Summary 12


A plaza in Cartagena, filled with umbrella covered cafe tables. Betty wearing a summer white blouse and light blue skirt, walks among the people (as she is going to meet Michel). Two young men pass next to her and one of them gives her a compliment. She looks back and realizes it is she he is talking to. She quickly walks away from them, but stops to once again look at them, who are still looking at her, smiling. She turns around and walks away from them, smiling with obvious disbelieve, as she has just received her first compliment ever! from a stranger in a street. She passes next to a table where Michel is sitting waiting for her. He gets up to ask her to come join him, and walks her to his table.

Betty- Good evening MichelMichel- Come sit down.He helps her to her chair, and then sits next to herMichel- Would you like something to drink?Betty- No, thank youMichel- First and foremost, I would like to apologize for what happened last night. (for those of you who don’t know, Michel tried to kiss Betty on her lips, last night).I don’t know what happened to me. I never behave in that manner.Betty- No, no, calm down, you don’t need to apologize.Michel- I ask you not to take a bad impression of me. Today is your last night in Cartagena, and the last thing I want, is for you to leave feeling upset towards me.Betty- I am not upset. What happens is that I am not accustomed to have things like that occur to me. I have come here from just having lived a very difficult situation in Bogota, and I am just barely trying to move ahead, trying to breathe some air; and I am very hurt, I am on my guard. Besides when it comes to love, I have had very few relationships, and in those very few times that I have fallen in love, it has been a disaster, they have left me feeling nearly dead. So you really do not need to apologize. You have been very kind towards me, and I have enjoyed very much the time we have spent together here; but maybe if I would have been a different kind of woman, I would have reacted differently, but this is how I am, (yo soy asi) and I bet I am never going to change.Michel- (Who has been smiling) Well, that’s the Betty that enchants me!. I have to tell you because you are going to think that what happened last night was premeditated, or it was a thing I take lightly, and that is not how it was. It was spontaneous!, it was natural! it came from within me to do it.Betty- But, what did you see in me?Michel- A sensible woman, who is very particular, that has been undergoing a very tough battle, and it has moved me to see that process, and I love in a certain manner, to be part of it. I think behind that woman, there is a little girl that becomes enlightened by the world! So don’t blame me Betty, because I was simply there, and you enchanted me! Are we friends? (He extends his hand towards Betty).Betty- Friends!, (she replies, smiling and shaking his hand).(Michel kisses her hand and she smiles shyly as a photographer approaches them and asks them if they want to have their picture taken).Michel- Oh yes yes, please, because this woman is leaving tomorrow, and I don’t want to be left with just my sad memories.Betty gets closer to Michel as he puts his arm around her shoulder bringing her tightly next to him and they pose. As the Polaroid comes out, Michel asks her without letting her go:Michel- Would you like to take one like this one, to take to Bogota?Betty- Yes, of course, yes! They smile again and have their second picture taken.As Michel pays the photographer, Cata greets them.Cata- Ahhhhh, souvenirs! (memories), how are you doing?Betty- Fine, Doña Catalina, thank you (as she looks at the pictures smiling).Michel takes one for him, and Cata tells Betty that they need to go get dressed because they only have an hour before they have to leave to the Beauty PageantMichel- Shall I come pick you both up?Cata- No, frankly I have to go ahead in the van to got pick up some people. Go for Betty!Michel- (looking at Betty) Would that bothered you?Betty- No, not at all (smiling)Cata- Well I’ll see you later.Michel- (He kisses them both on the cheek, looks at Betty and tells her) I’ll pick you up in a little while.Betty- Thank you.Michel leavesCata- (Smiling widely at Betty) Soo?Betty- He behaved divinely, Doña Catalina!, he apologized to me.Cata- I told you, Michel is a very particular type of person. I am glad you two made up.Betty- I am too. (smiling)As they both walk away, Cata asks to see the pictureBetty-(shyly hands her the photo) I always come out horrible in pictures!Cata- Noo, you look divine in this picture! How endearing Betty!


Armando admits to Mario Calderon that he thinks that he is beginning to be able to loose some of the anxiety for “her” and that he is accepting reality and that he has regained the sense of all that’s surrounding him, especially after he tried to destroy himself. He admits that he felt very unworthy, and he is very grateful to Marcela for his realization, because it was she who went to rescue him., it was she who took care of his wounds, his pain. He tells Mario, that their night together was a night filled with beauty, cruelty and that it was very difficult. He tells Mario that he was very moved when he saw all of his belongings still at the same place he left them, at Marcela’s apartment, as if she didn’t want to get rid of them. I know she is still in love with me. Mario asks him, does this mean you are reconciling? Did you have a night filled with love? Armando hesitates. Mario says, I see you are hesitating. Armando then tells him, that they had a night filled of a love, but not the kind of love he (Mario) is thinking. and then he says he recognizes the great virtue that Marcela Valencia possesses, and admits that he was unable to take his belongings from her apartment.


Marcela talking to her ex-mother in law tells her that she is tired from the long day, and after Margarita invites her to go to her house, Marcela tells her that she is just going to go to her apartment. She admits that she wants to see if Armando took his belongings.Why don’t you call him?No, he will think I am trying to be pushyBut that is what you are hoping for, Margarita tells her.Margarita- But that is what you are hoping?Marcela- Oh, Margarita, I am trying to have dignity, and I also don’t want to make illusions. He is confused, he feels betrayed. What I really need to see is how he reacts when she returns!.Margarita- Marcela, please, you don’t understand, she is not going to come back, she is just going to let her lawyers handle things and she won’t show her face!.Don’t you think that what she has done against Armando, doesn’t make him fall out of love with her? Who knows in what new story she is involved now!


Cata- Well Betty, I will help you get ready and then I’ll leave you. Betty- Thank you Doña Catalina. I would like to ask you a small question, Why do you do all this for me?Cata- I’ll make you a confession! When you first told me you were going to quit Ecomoda, I clearly knew I wanted to hire you, because I know your level of professional knowledge and I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass!. That you were going to leave with all the problems you left, I didn’t have that calculated, I learned them here.Betty- In other words, from the start it was purely a professional interest?Cata- (smiling) At first, Betty. I have to watch for my business! My idea was to first bring you here, expose and introduce you little by little to the events, and give you little assignments. But I also knew you needed to get out of there. And now I’m going to make you another confession! Having gotten to know you more and more, has turned that purely business interest of me in you, into a friendship category.Betty smiles moved by Cata’s words.Cata- I understand your conflict, and I hope I have been able to help you in being able, in some way, to solve it a bit.Betty- No, Doña Catalina, (not in a bit) you have helped me a lot! I sincerely appreciate all you have done for me! That you took me out of Bogota, that you have given me all these opportunities, that you put me in front of the sea!, that you introduced me to your friends, I really appreciate all of these past days and nights that we have spent here, and most of all, I appreciate that you introduced me to Michel!.Cata- (who has been smiling, laughs), I am very glad that you have met each other!, Let’s go get dressed.


Armando tells Mario that in any case he knows it is now time to return to his straight path; to take charge of things again. Calderon tells him that he also needs a new body after that fight! As Armando is describing all his bruises Mario tells him why not go to a doctor, Armando refuses, as he is standing next to the sliding doors, which are abruptly opened by Patsy Pat, hitting Armando on his back, making him bend over with pain, not even able to scream! Patsy Pat comes into the office and says, ohhhhh you are trying to scream Armando?, and she proceeds to tell him that his lawyer is on the phone and she leaves. Barely able to walk, Armando goes to his phone, and talks briefly with his lawyer, after he hangs up, he explains to Mario that the lawyer recommends a reconciliation with Beatriz rather than to get involved in a penal case, but also explained that to be able to proceed with such reconciliation, Betty’s presence is required.Armando- I hope she understands that!Mario- So we are back to square one!, Will Betty agree?, Will Betty want this? Will Betty show up?Mario insists that it is best if he talks to “Don Herpes"Don Hermes!, Armando corrects him!.Mario- Well, your father in law!, Talk to him!


Don Hermes is getting ready to see the Colombian Beauty Pageant on television. He is bringing his TV from his bedroom down to the living room because he is certain that Nicolas is going to show up any minute and he doesn’t want him in his bedroom, because “El Diablo es Puerco!” Sure enough, the door bell rings, and it is Nicolas, who informs Julia their attorneys are not very enthusiastic about representing Betty, because at the beginning of the whole mess Betty and Nicolas did not tell them the whole truth. Julia is very concerned and tells Nicolas that on top of everything, Armando called again! and that he wanted to talk to Hermes, but that she refused because after all he’s done he now wants to ruin her daughter even further by talking about her to Hermes. Nicolas notices that Julia is very angry and she tells him she knows everything, and that she can’t allow Hermes to find out all the dirty things they did. Nicolas adds that, it is best to wait until Betty’s arrival tomorrow. Hermes sees them chatting quietly, and tells them that it is rude to exchange secrets in front of others.


El Cuartel de las Feas is discussing how they are going to make it to Berta’s invitation to her house to see the Beauty Pageant, as it is so late already, and there is no way they can make it in time by bus. Mariana suggests that they can see it in La Sala de Junta de Ecomoda! La peliteñida who has been eavesdropping meddles again. She first mocks them, telling them that Beauty Pageants are seen by simple people, like them. She then adds that the meeting room is not for mere employees like them, that it is meant for executives. She then calls Gutierrez and tells him to come right away. Gutierrez comes and he too, tells the Cuartel that the meeting room is only for executives, and thus, he will not allow them to view the Beauty Pageant in there. Margarita and Marcela walk by and see the commotion, Marcela asks, What is going on? El Cuartel explains and Marcela tells them they may watch the show in the Meeting Room, that there is no problem. El Cuartel thank her. The elevator door opens and it is Berta (who has been off on maternity leave) coming to pick up the gang. They all say hello including Marcela, who asks about her newborn daughter, and Berta says she is fine. (By now Berta knows the change of plan, that they are going to watch the show at Ecomoda) Berta explains to Marcela that the baby’s daddy is taking care of her tonight, because he allowed her to stay to watch the show with her friends. El Cuartel go in the meeting room, where Berta also takes several bags filled with chips. Meanwhile, la peliteñida sticks to Marcela (as usual) inviting herself to Marcela’s apartment, so she can watch the beauty pageant. Poor Marce accepts (while she asks “what have I done to deserve this?")


Michel dressed in a black tuxedo calls Betty and tells her that he is waiting for her at the lobby, and then asks, are you ready? Good! I’ll be waiting. He begins to whistle happily!


EL Cuartel is sitting watching TV, waiting for the show to begin. Berta announces that her maternity leave has left her STARVING FOR GOSSIP! She want’s details of all she has missed! She can’t believe that so much has happened in her absence! She proceeds to ask details about Betty’s departure, and El Cuartel tell her they still don’t know the details. They do tell Berta about Nicolas’ visits to Ecomoda, and Patricia’s rude behavior towards him, making it obvious that something happened between them.


Mario-No matter what that lady thinks, you are going to have to face the father! Now, I don’t think it is absolutely necessary that you mention all the details of what happened between you and Betty!Armando- It’s going to be very difficult!Mario,- Yes, but we don’t have another choice, you will need to insist!Margarita (opens the door) Good eveningArmando and Mario stand upMargarita- Armando I’m going home now, and I am sure that your father is going to ask me the same thing he’s been asking me all day long!, Have you talked to that woman’s family? What do I tell him?Armando-(first looking at Mario) Mother, it’s just that it’s been very difficult. Look, I shall try to do so first thing in the morning.Margarita- I hope so!. Excuse me. (She exits)Mario- Well well, my dear Frankenstein, I think the time has come, so I want you energetic without contemplations in your head, or is it that you still feel compassion towards Betty?Armando- No. No. I hope she disappears from my life, man! I hope that she finds someone and that they marry and that he takes her far away!.


Michel is waiting by the long marble stairway, whistling, as he sees Betty who is walking down the stairway. She is wearing a long peach colored dress. It is sheer at the bottom (where the legs are). She is covered by a long sheer “estola” in the same color. He shoes also match. Her smile is big and Michel sees her with awe on his face as he runs up the stairs to meet her.Michel- Hello Betty (and he kisses her on the cheek)Betty- Hello Michel. (she puts her arm in his extended arm)Michel- (Smiling still) You look very beautiful!Betty- (smiling) Thank you!They walk towards his white convertible and you see the dress flow as she walks. He gallantly opens the car door and she sits, smiling, clearly very happy to be there. He gets in and the happy couple leaves en route to the Pageant.


The TV show the announcers (one of them is Cecilia Bolocco). Hermes is sitting directly in front of the TV blocking the view of Nicolas and Julia who sit behind him quietly. The phone rings and Julia runs to get it in the dining room. (Nico follows her). It is Mario Calderon and he asks for Hermes. Julia asks who it is, Mario tries to avoid answering and tells her it’s personal. She becomes upset and tells him that Mr. Pinzon is not home. Mario adds, when can I find him home? You won’t, he won’t be here in the next few days. At that moment Don Hermes says loudly, Julia, Betty must be there!, pointing to the TV. Mario overhears him and tells Julia to forgive him, but that he has heard Don Herme’s voice and would like to speak with him, She asks again who it is that’s calling. Mario doesn’t answer, and Julia says, I imagine you are calling for Mr. Mendoza, no?, Then tell Mr. Mendoza, to stop calling my house, to stop bothering! Mario adds, please Senora? Armando (grabs the phone from Mario) Dona Julia, this is Armando Mendoza, don’t complicate matters any further. Stop covering up for your daughter. This is all getting worse than I ever imagined.Julia- (looks very upset and distraught) respect my house! And she hangs up on him!Julia- (To herself out loud) Desgraciado!Armando is left staring at his phone.Don Hermes asks Julia Who was it?Julia- Just a salesmanJulia whispers to Nicoals that she is going to disconnect all the phones. Don Hermes is oblivious to the whole thing and he is looking for Betty in the TV. He is sure he will see her! Nicolas makes fun of Betty’s looks, as Don Hermes tells him to be quiet that he is sure he will see her!


Michel’s white convertible arrives. He parks in front of the fountain and comes to open Betty’s door. Cata comes to greet them. She is wearing a low cut white long dress. Her hair is up and she too looks very beautiful!Cata- Hello Michel, she kisses him on the cheek and looks at Betty! Betty you look very good!Betty smiling widely grabs Michel’s extended arm and Cata says, let’s go inside. The others are waiting!


Mario is upset complaining that it all now looks like a child’s game and that now they are playing the nagging mother!Armando- I told you so. That woman is like a wall!Mario-Then you are going to have to find another way to reach him.Armando- I know I know. Calderon, what was Betty’s father saying when you overheard him?Mario- I don’t know, something like Come on dear, Betty must be there! Armando- There? Where there?Mario- How am I supposed to know? Maybe in the washing room? or in the closet?


One can see Betty is Very different from the Betty in Bogota!. She is smiling, talking to Cata and Michele, and you can see the dress, like Cata’s is low cut and has a slit down her leg. (the reason I comment on these details is that Betty in Bogota was always completely covered from neck to toes, always hiding from the world. When she first wore a sleeveless dress in Cartagena, she was clearly very uncomfortable. She walked hunched over, trying to cover herself with her posture and of course her old hair style. Today, Betty is uncovered in a way that I think symbolizes that she is becoming more open to others. For the first time she seems more at ease among the crowd.!.)


