Maria races after him and shouts out her frustrations. The rest of the cuartel grab her and pull her back. They have more important things to talk about… Mariana asks Betty to spill all the details about Nicolás. Aura Maria is excited about news about Nicolás. “Tell us!” “Well,” says Betty sheepishly, “It was last night.” They scream in unison. Betty does the ‘aw shucks’ routine. Did he ask her to be novios with him? Yes. They dance around her with joy. Sandra jokingly pouts and pretends that she is jealous that Betty has found a novio, complaining that it’s pretty hard to find one these days. Mariana wants all details. “Has he asked for your hand in marriage?” asks Berta. Aura Maria advises her to start pressing him for this. Betty tells them that he came to her house and wanted to speak to her that he told her that he liked her a lot and wanted to formalize things with her and she accepted. “Well, what about a kiss, hug?” asks Aura Maria. Inez reprimands her that this kind of behavior is only between a husband and wife, like it was for her. “And how were they?” they tease Inez. “Rico!” she replies coquettishly.

Aura Maria pulls Betty back to pump her privately for details and asks if they’ve gone to bed yet. She’s all dreamy and excited about what its like to be with a well-to-do guy. “After all, when a man is with a sweet mamita…” She realizes who she’s talking to (no mamita, Betty) and backpedals a bit. “Well, with your new look you’re better, but I’m speaking about a re-remamita, you see!” Betty does see. Aura Maria wants more gossip. Betty looks pensive. “What’s that tragic look, are you telling me you’re never going to sleep with him?”

The scene switches back and forth between Aura Maria giving Betty advice on the importance of sex in a relationship and Mario doing the same with Armando.

In the car, Armando tells Mario that at lunch Betty is telling the girls that Nicolas is her new novio which should cut down on the suspicions around the office. Mario teases Armando as to whether that downturn to his lip means more. Armando tells him to leave off. In the restaurant, Armando warns Mario to stop tormenting him, he’s not going to touch Betty. “I don’t have enough imagination to be able to make love to Betty. I had to drink whiskey and look at that photo of Adrianita just to steel myself to kiss her!” Mario tells him that ugly women have sexual needs too: “You think because Betty is ugly she doesn’t need sex. I’ve seen her, she’s simmering. She’s like a volcano. Tranquilo, there’s the lava!” he finishes the joke, patting Armando.

Back to Betty and Aura Maria: “In our relationship there isn’t a plan to have sex,” says Betty. Aura Maria tells her this doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship. Betty enthuses on about her relationship with her beau, “It’s a relationship different than others’. It’s based on books and poetry and our love of finance…” Aura Maria is appalled by this idea. “No! It can’t be so so intellectual! Is there nothing of kisses or little things like that?” “No, kisses there are,” says Betty shyly, but that’s all. Aura Maria is disgusted and tells her that’s (sex) the best part, when a man and woman desire each other. “I desire him, but I’m timid and don’t want to force him,” says Betty, hesitantly. Aura Maria tells her that if you want him and he wants you then these things will happen. “No, he’s more of a romantic, a person who’s more of a talker…” Aura Maria has some advice for Betty, “Now on some dark night attack him, take off your clothes and jump him!” (Can’t you just hear Betty saying, after having done so… “¡Qué pena con usted, Doctor!”)

Back to Armando and Mario: “Do you think some day you think Betty could reject me? (for not being intimate),” asks Armando of Mario. “I’m going to tells you that our relationship isn’t based on sex, it’s different. We speak about things.” Hah! Mario doesn’t believe in relationships like this. “If you want to talk politics, talk to Daniel Valencia. If you want sex you want a lover.” Armando is slightly offended, “For that (sex) I have Marcela.”

Back to Betty and Aura Maria: “Sex isn’t our priority,” says Betty the dreamer. “Well it should be. Nothing of the intellectual matters. It has to be good in the bed,” counters Aura Maria the sensualist. “Aura Maria, the truth is that he admires me for who I Aura Maria, my mind, etc., but not for me sexually,” confesses Betty. Aura Maria advises her to drop him if there’s no sexual attraction.

Back to Armando and Mario: Mario is telling Armando that sex is the best way to convince a woman that you’re crazy for her. “I’m NOT crazy for her!” counters Armando. “So… you want to let her think she’s horrible?” asks Mario slyly.

The rest of cuartel has walked ahead and are talking about how they’ll approach Betty about her new look. Sofia is ready to appoint Inez as the spokesperson as she represents the maturity of the group. Aura Maria and Betty join the group. The topic of the ‘look’ is broached by Sofia: “Where did you go to change your hair and makeup and buy the new clothes?” Betty tells them that first she went to one store (apparently a local fashionable shop). They’re stunned because they don’t look like the usual offerings of that store. “Those clothes are from there?” “No,” says Betty slightly embarrassed, “I went but the clothes there, they’re for tall women. In the end I went to the store I usually go to with my mother.” “And the hairdresser that you went to for that ‘do’?” asked Berta, “Was it a hairdresser for men or women?” “Why? It was a hairdresser in the neighborhood.” asks Betty, confused. “Oh… Nothing.” “And how did you choose the hairstyle?” Betty tells them that she went through some magazines but all the styles were like the clothes at the fancy store, for attractive women so she ended up not choosing.” Sandra’s ready to go punch out the stylist, “So the hairdresser experimented on you?” Betty tells them that she ended up getting a style like one her mother gets. They walk on and Sofia and Berta wonder how they’re going to tell her how awful her new look looks.

Back to Armando and Mario: Mario suggests he offer help to Betty. “Are you suggesting that I buy her clothing, hire her a stylist?” asks Armando. “No,” counters, Mario, “But consider that this relationship could go on for a year, or more” Yikes! “Well then, as the all-knowing guru of women everywhere, what would you suggest?” asks Armando, half tongue-in-cheek. “Introduce her to a plastic surgeon,” jokes Mario. “Ah, and how do you offer aesthetic surgery to a woman?” Mario jokes that there’s no better gift for an ugly woman than aesthetic surgery. “Better than an a car or an apartment!” Armando is slightly intrigued, “This cosmetic surgery, just how would it change her?” “Well,” jokes Mario, “They’re not magicians, but they could make her like Aura Maria” “Aura Maria? How would they change the way she talks? Oh, and what if Marcela found out, because the money would have to be from my accounts, not Eco Moda’s, and Marcela would find!”

