**12 dirty jobs that John Laurinaitis could assign to Teddy Long
BY Matthew Artus

Ricardo Rodriguez’s personal ring announcer

Alberto Del Rio may pay for the privilege of having his entrance trumpteted to the WWE Universe, but someone also needs to proclaim the impending arrival of The Mexican Aristocrat’s personal ring announcer as well. Otherwise, who would notice that Ricardo Rodriguez is the shrinking violet at ringside?

Making the capacity crowd stand up and acknowledge Rodriguez’s arrival may take a Herculean effort on Long’s part if Laurinaitis sees this job as a good fit. If Long can come up with a way to amp up an audience for the meager announcer that arrived at the 2012 Royal Rumble Match in a beat-up 1985 Datsun, then the salary of the former SmackDown GM is a steal at twice the price.


12 dirty jobs that John Laurinaitis could assign to Teddy Long

BY Matthew Artus

Being a General Manager of SmackDown or Raw involves overseeing the tedious, behind-the-scenes tasks that add up to a successful event. Of course, assigning someone else to do the dirty work is one of the perks of the coveted role.

With Team Johnny’s win at WrestleMania XXVIII crowning him as the undisputed GM of both brands, John Laurinaitis now gets to dole out those thankless responsibilities to whomever he deems fit. Lately, those burdensome and often embarrassing assignments keep getting directed to one man in particular: Laurinaitis’ former rival GM, Theodore Long. When Mr. Excitement needs a personal Royal Guard in London or a proxy at ringside to raise Antonio Cesaro’s arm in triumph, he expects Long and Long alone to do it - whether he wants to or not.

Long dutifully takes his lumps and begrudgingly completes everything asked of him by the People Power administration, but what other denigrating errands might Laurinaitis ask of him? Take a look at 12 dirty jobs in WWE that, unfortunately for Long, would only be assigned by Laurinaitis to the former GM of SmackDown.