Marcela and Patricia walk into her bedroom. On Marcela’s bed, Armando’s clothes and suitcase are still there. Marcela quietly smiles! Patricia questions the mess, and Marcela tells her not to touch it. Patricia tells her, “Marcela, you are going crazy”


El Cuartel is still gossiping about Nicolas bringing a rose to Patricia, etc. They also comment on how pretty Cecilia Bolocco looks. Aura Maria then begins to go crazy over the man announcer. She thinks he is very handsome. As she is complimenting him as Freddy walks in and asks her if it is he she is referring to. Mariana says, no, it is the announcer. Freddy then pretends to be an announcer and when they show a contestant wearing a bathing suit on the TV Freddy, Wilson and now Gutierrez who has just come by, begin to stare at the TV, Gutierrez is salivating, Freddy is just staring at the TV as Aura Maria gets jealous. The three men are almost falling over looking at the beautiful women. Aura Maria is very serious.


Don Hermes mouth is open and Julia closes it. Nico is quiet and Don Hermes asks him about the women, as Nico says he can’t see the TV well over his head. He also confides to Julia that he is sad because the beauties remind him of Patricia (as he shows Julia the picture he still carries in his coat)


Marce and Patty are on her bed watching the show, as Patricia begins to badly criticize the women on the contest. She begins to describe how “they should walk” Marcela is clearly bothered by all the talking and walking in front of the TV, and as Patricia continues to bother, Marcela tells her to sit down and watch the show!


As Armando is going over details with Mario, he remembers that Betty’s father is unemployed, and therefore, he is always at home. At that moment his cell phone rings, and he is surprise to notice that it is Marcela!Marcela-I just called to ask you if you had been able to talk to Beatriz’ family.(In the background you see Patricia making poses, pretending to be one of the beauty queens, as she makes gestures that clearly are disagreeing with what she is seeing on the TV)Armando- No, I still haven’t been able to communicate with them! I’m trying to see if I can talk to her father.Marcela- I see!, Oh, another thing! I also noticed you didn’t take your suitcase with your stuff. (and she smiles anticipating an answer)Armando- Yes, what happened is that I had to leave in a hurry.Marcela (her smile has vanished) Oh, I see, well I’d like you to come by and pick it all up, because they are in my way, and could you do it tonight!? if it’s not too much bother!?Armando- Yes, of course, I will try to go by tonight!Marcela-(serious) Thank you (she hangs up)Armando tells Mario what just happenedMario-Decisions Decisions my dear Frankenstein! Lets see you have three options1. Go to Marcela’s and solve or not solve the issue.2. Go to Marcela’s go to sleep and play dumm.2. Go to a bar so they can make your bruises more even.Armando- The option about a bar is over!. Why don’t you leave me alone to think?Mario exits as he tells him how happy he is that he is getting himself together.

Armando exits his office and hears all the people in the Meeting Room. He opens the doors and says hello to Berta and asks about her new baby. Berta gets up and when she sees his bruised face she wants to know what happened. Armando tells her “No details” he then tells Freddy to go pick up his car.Freddy- Excuse me, but in which slum did you leave it parked this time?Armando-Looking at him seriously. In no slum!, I left it at a bar, and you already know which bar.Freddy-Yes!Armando-Go for my carFreddy-Yes yes, but what a shame, could it be that maybe we could continue seeing the pageant for a little while longer?Armando- NoFreddy- Yes, ok. Freddy exitsAura Maria- Ay Don Armando, don’t you want to stay with us just a little bit to watch the pageant?Armando- No, no, calm down, I’m not interested in those shows.At that instant on the TV ARMANDO SEES BETTY! (who is sitting next to Cata clapping and smiling). ARMANDO MOVES HIS HEAD AND BODY TOWARDS THE TV IN SHOCK! HIS EYES ARE WIDE! EL CUARTEL (who had been distracted by him) ASKS HIM: WHAT’S WRONG DOCTOR?

In Cartagena, Betty is having the time of her life at the Miss Colombia contest with Michel by her side.

Back at EcoModa, while looking for Inesita, Hugo runs into Armando and looks at his bruised face and starts cracking the usual jokes: “el protagonista de el monstruo retorna”… He offers to comfort Armando but the offer is impolitely refused. Armando continues his painful journey into his office and eases himself into the company’s executive chair.

Hugo opens the sliding doors that lead into the meeting room and sees “El Cuartel” plus Inesita watching the beauty contest. Never missing an opportunity to insult the members of “El cuartel.” he makes a snide remark on the ugliness of the group assembled there. Then he seats down to watch the pageant with interest while commenting on the beautiful dresses and the beautiful women.

Meanwhile, in his former office, Armando is suffering from both physical and emotional pain. Ever so slowly he pulls Betty’s picture from his wallet, and looks at her one last time; then lets it fall into the trashcan by his desk. As he lets the picture off of his fingers, he makes a painful gesture: Betty and him are now enemies.

In Cartagena, the beauty contest reaches its climax as a beautiful woman is crowned Miss Colombia.

Meanwhile, at Marcela’s place, Patricia is doing all she can to invite herself to dine at Marcela’s. Of course, Patsy Pat is broke and a free meal, however simple, would be a nice complement to a somewhat uneventful night. But Marcela is not paying much attention to Patsy’s gastronomic aspirations… she is preoccupied with the time and looks at her watch constantly… picks up on Marcela’s preoccupation with the time and callously asks her what the deal with the time is. Marcela explains her that she is hopeful that Armando will show up. As if hit by 10 thousand volt jolt, Patsy jumps off the bed and almost disregarding Marcela’s statement suggests they both go to Cartagena to get some sunshine, relax, and find a “Principe Azul”… Little does she know that at that very moment, against the beautiful Cartagena night, Betty is once more flirting with happiness while she is still broke and alone.

In Cartagena, Cata has had a very long day and, as she gets off Michel’s car, reminds herself and Betty of the busy schedule they both have for the next day: Breakfast with the beauty contestants and then back to Bogota. She says farewells to Michele and kisses him warmly on the cheek. Betty however, wants to enjoy her last night in Cartagena a bit longer and accepts Michel’s invitation to take a car ride with him. They both ride away as Cata walks into the majestic hotel lobby.

Back at Marcela’s apartment, Patsy Pat is lazily watching TV when a brilliant idea pops to her otherwise empty head: “Marce” says she, “I think we both should live together. Your apartment is much to big for yourself only and I could be wonderful company. When you were seeing Armando, it was okay not to think of this but now you are single (“solterona”) and so am I, I think I should move in. I like this room!” Marcela is speechless, incredulous, and entertained at the same time when like a ghost, Armando appears. He still has the key to Marcela’s sumptuous apartment… and her heart. Patsy Pat offers to get him something to drink but he pays no attention to her. Marcela is visibly excited and grabs Patsy Pat towards the front door and asks her to leave. Patsy, leaves not before expressing her disappointment. Marcela walks away and Patsy’s words get lost in the hallway.

Marcela helps a slow-walking Armando to her bedroom where the suitcase he was supposed to take with him that morning still lay open on the bed. Armando makes a feeble attempt at getting things in it while Marcela says that she’ll help because he is still in pain. As she tries to leave the bedroom to get the rest of his personal belongings, Armando asks her to stay. With emotion and physical pain, Armando utters the words Marcela had been waiting for. As he goes down on his knees perhaps more out of pain than as a gesture of forgiveness, he asks her to forgive him and to give him time to heal: “if you think you can forgive me and if you can give me some time to heal, I’d like for the two of us to get back together again”… the words came out his mouth and electrified a receptive and anxious Marcela. This is the first time in years she’d heard him pronounce words like that. She’d waited long enough, and yet, she was cautious: Rhetorically she asks: “do you know what you are asking me?” Armando replies with a firm “yes” and they embraced and kissed passionately while this writer grabbed the tall glass of red Kool-Aid and took another swallow.

Later that night, Armando and Marcela lay in bed and Armando excuses himself for not being able to function that night. He explains that his entire body hurts. But lovingly, Marcela calms him down. She is going to help him heal… Of course Marcela is not talking of Armando’s physical pain. She is concerned with his emotional pain. She is very understanding and tells him that “I am going to be very patient even if this is the last time I ever do it.”

Back in Cartagena, Michel is not giving up so easily and asks Betty to stay a few more days and enjoy the Cartagenean Sea. Betty explains that she must go back to Bogota and face all her problems back there. Michel understands as he asks her if her for a hug… she obliges and eases herself into his arms in tender embrace.

Always the gentleman, Michel helps Betty get off the car and asks her not to forget him while reminding her that she’s got a friend in Cartagena. Betty on her part invites Michel to visit Bogota and asks him not to ever forget her. Both are kidding each other, as the emotions are too close to their skin to allow themselves to forget any of what has happened in those few days… Betty walks away while a sad Michel looks at that almost ethereal figure disappear into the lights of the hotel’s elegant lobby. Betty steps into her sumptuous suite smiling. She now feels it herself: this is another Betty.

Marcela awakes and realizes that Armando is not with her. She calls his name but silence is her reply. She is unaware that Armando has gone once more in search of Betty’s family. This time though, he is determined to talk to Don Hermes.

At the Pinzon’s home, a noisy Don Hermes is getting his breakfast as the doorbell rings. Nicolas appears. It is breakfast time. Nicolas has hardly been a few minutes at the Pinzon’s when the doorbell rings again. Julia reaches for the door and an angry Armando pushes in as he starts yelling that he needs to speak to Hermes. Julia tells Armando to leave while Nicolas threatens him. Completely oblivious to the reason of such hostility, Hermes interferes and asks for an explanation. Armando is accusing Betty and Nicolas of stealing his company. Hermes does not understand a single word. Armando presses on and Nicolas charges against him and hits him on the face. This time is the other side of Armando’s bruised face. Armando retreats in pain complaining that he did not have to hit him in the face. To Nicolas, it was sweet revenge. To Armando it is humiliation and more pain. Nicolas kicks Armando out of the house and closes the door on him.

An angry Hermes is seating at the dining table asking for an explanation. Julia insists that Nicolas call Betty to Cartagena to tell her of Armando’s visit and give her a full account of the recent events. A shaken Nicolas obliges. Betty is hardly able to get upset when Hermes grabs the phone away from Nicolas and orders his daughter to come back to Bogota “today”.

Betty is very upset when she runs into Cata as she tells her that she hates Armando Mendoza and that she has to get back to Bogota. An angry Betty tells Cata that “If Armando Mendoza thinks that I am going to take his company away, he is right. I am going to destroy those people”. The humble and submissive Betty is now gone. When Betty and the sea of Cartagena became one, only one of them would change. Like many others before her, Betty came to Cartagena to find herself. The sea retained it emerald-bluish color. Betty is not the same that left Bogota a few days hence.

Cata tries to cool Betty down as she continues to pronounce her sentence against Armando Mendoza and the Valencias. Cata realizes that unless she does something quick, the Betty going back to Bogota will be angry and resentful. In her typical kind and tactful way she tells Betty that they’ll go to the social event they have scheduled for the morning and that later in the day, before they depart back to Bogota, they’ll go to “Isla del Rosario” to forgive. Betty looks perplexed by the suggestion but by know she is used to Cata’s resourcefulness but still manages to ask her who they are going to forgive. Matter-of-factly Cata replies: “Armando Mendoza”.

At EcoModa Freddy is asking Armando, who is hurting from the injury inflicted by Nicolas, in what bar he’s left his car this time. Freddy by now is used to seeing his former boss, come to work all beat up and half drunk. But this time Armando is sober and his car is safely parked at EcoModa’s underground parking garage.

At Marcela’s office she and Margarita are talking about the previous night Marcela spent with Armando at her own place. Margarita is hopeful that things will get back on track, her track that is. But Marcela is not 100% convinced as she explains Margarita that Armando still has some feelings for Betty.

In Armando’s office, Calderon is awaiting for his friend. In his usual playful mode, Calderon questions Armando about last night and wonders also whether or not Armando was able to talk to Betty’s father. Armando ignores Calderon’s jokes about him and gets to the point: He was unable to talk to Hermes. Julia got in the way and Nicolas beat him on the face. Calderon cracks another one of his subtle jokes.

At the Pinzones, Nicolas is talking to Sanchez and asks him and his partner to go to Ecomoda and solve the problem any way they can. Hermes is upset beyond belief. He asks Nicolas not to ever return to their house. Nicolas is upset because he’ll never be able to see Betty or Julia or the refrigerator. Hermes on his part, storms out to the street as Julia asks him where he is going. Hermes says he’s got to run some errand… Julia and Nicolas are clueless as to what is in Hermes’ mind. He is going to a place he wished he’d never had to go.

At Armando’s office: Marcela is smiling and concerned that Armando’s face is now evened up… She is upset that Armando went to Betty’s house again arguing that those people are trouble. The tenderness is so obvious that when she leaves the office to get some cotton and disinfectant, Calderon starts singing “amaneci otra vez, entre tus brazos,…” Marcela realizes the sarcasm but Calderon tells the two of them that he is very happy for their renewed relationship.

Patsy Pat sees Marce walk towards the company’s kitchen and asks where she is going. Marcela says she is going to get some ice. Patsy Pat wonders if she is now serving him his scotch. Marce gives her a Marce look and says “no.”

Don Roberto, Daniel and the lawyers step out of EcoModa’s elevator. Daniel introduces Patsy to Dr. Juan Manuel Santa Maria and in his usual derogatory tune, he informs Juan Manuel of all the details regarding Patsy’s fate. Patsy is understandably upset as Daniel adds that he wants a cup of coffee with sugar this time.

In Armando’s office, Marcela is taking care of Armando’s newest facial feature and then asks him if he is ready [for the meeting]. Armando replies with a doubtful “yes” and Marcela adds that “you can count on me for the meeting”.. Armando feels the reassurance flowing down his veins.

Juan Manuel starts the conversation by saying that Armando is supposed to have contacted the Pinzones etc. etc. Armando replies that he has not been able to contact them and starts to explain what happened that morning.

The doors of the EcoModa’s elevator open at the management floor. A very determined, yet humble Don Hermes emerges as Sandra and Mariana watch in disbelief. He informs them that he’s come to talk to Dr. Mendoza. Roberto Mendoza that is. They inform him that he is busy in a meeting but he insists that when he learns who he is, he’ll want to talk to him. Patsy Pat gets involved just when Sandra is about to go and interrupt the meeting. After a few exchange of words between Patsy, Mariana and Sandra, Patsy goes to the meeting room to inform of the new visitor.

Don Roberto agrees to meet with him but Marcela tells him that it is not a good idea. Roberto insists and Armando calms Marcela down by saying he’ll come out with his father. Marcela feels better.

Armando and Roberto walk towards Hermes and introduce themselves. Hermes shakes Roberto’s hand as Armando extends his. Politely Hermes declines and makes it clear that he’s come to talk to Roberto. Marcela comes up and tries to find out what Hermes wants. Hermes, again politely, replies that he’s come to see Roberto Alone. Roberto agrees and leads him to the company’s President’s office as preoccupied Armando and Marcela watch. Hermes has come to straighten things up; he is far from knowing the details of his daughter’s troubles with these powerful people. He is about to find out that his own daughter, though well educated is also imperfect, but most of all, he’s come to the boiling pot of her daughter’s troubles for the family’s honor.