Back at the office, Marcela is talking to Patricia, she still feels that there’s someone after Armando. They walk past Armando’s office and they hear the phone in Betty’s office ringing off the hook. Patricia complains to Marcela that the phone is always ringing in the office and that imbecile is always is gone. Marcela has a simple solution, “Answer them!” Patricia is shocked by the suggestion, “Me???” The phone rings on and Marcela reminds her that if the answer they seek might be on the other end: they can find out who it might be pursuing Armando because they’re most likely to be calling on Betty’s line. Patricia goes to answer. Marcela sees the photo of Adriana Arboleda on Armando’s desk, picks it up and gives it a cockeyed look of suspicion.

Patricia answers the phone with a false voice (trying to sound like Betty) but it’s Nicolás and he knows it’s not Betty. He asks where she is and she reverts to her usual snotty attitude. He gives his name and asks her name and when he finds out it’s her, he’s all excited. “Mira, Patty!” he asks her to tell Betty to call Terra Moda, that there’s something important to discuss. He goes into full impress Patricia mode, “Tell her to call me in my car or on my cell phone.” Hermes overhears this call and whacks him suspiciously. Nicolás runs down the hall and pretends to call for his car and then shouts an order at Hermes to get some checks ready. More phony important babble… and Patricia is now all interested. She’s very sweet. She hangs up and it’s obvious that the squirrel is running in the cage that she calls her brain. Nicolás, on the other hand, is all giddy. He kisses her photo and goes to kiss Hermes who’s not having any of that nonsense! “Are you consuming psychotropic?” Hermes calls him a maniac, a subversive.

Marcela is still staring at the photo of Adriana Arboleda and Patricia tells her about the message. Do you know about Terra Moda? Marcela doesn’t. “What are you staring at?” Marcela shows her the photo and asks Patricia, “Is this Adriana Arboleda?” “Why yes it is!” “Why is this here? Patricia asks, “Could it be that she’s the one after Armando?”

In the lobby, Jim is playing William Tell with Wilson. Aura Maria hands a meal to Wilson for Jim. Aura Maria is still advising Betty and tells her to have her butt lifted and waist cinched (like with that foundation garment). “No that’s for woman who like to call attention to themselves,” says Betty.

Freddy is staring longingly at Jenny: she’s gotten a promotional bag for purchasing the new phone and she hands it to him as a remembrance of the day and to thank him for his help. After Jenny heads to the scooter, he flirts with the counter girl and heads out.

The cuartel arrives back from lunch and Patricia launches the first salvo and comments about the time they arrive… how they’re always off to lunch, etc. Sandra says that it’s because they have not place to have a siesta like her at her desk. The barbs fly. Patricia whines about the burdens of always having to answer the phones in the president’s office. This is news to the cuartel. What calls have you answered?” “What stress! And aren’t you the secretary to the president of Eco Moda?” asks Mariana. “But I’m not the personal assistant of the president like that one,” responds Patricia snottily. “I took a call for you.” “Who was it?” asks Betty. Patricia tells her that it was some type from a company called Terra Moda and there’s a meeting or something. “Some Nicolás Mora…” She asks “Who’s he?” when she sees their reaction of glee. “The novio of Betty!!!” they shriek in unison. They advise Betty to call him back on the cell. Patricia tries to play cool and tells them to go back to work. Sandra teases her that Betty has a rich novio unlike her. “Largirucha no one’s listening to you!” cries Patricia. Sofia wickedly jabs at Patricia’s recent lack of money even to put gas in her car. Berta rubs it in her face that she’s not capable of catching one for herself. “Betty will have to give you classes on how to get a rich novio!” Betty slyly adds, “Whenever you want a lesson, I’ll find some time to help you.” That sets Patricia off in a fury, “Never! I have this body, style, six semesters of finance in San Marino, class… I can have a rich novio whenever I want one! All I have to do is look in my phone book and pick one and snap my fingers and I’ve got one!” Daniel has gotten off the elevator during this tirade. “Oh yes?” he comments sardonically. Patricia nearly jumps out of her skin. “Hello,” she says nervously, “I didn’t hear you.” Daniel is definitely not Mr. Charm, “How could you? It was it impossible to hear anything over the shouts here! So, you can find the best kind of novio with just a snap of your fingers looking thru your phone book… Aura Maria I in the book?…” Patricia responds that he is. “…and if you snap I’ll come?” Patricia shows a little spunk and tries to brush this conversation off as being something between women. It all started because they were saying that Betty has a novio and they said that I couldn’t find one easily. “That’s not so,” says Betty. Daniel mockingly comments on the availability of personal ads, but oh, they charge for those… Perhaps you’ll stay a solterona. Is Marcela in her office?” He turns and walks away and Sandra can’t resist snapping her fingers. He turns and looks suspiciously at them. They all laughingly point to Patricia and blame it on her. He stalks away. The barbs between the ladies continue until Inez breaks them up. Sandra shadow boxes as if she’d like a piece of Patricia. Patricia responds in kind. Sofia snaps under her nose. Berta reminds Patricia that Betty is available to help. Betty strolls by smugly. Mariana teases Patricia that, “When you find one brink him by and introduce him!” Patricia walks off in a huff, hair swooshing. “So, is he the boss of Terra Moda?” asks Sofia. Betty clarifies things, “He’s the general manager of Terra Moda.” “Don’t they have some business with us?” asks Sofia. Yes, that’s why she doesn’t want it bandied about.

Betty enters Armando’s office and spies the photo of Adriana Arboleda and recalls Armando words that if she appeared one day he’d drop everyone for her and run. Daniel sneaks in behind her. “How are you?” asks Betty nervously. “Not well, since in my account there’s no money as you’d said.” Betty is apologetic, “I understand. Tomorrow you’ll have the money, I promise.” “And your words are as serious as your looks?” Daniel is incredibly rude. He continues, “You don’t look like the secretary of a fashion house, you look more like the secretary of a circus! (Armando has entered the office behind Daniel and is overhearing this insulting stream of venom) I know that Armando is a clown and he runs this place like a circus, so maybe your frightful hair and clothes are appropriate!” Betty’s cheeks flame in embarrassment and shock, “Doctor! You’re offending me!” Daniel continues remorselessly, “Who you’re offending is this place. What do you think you’re doing. What do you think of when you fix your hair? Do you think you look divine?” Armando steps forward.

