Soo…got back from the house show a couple hours ago

and had such an amazing time :D!! I wanted to post a few random bits…

- First off I got pics with Sheamus (twice), Lilian, Christian, Yoshi, & Foley (he moved halfway through the pic though so it came out soo bad lmao).

- Sheamus has one eye open and half of my face is cut off in the first pic so it looks rather funny. Our second pic came out great though.

- ADR smiled at me when I yelled his name outside -flails- my heart was pounding for the next half hour lmao, he’s so pretty!!! He signed for two people after the show but I wasn’t one of them sadly. :(

- Oh and ADR and Drew hugged at the end which made me fangirl to the max..

- There was a whole hilarious thing at the end with Sheamus and Drew who were driving together, we tried to get Drew to sign and he was saying he was a bad guy and started talking about Sheamus.. And all im gonna say about the incident afterwards is Sheamus likes to honk horns, hahaha.

- Oh and Cody Rhodes cut us off since he went past the arena by accident, gave us the ‘sorry’ wave lol it was pretty funny.

Seriously had an awesome time, everyone i met was super nice.. and there was a lot of amusing stuff. So nice to see a lot of my favorites too :P <3