Roberto invites Hérmes to sit down and he’s all ears for what Hérmes has to say (in Armando’s office). Hérmes tells him that finds himself very troubled by the problem he’s just learned about this morning. Roberto is glad to hear this because he’d like to avoid legal problems and felt that speaking with them would be the best way to do so. Hérmes agrees and feels that this is a situation not for lawyers or judges, but best resolved amongst gentlemen, decent people. “My daughter isn’t going to hold on to your business, Doctor. She’ll return it to the last penny!”

We see Betty and Catalina along the edge of the sea. C tells her that they’ll sit here and they do, settling down into the warm waters of the Caribbean. “That’s no problem for me!”, says Betty in agreement. Catalina assumes the Lotus position and tells her that they’re there—before they go back to all that awaits them in Bogota—for Betty to face all of the things that trouble her, caused her pain… Dr. Armando Mendoza. You need to take control of yourself, to get hold of the hates and find balance. You can continue with the hurts but to find true peace you need to leave vengeance behind, you need to forgive. Close your yes and call to Armando and call for him to come.” Betty is ready to do what she says but she’s a little confused. “Come where?” “Tell him to come here, that you need to speak with him,” instructs Catalina. Betty calls out, “Don Armando, please come. Come Don Armando.” Ahead we see this ghostly figure of Armando walking towards her through the water, all dressed in white. Betty opens her eyes and sees him approach and looks a little nervous. “Is he here now?” asks Catalina and Betty shakes her head apprehensively. “Good, tell him to sit down; you need to talk to him.” Betty shakes her head in fear, “I can’t.” “Yes you can! You have to talk with him.” “No, I don’t want to! I want him to go! I want him to go!” “No, Betty, confront him! Talk to him! Tell him what you’ve wanted him to know! He has to listen.” Betty regroups and he approaches closer still. He smiles sweetly at her and comes to kneel in front of her. “Don Armando,” begins Betty, “I’ve been here several days now and I still don’t know why you hurt me so much!” We see Armando’s eyes glaze with anguished tears. “Since I met you, you have always caused me much inquietude. Since the first, I’ve respected you so much. There you were, such an elegant man, who had confidence in me, and I did everything possible to prove to you that I was the person you needed.” His eyes are mesmerizing in their intensity as he notes her pain. “In that dark office alongside yours was a woman,” Betty continues, “that would die for you and did so much to prove that to you. I would be incapable of betraying you. Didn’t you see that? Couldn’t you feel that? How could you? How could you be so cold-blooded as to make me fall in love with you?” Armando looks deeply sad and ashamed. “How could you play such a cruel game? If you knew that I felt more and more for you; I came to love you so much! I trusted you, Doctor, and at least you should have had some affection for me,” Betty says, sadly. “But you went on with your sinister plan, destroying me, in spite of everything I’d told you about my disastrous love life! At one point I considered forgiving you and continuing to love you but you continued your game up to the last second. You destroyed my life! I’m sorry, but I can’t forgive you!” Betty shakes her head and lowers her gaze from the sight of Armando in front of her. We hear Catalina, “Yes, you can forgive him! It’s for your good, Betty! If you don’t you can’t return to Bogota in peace. Run, go on, forgive him!” Betty sidles closer to Armando in the water and reaches up to touch his cheek. “I, BPS, forgive you Don Armando,” she begins, as if she were reciting wedding vows. We see his eyes close and he savors her hand caressing that cheek (“Oh that I were a glove upon that hand!") “In spite of the sorrow you’ve caused me, in the name of the love that I had for you and the life that I’ve found, I ask my heart not to hat you and leave me in peace. I love you still, and in the middle of all of the sorrow, I don’t wish you any harm. I want you to go on your way in peace, but far from me. With all of the love that was born in me, by you, and the sorrow, I forgive and wish that you leave my life without hate and with the same sweetness that I found in you, I wish that you would leave me.” She pulls her hand from his face and we see the pensive, heart-in-his-eyes gaze. “You can go now, Don Armando.” She reaches to him and hugs him in farewell and backs away from her, leaving her calmly seated. We see him walk away through the shallow water, turning to look back at her. She follows him with her eyes. He turns back and walks away. Betty and Catalina rise to their feet. “He’s gone now?” asks Catalina and Betty shakes her head, yes. Catalina tells her that she’ll feel much better, she’ll see.

Betty and Catalina are by a boat. “You feel better?” “Yes, I feel much better,” replies Betty. “I believe I can return now.” “Good, let’s go.” They get on the boat and head back across the sea to Cartagena.

Roberto tells Hérmes that he appreciates his words but actions aren’t bearing them out. The last message they had was strange: that they’d have to work it out with lawyers. Hérmes is annoyed and wants to clear up the record. There has been a misunderstanding. It’s been his son whose attitude hasn’t been so good. Roberto agrees that he knows his son’s ways. Hérmes tells him that his daughter has no intention of holding on to his business, or of Terra Moda, that he’d raised her with the highest ethical standards. Roberto nods his head. Hérmes tells him that he worked to those same standards for over 22 years himself in the food industry. Roberto asks him if he’d worked for the Mayorga family and Hérmes agrees that he did, although they still haven’t paid him any severance! Hérmes tells him that he can ask any of the family and none will say that Hérmes Pinzón Galarza has done a thing in error. He has always been characterized as a man of honor: at work, in his neighborhood, everywhere. That’s the same way he raised his daughter and she has an impeccable resume. Hérmes starts to recite her credentials and Roberto agrees, because he was there at her interview, plus he’s gotten good references from Banco Montreal. Hérmes goes on and on: no Pinzón would dream of using hunger as a pretext to cheat another. They’re ready to work with their hands! Hard! Roberto thanks him for his words and tells him that he needs his daughter to show her face and help them resolve the situation. “Tell me,” he leans forward, “When does she return?” Cut to Armando listening in outside his office door. Ah hah! This is the answer he’s been waiting for! We hear him lift up his head as he hears Hérmes say, “Precisely! My daughter returns this afternoon!”

Catalina and Betty leave the hotel and Betty comments expressively how much she’d like to come back to Cartagena. Catalina assures her with a smile that she will when she resolves her issues at home. They get in the van and it pulls away. They drive along the ocean and Betty looks out, pensive. Catalina notes her gaze and smiles, taking her hand. “How do you feel, Betty? Ready to return?” Betty smiles and tells her that she is ready.

Hérmes is still defending Betty and he tells Roberto the thing that bothers him most is that his daughter is being accused of being a thief. The one who’s really at fault is Armando, in his eyes. Roberto nods his head. Hérmes continues, acknowledging the blot on his daughter’s resume, but Roberto interrupts him. “You have to understand that this hasn’t been easy for us either.” He wants Hérmes to imagine how they felt to learn that their business has been left with barely a penny and his daughter had disappeared. How does that look? Hérmes understands and assures him that if he had known what was going on, he wouldn’t have let this come to pass. He defends Betty by saying that she had felt that the documents she’d left signed would be sufficient, but that wasn’t the case. He’ll make sure she is there to answer for the consequences. Roberto interrupts again and says that Armando too has been responsible in the matter: that’s why he removed him from the presidency. “Never! Never will I forgive him for what he’s done to us!” He talks of the 35 years he’d worked honorably to build the business. He’s indignant too. Hérmes is somewhat amazed by this show and admits that he knows about the Mendoza family, how respectable they are, etc. He starts to reminisce about the days way back when working in Bogota was a much different place, more “sensorial”. The two men sit on the sofa and smile over the old days. Hérmes wonders if he knew his rich uncle. Roberto is wondering how he can get out of this conversation now.

Outside the office, Armando is still eavesdropping when he hears Sofia telling someone else that Betty’s father is there. He looks over their way and heads towards the cuartel to hear better. Sandra is recounting the details about the arrival of Don Hérmes and how the Peliteñida behaved. Aura Maria is upset because she wants news of Betty and they didn’t get any. Sandra wants to know how could they with that toad Peliteñida around. Sofia tells them that things are indeed very delicate. They head off chattering and walk smack into Armando, bearing down on them with a determined face. “Ay, Doctor!” Sofia is startled and tries to cover up by telling him that they were just talking office talk. “Office talk or gossip?” he asks firmly. They deny it and he tells them to get back to work.

In the meeting, Daniel is holding court. Armando enters and his mother asks what’s going on. He reassures her that they’re fine, talking civilly. Daniel hands around papers and Armando takes his seat. Mario leans over for more details. Armando tells him that they’re only speaking of the business and it seems like the old man knows nothing of the story between he and Betty. Mario agrees because Armando’s still living. “Imagine that,” responds Armando.

Roberto and Hérmes leave the office and Hérmes is still going on about the old days versus the status today and Roberto is trying to head him out. He does agree, however, when Hérmes touches on the topic of ethics and admits that he too doesn’t understand the ethics that today’s youth follow. Hérmes jumps on that and says that’s the reason that the country’s in the state it is: the people are corrupt. You have to take the children by the hand. He sees the sign plate for the office and comments that the word, “Presidency” clouds the mind. He reminds Roberto, “El diablo es puerco!” shaking his finger. “And has no social class!” Roberto chuckles and agrees. Hérmes tells him it’s been a pleasure to meet him, even if under these circumstances and Roberto responds in kind. Hérmes tells him that his daughter’s lawyers will be by in the afternoon to clarify what papers really do need to be signed. He asks a favor of Roberto; that he watches over this situation closely. Roberto assures him that he will. Hérmes takes his leave and invites him to his house, for dinner, to enjoy his tango collection. Roberto agrees politely.

Hérmes leaves and Sandra and Mariana jump to see him and ask for news of Betty. They tell him how worried they are for their friend but he’s pretty terse and tells them that she’s never coming back to that business. He doesn’t want to speak any further about this and he hits the elevator button fiercely. The two jump back in surprise. Good afternoon! “What could Betty have done that would make her father act like that?” wonders Mariana.

Roberto enters the meeting and he tells them things are calmer now. It appears that they’ve been suffering from a war of nerves and now there’s no need to proceed legally against Betty. Marcela asks, more than a little tensely, “Why not?” He tells her that he’s reached an accord with her father. Armando’s eyes light up at this and Daniel turns to look at him. The two exchange a look of animosity. Daniel wonders that he’s going to trust those people but Roberto says that he will. “And that woman, what… I she going to stay unseen?” asks Marcela bitterly. Roberto says that this afternoon she’s returning to Bogota. Marcela’s face reveals alarm and she looks over to Armando for his reaction. He tries to maintain a “…y eso, que?” look of nonchalance.

Betty and Catalina are on the plane heading back at this very moment…

Margarita wants to know when Betty is going to show up and Roberto tells her that she won’t, the lawyers will be able to handle everything. We see Marcela and then Mario looking both a bit relieved at this. “We won’t have to see her again,” continues Roberto. Marcela’s eyes shine as she smiles in triumph at Armando. He looks downcast, his eyes dull. Roberto turns back to the topic of paying down debt but Daniel interrupts him. He wants to know about verify that they’re going to return the business.” “Yes.”

On the plane Betty and Catalina savor a glass of wine and we see the coastal islands below.

Julia serves Nícolas some lunch but he tells her not to worry about him. She looks at him like he’s grown another head. He continues by saying, “I can’t receive another thing from this house!” (He has been banished, you may recall, after today.) “You realize that I’ll have to cut my sentimental ties to your cooking too.” Julia worries about him but he tells her that he has his dignity. She assumes, then, that he doesn’t want the mushroom sauce, nor the eggs and ham, nor his jugo de morita. Well, she’ll just take them into the kitchen. He relents. “Consider it a farewell to Nícolas Moda.” The door opens and he hides. Hérmes enters and tosses his coat to Julia, asking if Betty has returned. Julia coaxes Nícolas to come out of hiding. Julia tells Hérmes to sit down and he does in front of the plate set for Nícolas. “No, not there, that’s for Nícolas. I have yours over here.” says Julia, firmly setting the tone. Hérmes looks back at Nícolas with a mocking sneer. Nícolas assures him that it was all Julia’s idea, to serve him breakfast. Hérmes barks at him to sit down. He needs to talk to him. Nícolas says he’ll sit but not eat. “Don’t you know it’s a sin to waste food?” counters Hérmes. Nícolas doesn’t want to give in. Hérmes takes away the food and Julia returns. Hérmes tells her that Nícolas doesn’t want to eat. “Can you wonder? You did eject him from the house,” she replies. “Eat!” commands Hérmes and Nícolas gives in. “Well, only half the soup,” he says, then adds to the list. Half a juice, half a potato… “Shut up!” barks Hérmes. Julia asks him where he was and when he replies Eco Moda, Nícolas nearly chokes. Julia’s eyes bulge in alarm. Hérmes tells her that he went to resolve things and speak like gentlemen. Nícolas tells him that anything that they said to him would be an exaggeration. Hérmes tells him that he spoke with Roberto, a respectable man and resolved the issue of their children. Julia wants to know what they spoke of. “Of the business, of life, of my uncle Lazaro…” Hérmes is off again! Nícolas tells him that he didn’t steal a single penny but Hérmes tells him that he participated in the affair and is complicit. He’s going to give Betty a piece of his mind when she gets home. Julia pleads for him to recall that this was Armando’s idea, not the boy’s (Nícolas) nor Betty’s. Hérmes tells them that’s been resolved too: they’ve kicked him out of the presidency. Nícolas is happy about the news of this sanction, but he doesn’t think everything can be resolved so easily. There are lawyers involved, judges. Hérmes tells him that of course the lawyers will be involved. They’ll straighten this all out.

AM and Sofia hear the latest from Sandra and Mariana and are concerned. The elevator opens to reveal Dr. Sanchez and his cohort. He asks for Armando and Sandra points to Patricia as his secretary. The two head over to where she’s sitting, leafing through a book. She doesn’t even look up at them and tells them he’s in a meeting but he asks that she inform him that he and Dr. Rosales are there. She repeats that he’s in a meeting and they’ll have to come back another day. He tells her that they’re the representatives for Terra Moda and her head snaps up, that they’ve come to work out a peaceable accord, but what a shame she doesn’t want to attend to them. (He’s bluffing) They turn to leave. Wait! Patricia goes to the office and Rosales admires the view; Sanchez is not impressed and cautions him, pointing out how “antipatica” she is. Rosales tells him that she has to be like that. After they chat, then go out to lunch, get to know each other a bit better, she’ll sweeten up.

Patricia, as if it was one of the eleven labors of Hercules, enters the boardroom and excuses herself for her interruption but that the lawyers are there. She hands the cards to Armando and flirts with the lawyer. Roberto dismisses her.