Armando walks in to his office in time to hear Daniel’s diatribe towards Betty. Armando barely controls his rage when Daniel says that someone like Betty is harmful, not only to the company’s image, but to all humanity. He goes on to say that the harm her appearance does to the firm is doubly important since she practically runs the company, given the incompetence of its President. Armando goes after Daniel, but is held back by Betty. Daniel shrugs “I can understand your desire to defend the firm, but bad taste? Well, Tarzan and Cheetah…..” . He walks out.

Marcela is trying to get some work done at her desk and only half listens to Patricia going on and on about how the Cuartel is giving her grief about Betty and her rich boyfriend. Marcela glances up and tells Patty not to pay any attention to them. But Patty is relentless - she vows to get back at them no matter what. “I’m going to take her boyfriend away from her!” she gloats. She tells Marcela he’s a prize - a general manager with car, driver and club membership! Marcela, annoyed, tells Patty to get real “It doesn’t matter how rich he is, or how many cars he has or what clubs he belongs to. If he’s Beatriz’s boyfriend, he must be a complete dog!”. But Patricia sees nothing but dollar signs and retorts that if the Cuartel keeps bugging her, she’ll steal him away.

Back in the office, Armando comforts Betty. He tells her she looks lovely and he loves her new look. Betty is flattered and grateful. He goes on to say, though, that he missed the old Betty “Where is that captivating Betty that I met for the first time? With her shy smile, her bangs, her … ah…. charisma? Where is she? I want the old Betty back”. Betty looks a bit puzzled and says she thought he never liked her looks. Armando thinks fast and says that she grew on him and one day the magic came and he now can’t live without her. Overcome by emotion, Betty promises to go back to her old self. She puckers up. He runs to close the door. She comes to her senses and says he’s right - it’s too dangerous in the office. He sighs with relief. They agree to go out in a couple of days. Betty can’t wait. Armando looks like he’s having a root canal.

Aura Maria is on the phone begging Ines to look after her son as Freddy and Jenny come back from their shopping trip/lunch date. Aura Maria makes a crack about the blankets sticking, obviously thinking that they partook in a quickie. Freddy pretends not to hear and presses the elevator button “I’m calling the elevator o take us to heaven”, he murmurs to Jenny. Wilson puts his two cents in. Freddy acts offended and says he was on his lunch hour and was enjoying a gourmet lunch with a wonderful lady. Aura Maria seethes.

Upstairs, Patty has a new crisis. It seems her credit card is overextended and the bank is coming after her. She tries to convince them to give her a couple of more weeks and that she’ll cover all the interest charges. After all, she had six semesters at the San Marino and understands how these things work. She doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere, so she resorts to whining and begging. Marcela walks by. Patty abruptly hangs up the phone and asks Marcela for a loan “please, please, please”. Marcela looks disgusted and snaps “Ask Armando”. Two sets of fingers snap simultaneously. Patty whirls around. Mariana tells her to snap her fingers so her rich boyfriend will come running….

Betty calls home and tells Nicolas that he must never call her at the office or leave messages, especially with her enemy, Patricia Fernandez. Upon hearinig the name, Nicolas waxes poetic about his true love - he tells Betty he can even smell her perfume over the phone. But Betty stands firm, telling him he can’t be calling and making up stories about his car, his meetings and his club “It’s just too dangerous, especially if the gossip is coming from the mouth of Patricia”. That really gets Nicolas excited “And what a mouth! I already did the calculations and it’s almost as big as mine. I’ll have to learn to kiss, and pronto! Even if I have to take a correspondence course!” He laughs and then asks her why all the fuss, since Terramoda is on the up and up and all the books are in order. Then Betty drops the bombshell: “Because you are officially MY boyfriend!”.

Patricia is prowling the halls in search of 5 million pesos. She waylays a reluctant Mario as he waits for the elevator. He’s about to bolt, so she reminds him that there is only friendship between them. He relaxes a bit, only to tense up again when she asks him for 5 million pesos. He tells her he doesn’t have that kind of money, but he’ll make a few phone calls when he gets home. He escapes into the elevator as Hugo steps out. Patricia pounces “Can you lend me 5 million pesos?” Hugo laughs “Honey, I don’t have any money. Do you think I have rich studs to cater to my every whim, every extravagance? Nooooo… As a matter of fact, I’m renovating my apartment with my lovey dovey we are broke. Strapped for cash, maybe, but never for love!. Besides, I would never lend money to a woman because if she doesn’t pay, then what? Collect in kind? I don’t think so. Anyway, I also support my mother!”

As Betty says goodnight to Armando, Marcela comes in and asks if he’s ready to go home “I’m looking forward to a nice hot bubble bath, with herbs and oils - and aphrodisiac bath like the ones we always take!” Embarrassed, Armando pretends he doesn’t understand. Considerate, Betty notices his discomfort and leaves. Marcela is convinced that Armando is nervous because Betty is spying for Armando’s secret lover. They head out to the elevator.

As Armando and Marcela wait for the elevator, Hugo drags Jimmy by the ear out of his studio. “Who left this mini-Freddy in my studio? I will not abide children in my workshop. Except, of course, the child that I and ? will adopt one day.” Ines giggles “And what will your baby call you? Pamá or Mapá?”. Marcela turns to Armando and says “How sweet! And if we make a baby tonight in the tub…?” Armando answers sarcastically, “Wonderful! He’d be an amphibian - the son of Aqua Man!” Before Marcela and Armando can get away, Patricia blatantly asks Armando for 5 million pesos. “What! You must be drunk. You now it is absolutely forbidden to drink at the office!” Dejected, Patricia returns to her desk and thinks “They’re forcing me to fall into Daniel’s arms…”

Downstairs, Aura Maria hints to Freddy that she’d like a ride, as the cuartel looks on. Freddy ignores her and phones Jenny, telling her he’s waiting for her at Reception. Aura Maria leaves with the rest of the girls. Alone, Freddy drops the pose and looks very sad.

