MORALES: New Telemundo telenovela focuses on immigrants’ hard life

Published September 13, 2004

Jorge Enrique Abello, the neurotic Armando of Betty la fea, returns to Telemundo in the romantic comedy Anita No Te Rajes (Anita, Don’t Give Up).

The telenovela, which touches upon the hardships that undocumented immigrants endure, premieres Tuesday.

Ivonne Montero is the young Mexican immigrant Anita, who after the premature death of her mother sets off to find her aunt in the United States.

After enduring the difficulties of crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, Anita reaches California. There she meets Eduardo Contreras (Abello), a successful engineer who helps her out of some very sticky situations.

Despite their efforts to stay out of each other’s way, their paths keep crossing as Anita arrives in Miami, Eduardo’s hometown. Together they will make an odd but perfect couple who must battle societal and cultural differences, as well as romantic intrigues, to defend their love.

“Anita No Te Rajes is the best example to date of capturing the U.S. Hispanic experience for our viewers,” said Ramon Escobar, vice president of programming and production at Telemundo. “Our viewers will relate to Anita’s strong determination to reach the American dream in yet another original production developed exclusively for them.”

The cast of this original Telemundo production includes Natalia Streignard, Marcelo Cezán, Elluz Peraza, Michel Manterola, Eduardo Serrano, Martha Picanes, Giovan Ramos, Teresa Tuccio, Roberto Mol and Millie Ruperto.

Anita No Te Rajes airs weeknights at 7 on WSCV-Ch. 51.

South 17 Septiembre 2004