Sofia asks the others if they heard right: that those were Betty’s lawyers? They whisper amongst themselves and Aura Maria recalls that she’s seen them there before. They were there for something to do with an embargo. This is news to the others. They encourage Sandra to go over and verify the details. She trots over and asks if they’d want anything. Sanchez looks stricken with love at the sight of the tall woman and tells her that they’re here to see Armando. She asks if they’re Betty’s lawyers and she offers to help. We hear Patricia’s snotty voice call them to the meeting. As they head in Sanchez enthuses to Rosales about Sandra. Rosales still prefers Patricia. Rosales says that they’ll have to do good work there because women like them will cost them a lot of money! LOL Patricia tells them to continue in to the meeting, playing with her hair. They open the door and remove their hats. Everyone turns to look at them. No one stands so Sanchez tells them, “Don’t trouble yourselves, stay seated.” Roberto, reminded of his manners, asks them to take a seat and greets them. As they get all assembled, Margarita and Marcela look on with a “okay, show me what you got” kind of look. The two introduce themselves most cordially and Daniel points out that they’ve been there before under the pretext of an insurance audit, when in reality they were there gathering data for the embargo. Mario and Armando look embarrassed but Sanchez isn’t. Sanchez says that he never imagined that they would be misunderstood in this regard but continues to explain their purpose there. Daniel cuts off the introduction. Sanchez gets down to brass tacks: they’re there at the behest of Dr. Nícolas Mora to fulfill his express instructions. That’s to suspend the legal actions proceeding against Eco Moda. Marcela can’t believe her ears, nor, apparently can Daniel. Roberto looks pleased and says that’s what they’d hoped to hear. He introduces Dr. Santamaria and Sanchez smacks his head. How could he not have recognized him? The two little lawyers effusively greet the eminent Dr. Santamaria and recall a mutual acquaintance. Dr. Santamaria is pleased with this news and he suggests that they proceed with this action tomorrow morning. Sanchez agrees most pleasantly and says that they need only one thing: the physical presence of Betty. Armando looks hopeful.

Betty and Catalina have landed and are finding a taxi at the airport.

At the meeting roomThey are trying to decide what to do so that Betty would not have to come to Ecomoda. They talk for awhile and decide that the lawyers and Betty should meet at Santamaria’s (Ecomoda’s lawyer) office and do the signing. Betty’s lawyers leave.

They come out and one of the lawyers goes right to Patty and tells her that if she needs any thing to call him and he gives her, his card. Sandra goes to the other lawyer and tries to get him to tell her what is going on with Betty and the company, but he says is not the right place that she should call him and see what happens. HE kisses her hand and both lawyers go in the elevator.

Outside Betty’s house.Betty and Cata are in the taxi, Betty tells her thank you for everything and Cata tells her that she should only thank herself the hug and Betty comes out of the taxi. Roman and his gang are out there and as they see Betty going out they start to follow her tell her names like “mamita” then they ask her if she is Betty’s cousin because she resembles her. She turns around and says that she is Betty, they are all surprised and keep on asking out and yelling names, she tells them to leave her alone and they leave still telling her names and blowing kisses to her.

Inside Betty’s house the doorbell rings and Doña Julia answers and she looks at BEtty surprised with her appearance. DOn HErmes goes right ahead with the lecture just after telling her that she knows everything that happened. HE stops for a moment to tell her that he does not recognize her. He keeps going talking about values, morals and typical Hermes from there on. Betty interrupts to say that he tell it like they were criminals and he answers that they knew that Terramoda was only there so the banks won’t ask for money. He keeps going. Hermes tells Nicolas something and the phone rings, it is the lawyers saying that they will meet to sign papers tomorrow at Santamarias office. After this Hermes tells Betty that why. Did all this happen? She says that she never meant any harm that she never sis any of this out of personal gain.

In the meeting roomSantamaria recognises that Betty and Nicolas did a great job with Tarragona and that it is a shame that they will have to close Terramoda. HE says that they owe 8 million dollars. And that Terramoda does not have that money. Marcela asks if they have to sell their actives? Roberto answers that everyone will have too that he will sell his apartment in London and the house, and everything and tells Armando, Mario and Daniel that they will have to sell them too. Daniel refuses to do so saying that it is not his fault that Armando did this to Ecomoda and that all his money is on a project and his apartment. Santamaria says that then they should by seeing how much is Daniels apartment worth.

At Betty’s houseHermes is saying that how embarrassing with that family and he keeps going on … but Betty says that she will not feel sorry for someone that only insulted her that the only person she is sorry with is Roberto. Hermes asks that what made this all happen and she explained that because she and Armando had “roses” she just told the board meeting the truth. Betty asks for forgiveness form his father and tells him that she is glad everything will be over the next day. Hermes says that saying sorry does not cut t that she will have to pay and Betty answers that she paid enough and that she is back “para poner la cara”. Nicolas then says and the pretty face you have now. Then she says that she is going to start a new life. And she excuses herself to go to sleep and unpack. Hermes wants to go to her but Doña Julia does not let him.

At the meeting roomSantamaria says that the actives is not enough money to pat their debts but that he has a “propuesta” and that he is sure everyone thought about but that no one has said anything. He says that the only way to pay their debts and not have Ecomoda destroyed is to keep TErramoda. Marcela almost dies and says that she will not accept to be in that woman’s hand s again (meaning Betty), Margarita says the same Marcela is almost leaving but Roberto stops her.

At Betties roomShe is folding clothes and she takes one of her old skirts then Nicolas comes in and asks her that what did she do to herself. She explained how Catalina took her to a salon and that she bought new clothes. Nicolas tells Betty that Doña Julia knows everything including about her relationship with Armando/. She is surprised and Nicolas swears he did not tell her anything. Betty walks to her bed and takes her diary and then says that she probably read her dairy. Nicolas wants to see it both she takes it way from him and says that she is getting rid of it like getting rid of her past. Nicolas asks if she hates Armando she says no but that she will throw away her past even if it will take time to forget Armando.

At the meeting roomSantamaria says that Betty is there only savior and that they should talk to her and ask her to not give the company back. (My little sister turned the TV off here by mistake, by time I turned on the TV it was a commercial.)

At Betty’s roomBetty and Nicolas are talking about TErramoda and she tells him that that is not their problem anymore, Nicolas asks her what is she doing after everything is over she tells him that she will continue to work with Catalina. Nicolas says that he will have to keep looking and that it will probably be really hard to find a job because of his face but that she does not have that problem anymore. Betty tells him to still come to the house buy Nicolas tells her that Hermes kicked him out of the house. Betty tells Nicolas that she will talk to her dad the next day. He says thank you for that and Betty asks him if he forgot Patty already he says no and shows her the photograph on his coat.

At the secretarial areaThe cuartel is leaving and Patty tells then that where are they going they answer that home because it is 8, she tells them that they cannot go because the board meeting is not over they answer that she is the one that is the presidential secretary no them and they leave. Patty wines of how she is getting to her apartment. Hugo is leaving and Patty goes to him telling him that he has to give her a ride home he answers that his chesito is coming for him and he leaves.

At the meeting roomSantamaria says he will leave so they will decide.

At the secretarial hallSantamaria comes out and Patty tells him if wants some coffee. She thinks that she needs a boyfriend like Santamaria. She goes for some coffee.

At the meeting roomRoberto says that they have to talk to Betty. Daniel says they should just forget it and leave. Roberto gets mad and tells him that he is tired of his arrogance and that he wills not his company die. Armando says the same thing. Margarita, Armando and Roberto vote to talk to Betty and Mario says the same thing. Marcela says that even if she wants Betty far from here she will do it for the company. And votes to talk to her. Daniel says that they could do whatever they want but that he expects results. Marcela goes out to call Santamaria.

OutsidePatty is with Santamaria Marcela calls him and he goes in. Patty wines and suffers of how he asks god for a boyfriend who can take her home. And suddenly Freddie comes out and Patty says I told a boyfriend with car not motorcycle and after everything he has a girlfriend. Patty asks him if he could give a ride he accepts and they leave.

At the meeting roomRoberto tells Santamaria that they decided to talk to Betty. Mario says that it would not be right for someone Betty does not even know to talk to her. HE says he will accept gratefully but Betty hates his guts Daniel says they are totally enemies. Margarita says they barely talked one, Marcela says the only time she talked to her was to insult her. (Freeze Frame)

Everyone looks over at Armando as the person to approach Beatriz about helping EcoModa. Armando replies, “Don’t count with me. All of you know the hate that she must be feeling for me nowadays.” Daniel, of course, asks what caused that hate, but before Armando has to answer, Roberto steps in and says that he will be the one to talk to Betty since it seemed to him that she respected him (due to her apology to him at the board meeting where she resigned), and tells Santamaría to begin figuring out what steps they must follow regarding the banks, that way they will have a plan of action if Beatriz decides not to help them out. The board meeting concludes and everyone starts to exit the boardroom. When Marcela reaches the corridor, she is surprised to find that Patty is not still at her desk … she supposed that she would be waiting for her to give her a ride home.

Outside EcoModa, Freddy impatiently waits for his passenger (Patricia, jejeje) to put on her helmet. Patricia gives him a myriad excuses as to why she can’t put it on, from the fact that Aura María has worn it to the limp excuse that it would mess up her hair, but Freddy reminds her that it’s not an option, it’s the law. He further tells her that if she doesn’t put it on, he won’t be able to give her a ride home. As Patricia is about to make further protests, Daniel exits EcoModa talking on his cell phone. Upon hearing his voice, Patricia becomes anxious and puts the helmet on just so that he won’t recognize her. She immediately gets on Freddy’s bike and begs him to get her out of there before someone else comes out. She also makes Freddy promise not to tell a soul that he took her home :o). As Freddy pulls out, Daniel notices the legs of the rear passenger of the bike and recognizes them as belonging to Patricia. He immediately starts to laugh and says, “Ay, Patricia Fernández, peliteñida …” I wonder when Daniel will throw this in Patty’s face? It probably won’t be long. :o)

Back inside EcoModa, Armando thanks Santamaría for his help and sees him to the elevator. Marcela asks him whether he is coming with her or if he’s leaving on his own. Before he can answer she adds sarcastically that she knows he must be very anxious because of Betty’s required appearance at EcoModa and asks him if he will seek her out. Armando responds that he was perfectly clear at the meeting with regard to Betty … he has nothing to speak to her about and she hates him. Armando then tells an unconvinced Marcela to gather her stuff because he’s leaving with her to the apartment.

At the Pinzón’s, Julia goes in to Betty’s room … Betty is holding her diary. Upon seeing her, Betty asks her mother why she read something so private and sacred to her. Betty asks her daughter to forgive her, but to her her daughter’s wellbeing is even more sacred. Furthermore, she needed to find out what was going on with her because they’ve always been friends and confidantes and she was extremely worried about everything that was going on. Betty tells her mother that Don Armando was conducting “ugly business” that no one must know about and even though Nicolás knew about this business, he wasn’t aware of how intimate her relationship with Don Armando was. Julia tells her daughter that if she would have confided in her from day one everything would have turned out differently. They then hug tenderly. The subject of the diary is dropped and Doña Julia questions Betty on her new look. Betty tells her that she felt the need to change, to leave the old Betty behind and see a new Betty in the mirror … a Betty that rose up from ashes. She promises her mother that she will overcome this latest tragedy in her life and will forget Armando Mendoza. Betty, I don’t think you believe that one, do you?

Armando and Marcela arrive at Marce’s apartment. Marcela can’t let go of the subject of Betty’s return and the fact that Armando will see her again, especially under the present circumstances where they are asking for Betty’s help. Armando tells Marcela that he’s trying to forget about all of that and leave it behind … and for that he needs her help. Marcela backs down a little and confesses that she’s very afraid and hugs Armando.

The following morning, Betty receives a call from her lawyer, Sanchez. He tells her that her meeting with Santamaría has been cancelled … he doesn’t know the reason behind this and she should wait for them to get in touch with her. Betty finds this turn of events very strange; she wants to get this over and done with.

Armando and Marcela arrive at EcoModa and, as they exit the elevator, kiss and hug in the presence of Sandra and Mariana. As they leave to their respective offices, Mariana and Sandra can’t help but comment on the apparent reconciliation and how long it will last.

Armando stops at Mario’s office first. He finds him getting an eyeful of pictures of pretty women from his computer. Some things never change! :o)

Armando - Geez, Calderón, I’m very worried because it seems that the only solution for saving this company is asking for Beatriz’s help again.

Mario - Yes, yes, I’m also worried, but what do you think? Will “Vampirín” help us out or not?

Armando - Well, it’s already a miracle that Betty, with all of the hate she must be feeling toward me, didn’t keep the company. But now to ask her to come in and help us … I think that will be very difficult.

Mario - Well, and you, are you tempted to speak to her?

Armando - Of course I’m tempted, Calderón!!!! God, the only obsession that I’ve had for days is to talk … to talk to Betty. This has been especially difficult, Calderón, since I learned that she came back to Bogotá … I already knew she was here.

Mario - Well, what did you expect?

Armando - It’s Marcela, Calderón. Marcela is very afraid that I’ll run back to Betty and at this point in time I can’t let her down. I asked her for another chance, it wouldn’t be fair to her.

Mario - Man, I think that’s very responsible on your part!

Armando - Furthermore, Calderón, I don’t know … talking to Betty at this precise moment, when things are so difficult with her … she hates me!!!! It would be like setting her feelings even more against me and then having to ask for her help … I don’t know, I’m confused, I think my father is the correct person to talk to her without me getting involved at all.

Roberto comes in and asks Armando for Betty’s phone number. As Armando jots it down [from memory, might I add :o)], Roberto tells them that he will wait for them in the boardroom to discuss the details of his conversation with Betty. As Roberto leaves his office, Mario makes the sign of the cross, wishing him luck. :o)

At the Pinzón’s, Hermes is being his usual grouchy self and reproaching Julia about his undercooked eggs. As Julia rolls her eyes, Hermes asks who called earlier. Julia informs him that it was the lawyer for Terra Moda. Betty comes in, all dressed up, and Hermes goes off on that tangent … Betty’s “daring” clothing and her makeup. He tells her that she doesn’t need all of that because she’s as beautiful as his aunt, Florencia Pinzón. Julia stops him in his tracks and tells Betty that she resembles her aunt, Rosalinda Solano. While Hermes and Julia argue about Betty’s gene pool, Nicolás arrives and he informs Betty that Dr. Sanchez called him and told him that the meeting with Santamaría was off for today. After his message is delivered, Nicolás acts hurt because he is not allowed to set foot in this house and says goodbye, but Betty tells him to stop acting so immaturely and orders him to sit down. :o) The phone rings, Julia picks up and tells Betty it’s for her. When Betty asks who it is, Julia just hands her the phone and asks her to answer the call.

Betty - Hello?

Roberto - Good morning, Beatriz, it’s Roberto Mendoza.

Betty - How are you, Dr. Mendoza?

Roberto - Well, you can imagine how I am, I’m very worried …

Betty - Well, I don’t understand why, doctor. I know that my father, Nicolás, the lawyers, everyone’s told you that I have no intention of doing you harm. As a matter of fact, I was going to sign some papers today in court, but the cancelled my appointment.

Roberto - Yes, Beatriz, I was the one that asked that it be cancelled. Beatriz, in any event, I want to tell you that I appreciate your attitude in all of this mess. Getting back to what we were talking about, I asked that the meeting be cancelled because I must speak with you personally … and alone.

Betty - With me? Why?

Roberto - I need to tell you some things and I need to ask your opinion about them. You know that we’re really in a hurry. Could it be today?

Betty - Well, yes doctor, where would you like to meet?

Roberto - Could it be here at EcoModa? In ‘presidencia’?

Betty - At EcoModa?!?! I don’t think it would be very wise if I showed my face there again, doctor.

Roberto - On the contrary, Beatriz! I think it’s what makes the most sense. After you and I talk, I have to take a series of decisions and I need the approval of the full board. I don’t want to keep delaying this matter, I want to resolve it once and for all and know what the future of EcoModa will be. Beatriz, please listen to me … I’m begging you to come in and talk to me.

Betty - If you consider that’s a wise move, then we’ll see each other at EcoModa, doctor.