From her desk, Patty phones Daniel and asks for 5 million pesos. Very business like, Daniel says “Let’s figure this out. At 50,000 per night that will be … let’s see… 100 nights. Now, that’s a bit much, don’t you think? I’d get deathly bored. But I’d be happy to talk to some friends. Maybe they’d be interested in participating in our deal”. Patty slams down the phone and calls him a low-life.

Betty arrives home. Don Hermes is not happy with her new look and tells her to stop dressing up like a clown. Nicolas pulls one of her ringlets and laughs “Ding-dong, ding-dong!”. Betty admits that her look was a total failure and that she’s going back to the old Betty. Depressed, she tells them she’s not hungry and goes up to her room.

Nicolas follows her. Betty informs him that, as of last night, they are officially going out. “What?” Nicolas remarks “Did I fall asleep and miss something? You didn’t take advantage of me while I slept, did you?” Betty explains how she told the Cuartel that Nicolas is her boyfriend. Nicholas is upset. He wonders what they are going to think of him now at Eco Moda - it will ruin his image with Patricia. Betty has a little fun with Nicolas, saying that everyone, even Patricia, knows that Nicolas is smitten, but that she, Betty, is too much woman for him. When he turns pale, she tells him she’s just kidding, but it’s important that he not contact her at the office because Marcela might find out what’s going on with the business. Nicolas is relieved. He asks Betty “So, this boyfriend thing. Does it mean I have to hug and kiss you in public?” “No” laughs Betty “How could we possibly do that to each other?” They both crack up as they look at each themselves in the mirror. Nicolas, suddenly serious, says that this must mean he doesn’t have a chance with la Fernandez. Betty tries to make him feel better by saying Patricia is not the right woman for him anyway. Dejected, Nicolas goes downstairs, says good-bye to Patricia’s photo and sticks it in a drawer.

Betty writes in her diary. She wonders why Armando wanted her to look like she used to. She finds it strange that he is obsessed with her. “Could it be that he desires me?” she wonders. As Betty is writing, we see Armando and Marcela in a passionate embrace as they go to the bedroom, leaving a stream of discarded clothing in their wake. Back to Betty. She shrugs slightly and tells herself that Armando doesn’t have those sorts of feelings towards her. She thinks how much she’s going to miss him since they can’t see each other as often. She admits to herself that she loves him and wants him. She remembers how Aura Maria said that if the man doesn’t take the initiative, it’s up to the woman. But she tells herself she doesn’t have the personality or the courage to do so.

A few days later, Armando and Betty dance at a disco. Back at the table, Betty stares longingly at Armando, making him squirm. He sweet-talks her, making faces all the while. He finds the intestinal fortitude to plant a kiss, but is surprised when Betty lunges at him saying “I love you, Doctor, I love you!”. Nonplussed, Armando manages to push her away and look at his watch. Phew! It’s time to leave.

In the car, Betty thanks him for a wonderful evening. Armando replies that he’s counting the days until their next meeting. Betty again gets carried away and practically wrestles him into the back seat. Coyly, Armando pushes her away and reminds her that they need to act like adults and not loose control, no matter how much they want to. “Soon” he says “Very soon, we will be able to be alone!” . As Betty walks up the front steps, Armando shakes his head “My God! What kind of aphrodisiac did that woman have for lunch?!”

Don Hermes and doña Julia are waiting up for Betty, who they think has been at another company function. Turns out it’s her birthday. She admits that her boss doesn’t know. “Well done” says don Hermes “Otherwise he’d just think you’re angling for an expensive birthday present. Besides, he’s and executive and too busy for such details.” Doña Julia laughs and reminds her husband he never forgot the secretaries birthdays at his old office, not a one. She turns to her daughter: “Even so, it would have been nice if he’d remembered Betty’s birthday.”

Armando arrives at Marcela’s apartment after his outing with Betty. Marcela is sitting at the dining room table, waiting to pounce, with a drink in her hand. He, in his usual I’m such a good boy tone, asks her what she’s doing up so late and she, very upset, responds that he’d told her he’d be home early. He, while getting a drink, tells her it’s “just one a.m.” She corrects him: it’s 1:30 a.m. He says: I give up, it’s 1:30 a.m. He tells her about the supposed business meeting he was at with Betty, but Marcela isn’t buying any of it. She is sure that he’s been with his lover and storms towards her bedroom. Armando follows her and grabs her in the hall. He tells her that nowhere else is he welcome this late. She tries to loosen the grip and he tells her that he’s not through yet. He tells her that he always comes back to her because it’s always “open” and he loves that. She tells him that she wants to hear nothing else. Armando tells her that since she’s so knowledgeable about infidelities, she must know that a man can’t do what he’s about to do to her after he’s been with his mistress. He proceeds to plant a huge kiss on her and they begin to kiss passionately. He tells her that he’s going to give her a lesson that neither she nor her body will ever forget.

