We are back and Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring and he is in a wheelchair accompanied by Ricardo Rodriguez in a neck brace. Ricardo fights through the pain to introduce Alberto.

Alberto says that the man who won everything in 2011, the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, and the WWE Title twice as well as the man who brought class and cajones to the WWE, he suffered an injury. Alberto says that last week he tore his groin. Alberto wants to know why the fans are cheering for an injury and he calls everyone peasants.

Alberto says that it doesn’t matter because he will be back.

To make things worse for Alberto, the Bellas come out to yell at the fans. Nikki says that when Del Rio recovers, she will throw a party in her honor. Brie yells at Nikki for copying her idea.

Alberto shuts them up and he tells them both to leave. Alberto says that he promises one thing and that is his New Year’s Resolution. He will be back and he will be more vicious and more aggressive than ever. He will destroy whoever he has to in order to be WWE Champion again.

Alberto tells Ricardo that it is time to leave.