Roberto - Thank you very much, Beatriz. I’ll be waiting for you.

After Roberto hangs up, he walks over to the boardroom. Margarita immediately asks him if he was able to speak to Betty. Roberto confirms that he did and Marcela sarcastically asks whether she made herself easily accessible or whether she put on airs and acted “like a star”. Roberto promptly puts Marcela in her place and tells her that they spoke and she is on her way over (to EcoModa). Marcela overreacts again, this time her fear showing, and says, “She’s coming here?!? To EcoModa?!?” Margarita doesn’t like this either and asks Roberto why he asked her to come here. Roberto tells them that he had no alternative and that he surely couldn’t tell her that none of them wanted to see her and then ask for her help … he couldn’t very well ask her to meet him at her house or at a restaurant when the business they have to discuss has to be resolved immediately. He chastises them all and reminds them of what Santamaría said … they have to put their pride aside and can’t continue to stop Betty from having access to EcoModa if they want her help … she’s on her way over and they are going to resolve the matter once and for all. Upon hearing that, Marcela gets up as if to leave, but Roberto stops her and says that he would like to ask a favor from all of them … if yesterday they agreed that to save the company they would have to ask for Beatriz’s help, then that (and he points to Marcela) is not the attitude that they must take. He reminds them that it hasn’t been easy for him to beg Betty to help them, as a matter of fact, it was a sacrifice, but they all have to pitch in. And, he adds to Marcela, this is not the way to do it! Marcela acknowledges that she is not acting as she should, but excuses herself nonetheless with the excuse that she’s not feeling well and leaves the room.

Back at the Pinzóns’, Betty tells her parents and Nicolás what she agreed to with Roberto Mendoza. Don Hermes offers to take her over to EcoModa in his car, but she turns him down and tells him that she will go alone and face the music, especially if it’s only Don Roberto she’s got to see. The phone rings again … this time it’s Cata calling from a clothing boutique. Betty tells her about her meeting with Roberto at EcoModa and Cata immediately asks her how she’s dressed. Betty tells her she’s got the gray sweater set on and brown pants. Cata suggests that Betty meet her at the store before heading over to EcoModa; Betty accedes. Don Hermes insists on driving her daughter, but as Betty tries to decline again, Julia intercedes and convinces Betty to let him. Nicolás wishes her luck and sends his regards to Patricia :o). Doña Julia asks her daughter if she’s ready (emotionally) to set foot again in EcoModa and to see “him” again. Betty firmly responds that she thinks she is. As Betty follows Don Hermes out, she is immediately surrounded by Román and his gang, who even call Don Hermes “father-in-law”! Don Hermes doesn’t like all of this attention one bit, gets angry, and chases them all away. After they leave, he chastises Betty her new clothes and her makeup again. :o)

In the boardroom at EcoModa, the board members remember their last encounter with Betty … the day she left. Armando reminds them that, one way or another, they were never able to treat Betty with dignity. Way to go, Armando!!!

Betty meets Cata and the first thing Cata remarks upon are her broken glasses. Betty tells her that she fell asleep with them on the night before and she’s got to get them fixed. Cata tells her she knows just the place and off they go.

At EcoModa, Margarita goes in to Marcela’s office to see how she’s doing. Upon seeing her, Marcela asks if Betty has arrived yet and Margarita tells her that she has not. Marcela once again sarcastically remarks how Betty is making herself out to be so important. She even remarks to Margarita that she will take vengeance on them all and adds that she can’t believe that Roberto asked her to come here, especially when he knows that no one wants to see her. Margarita tells her she understands, but neither Robert nor Daniel are aware of what happened between Betty and Armando … she never thought it opportune to make a comment regarding that, but she will if Marcela wants her to. Marcela becomes even more flustered and begs Margarita not to. She tells her that she doesn’t want her intimacy to be discussed by Daniel and what’s worse, she wouldn’t ever want Robert to find out … it’s already enough with everything that’s happened. Margarita hugs her and tells her that she has to get emotionally ready and has to calm down and relax … she can’t fall apart when she sees Betty because if that happens, not only would Marcela lose, but they would all lose.

As Betty and Cata walk into an eyeglass place, Cata tells Betty that she can’t lose her composure when she goes to EcoModa … she has to remember that she forgave Armando. Betty assures Cata that she has, in fact, forgiven Armando and that they feel more hate toward her than she toward them. As Cata shows Betty’s glasses to the attendant, she “accidentally” breaks off the remaining leg. Cata sorrowfully looks over at Betty, apologizes, and tells her that the only solution is to buy new glasses. Betty tells her that she doesn’t have the money right now, but Cata reminds her that she will need them … to better get a look at Armando Mendoza.

In the meantime, our galán goes in to Betty’s old office and he is assaulted by the memories of the last time he saw Betty. He remembers when Betty reproached him the intentions he and Mario had to send her far away so that she wouldn’t mess up his wedding with Marcela, how he insisted that she hear him out and let him explain, and how in a last desperate attempt he hugged her, almost like a drowning man, but was interrupted by Marcela and had to let her go. Mario walks in and interrupts the walk down memory lane and asks him what he is doing in Betty’s office. Armando replies that he is remembering the last time he saw Betty. Mario sarcastically says, “Ay! How horrible! The memory, that is, not Betty!” Aaaaaay, Mario, baaaaaaad boy!!!!! As Armando rolls his eyes and walks out of Betty’s office, Mario tells him not to get so upset over everything, he’s sure that when he sees her, he will see her in a different light, more coldly, and will realize that he was just the victim of circumstances, that he did it all in order to save the company and that now nothing else exists between him and Betty. Armando asks Mario to clarify what he means by “seeing her more coldly” … does that mean that he will see her as an ugly woman? Mario is funny as heck with his response and says, “Ugly, ugly, no … let’s just say she is aesthetically unfortunate”. What a dog!!!! Armando advises Mario to stop being so stupid and assures him that he will see Betty just as he feels her. Way to go again, Armando!!!!

Out in the hallway, Aura María and Sofía discuss the fact that Bertha is running late and that, at this rate, Aura María may never get back to the reception area. Gutierrez walks out of his office, asks after Bertha, and when he finds out she’s not there yet, tells them that he has just found a motive to replace her and he will fire her. Sofía and Aura María don’t like this threat at all and ask Daniel, who is standing in the hallway talking on his cell phone, to intervene on Bertha’s behalf. But Daniel, instead of helping Bertha out, tells Gutierrez: “Listen, Gutierrez, if you’re going to hire a new one, make a good choice and don’t hire someone like Beatriz.” Gutierrez defends himself and reminds Daniel that he didn’t make that choice, Don Armando did. And upon saying that, he smiles to himself just thinking of all of the beautiful candidates he will interview to fill Bertha’s position.

A stressed-out Patty barges into Marcela’s office and asks her for $10,000 pesos to pay her taxi driver. In order to get rid of her, Marcela gives her the money but warns her that she will not lend her one more peso. Patty asks Marcela why she’s in such a bad mood and Marcela confesses that Beatriz is about to come back to EcoModa. After her initial shock, Patty tells Marce, “Why are you so afraid, Marce? You look great and with only one look you can humiliate her.” Patricia walks out promising to pay Marce the money as soon as she receives her next paycheck. Yeah, right!

Betty arrives at EcoModa!!!Wilson looks at her but doesn’t recognize her. He asks her if he can help her. Betty says “Hello Wilson”. Wilson is surprised and can’t believe it is actually Betty. Betty informs him that she has an appointment with Roberto Mendoza. Wilson makes his way to the phone and informs Betty that he has to call it in first because Marcela Valencia has barred her from entering EcoModa. Betty replies, “Yes, of course………….”

Freddy and Aura Maria are putting her belongings in boxes to take them to reception. Patty runs in giving Freddy money to pay her taxi. Daniel is nearby and makes sure to tell everyone that he saw Patty on Freddy’s motorbike. This upsets Aura Maria. Daniel tells Aura Maria to keep an eye on Freddy before Patsy Pat steals him!

Bertha arrives with her baby daughter. Patty asks Bertha how many tons the baby weighs?! The phone rings and when Patty answers it, it is Wilson announcing Betty’s visit. Patsy-Pat asks Roberto if he is waiting for Betty and he replies in the affirmative, and tells Patty to have her go to the president’s office. Roberto goes to Armando’s office and informs him that he is going to see Betty there so Armando and Mario exit the office. Mario asks Armando if he wants to see Betty and Armando tells him that the time isn’t right.

Patty gives the ok for Betty to come up. Wilson exclaims “Que linda” (how beautiful)! On the way to see Don Roberto, Betty runs into Aura Maria and Freddy, but they don’t recognize her! Finally, they recognize her and Freddy asks her if it hurt! Betty tells Freddy to stop being a pest. Aura Maria tells her she turned out “remamita.”

Betty arrives on the second floor and says hello to Mariana and Sandra who also do not recognize her. Patty interrupts her and asks if she can help her. Betty informs her that she has an appointment with Roberto Mendoza. Patty informs her that that isn’t possible because Dr. Mendoza is waiting for someone else. Betty insists and Patty looks up at her. Patty says that she recognizes that horrid voice. Patty says “Betty, is that you?” Betty replies, “The one and only.” Mariana and Sandra realize it is Betty and are overjoyed. Just then Marcela walks over to Patty’s desk and asks her if stupid Betty has arrived. Marcela stares right at Betty without realizing who she is looking at. Patty responds, “It’s her, Marce.” Marcela is dumbfounded and says “BEATRIZ?!” Betty replies, “Good day Dona Marcela.” “Dr. Mendoza is waiting for me.” Marcela replies, “Yes, he’s waiting for you.” Both Patty and Marcela look at Betty from head to toe. They can’t believe their eyes! Mariana and Sandra are very happy to see her. Betty tells them that she has an appointment and excuses herself. Patricia is beside herself and tells Marcela, “She’s stolen all of the company’s assets and spent them on a plastic surgeon!!” Patty just says, “I hate her Marce, I hate her………..” Betty sees Bertha, Sofia and Gutierrez who also don’t recognize her. She promises to talk to everyone and fill them in when she is done with Roberto Mendoza.

Roberto’s back is to Betty when she enters and he receives quite a surprise when he turns around.

ROBERTO: Thank you for coming.

BETTY: There’s no need to thank me. You can count on me to do whatever is necessary so that we can get out of this mess as soon as possible.

ROBERTO: I’m glad to hear that you are here to collaborate with me and that I can count on you. The only thing I am not in agreement with is that we will be able to be done with this in a short period of time. Betty, we have studied this problem from every angle and we’ve come to the same conclusion that I am sure you have come to. If you give TerraModa back to us, it will be the end of EcoModa.

BETTY: Surely there are other formulas to help save the company.

ROBERTO: We have studied every single one of them and none is viable. The moment you turn TerraModa over to us, the banks will exercise their rights and we will only have pieces to pick up. Betty asks Don Roberto to talk to the banks himself, but he tells her that he doesn’t have the nerve to do that. That he spoke to those same banks assuring them that his company was in good hands with his son when he retired. He informs her that she is the only option open to them.

ROBERTO: Please don’t return TerraModa to us.

BETTY: What?! What are you saying? It’s absurd?!

ROBERTO: We need to continue things the way you had set them up for at least six months until we have paid all our debts. The same way we have been doing up until now.

BETTY: Don Roberto, please don’t ask me to do this! We need to be done with this once and for all. I realize that I shouldn’t have allowed myself to be dragged into this by Don Armando, but I have paid in blood! I am paying with my life! You made me leave through the backdoor, something I had never experienced and didn’t believe I deserved. Then on top of that, Don Armando went to my house and told my father that I wanted to steal the company!! He told my father!! My father who is sacred to me!! I am here to respond for what I did and I do it because I have had you on my conscience. It tore me apart to see your face the day of the board meeting when you found out what we had done to your company! But PLEASE don’t ask me to continue with this nightmare!! I don’t think this can be good for anyone……………

ROBERTO: I am sure it’s not good for you, but we need you Betty. I too, would like for all of this to end as soon as possible! The last thing I ever imagined was that I would have to call on you and ask you, beg you not to return the company to us!

BETTY: Don Roberto, I am sure there are many things you are unaware of that transpired here at EcoModa. Perhaps you are convinced that this is the best solution, but I had a lot of problems with Dona Marcela, Don Armando and Don Daniel.

ROBERTO: I do know, and they are all aware that you are the only solution and are currently awaiting your response. They are waiting for you to accept. For the love of God Betty!! You have accepted your share of the guilt yet you want to wash your hands of this?! If it is true that your conscience is bothering you, that you don’t want to disappoint me, you have to help us. This is the only way you can redeem yourself, because otherwise I am going to believe that you are that woman everyone is talking about and not the woman your father described to me! Do something good for the company you helped destroy. We are all stuck in this infernal situation. Let’s try to make it as bearable as possible and see how we can get out of this situation.

BETTY: Well, if everyone else is in agreement and you feel this is the only way of redeeming myself, I accept.

ROBERTO: It’s the best decision you could have made Betty. I have to let them know what you have decided. They have been anxiously awaiting your response.

BETTY: I’d like to talk to my father and the attorneys first. I promised them I’d consult them before doing anything.

ROBERTO: Go ahead and call your attorneys. As for your dad, don’t worry; I’ll handle that. I’ll wait for you in the boardroom.

BETTY: The boardroom!!!!

ROBERTO: Yes, Betty. We are going to deal with this as your dad said, “between gentlemen.” We are going to forget old hurts and put all our cards on the table. Of course, I’ll expect for you to be present. Go ahead and make your phone call, then meet me in the boardroom.

Roberto tells everyone that Betty accepted his proposition. He tells Margarita to call Marcela. Daniel asks Roberto what Betty’s attitude was. He tells Daniel that it wasn’t easy to convince her. Betty has a great deal of resentment, that there’s still a lot of hurt. Daniel turns around and faces Armando. With each of Don Roberto’s words, Armando and Mario look at each other as if wondering whether his father is talking about the personal side of what happened.

Betty finishes talking to Sanchez who is on his way to EcoModa. She takes a deep breath and stands in front of the cave (her former office). She opens the door and stares at the interior, remembering the kisses she received from Armando Mendoza, the day she packed up her black bag filled with cards and gifts and Marcela threatening to call security if she didn’t show her the contents of the bag……………………………..

Patty and Marcela are talking. Marcela is sure Betty is there to get back at them. Margarita comes in and tells Marcela what Betty has decided and that she is needed in the boardroom. Marcela is scared and doesn’t want to go. Margarita convinces her and leaves. Patty encourages Marce.

The cuartel is trying to figure out why Betty is back. Bertha decides she’ll try to find out even if the assignment is as difficult as “Mission Impossible.” Marcela catches them talking about how surprised she (Marce) and Patty were when they saw Betty’s new look and makes them get back to work. Bertha admonishes Sandra for not being a good lookout and tells her that she’s the antenna for EcoModa! She should have seen Dona Marcela coming!! (Very funny)

Betty talks to her mom who reminds her that she is a new woman and that she should hold her head high. Betty’s head is still filled with memories. She remembers the day that Daniel Valencia was so cruel to her because of her first “new look.” Betty enters the boardroom.

BETTY: Good afternoon. (Her voice cracks)(Armando turns to look at her and is stupefied. He and Calderon exchange confused glances).

ROBERTO: Betty please sit down.