It’s morning at EcoModa, and the Cuartel is congratulating Sofia because she looks very elegant. She’s going to a reconciliation meeting with el Cheque. Mario arrives and is immediately “attacked” by Patricia who wants to know about the loan he promised to help her with. He puts her off by saying that he’s still working on it. Jenny is arriving at work with el Cheque, who tells her that he’s got to run. Jenny is very upset about the meeting with Sofia. El Cheque tells her that there’s no chance that he’ll go back to Sofia. Wilson is talking to el Cuartel and Armando arrives in his usual foul mood and yells at Wilson to park his car. Armando gets to his office and asks for Mario. Mario asks him if el monstrete has arrived yet and asks for details about the previous night’s outing - Betty’s kisses, Marcela’s screams… Armando tells him that everything is fine, but that he’s worried about Betty. Mario wants to know if it is because she’s already looking good to him. Armando tells him that of course not! He tells him that while they were kissing the night before, he felt a strange “energy” from Betty, well, that she kind of went crazy on him and told him how much she loved him. Mario can’t believe it! Armando tells him to believe it! Mario thinks this is just the best news he’s ever heard. Armando is his hero! But Armando isn’t just worried about this, he tells Mario that he felt that Betty was rather enthused, very pushy. He had to tell her to calm down and not let things go any further. Mario is in heaven! Does this mean that Betty was excited, that she wanted to make love? Armando, cringing, says that yes, that’s exactly it. Mario tells Armando that the bad news is that he’s going to have to take her to bed. Armando tells her that he’s not going to bed with her, he’s not going anywhere with her! Mario asks for calm and to review the situation: Armando is Betty’s “tinieblo” (boyfriend), right? Armando agrees. Armando has been working on her for some time now… She has already said I love you and she’s just a short distance away from going all the way. What is he going to do - take off running? This is a very delicate moment in their relationship. The highest expression of ego - as explained by Freud, Darwin, Nietzche… Mario tells Armando that he has no other choice than to go all the way… Mario needs to prepare himself emotionally, psychologically, and contraceptivelly because there’s no way out of it: he’s going to have to make love to el Monstrete. Armando BEGS him not to make him do that. To be a pal, a true friend. That he will never make love to Betty. Mario agrees: he won’t make love to Betty, he will make “the horror” with her. And mocks Armando by saying that he’ll end up with his clothes in tatters and his honor wounded.

Outside Armando’s office, el Cuartel is singing happy birthday to Betty. They ask her if Armando knew that it was her birthday. Armando and Mario hear the commotion and come out to find out what’s going on. Armando can’t believe he didn’t know it was Betty’s birthday. Everyone starts calling for him to kiss Betty and he does - a very chaste kiss on her forehead. Mario kisses her on the cheek. Marcela and Hugo grudgingly congratulate Betty. The Cuartel is upset that Nico hasn’t given Betty a birthday gift, made a phone call, or anything. Armando proposes getting a birthday cake to celebrate, but el Cuartel tells him that they’re already taking care of taking Betty out to celebrate. Back in Armando’s office, Mario scolds him for being such a terrible guy - the first time the poor girl has a boyfriend and he completely forgets it’s her birthday. Armando, who actually looks sorry for not knowing about Betty’s birthday, tells him that he had no idea, she never told him. Mario reminds him that Betty is a woman, she most probably thought that the previous evening’s outing was to celebrate her birthday and when the clock struck midnight: nothing happened! Can you imagine how she felt? Armando tells him to shut up and help him find a way out! Mario proposes that Armando do a strip tease! And very helpfully starts to unbutton his own shirt while singing “happy birthday to you, happy birthday, Mr. President” sounding suspiciously like Marilyn Monroe when she sang happy birthday to President Kennedy. Armando tells him to stop with his horrible jokes and to find one of those tacky gifts or cards that he keeps stashed away. That, like Freddy says - forgive me, but excuse me, I don’t have anything else to offer Betty.

Jenny is falling apart regarding Sofia’s meeting with her ex. Hugo gets mad at her for acting so spaced out and calls for a break. Sofia arrives to ask Inesita to help her by lending her a nice outfit to wear to the meeting. Hugo finds out - thanks to Jenny - and tells Sofia to give the outfit back. Inesita interferes and tells Sofia not to take it off, because if that happens she’s quitting! Hugo tells Sofia to make sure to take the dress to the dry cleaners prior to returning it.

Betty goes back to Armando’s office, where he asks her why she hadn’t mentioned about her birthday. She says that it’s really not important. He tells her that of course it is important. She says it isn’t, he says it is… She insists it isn’t, then he YELLS that it is important to him! How can she say it isn’t important!? Then he realizes that he’s yelling and apologizes for it… Betty tells him that she’s not telling him that her birthday isn’t important to make him feel better, that she really doesn’t like to make a big fuss about her birthday. He wants to know why and she explains that the only time she had a big party to celebrate it, for her 15th birthday - a party she agreed to have to please her parents - it was a disaster, so she never again celebrated it. She tells him not to worry and goes to her office. He is left alone, looking like a lost soul - could it be that Armando’s eyes actually watered?!

Brief interaction between Marcy and Patsy, where they continue with the plans to follow Armando.

Armando and Mario get off of the elevator, and Mario promises to bring the gift by. Armando says please be discrete.

As Armando heads to his office, Berta tells him that Sofia is running a little bit late from the reconciliation, which creates more problems than it solves.

Efrain and Sofia are at the conciliation meeting, and Sofia is saying there isn’t much point since he’s an old man running around with all these younger women, chasing skirts. Efrain jumps in with “old man, old man!, I go to the gym, I am very active, I am not old, I look good, etc., see what I have to deal with?” The counselor appears to be buying his story a little, especially as Sofia laughs at him, and says this is a waste of time, it is a complete waste of time. They should get the young thing in here, he could call her on the cell phone that he pays for. Efrain tries to play this off. Sofia says it’s a waste because he wants to keep doing what he is doing, but at least now maybe he will pay to support his children as he should be, and she runs out. Efrain then pulls out the cell phone to call “the young thing” in the office, and when the counselor looks at him skeptically, he says “oh, it isn’t mine, I borrowed it from work”. But then he can’t get through because the Yenny’s phone is off.

Yenny and Freddie are at a very expensive restaurant, and Yenny is flirting and making all of those baby faces and baby talk with Freddy. She goes on and on about how upset she is, and that she is worried about the reconciliation, and he asks what she will do if Sofia and Efrain reconcile - - what about Freddy and Yenny? She gives him a lot of double talk with her face very close to his, and then he jumps in and robs a kiss. This sends her backpedaling and she bounces up and out of the booth and leaves Freddy looking at the bill, which he says to himself he will be glad to take care of, it is only a week’s pay.

Armando is in his office when Betty gets a happy birthday call from Nicholas, who offers to take her out as the general manager of terramoda. She is very pleased that he remembered, but she says no, and when he insists that he will pay (but it can’t be too expensive), she says that she has plans with the cuartel, “se va de rumba”, so they should save it for next year which leaves Armando relieved. Nicholas tells Don Hermes that Betty has plans to go out, but he says no, family is more important, and she will be staying home tonight, her friends can come over here. Nicholas comments that this is just like the 1800s.

