Salazar Jaramillo老婆大人投诉Jorge Enrique Abello, 真的很搞笑,说他喜欢血腥的斗牛,然后Marcela就到自然组织投诉他,哈哈!绝!翻译后的英文:

letter of the reader


By things of the destiny the direction of this place arrived where I found with a lot of surprise a list of people to which supposedly pleases tortured to the animals. Many of the persons that are in this ready are good people to which I know, including obviously, to my husband: Jorge Enrique Abello (Gift Arming, the cachaco) that supports the torture of no to be alive. It seems unjust the catalogación that you you do and therefore I take me the work to write them and to report them things that you do not know.

So much Jorge Enrique eat I we have worked with the ADA (animals champion Association), I did my thesis on this institution and I delivered them a video that know utilize they occasionally to present the institution. In the epoch of more success of " Betty, the fea” Jorge Enrique called its companions actors to attend a bazaar that collected funds for the dogs knocked down.

Also regularly we donate the veterinary Doctor Elizabeth Salazar, a drug for the dogs and cats knocked down. Exactly in this moment is circulating a campaign to adopt animals in which the afiche official is a photo of Jorge Enrique with ours two dogs, among them one adopted, in the magazine “Macotas happy” of publisher five.

These they are some details that show that Jorge E. It is no to be villain that pleases tortured to the animals. There are many more (details) that sadly I cannot show as that our dogs sleep ennuestra bed and that we have managed to give him home to a few dogs and gatoscallejeros. Oh! Some time we went to a Plaza of market and we finish buying a chicken that today for the present lives in our apartment. It is not that we wanted having it of pet, it is that simply the heart it left us the cage in which they had it. That we have done badly in promoting the sale of these animal under those conditions, but simply we do not think, only we leave ourselves to carry..

As for the bullfights, is certain that Jorge E. you Grasped to a that another and enjoys them, if you they have done it the monitoring they will be able to see that I never have accompanied it, because I al the same as you I do not share this fondness and pain causes me. But I have learned to be tolerant because in this world there are many looks and I know that Jorge E. And many of the ones that go to bulls see things in this “spectacle” beyond the torture and the blood, I know that they see art and tradition. I am not it indicated to defend the bullfights, therefore as already I told it, do not please me but yes I defend the tolerance and the respect to the others. I understand the fight that you you are giving and seems very important, I hope more people worried of the abuse to the animals, not only to the bulls but to the horses of the cartdrivers, to the out-on-the-street dogs, to the cats, etc. Etc.

In which I agree not, and I expect that they permit it myself to say, is in the form in which are freeing their fight. Good, is only my opinion..

I extend not the story, already I showed him him a lot that hurt me and impacted to see beings that know and I love in this ready “black”. I am usual to oir many criticisms, gossips and lies on my husband. Generally, no longer I pay attention, already neither I see them but its accusation yes imported me because I love too much to the animals and would be absurd that someone with these feelings to share the life with a torturador.

If they remove to Jorge or not of the list obviously is its decision. You already they judged and they condemned.

Marking it Salazar Jaramillo.

answer of michica

Hello Marking it:

It is happy that have us written since our interest is that by means of the dialogue and the discussion can be created conscience of a reality that it seems not to matter a lot to the majority of the Colombians: that of the disrespect to the animals and in general that of the indiscriminate exploitation that we have toward our environment. We do not affirm, as affirms in its mail, that Jorge Enrique Abello be a person “evil” : do not we believe that nobody be totally bad neither good. What if we think is that to everyone a responsibility in the form fits it in which relates to it all the other alive beings.

It is happy to know that you, besides having sensibility toward the animals, be also assets helping them. It is encouraging that you figure public (as Jorge E.) be spokesmen of the respect by the animals, since as you they know, in many cases, the public figures are models to continue for the others. Also it surprises us that alguién with these feelings support the bullfights. Obviously we believe that it is very bién that collaborate with causes for respect of the animals, but we do not believe that a thing exclude the other. Better they said, for this case, “the one that freckle and prays does not draw”. Does not be a matter of an a discussion among the some institutions that defend to the animals and the remainder of the company. Is a matter of a discussion al interior of the conscience of each one.

As already we have said, the fact that Jorge E. attend the races does not devaluate its good actions toward the dogs and the chickens, ¿but perhaps there is not here a contradiction? Because the dogs if deserve I repeat and the bulls of fight not? Do not have almost identical nervous systems?

The list that publish is of people and institutions that “supports the bullfights, attending, contributing money, promoting them etc”. The bullfights are a legal modality of torture of animals and unfortunately Jorge E. you grasped and with it approves them and supports, that is to say promotes them. You you will say that that the intention of Jorge E. not és that of tortured animals but that of participating of a cultural tradition. Unfortunately it one does not it exclude it another:

We do not believe that that an argument exist that to name of a tradition can justify to cause him pain to another and a lot of less to create of the act a form of public celebration. The cultural traditions should change to the extent that the moral precepts of a company change. Growing and to mature culturally involves to revise permanently our ideas and conducts. The histora has taught time and again that not all the cultural traditions have been positive; many have been revised and revoked (the Roman circus, the slavery, the subordination of the woman al man, the imposition of a religious only creed and a sexual only orientation, the racial discrimination, the monarchy are a few examples).

Perhaps has not changed our approximation to the nature since they began the bullfights? (The first races in the Iberian peninsula date but or less than the year 1000 dc). Not és to be surprised that it be exactly Spain the more active and most worried country in the revision of its tradition taurófila.

We understand that the bullfights in Colombia are presented in a public setting and that at times persons that nisiquiera actors enjoy them, politicos etc.), they attend for fees of its position.the question is if given the premises of our times, still we can continue acting for inertia.

In a country as Colombia happen crimes against the animals (human and not human) all you gave them, because of it the bullfights, more than being a case more, appear in our country as a simbolo grotesque of this injustice: we do not forget that it who supports this tradition is exactly the economic and political elite of the country, exactly who they should give the best example al remainder of the company. While the politicians, actors and personalities of the art in general (such véz who have the greater influence on the remainder of the Colombian population) they continue promoting this type of spectacles, we are very far from building a culture of respect and ethical deal to the animals in Colombia:

With which moral authority is able a person “accommodated” that goes to bulls to condemn to a “zorrero” by mistreating to their horse? ¿or to someone that mistreats to a dog?

If you they agree, we can publish their letter in the section of “letters of readers”. It seems appropriate to do a together annotation al name of Jorge AND, relating that although goes to bulls, also helps to other animals. Porfavor relate that think of our opinion.

att, Michica org