Betty sits close to Marcela, but across from Calderon and Armando. Armando can’t take his eyes off of her. She looks at him for briefly. Marcela realizes what is happening and gives Armando a killer look (poor Armandito). Roberto asks that they leave aside old resentments and think of the next six months of hard work they have ahead of them in order to pull the company out of the hole.

DANIEL: And now, the million dollar question, Dra. Pinzon. What are your conditions in order to help us get out of the predicament you and Armando put us in?

BETTY: Conditions?? I’d prefer to wait for my attorneys to arrive and let us know what it is we have to do.

MARCELA: Of course!! I want Dr. Santamaria to be here also.

ROBERTO: Don’t worry, he is on his way.

Betty and Armando keep exchanging glances.

Sanchez and Rosales arrive. (These two are always grooming themselves!!!) They bring candy for Sandra and Patsy-Pat. They seem impressed by these two “Amazons!” hahahaha Patty doesn’t want to tell Betty her attorneys are there so Sandra offers to do it. They get into a little verbal confrontation. Patsy-Pat finally goes into the boardroom and tells Betty that her attorneys are there and that she needs to go outside to see them. Roberto tells Patsy-Pat to let the gentlemen in; they’re expected. Sanchez and Rosales enter the boardroom looking for Betty but don’t recognize her. She finally tells them that it’s her. Patty comes in and says that Dr. Santamaria has arrived. Roberto introduces Betty to Santamaria and tells him what has transpired up to the moment. Sanchez informs everyone (in a round about way) that TerraModa must continue to exist and that Betty must still continue to be at the helm of the company.

Behind the closed doors of the executive conference room the fate of Eco Moda is still under discussion. Dona Margarita doesn’t quite understand what the Terra Moda attorneys are saying. They suggest that attorney Santamaria might be better able to explain it to her. Attorney Santamaria tells Dona Margarita that Terra Mora has taken over Eco Moda and that Terra Mora legally belongs to Betty. Daniel asks if Betty is willing to let Terra Moda continue as long as she has management of the Company. (Armando sitting in his chair, as quite as a mouse, looks at Betty).

Betty hurriedly informs the group that she wants no part of it. Betty’s attorneys are in agreement with her desire to cooperate with Eco Moda, however, does she really want to resign from a company that has her name. Her attorney turns to the group and tells them that this is an opportunity to make sure that the Company is being run on the up and up. “In the end”, he says, “it is her company.” (While her attorney is speaking, attorney Santamaria is looking at Betty and trying to read her thoughts.) He continues to say that it is her name that is being put in front of the banks and the law. (Armando looks back and forth from Betty to her attorneys, still not saying a word.)

Marcela questions there proposal. The attorney explains that what he is trying to say is that Betty has the right to inspect how the Company is being operated, while it is being operated under her name. The attorney, directing his question to Don Roberto, asks if he is incorrect. Don Roberto agrees that Betty would be in her rights. (Armando turns his head and looks down at the floor and then up at the ceiling.)

Betty informs the group that those are not her aspirations and that she has no problem for the company to continue as is. Daniel, relieved, stands up and says that it is perfect, they will continue and they will provide reports to Betty on a regular basis.

Armando finally finds his tongue in order to clarify that Terra Moda is not just a paper company. Its name is on the bank accounts of Eco Moda and that, he explains, is how Terra Moda has been able to make payments on behalf of Eco Moda. (Armando glances towards Betty. Betty looks down.) Daniel staring at Betty, asks if she would be the legal representative in order for Eco Moda to continue. Armando tries to explain to Daniel in words that he may be able to understand, “the President of Terra Moda is much more important than the President of Eco Moda”. (As he speaks these words, he looks at Betty and has a small grin. Betty looking uncomfortable turns away from him. Daniel continues to stare at her. Marcela turns to stare at her and gives her the look that Patricia had previously advised her to give. Mario stares.) The room is silent and Betty’s attorneys look at her and shake their head in agreement.

Freddy is down at the receptionist desk processing his devotion for Aura Mario and finally asking if there is any information on Betty. In walks Jenny with er “Buenas” and wearing a load pair of zebra stripped pants, halter top with a deep tan underneath and a fresh head of red hair. Freddy immediately changes his tune and falls all over himself greeting her and calling for the elevator. Jenny has come to Eco Moda to receive her last paycheck which, according to her is being denied by Sophia on person. Aura Maria informs her that she is not authorized and must first be announced. While Jenny is waiting for authorization she begins to fix Freddy’s name badge and Aura Maria immediately tells her to take her hands off of Freddy. Upon hearing Aura Maria’s news, Sophia asks that Aura Maria pass the message that her paycheck is not ready and that she would return another day, in the evening at that, to pick it up. Jenny becomes upset and decides to continue up to the executive floor. After Aura Maria hangs up she lets Freddy have it for not being respectful by flirting with Jenny. Freddy, for his part, tries to hide behind the plant that is located by the elevator.

Jenny upon making her way past Mariana, Sandra and Patricia has words in regards to the paycheck. (Mariana, Sandra and Patricia are at the other end holding on to each other while they witness the argument.) Jenny informs Sophia that she plans on staying until she has the opportunity to speak to one of the executives regarding her paycheck. As she heads towards the waiting area, Mariana, Sandra, and Patricia realize that they are holding on to each other and quickly release and go there separate ways.

Daniel has taken the lead in the meeting and recommends that since Betty is in favor of the group managing the company, they select a new president. Betty states that as owner of Terra Mora she wishes for Don Roberto to continue as President. Marcela comments that Betty has finally said something intelligent and she is in agreement for Don Roberto to remain as President.

He speaks for a second time, Armando reminds everyone that the President will have to face the bankers and the suppliers. Don Roberto angrily gets up and says that he won’t do it. He will not face the suppliers, the banks and much less the Bank of Montreal. He has had enough with the nightmare that he has been living knowing that he is having to support a company that has come to these extremes. He reminds everyone that he is only the interim president and that day they are to elect a new president in order for Betty to get Eco Moda out of the mess that it is in. Dona Margarita, worried about Don Roberto quickly rises and tries to calm him down. She informs the executives that her husband can not do this and another name will need to be selected.

Attorney Santamaria advises that the company must continue in the same manner since Armando turned over to Betty and before she left. He states that it is time to put the house in order. Daniel tells him that it out of the question to continue with the previous management. Attorney Santamaria begins to lose his patience and tells Daniel that is the way it has to be. It is imperative that Betty continue to be in charge of the company. (Another silence comes over the group.) Attorney Santamaria says that the company cannot continue with more crisis. (Marcela directs another stare at Betty.) He continues to explain that electing a new president and a legal representative is just adding more crises. “The company needs to continue through the same course.”

Daniel asks Santamaria if he is recommending that Betty stay in charge of the company. Betty immediately refuses. She does not want to be a part of it. Santamaria tells her that she has to continue. She needs to be in front of the banks and suppliers. (Armando again stares at Betty.) Santamaria tells her to remember that she can not be replaced from one day to the next. Attorney Santamaria tells Don Roberto that he spoke to the banks, per his request, and as long as Betty is in front of the company they take it as a guarantee that they will be paid. However, if she is removed they would proceed to go after their money. Betty protests and states that she will not be an employee of Eco Moda and rises to leave. Attorney Santamaria places a hand on hers to stop her and tells her that she will not be an employee and that her conditions need to change.

Marcela would like to know what he means. Daniel explains that Santamaria is suggesting that Betty head the company. The group becomes silent. Santamaria quickly tells them not to look at him as though he is the enemy. They are the ones that brought him in to find a solution to their problem. Betty says that she cannot except it and Daniel tells her not worry because no one plans on accepting it. Santamaria becomes upset, rises and apologizes for not being able to come up with a solution and he wishes them the best in finding a solution.

Don Roberto stops him from leaving and asks that if anyone has a better plan it is time for them to speak up, now. The room becomes silent. (Betty won’t make eye contact with anyone and Armando continues to stare at her.) Since no one offers a better solution, Don Roberto orders that Santamaria’s proposal of Betty becoming the temporary President be accepted. Marcela immediately turns in her resignation. Before Marcela has an opportunity to exit, Betty tells her that it is not necessary. She is not asking for her resignation. Marcela interrupts her and tells her that she realizes that this is the only solution to save the company, but she does not plan on staying and begging her to help. (Mario puts his head down. Armando seems to get a little worried as the conversation continues between the two and looks from one to the other.) Marcela tells her to stay and she will leave. She reminds her that they both know why she is leaving and of their pact.

As Marcela heads to her office, Jenny and Patricia try to speak to her. Marcela angrily lets them know that she does not care to speak to anyone at the moment. Mariana and Sandra look on in amazement.

Back in the boardroom Betty repeatedly says that this is not what she wants. She rises and leaves the room. Dona Margarita tells Don Roberto that she can’t believe that he is in agreement with this plan. She will not allow Marcela to resign in order for Betty to take over their company. Don Roberto tells her that he is not in agreement, but this is there only option. He tells her that Betty will not be allowed to run the company as she pleases and that Armando, Mario and Daniel will be there to make sure that she doesn’t. He states that Marcela will not be allowed to resign. (Daniel has stood up and is pacing in front of his chair. He rubs his chin, stares at Betty and is obvious that he is trying to figure out what is going on.)

Don Roberto finds Betty sitting on the coach in Armando’s old but still present office. He asks if she does not believe that she is capable of running the company. She says “not under these conditions.” She doesn’t care to see Armando or Mario. She goes on to say how she is hated by everyone and that running Eco Moda would be hell for her. She tells him that she realizes that Dona Margarita would die before seeing her in that position and she can see the pain that it is causing him. He agrees that it will be hell, but that this is the only solution to the mess that she assisted in creating. It’s a hell that she is going to have to pay.

He tells her that assuming the presidency is not a reward. It is responsibility that she has to accept to help them out as promised. He asks what it is that she needs. He asks if she hates Eco Moda that much. She quickly responds that she does not hate Eco Moda., “Eco Moda was my life” and she has many great friends there and knows it perfectly. Don Roberto wants to know her conditions. Betty asks to be excused in order to make some telephone calls. Don Roberto grants her request and asks that she pass on a message to her father for him to give him a call.

Nicolas arrives at Betty’s and wants to know if there is any news. Dona Julia tells her that all that she knows is that they don’t want her to return the company. Nicolas becomes excited and says that he knew it and that Betty will end up running the company. Dona Julia orders him to stop staying such ridiculous things.

The telephone rings and it is Betty informing her mother of the events at Eco Moda. Her mother can’t believe it. Betty tells her that she doesn’t want to it. Betty tells her that she doesn’t want to see Armando or Mario. Betty tells her mother in a whiny voice that everyone hates her. Her mother tells her that she realizes that, but she has to face up to it and help as she promised. Her mother goes on to advise her that this is her opportunity to show them who she is, her titles, her studies. Show them that she is not just a little girl painted on the wall. Show them who is Beatriz Pinson Solano.

Nicolas talks to Betty and advises her to think it over. He asks her if she wants someone else to run a company that has her name and that they worked so hard at forming and making successful. He asks if she wants to remain being Dona Catalina’s assistant. He thinks not. He knows that she is capable of running that company and this is their dream. He tells her that her bringing a company out of trouble will look great. He asks that she do it for both of them. “Do it for yourself”, he says, “You have suffered so much.”

Don Hermes appears wearing his shirt, tie and sweater. Along with plastic cleaning gloves and a sink stopper. Nicolas tells him that he is becoming domesticated. Don Hermes asks if that is Betty on the line and Nicolas answers no that it is his daughter. Upon hearing the news, he asks if she has started drinking. When Betty tells him that Don Roberto asks to speak to him he wants to know if those people have gone made. After speaking to her, Don Hermes has a look of great pride that his daughter will be the new president. Nicolas wants to know why he is so surprised when they have her degrees on the wall to show how her capabilities. Nicolas tells him that she didn’t become president because of her looks and it is obvious that she didn’t get them from him. However, by what he can tell she is improving.

Don Hermes suggests that his mother may be looking for him at the bakery.

Betty returns to the boardroom. (Armando stares at her as she walks in.) Betty informs them that she has spoken to her family and that she will accept the position. Daniel slaps Armando on the back and says “what happiness”. “Should we give her out thanks,” he continues. (Armando is still staring with a small grin.) Don Roberto tells Daniel to be quiet. Betty informs Daniel that her staying is not a pleasure for her, especially when she has begun a new life. (Daniel looks down in some embarrassment as Betty stands up to him.)

Don Roberto asks for her demands. Betty tells the group that she has no interest in staying for six months and wants to get the company back on its feet as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this, she needs total autonomy to design new business plans. She doesn’t want to depend on anyone. She doesn’t want to take orders from Armando or Mario. (Armando stares at Mario. Mario stares at Betty.)

Daniel gives a small laugh. He says that they are there to solve the company’s problems. Betty quickly lets Daniel know that she will not allow him to humiliate her. (Daniel becomes quite and stares at her.) Daniel asks if she wants to boss everyone around and do whatever she feels like. Don Robert speaks up and says that all she is saying that she won’t put up with his humiliating her. Don Roberto tells Betty that Daniel is in rights to review her work. Betty says that she has no problem with the review. All that she asks is that he respect her. (Daniel looks down at the table and raises an eyebrow.)

Betty goes on with her requests and says that if she is going to be in charge of the company she will need to reorganize the executive floor. (Armando stares at her in puzzlement. Mario just stares and bites his bottom lip.) She also wants to hire Nicolas. Attorney Santamaria is very pleased and goes on to praise Nicolas for the great economist that he is. (Armando is taking a little aback by this request. Mario quickly turns to look at Armando) Her last request is that Marcela stay on with the company. If she leaves, she will not accept the presidency. (Armando looks away with a worried look coming across his face.) The room becomes quite.

Don Roberto tells her that he is not in disagreement with her, but he would like to know what the pact is between them. (Armando is getting ready to hang on to her every word.) Betty tells him that they have had many problems from the beginning. (Mario looks at Armando, Armando looks at Mario and Daniel looks at both them - maybe realizing that there is more to this.) Betty tells him that this is not the time to discuss this. She tells her that she respects her and needs her as an executive. Dona Margarita wants to know what the pact consists of and Betty tells her it has to do with her last day at Eco Moda. Betty begins to remember the conversation between the two.

Marcela is in her office remembering the same conversation. Don Robert has gone in to visit with Marcela, who appears to be packing her desk. (All she has is a store bag with handles that obviously is not going to hold much. Therefore, probably not real serious about leaving.) Don Roberto asks how long she has been working there. She answers 9 years, did he forget. He says of course he does. He begins his story about the time when she first started working, officially at Eco Moda. He gives her dates of her graduation and the date of her first day on the job. Marcela is very surprised and moved that he would remember. Don Roberto goes back in time when she was a little girl and would go to the company after school and play designer, etc. He tells the story of the conversations that he had with her father in where her father told him with pride that their life has arrived, Marcela. Her father realized that the person show loved their company more than both of them it was Marcela. (Marcela is crying.) To Daniel, it was just another business and to Beatriz, well she was just out having fun. He commented to her that her father knew that when he passed, he could go in peace because he knew that his company would be safe with her. Marcela asks him to stop. He tells her that he doesn’t believe that her father would ever have imagined that she would throw it all away for another woman.