Marcy shows up with an invitation to a showing of a line, tonight , but Armando turns her down, saying he already has plans, with “clients”, yeah, that’s it, clients. She says, next time she’ll give him more warning so he can come up with a better answer, and walks out. She marches back to her office and says to Patsy that tonight he is seeing “her”, so this is the night to follow him. She also says she is afraid, and Pasty says of what, she’s ready to take on Armando, to beat him up or whatever, and Marcy says no, she’s afraid to find out the truth.

Shortly thereafter Mario shows up with the gift. It’s a Furby! And he is saying all these baby talk words like papa, etc, and we hear its voice too. Armando is rolling his eyes, and asks where is the card. Mario hands him the card and he reads it; he says, there is no way I would say this. Mario says, remember, these are the words of a man in love, or something to that effect (I don’t remember exactly). Armando heads towards Betty’s office and has to throw Mario out because Mario wants to watch just a little. He then puts on his adoring face and goes into Betty’s office. She is incredibly pleased, and overwhelmed, she can’t stop laughing, and Armando plays along until his back is turned to leave, at which point he rolls his eyes and exits. She reads the card, which says that this is a very important year, the beginning of many more years together.

Patsy comes back in to Marcy’s office with a brown paper bag and closes the door before pulling out two baseball caps and lense-less pairs of glasses. Marcy says, what’s this, and Patsy says, these are our disguises. Marcy says, “I’m, not wearing it,” and Patsy says, “fine,” (in a fake, betty-ish type voice ), “but you tell everyone you know that you were with someone else, because I am not going to be recognized.

Sofia comes back from her meeting, and Marcy sees her and asks how it went, and she breaks down and runs to her desk. She is threatening and sobbing all at the same time, and Berta can’t seem to calm her down. Yenny and Freddie get off the elevator and Yenny pretends to be concerned, before running off to call her poppi, puppi, pupichuri whatever, and reaches him back at the office. When he asks why she turned off her cell phone, she says because she wanted him to be able to concentrate fully on the meeting with Sofia, and because she was afraid of the bad news from him. He says, oh, that’s all right then. And she continues to baby chat with him into the design room with Hugo, and procedes to get on Hugo’s nerves. She makes a cutesy comment to Inesita about how it is too bad that the reconciliation didn’t go well, but is stopped short and her face falls when Inesita says good, because now the money will be divided. Inesita leaves the design room to comfort Sofia. She and the rest of the cuartel tell Sofia that she can’t let this get her down.

Dona Julia calls Berta to invite Betty’s friends to come over, because she knows they are all planning to go out together. Berta, of course, knows nothing about this, and is taken aback at the thought of being left out, but plays it off to Dona Julia. She then begins to pick on Sofia, sure that Sofia and the others were included, and when Sofia says no, and calls over the others, they all agree that they should call Betty, but Berta says no, she has a life, she is married, while they are all separated or divorced or old maids, so she doesn’t have to be bothered with them and their jealousy. Patty is listening in from a short distance. Sandy says they should call Betty, who comes out looking confused, tells them that she told her parents that because she hasn’t told them that she has a boyfriend yet. Patsy is standing so close you’d think she was a member of the cuartel, until Sandy sends her away with a “we are talking about boyfriends and you don’t have one so go away.” The women then demand an apology from Berta, who half-heartedly gives one while Betty goes back to call her mother and fix the situation.

When Betty calls her mother, she says she has other plans, and that the party should be cancelled, but her mother says it’s too late, Hermes has already bought everything and has put Nicholas to work decorating the house (Nicholas passes through tripping and bursting bright pink ballons). Betty says, its okay, mama, I know how he is. She then heads back out to talk to the cuartel about her solution, to have a short party that ends about 10, so she can still see her boyfriend.

Betty exits to hear Berta inviting more people to the party, production, sales, etc., and Berta asks for Betty’s address, but Betty says no, it can’t be a really big party, only the cuartel and her family. The cuartel agree to the 10:00 ending time.

Betty then comes in to see Armando and tells him that her family is throwing her a party he has been invited. He says that there is no way he can come, with the most gossipy people in Eco Moda at the party, so they’ll do it another night. She tells him that she worked it all out so they can get together, what time was he planning to do something? , and he says no, no, there’s too much going on. She says, okay, I won’t insist anymore, and looks disappointed, but goes toward her office. He sees her fallen face and says what time, she says no, no, but he insists and she says “a las diez? She lights up and he gives her a smile and a happy scrunchy face before she goes back to her office (and then he twists his mouth up).

Mario is in Armando’s office, Armando says he can’t do this, he has to come up with a good story for Marcela now, and Mario says that he should tell her the truth, that the best lies are “made up” with a little bit of the truth. Armando is shaking his head, and then hides it on Mario’s shoulder, he can’t take it. Betty comes in and Mario exits. A moment later Betty gets her things and comes back out and says “a las diez”again, and as she walks by Armando gives her the eye and calls her beautiful, and says he can’t wait until tonight. She happily exits as he makes more annoyed faces.

The cuartel is gathering in the corridor and Inesita is informing Hugo that she has plans and is leaving. Hugo throws another fit about distracted models and Inesita having to go here and there and everywhere, and where is she going that he is not invited. She says, of course he is invited to Betty’s Birthday Party, and he says, birthday party, more like a Halloween party with a group of witches getting together. He has other plans.

The cuartel is about to leave as they inform Patsy that she’s not invited, then Marcy comes by and Patsy says that Betty’s having a party and Marcy’s not invited, but Sandy (or Berta, I don’t remember), jumps in and says of course Marcy’s invited; Betty throws in a very half-hearted, yes, of course, to which Marcy responds that she’d rather go home and go to sleep than respond to such a mediocre invitation.

The cuartel heads out to Betty’s while Marcy heads in to Armando’s office. He volunteers information about where he’s planning to go, and she says it’s not necessary, but he says no, he wants to tell her, he’s going to Betty’s party.

Armando’s Office

Marcela can’t believe Armando is planning on attending Betty’s birthday party. They begin to argue and Marcela tells him that she didn’t come to argue but to wish him a good night and to inform him that she would not be bothering him that evening.

Betty’s House

Betty’s parents and Nicolas are preparing for the party. Nicolas informs them that he is leaving in order to get ready for the party. Dona Julia makes him put Patricia’s pricture away for the evening. He kisses it before putting it in a drawer.

At the Office

Betty and the Cuartel are preparing to leave. Betty gives them a hard time for spending so much time putting on their makeup. Aura Maria tells her that they have to prepare in case they meet a man. Betty tells them that the only one will be her father. They begin to give her a hard time about Nicolas. Betty tells them that he won’t be coming in, but actually honking for her to come out.

Freddy arrives with Jenny and Aura Maria asks Betty to invite him. Freddy agrees to go and turns around and invites Jenny to accompany him. Jenny turns down the invitation due to her boyfriend. Freddy is now unsure if he will attend. At the point Patricia shows up and tells Freddy that he needs to attend because he will be the only male in attendance. Freddy responds that if his presence will bring happiness then he cannot be selfish, so he will attend.

Marcela tells Patricia that Armando claims that he will be attending the party. Patricia cannot believe that he will be attending the party of his “assistonta”. Marcela is more determined to follow him.

Armando is telling Mario that he is going to have to wait at the office until 10:30 in order to go pick up Betty. He is not happy. Mario invites him out for a drink.

Outside of the Office

The Cuartel is waiting for a car. Freddy and Jenny come out and Sophia and aura Maria begin making remarks about the smell. Jenny offers them a ride to Betty’s. Sophia and Jenny get into a small argument in regards to the ownership of the car. Sophia claiming that 50% of it is hers. As Jenny takes off to get in the care the Cuartel begins to howl. Jenny purposely gives Sophia’s ex a kiss. As they drive off Sandra tells Sophia that there goes her 50%. Sophia begins to cry. When the taxi arrives for the Cuartel, Betty invites Wilson to her party. Patricia and Marcela hurry out of the building and get into a car and put on hats and glasses for a disguise.

At Betty’s House

Don Hermes is scolding Dona Julia for spending money on her hair. He tells her that her hairdo looks indecent. Betty and the Cuartel arrive and Don Hermes begins by mentioning the night that he had to go pick up Betty and they were all drunk. As Betty introduces the Cuartel Don Hermes asks personal questions in regards to Inisita’s and Sophia’s husbands. He does not like it that they are separted. He becomes happy when he hears that Aura Maria has a child, but then becomes upset when he finds out that she is a single mother. When Mariana and Sandra make remarks that they are old maids, Don Hermes does not like it. He tells them that he is sure that one day that they will find someone who respects them.

After the Cuartel has been seated Don Hermes offers jucies, soft drinks, etc. Aura Maria asks for something a little bit stronger. The entire Cuartel wants a cocktail. Betty reminds them that they need to leave by 10:00.

In the Kitchen

Dona Julia is gripping at Don Hermes for all the personal questions that he asked. He tells her that he doesn’t like the Cuartel. She tells him that there is nothing wrong with them and that he can go to bed. He refuses. She tells him to go out to the living room but not to bother them. As he is heading out the door, Dona Julia makes believe that she is going to hit him with a can.

In the Living Room

Aura Maria is giving counsel to Betty. She tells her that she needs to drink some of the cocktail in order to loosen up for her date. Don Hermes puts on some old fashioned music and Betty can’t get him to turn it off. Since Inisita knows the music she gets up and sings with him. Dona Julia comes out but she can’t convince him to let the Cuartel play their kind of music.

Betty tells her mother that she needs her help. She informs her that Armando has invited her out. Betty tells her that it is for her birthday.

At the Bar

Armando and Mario arrive and right behind them Marcela and Patricia arrive. Marcela sends Patricia inside to spy. Marcela is preparing to move to the driver’s side in case something goes wrong. She wants to be able to drive off as fast as possible even if it means leaving Patricia behind. Patricia gets upset because they could discover her and she would lose her job. Marcela tells her not to worry. If she should happen to lose her job she will find her another. Patricia calls Marcela and tells her that they are alone, but looking at a picture. Patricia tells her that she will try to find out who is in the picture. She says to Marcela “over and out”. Armando is upset about having to go out with Betty. He’s naming all the women that he could be with, he points at Patricia (not knowing that it is her) and says that he could be going out with “esa”. Mario tells him to go ahead and cancel with Betty. He tells him that he can’t because she is so looking forward to their going out. He also tells him that Nicolas has been calling all day in order to invite Betty out and he cannot permit her to go out with him.

Betty’s House

Betty is getting a little dizzy with the cocktail. The Cuartel is totally bored with Don Hermes music. Dona Julia is trying to get Don Hermes to turn off his music. He puts on one last song, the theme to Betty La Fea. Betty informs them that this is his favorite song. He gets Betty and makes her dance.

Freddy and Wilson arrive. Betty tries to intorduce them, but Freddy insists on introducing himself personally. He goes on to give his job description, carrying important company papers. Betty’s father says that his job is as a messenger. The Cuartel bursts out laughing. Feddy then introduces Wilson. Aura Maria asks Freddy if he brough music, but he ignores her. Freddy puts on some music and Betty asks the Cuartel if they let Freddy and Wilson know that they had to leave at 10:00 p.m. Their answer is no. Betty is worried.

At the Bar

Patricia is reporting to Marcela on the happenings inside the bar. Marcela calls Armando. Armando tells Marcela that he is at Betty’s house. Marcela becomes very upset that he is lying to her. Mario and Armando are leaving. Patricia tries to leave, but since she doesn’t have money to pay her bill the waiter tries to stop her. She finally escapes. However, not before Mario and Armando. Patricia runs out telling Marcela to hurry. As Marcela drives off to catch up to Armando she tells Patricia how he lied to her about being at Betty’s.

Betty’s House

The party has picked up speed and Betty tells her mother that it is time to get everyone to leave. Freddy lets Don Hermes know that they are out of liquor. He offers to go purchase more, but Betty tells him that they are leaving. He says no, that they have not cut the cake or taken pictures. Freddy is not ready to leave. Inisita tells Freddy that Betty has other plans and he wants to know with who.

Armando calls for Betty.