Marcela tells him that he doesn’t what is behind all of this and what all has happed between them. She tells him that she won’t discuss it with him. He says that he also doesn’t want to discuss it and neither does Betty. Don Roberto tells her of Betty’s request for her to stay. Marcela is certain that Betty wants to see her on her knees and begging. He doesn’t believe so and he tells her that Betty had stated that she respected Marcela and needed her as an executive. He is in total agreement with Betty. He goes on to tell her that he can’t allow her to leave and Betty to assume the presidency. It would be like giving the company as a gift to her. He tells her that her father, wherever he is, would suffer more than he. Marcela says that she can’t do that to her father or to Don Roberto.

Don Hermes calls for Don Roberto. Patricia informs him that he is in a meeting. Don Roberto approaches her and she wants to know if he would like for her to get rid of him. Don Roberto tells her not to even think about it. Don Roberto asks for him to come to the office and without us being able to hear tells him his plan.

Patricia wants to know why she has been crying. Don Roberto comes to get Marcela to go back into the meeting. Jenny approaches Don Roberto about her paycheck, but he tells her that he can’t speak to her at the moment. Don Roberto hears Bertha’s baby cry. He comes over to greet the baby and tells her to take the baby home. Bertha explains that she didn’t have anyone to take care of the baby. Don Roberto tells her not worry about it. Don Roberto asks Patricia to track down Hugo and Guiterrez and inform them that they are wanted in the boardroom.

Betty’s attorneys are telling a story, which no one seems to have an interest and Betty seems to be a bit embarrassed. Her attorneys inform that they need to meet before the judge. They will be present with Betty, but when they ask who will appear for Eco Moda, Daniel states that it will be the sad celebrity Armando. (Armando stares at him.) Armando says that he has no objection and gives a sideways glance at Betty.

Marcela and Don Armando walk in and Dona Margarita explains how happy she is that Marcela has decided to remain. Marcela says that she is staying because she has a mission and Don Roberto asked her, not because Betty asked. Betty tells her that she didn’t ask for herself, but for the company. (Armando gives a slow looks towards Betty.)

Betty’s attorneys invite Santamaria out for a drink. It is obvious that Santamaria does not want to join them. Betty’s attorney’s agree that it would not have been a good idea, because it would have been too expensive.

On their way out the door, Santamaria stops to speak to Patricia and suggests that they go out for dinner sometime. Patricia tells him that she would like to, but that she needs enough notice in order to consult her calendar. While they are talking, one of Betty’s attorneys interrupts and tells her that he is leaving, but that he will be calling and that they will go out. Patricia is surprised. Santamaria is laughing. The attorney asks if she liked his gift, what gift she asks. He reminds her of the candy. Santamaria tells her that he understands that she needs to consult her calendar because of the tiny details that has. He tells her that he will call tomorrow.

Sandra tries to get information from Betty’s other attorney and he would like her to join him for a drink. Mariana is having difficulty holding his laughter. Sandra tells him that she can’t make it because it will still be awhile before she can leave. Sandra is not happy about the situation. The attorney leaves with a promise to call her.

While all the attorneys are waiting for the elevator, the door opens and out comes Hugo and Inesita. Hugo is complaining that if he does not find another model like Jenny he will not design. Hugo immediately notices Santamaria and gives him a quick look over. He also notices Betty’s attorneys and asks Inesita if they are looking for a bonsai tree to hang their swings. Inesita tries to keep from laughing and tries to get Hugo to stop talking.

Patricia tells Hugo that Don Roberto wants him to join the meeting. Hugo wants to know why…….

Eco Moda 2nd Floor ReceptionCall 911 and have the paramedics on hand… Hugo is about to come face to face with the new and improved Betty! Patricia tells him that Betty is in the sala de juntas with the executives and she’s been asked to send him and Gutierrez in immediately. He wants to know what’s going on but since she doesn’t know she tells him that she’s not given to gossiping. He asks if her contact lenses aren’t in right and she responds to his retreating back that those eyes are hers from the crib. Jenny grabs hold of Hugo and tries to bug him about her check, how Sofia won’t give it to her, how Sofia always speaks ill of Hugo… He asks her if she’s still without work and she pouts that she is, that she’s wasting away. He has her spin for him and admires her figure. Gutierrez approaches the sala and we hear the baby cry. Hugo asks about the noise and Berta begs ‘perdón’. Hugo wants nothing to do with babies! Jenny applies to Gutierrez too for her check and Sofia reacts angrily, but Gutierrez promises to attend to her later. She’s happy as a clam and swishes away. Gutierrez, admiring the view, swishes too and backs into Hugo who reacts playfully.

Sala de JuntasHugo and Gutierrez enter and Hugo asks where ‘la moscorrofio esa’ Betty is. Roberto greets him and asks him to sit and Betty says hello. Hugo draws back in horror, “What did you take? Are you possessed?” Roberto calls him to order and tells him that he and Gutierrez are there to learn about the new direction that Eco Moda is going to take. “Great! Just whatever we do, I’m ready, as long as I don’t have to see that woman!” “Hugo,” says Roberto, “Betty is the new president of Eco Moda.” “Eeee…! Okay, I get it, this is black humor,” says Hugo, “Okay, the joke is over now… Who is it? Really?” Daniel responds, deadly serious, “Beatriz Pinzón Solano.” “Be serious!” laughs Hugo, nervously. He looks around the table at the execs and counts, “Eeeny, meeny, miney, moe…” He’s greeted with silence. He looks expectantly at Marcela, “Maaahhrge…” he starts softly, “Is it you?” The stoney-faced Marcela shakes her head ‘no’. He starts to feel palpitations and calls for his valerian, then offers to quit. Roberto reins him in. “Sit!” Hugo looks at Margarita, shocked, “Does he yell at you like this?” “Never!” she replies, firmly. Roberto continues explaining that he needs their solidarity in this difficult period and that Betty will occupy the post of president for a short time. He is tired and can’t stay on; he wants to go rest.

Daniel is still fighting this turn of events. He wants to clarify the situation with Betty changing the executives and employees at Eco Moda. Roberto tells him that Betty will be making those decisions and they’ll have to respect her decisions. Armando puts forth that he has been president in the meeting and company during this troubled time in order to help them navigate through the problems but now that things look to be resolving, he offers to step aside. Mario offers to do the same. Margarita doesn’t like this, “Wait a minute!” She reminds them that they’re still stockholders and must have a voice in what transpires. Daniel cynically commends her maternal impulses but asks her “stockholders of what company.” She replies, “The pieces that remain.” Armando protests but Betty interjects that Armando should remain because he’ll maintain a legal position within the company as president/figurehead; the same for Mario as representative for the minor stockholders. Roberto agrees with this sound decision and decides that Betty should draw a salary equal to that Armando drew as president. Marcela can’t hold back an angry protest but Betty says that there’s one point she’s clear on: she won’t accept the same salary she took as secretary! Armando shakes his head in agreement. Marcela continues, “So, Armando won’t have a salary, fine, but what will Maria Beatriz live on? And what about Daniel? Or you and Margarita, Roberto?” Margarita looks troubled.

Eco Moda 2nd Floor ReceptionThe elevator opens and Hérmes exits. He greets Sandra and Mariana most cordially and asks for Roberto, who has invited him to call. Sandra calls the Peliteñida to order and tells her that Hérmes is there to see Roberto. Patricia wants to know who Sandra is to be giving her orders and she tells Hérmes that Roberto is in a meeting. He responds quite acerbicly that he knows, ‘descolorada’ and he’s there to be part of that meeting. She’s pretty miffed at this presumption, but grudgingly walks over to the sala to verify the appointment with him.

Sala de JuntasBetty addresses the issues of the monthly stipends and though it will be difficult, they’d made allowances even in their difficulties to ensure those payments. Daniel is most annoyed with this: it means that after all the screwing up Armando has done he won’t have to suffer financially! Armando responds calmly but angrily to this. He rejects the need to pay him anything; indeed, he offers any and all of his shares in Eco Moda to help the business if need be to help them resolve the difficulties. “I don’t want anything!” He walks towards the door and stands behind Mario, placing a hand on his shoulder in a silent command. Mario, picking up on the hint, chimes in that he’ll do the same. At that moment, the door opens and Patricia thrusts herself into the room, announcing the arrival of Hérmes.

Roberto tells him to enter and Hérmes appears behind her. He greets the room confidently and upon his introduction by Roberto, Hugo jokes that he could tell that he was related to Betty. Hérmes shakes hands with Daniel and Roberto tells the room that he asked Hérmes to join them. He tells the shocked room that Hérmes will handle the overseeing of the accounting for the two businesses. Margarita exclaims, “Why? Isn’t it enough that his daughter is here? That he has to work here too?” Roberto explains that Hérmes won’t be working for Betty, he’ll be working for him; kind of as his fiscal eyes and ears. He tells the room that he and Hérmes share similar approaches to running a business. Armando looks more than mildly alarmed at the idea of Betty’s father present all the time at Eco Moda. Hérmes starts to make a typical speech, thanking Roberto for his confidence… how he’ll work to organize things… etc. Roberto thanks him and takes his leave, telling Margarita that he’ll see her at home. Gutierrez starts to excuse himself to go make the official announcement to the employees, but Roberto heads out. He walks past Armando without even a look or comment. Betty takes the role of head of the meeting and nervously suggests that they meet again tomorrow morning. She acknowledges their feelings and recognizes that they’re unhappy with the way things have been resolved but hopes that they’ll be able to put those sentiments aside and work together with her. “Let’s go, papa.” Hérmes tells the group remaining that he, Hérmes Pinzón Galarza guarantees that his daughter will work in an unreproachable fashion for the company and they can rest assured that it’s in capable hands. A quick pan around the table shows faces hard and inflexible, uncertain. Father and daughter exit the room and Hérmes tells Armando, “Hasta luego.” We see Marcela’s petrified stone-face last.

Eco Moda 2nd Floor ReceptionBetty tells Hérmes that she didn’t know that Roberto would ask him to take this role and he admits he’s equally surprised. Berta sees that they’re out of the meeting and urges Sofia to go speak with her and Sofia rushes up to do so. Betty and Hérmes are still reviewing their plans and she asks him what he wants to do. He’d like to get started immediately reviewing the financial statements but as they haven’t worked out the details of an office for him, Betty suggests tomorrow would be soon enough. He doesn’t like to put off til tomorrow what can be done today but accedes.

Sala de JuntasHugo is still in shock: he can’t believe that as of tomorrow he’ll have to take orders from ‘that woman’! He threatens to quit but Marcela tells him he’s not quitting. He can deal with her. Gutierrez, before heading out, wants to know which office she’ll have. To conflicting emotions it’s decided that as president, she’ll occupy the official office of the president. Armando is nearly emotionless at this decision and Marcela is increasingly bitter but resigned to the new situation.

Eco Moda 2nd Floor ReceptionAura Maria gets off the elevator and joins the cuartel for news of Betty but no one has heard anything yet. They see Betty and her father approach and Berta begs them, “No more!” She can’t live with the uncertainty of what’s happening. Sofia reproaches her, “Don’t be cruel!” They’ve all been waiting so long. Aura Maria chimes in that they’ve had no news of her and now she show up looking so pretty. Mariana adds, “What stress…!” Patricia horns in and mocks them for not working. Sandra responds testily and asks her if she doesn’t have any coffee to serve. Patricia continues trying to sound important, telling them to get back to work. This makes no impression on the women and Patricia tells Betty that she know’s that she’ll leave and never set another foot at Eco Moda. Trying to avoid a fight, Betty tells Patricia to relax, she’s leaving. Patricia bows ostentatiously and thanks her excessively. Hérmes won’t have anyone dissing Betty and tells the ‘descolorada’ that she must respect his daughter. “Hah!” This is a laugh, thinks Patricia. Sandra is ready to slap her and defend Betty, but Gutierrez approaches at this moment and wants to know what’s going on. Sandra explains that Patricia is being most disrespectful to Betty and her father who are invited guests of the company and Patricia snottily responds that she’s defending Eco Moda against the insulting presence of Betty. Gutierrez chastises Patricia and tell her that she should not speak that way about her new boss. “¡Qué!?!” Gutierrez takes the moment to make the formal announcement to all present that Betty is the new president of Eco Moda and Patricia swoons into his arms. “Noooo…!” she wails. “It isn’t true! This is serious!” Gutierrez continues on that it true and that now she’s no longer secretary to Roberto, she’s secretary to Betty. Betty smiles a little at this turn of events and Patricia’s discomfort. Ines asks Betty if indeed it is true and when she smiles and nods her head ‘yes’, the cuartel mob her and shriek in unified joy. Patricia can only cry, “Imbeciles!” as she rushes off to verify the news.

Sala de JuntasInside the meeting room the noise made by the cuartel startles those present. Mario is about to see what it’s all about but Patricia barges in and demands to know the truth. Marcela confirms that it is true and Patricia makes a fool of herself. “What is this? April Fool’s Day? Don’t be cruel! Where are the hidden cameras?” We see her search the room wildly with her tear-stained eyes for the hidden camera. “Where are the hidden cameras? This isn’t a dream, this is a nightmare!,” she asks Hugo to pinch her, “Ouch!” Armando watches this tantrum calmly, his chin resting on his hand… Patricia wants to know what power Betty will have and Marcela tells her that she’ll have as much as she wants. This is horrifying news for Patricia: Betty will fire her! “Marcé, you can’t leave me in her hands!” She turns and sees Daniel and tells him not to mock her. Marcela tells her to wait, tomorrow there will be a meeting and they’ll know more then.

Eco Moda 2nd Floor ReceptionThings are marginally calmer now; the baby is asleep (!) and Bert asks for more information and Ines too, but Betty can only say that she’ll explain more later, this isn’t the time and place. Sofia gleefully asks if this means that Betty will now be in charge over even Marcela and relishes what this means. Once again, she’s busted as Marcela and Patricia walk up behind her, overhearing her wicked joy at the idea that Betty can now lord it over Marcela. Marcela gets in a pointed barb, “…in novelas there are gossips too!” LOL Sofia frets a bit that she’s been caught yet again being indiscreet but Sandra wonders why she bothers; after all, Betty, their pal, is now the president! Hérmes is ready to go but Betty tells him that she has a few things to attend to. He cautions her to not let being president go to her head: remember the devil is a pig. Besides he has a bad feeling about the place. After he leaves the cuartel again mob Betty jubilantly.

Mario’s OfficeMario and Armando enter as if in shock. Mario wants to know what the new plan is but Armando has no answers. He’s still dazed by the appearance of the new Betty: it’s another Betty. “Yes, but she’s buenissima!” smirks Mario. Armando can only repeat that she’s different, that she’s another woman. Mario wants some details: could Armando see that woman hidden beneath when he was with Betty before? Was he holding out on him? Armando is disgusted but Mario pressures him to get working. Armando responds in frustration, “Don’t be ridiculous! She detests me and she won’t let me near her! Besides, have you forgotten about Marcela?” They have more to worry about, like Betty kicking them out. Mario continues on in the same vein and Armando responds angrily, “Shut up! For the first time in your life shut up! I don’t want any more of your advice!” Mario knows when he’s not wanted; he leaves Armando alone to ‘rest’.