Today: The phone is for Betty and she answers it full of hope; it’s Armando on the phone. He tells her that he’s on the way. Betty hasn’t gotten rid of all of the guests though, “There’s one small problem,” she tells him, “But in 15 minutes I’ll be ready.” Armando ties to get out of this evening and is ready to call the night off, “Don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow if there’s some problem,” he tells her. Betty isn’t giving up so easily, “No, but in 15 minutes I’ll be ready,” she insists. “Have you been drinking?” Armando asks. “Si,” she sheepishly admits. “In 15 minutes I’ll be at the corner. I’ll see you then. Be well.” She turns and grins foolishly back at the group.

Marcela and Patricia pull up near Armando and wonder if he’s parked in front of Betty’s house. “It looks like he’s waiting for someone.” Patricia is sure it can’t be Betty’s house. “It can’t be AA because this person must be very poor. He’s waiting for someone, that’s for sure!” Marcela needs to think (and spy), “Be quiet, be quiet!” “I’m quiet!” hisses Patricia.

Someone walks up the street singing a tango loudly… it’s Papá. He’s carrying bags and he walks past the women. They watch in amazement. He spots Armando car and stops. “Doctor, what are you doing here? Are you mistaken in the house? Have you had a drink, I do the same when I come home late. Come on to my house now!” “No…” Armando tries to stall. He tries to avoid Hermés invitation to the house. “So you’re a little overcome by the drink,” Hermés says expansively, “So what. But the in that house is the assistant to the president and she would like to see you, my daughter would, and I’m bringing a bottle of the finest whiskey to continue celebrating. Don’t be stubborn, I can’t leave you here to sleep. I’ll accompany you to the house. I can’t leave you to the crazies in the street…” He goes on to talk about the experience from the other day with the local bullies and Armando knows when he’s beaten. He leans over and opens the car door for Hermés to get in so they can back up to park in front of the house.

Patricia is confused by this turn of events and she and Marcela speculate on who the guy could be who spoke to Armando. Could it be that he invited him to a house of ill repute? The follow Armando as he pulls up closer to Betty’s house.

In the house Betty is desperately trying to kick out her guests because she wants to go out. “Remember to tell my father that you have to go now,” she coaches them. Julia tells her that her father’s going to be unhappy that they’re leaving so soon. They hear singing… it’s Hermés and he announces a new diversion, a marvelous surprise. “It’s Armando! Come in surprise! Don Armando!” Armando enters the room cradling two bottles in brown bags like twin babies, looking very very sheepish. There’s no stopping the party now. The party continues at Hermés’ insistence and he tells them that Armando has come to salute the niña. Wilson comes to take the bottles from Armando. The women tell try to make their getaway as promised, they tell Hermés that need to leave but he’s not going to hear of it. Armando tells him that they have to get up early in the morning. No luck. “I have one more surprise still!” Hermés tells Armando. “You’re in your house!” He leads him past Betty who looks very disappointed to be thwarted from spending time alone with Armando. Inez tries to get the women to leave. Aura Maria wants another drink.

In the car, Marcela and Patricia are astounded. Could it be a brothel? “Let’s look,” suggests Marcela. “How?” “Look in the window!” “Me?” shrieks Patricia. “You’re the professional,” Marcela reminds Patricia of her boast. “No, Marcé! Those people could be dangerous!” “What happened to your professionalism? If you’re not going to continue, we might as well as go home.” “OK,” concedes Patricia, “But if they catch me and call the police you’d better be there for me!” Patricia runs up to the house and tries to peer in the window.

Inside they’re having another toast. Aura Maria pulls Betty aside and tries to encourage her to another drink. Aura Maria is loaded. Hermés wants to show Armando all of Betty diplomas. He reads them off one by one. How embarrassing. He shows him her school photo. “She’s very photogenic, no?” (LOL) Armando is trying to avoid responding to this and looks more than mildly stunned. He’s juggling the photo and drink and Hermés is rattling on and on. Betty looks mortified. “Qué bueno!” says Armando weakly. “I knew you’d agree,” boasts Hermés proudly. Julia pours him another drink. Hermés tries to pull Armando into another room and takes away the photo. Armando tells Wilson not to drink too much. Berta is drunk as a skunk and laughs that her gordito is going to be sooo unhappy with her when he sees her so intoxicated. She is waiting for the cab that her gordito is sending for them and goes to window to look for it. She pulls back the drapes and sees someone—it’s Patricia who’s just then peering into the window— and pulls back in alarm. She sits down and thinks she’s so drunk she’s seeing hallucinations.

Patricia runs frantically back to the car, “Marcé, Marcé!” and the words pour out that she’s seen them, that the house is full of the cuartel. “Oh sure, so it is Betty’s house,” says Marcela disgustedly. Patricia is agitated because Berta might have spotted her and she wants to get out of there… fast! “It is Betty’s house and Armando told you the truth so let’s go home now!” Marcela is still suspicious of his behavior, “So, why did he go past the house and park on the corner? Maybe he was arranged the meeting nearby!” Some mariachis follow Nicolás up the street: it’s clearly a serenata in the making.

Inside, Julia is pressing canapés on Armando and he can’t grab one fast enough. Hermés is babbling on about his tío Lázaro. Betty want Julia to pull him away from Armando so they can be off. They hear the doorbell ring: Betty goes to the door and she opens to Nicolás and the mariachi. Armando looks drunker and grimmer at what this implies and Berta smiles at the the romantic gesture.

Betty grabs Nicolás and tells him he can’t come in. “What! I’m playing the part of your novio! I’m wearing my father’s suit, I’ve brought you flowers, I’ve brought the band!” From inside Hermés bellows, “Who is it!” “Nicolás,” replies Betty. “Bring him in!” Outside, Betty begs him to not go in. “Nicolás calls out to Hermés that he’s brought a band,” Betty tries to hush him and get him away, “Armando is here!” “Well, why don’t you introduce me?” asks Nicolás. “No it’s too dangerous! The whole office is here!” pleads Betty. “Patricia is there?” Nicolás perks up at that potentiality. “No!” exclaims Betty disdainfully, “That woman never will enter my house!” Nicolás is a little crushed and tries another tactic, “What about the musicians?” Betty has the answer, “Send them away.” “With paying?” “Pay them with money from Terra Moda”, says Betty. Nicolás doesn’t want to leave yet, “You have to hear