Marcela’s OfficePatricia begs a troubled Marcela to help her but she can only respond that Patricia will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Betty has in store for her. The door opening hesitantly interrupts Patricia’s rant and it’s Betty. Patricia jumps up and snootily asks her what she wants, then remembers the new status quo and amends that to, “what can I offer you?” Betty quietly asks to speak with Marcela, alone. She repeats her request and Patricia leaves the two women alone. “I’m listening,” says Marcela, acidly. Betty has come to ‘put her cards on the table’ in light of the change of the rules. “From now on, the two of them will be working together closely as part of a team.” She wants to clear up a few things but Marcela also has things to say, “I didn’t stay because you asked me to; I’m staying because Roberto begged me to and because there’s no way I’m leaving my family’s company in your hands!” Betty is a little taken aback at her vehemence but respects Marcela’s candor. “Good.” Marcela tells her that she feels that Betty’s actions are all part of a vengeance plot—that she just wants to get even with them for what happened to her—but Betty tries to set her straight. She tells Marcela that if that was the case then she wouldn’t be trying to return the business. “I don’t want vengeance, least of all on you. I asked you to stay because—in spite of our differences—I respect you professionally and feel that you’re fundamental to this business.” She goes on to tell her that she knows that Marcela has always despised her and Marcela finds something she can agree with. “I’ve never wanted you here, not as secretary and certainly not once you became Armando’s ‘celestina’” She’s seen nothing since to change her mind about hating Betty. “Don’t expect me to retract my words.” Betty actually understands this and because of her own guilt explains that she doesn’t expect any retractions. Marcela won’t back down and adds to her recriminations, insulting Betty for the idiocy of being involved with Armando and still certain that Betty wants vengeance for that. Betty sadly tells her that she can’t know what it’s like to be in her skin. She asks about her and Armando and Marcela makes a point to tell her that she and Armando are trying to rebuild what Betty destroyed. This shakes Betty for a second. She regroups and tells Marcela that she’d hoped that’s what they would do. Marcela doesn’t feel reassured by this and wants to know how Betty can prevent anything similar from happening again. Betty reminds her that she has in her possession a letter that if she rereads it will prove to her that Armando feels nothing but disgust for Betty. That should be reassurance enough. She’s trying to pick up the pieces and she tells Marcela that she’s going to do her best to stay as far away from Armando as possible. Marcela isn’t pleased, but she’ll drop this issue. But, before Betty leaves there’s one more thing: she doesn’t want any of the cuartel to find out a single thing of the sorry business between Betty, Armando and Mario, and certainly not any of the shameful business between her and Armando. On this they’re in agreement. Betty is offended that Marcela could even bring this up because if there’s one thing she’s clear about it’s that she’ll never discuss this because she will never allow herself to be the subject of mockery ever again.

Eco Moda 2nd Floor ReceptionPatricia struts and frets to the enjoyment of Sandra and Mariana. They laugh at how someone will soon be out of work but she responds that she won’t be without money. She has rich friends, and job offers, and she’ll leave there to go home and sit in the jacuzzi, have a glass of wine, maybe a bubble bath… Margarita walks up asking for Marcela and Patricia tells her that she’s in her office with the ‘garfio’ (Betty), probably trying to save her job. Betty walks out and Sandra tells her that Patricia is worried that she’ll be fired. “Will you?” Betty tells her that tomorrow they’ll figure these things out. Sandra and Mariana tell her that the cuartel want her to come out with them to celebrate her new role but Betty demurs. Mariana chides her for her attitude and Sandra warns her not to speak so to the new president. Betty tells them not to be silly and allows herself to be persuaded.

Marcela’s OfficePatricia asks Marcela when she has to hand in her resignation but Marcela can’t deal with her now. Margarita suggests that they need to go and chat and Patricia agrees, inviting herself along. Margarita tells her that she needs to figure out what path she’s going to take, it’s a new era for her, for Armando, and for this woman. “You need to figure out how to proceed.” Marcela buries her head in her hands and tearfully confesses her fear.

Eco Moda 2nd Floor ReceptionBetty is still chatting with Sandra and Mariana when they hear Jenny and Sofia kicking up another fuss. Betty heads over to see what’s happening. Jenny is trying to get in to see Gutierrez and Sofia’s trying to prevent her. He comes out and invites her in. He’ll help her; how about they go someplace quiet and talk about how he can help her… Betty asks for a clarification and Sofia explains that with her gone and Armando mired in the problems there’s been no one to sign checks. Betty calmly explains that if Jenny will come back tomorrow she’ll make sure that Jenny gets her check. This makes Jenny very happy and she thanks Betty. Hugo has walked up and notes this last interaction. He asks her why she’s still there and, striking a blow at the new president, he offers Jenny a job. “Show up tomorrow and report for work!”

Hugo wants Jenny back because he doesn’t like the bodies of the fitting models he currently has. Sofia says she’s sorry but there’s no way that Jenny comes back to EM. Hugo wants to know what authority she thinks she has to say something like that. Sofia says he needs to get Betty’s authorization. Hugo says that he has autonomy over his area and that Betty knows that very well. Jenny will come back or he is quitting. He goes to leave but before he does he tells “El Cuartel” that Betty may be president of EM but that does not make each of them a VP. Sofia tell Betty she can’t let Hugo go over her head. Jenny asks to make a phone call and calls “el cheque” who asks to talk to Sofia. He gives Sofia a sob story about losing his job and his car and being on the verge of starvation and manages to make sofia relent. Betty tells Jenny to come tomorrow and they’ll fix her situation. Gutierrez is left disappointed because his plans for Jenny were thwarted.

Marcela is arriving at the area near the elevators as Jenny is leaving and says “see you tomorrow.” Marcela is baffled. Armando comes out of Mario’s office looking depressed. (Armando has a definite air of being down in the dumps during this entire conversation)

Marcela: Hi. I was going to look for you. Are you leaving?Armando: Yes. I have nothing more to do here.Marcela: And what are you going to do?Armando: (with a very I don’t care, I’m sad attitude) I don’t know. I didn’t have a set plan. I was going to go see what your plans were.Marcela: oh really?Armando: yes.Marcela: Well, your mom invited me out to dinner with Patricia, afterwards I’m heading to my apartment. If you like I’ll call you when I leave the restaurant.Armando: Yes. That sounds fine.Marcela: Mmmm. and what are you going to do while I’m at dinner.Armando: I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll go to my apartment or maybe I’ll go somewhere with Mario for a drink.Marcela: Mmmmm.

Enter “El Cuartel” Inesita is stating that she fears the type of places Aura Maria chooses. As soon as Betty comes in, Armando fixes his eyes on her. Betty looks back but is uncomfortable and looks away. Marcela turns to Armando and says “Well, my love, I’ll call you then.” While Marcela is speaking Armando doesn’t turn to look at her he continues to stare at Betty. Marcela places a hand behind Armando’s neck and give him a soft kiss (more of a peck really) on the lips. Armando barely glances at Marcela before turning back to stare at Betty. While Marcela is kissing him, Armando’s lips don’t move, and his eyes remain fixed on Betty (It was like Marcela was kissing a statue, if she noticed that though she gave no outward indication). Mariana comments to Betty that those two are in a romance again. Betty says between clenched teeth, “I’m glad” (it was obvious it hurt to see Marcela kissing Armando). Marcela turns to enter the elevator and Armando removes his glasses and is suddenly very preoccupied with cleaning them. Marcela asks the cuartel if they’re coming and they all get in the elevator. Armando continues to follow Betty with his eyes. Betty also looks at him as she’s getting in the elevator. Marcela asks Armando if he’s coming and Armando says he’ll go down later thanks.

Downstairs Freddy is asking Aura Maria where she’s going and wants to join the celebration but Aura Maria tells him that it’s a women only celebration. Freddy asks if they’re going out to a male strip joint and AM asks for more respect and says they’re merely going to a restaurant with good atmosphere. The cuartel comes out of the elevator and Bertha wants to know where they’re going so she can tell her gordito, Freddy also wants to know, and AM reluctantly tells them the name of the place is “El Santuario.” There’s a discussion about how they’re getting there, AM comments on Betty’s lack of car. Betty says they should take a cab. Berta offers to have her hubby drive them but AM says no way. Armando comes out of the elevator and is surprised to find the girls still in the lobby. When he spots Betty he once again fixes his eyes on her. Betty catches his eye an uncomfortably says, let’s go. Freddy wants to know the address of the place so he can come by later to pick AM up but AM gets upset, then tells him not to worry and that she’ll see him the next day. Freddy is left saying “I don’t like this, I don’t like this (4X) night makes women act strangely.” Freddy needs to vent and since Armando is still there he starts venting to him. Armando listens attentively as Freddy tells him about the girls’ plans to go out celebrating. Armando is suddenly very interested now. He casually asks Freddy if he knows the address of the “Santuario” (the wheels in his brain seem to be turning) Freddy says no. Armando asks Freddy what his plans are and if he wants to go out for a drink with him. Freddy agrees and they decide to take Armando’s car.

Marcela, Patricia and Margarita arrive at a fancy restaurant discussing Armando’s plans. Marcela states that Armando didn’t want to get in the elevator when all the “cuartel” got in. Margarita feels sorry for Armando’s uncomfortable situation. Patricia says he deserves it and that Marcela should have dragged him in the elevator and then planted a big kiss on him in front of Betty. Marcela says she did give him a kiss but that she feels ridiculous playing such games. The waiter comes and they order dinner. Patricia orders enough food to feed an army. Margarita comments that eating a big meal at night adds a lot of pounds to which Patricia replies not to worry because she has a very rigorous diet. Margarita wants to know what kind of diet and Patricia says it’s called being the secretary for the president of EM. Marcela tells Patricia not to be unjust because she earns a lot better pay than her position merits, with her salary she could pay for three secretaries. She goes on to tell Margarita that the problem is Pat owes money to (long list of things here) and that’s not counting the money she owes her. Patty gets upset at Marcela and tells her she should try to help her. She goes on to lament her uncertain future at EM now that Betty is president.

The cuartel arrive at “El Santuario” which turns out to be not a restaurant but a club where food is served. Bertha worries what her hubby will think. Sofia suggests Betty should pay the cab, Betty says she’s almost as broke as Patricia Fernandez but she’ll chip in. They want to know why. They tell her she should ask for a car and a cell phone now that she’s the prez. Sofia says Betty should help all of them get financing for cars and should lend them the money to which Betty replies that she can’t use EM’s money that way. Betty goes off to call home.

In Betty’s house Don Hermes is very upset because Betty isn’t home yet. The phone rings and it’s Betty. DH wants to know where she is etc. etc. Betty explains her friends took her out to celebrate. She manages to avoid giving the details of where she is and asks to speak to Nicolas. DH hands Nicolas the phone but not before going off on one of his lectures first, this time about respecting the rules of the house. Betty tells Nicolas she has appointed him the new VP in charge of finances at EM. Nicolas is elated kissing and hugging everyone, telling Betty he loves her, saying he has to get new business cards etc. etc. Betty and Nico agree that he will be at Betty’s house early the next morning and dressed in one of the expensive suits he bought earlier. Doña Julia tells DH that Betty is an important woman now and he has to get used to the fact that she no longer depends on him.

Betty and “el cuartel” are seated inside “El Santuario” and Betty is telling them that it doesn’t matter if she’s president of EM, she could be president of the nation but her father would continue to look at her as a little girl. AM says Betty should move out and get her own bachelorette pad. Betty says she’s never thought of leaving her house because she knows she’s destined to be single the rest of her life. The interrogation starts, they want to know everything. Betty tells them she can’t say much because there’s a lot of sensitive information involved but they want specifics. Betty tries to answer as much as possible as vaguely as possible, Inez tells them they need to respect that Betty can’t answer all their questions. Two guys show up and ask AM and Betty to dance. AM stands up and readily accepts, Betty declines. Inez tells AM that she can’t leave because she’s with them, Berta tells her that the interrogation isn’t over. AM decides to stay and the two guys agree to come back later. (In case anyone is interested the song Bomba from Azul Azul is what was being played only it was a live version. Very fitting as that song is currently being played a lot at antros) The interrogation of an uncomfortable Betty continues.

Armando and Freddy are at a bar. Freddy is pretty drunk but Armando is quite sober (seems he’s been drinking his whiskey very slowly). Freddy is asking Armando why he’s not back as president and Armando is saying that life goes in cycles and now it is time for Betty to be president but not to worry because he’s sure that Betty will do a fine job. Freddy states that the rumor is that Don Armando really screwed up, Armando agrees that this is true, he made many mistakes but he doesn’t want to talk about his mistakes right now. Freddy asks how he could be so dumb and says that Armando should have asked for his advice. He goes on to tell Armando that he needs to stop being so stubborn and that he has a temper and he should learn to listen to people because no advisor could withstand such conditions (During all this tirade Armando isn’t sure if he should be offended or amused by Freddy, he listens to Freddy very calmly considering the insults he’s getting). Freddy tells Armando he has his unconditional support, and he should attempt to regain the presidency. Armando wants to know if Freddy has something against Betty (to me it looked like he didn’t like the idea of someone having something against Betty). Freddy says no (Armando looks glad to hear this) especially now that she looks so good and she has been named president (Armando isn’t thrilled to be hearing another man compliment Betty, but he’s willing to let it go). Freddy leans closer to Armando and says “listen, just between you and me. Have you seen the good hand that Don Nicolas got. Have you looked at her closely, because I have, and with a magnifying glass, and let me tell you that dish is absolutely exquisite ‘il bocato di cardinale.’” Armando is not very happy to hear Betty being talked about in this manner. He is quietly fuming, between clenched teeth he asks Freddy “Oh really, you think so?” Freddy notices that Armando didn’t like what he said about Betty and asks Armando if he thinks he is being impertinent and disrespectful in the manner in which he spoke of Betty. To which Armando replies that yes, he thinks so. Freddy say, “Me too” and tells Don Armando not to get mad and to forgive him for letting the animal within him show through. Freddy then goes on to say he has nothing against Betty, well actually he’s scared of her. Armando wants to know why. Freddy tells him it’s not what he thinks, especially now that she looks so good, but rather it’s the fear of what she can produce in the others and he goes on to tell Armando about the time the girls went out to celebrate Betty’s previous promotion and the time the went to celebrate because Betty’s boyfriend had lent her the car and now they are out celebrating Betty’s new position as president. Armando seems amused and asks Freddy if he is implying that Betty could be a bad influence on AM. Freddy says “or vice versa. Dr. it worries me.” Upon realizing that AM could indeed have an influence on Betty, Armando gets a worried look on his face and says “It worries me too.” He asks Freddy wordily “Listen, and do you think they’re out partying right now?” Freddy says, “I don’t know. I don’t even want to imagine it.” Armando, still worried, “Me neither.” Armando goes on to say (grasping at straws in an effort to calm his worries) “Well they can’t stay out too late because they have to work early tomorrow morning.” Some woman comes by to say hi to Armando and he politely says hi back but it’s obvious his mind is still worried about what Betty might be up to while under the influence of AM. Freddy talks about wanting to know what “his queen” is doing and wanting to see her, to talk to her, and to love her. While Freddy is talking we are seeing Armando’s face apparently thinking the same thoughts about Betty. Then Armando seems to get an idea. He asks Freddy if he wants to see what “his queen” is up to. Freddy says, yes and you? Armando says “yes me too” longingly before he realizes what he’s saying then he reacts and says he doesn’t care what those women are up to right now, what’s it to him? Armando tells Freddy he will show him what a great boss he is and drive him over to see what AM is doing. Freddy thanks him and the Armando tells him to go find a phone book to look for the address of “El Santuario” but quickly because he’s in a hurry and doesn’t have much time.