WWE Live Event Results From Poughkeepsie, NY (5/24) - Sin Cara In Action, Foley, More

By Raj Giri | May 24, 2012

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Larry C. for sending in these results from last night’s SmackDown live event at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY:

The building was probably about 85% full.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match after pinning Bryan with a Brogue kick. Mick Foley was the enforcer outside of the ring and didn’t do much until the end, when he prevented Ricardo Rodriguez from entering the ring and interfering. After the match, Foley cut a promo thanking everyone in the main event for the great match they had.

Overall it was a good show, one of the better Smackdown events I’ve seen in awhile.


WWE House Show Results 5.23.12: Poughkeepsie, NY

Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.24.2012

Wednesday night saw a very fun WWE SmackDown World Tour live event at a seemingly sold-out Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie.

I really like the new house show set with the video screen and the WWE sign. It makes it feel like you’re at an event rather than just a show that you happen to be attending.

Lilian Garcia was the evening’s ring announcer and she introduced herself to sing the Star-Spangled Banner. Despite it being a rare Wednesday night house show, the 3,000 or so in attendance consisted of a lot of children, so the chants were extremely high-pitched. It was a pretty hot crowd throughout as this was the first time WWE has performed in this building since March 2, 2009.

9. Sheamus successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio after Brogue kicking Del Rio, then Brogue kicking Bryan and pinning him. Ricardo Rodriguez was in Del Rio’s corner, being wacky. Mick Foley is on the Mexican tour, so he was in the house as well, and sat ringside. He was not the referee, as originally planned. Scott Armstrong was. (He or Jack Doan officiated each match). He ended up preventing Ricardo from interfering on a cover on Sheamus and gave him Mr. Socko. The crowd was going nuts during this match, cheering for Sheamus, shouting either “yes” or “no” at everything Bryan did, and shouting “si” for everything Del Rio did. It was a great, physical main event. Both Bryan and Del Rio put their finishers on Sheamus at times, but they were broken up by the other. Sheamus actually had Del Rio in a Texas Clover Leaf submission when Ricardo was stopped by Foley. Foley thanked the fans after the match and actually thanked Sheamus, Bryan, and as he said, “even Alberto Del Rio” for busting their butts in such a wonderful main event that he got to watch live.

Overall, this was a very good house show, for such an oddball day of Wednesday, but apparently the crew was leaving for Mexico right after this so it made sense to have such a loaded show, and have a loaded show only 90 minutes or so from a major international airport. WWE drew a great house and hopefully they can bring WWE back to Poughkeepsie some time in the next year or so.

To note, this was the third wrestling show in the building in the last five months, as TNA played here to a house of about 1,400. Northeast Wrestling drew about 2,100 in March for their annual Wrestlefest 16 show. Drawing 3,000 or more fans on a weeknight in Poughkeepsie is impressive. It is important to note that there is more seating (on the stage) for WWE show. NEW uses the stage for its pre-show autographs. TNA does not typically use the stage seating.



By Eric Sturrock and Nick on 2012-05-24 08:51:34

WWE’s 1st time back to Poughkeepsie since they sold it out in 2009. A few years before that they did two shows in 1 day in Poughkeepsie due to selling out one of the shows. The Mid Hudson Civic Center was sold out. They even had the concert stage used for seating which the WWE always uses but TNA or Northeast Wrestling do not. There was a lot of people standing around the Civic Center as well. So over 3000 people were at the show. WWE had there new entrance stage but due to the small size of the Civic Center only had a Screen with video and WWE logo screen. Unlike the past WWE shows, TNA, & Northeast Wrestling shows at the Civic Center the ring announcer/ring bell was on the opposite side of the ring and there was no table, just 3 chairs.

Lillian Garcia was the ring announcer for the show and almost tripped walking around the ring. Lillian sand the national anthem.

9. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus. WWE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE MATCH W/ SPECIAL GUEST ENFORCER MICK FOLEY. Ref Scott Armstrong. Could not hear Ricardo give Alberto’s introduction. Foley put his arm around Lillian and got closer to her causing her to laugh. The entire place went crazy when Daniel Bryan came out yelling “YES!” Biggest pop of the night. Ricardo made fun of Bryan running around the ring. Ricardo then hide behind Alberto. As Sheamus came down to the ring. Ricardo was motioning to Bryan he was ready to fight. Alberto & Ricardo were making fun on a fan ringside. Making fat faces and pretending they were eating. Alberto & Ricardo took signs from fans and read them. Ricardo gave his sign back to the fan. Ricardo took the sign Alberto took and ran around with it. Ricardo got in the ring and ripped the sign in half. It was a action packed match off the start with a lot of action. Foley kept standing at ringside and sitting down at ringside next to Lillian. The fans were yelling “Yes” at every move Bryan did and started yelling “Si” for Alberto. Bryan & Alberto double teamed Sheamus with kicks in the corner as the crowd yelled “yes” & “si”. Sheamus jumped over the ropes and took out Bryan & Alberto inside the ring. Alberto worked on Sheamus’ arm. Sheamus & Bryan traded blows. Sheamus hit elbows to Bryan in the corner. Alberto came running in with a knee. Bryan & Alberto shook hands and went after Sheamus together. With more back & forth “yes” & “si” chants from the fans. They suplexed Sheamus. They tied Sheamus up in the ropes and worked him with kicks. Armstrong freed Sheamus and Bryan & Alberto posed. Bryan went after Sheamus but was thrown out of the ring. Sheamus knocked down Alberto. Sheamus hit his forearm clubs to Bryan. Alberto hit a running knee to Sheamus. Alberto locked in the arm bar on Sheamus but Sheamus revered and went for a pin but Alberto kicked out, Bryan ran in and locked in the Yes lock. Bryan & Alberto got in a shoving match. Alberto & Bryan climbed on the ropes and Alberto hit some headbutts. He went to suplex Bryan but Sheamus ran in and suplex Alberto as Alberto suplexed Bryan. The WWE guy from backstage with headphones came out to talk to Lillian again. Sheamus put Alberto in a submission hold but Ricardo ran in and attacked Sheamus. Sheamus stared down Ricardo and Mick Foley got up on the apron. Foley put on Mr. Socko. Sheamus told Ricardo to turn around and Ricardo got Sockoed. Alberto went running at Sheamus but ate a Brogue Kick. Bryan dove off the top rope but missed Sheamus and Sheamus hit him with a Brogue kick for the win.

Fun show, better then past WWE House Shows in Poughkeepsie or Albany in recent years. Show started at 7:30pm and ended a little after 10pm. After a sold out crowd again in Poughkeepsie will it take WWE 3 years to come back again?

Nick sent this report.

Just got back from the Smackdown house show at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. It’s the first time WWE’s been here in like 3 years. Let me just say right off the bat that it’s a shame this arena isn’t any bigger and could hold a TV Taping, because the crowd was hot all night, making for a very enjoyable experience and even making things that would normally be blah, a bit more exciting. Add to the fact that it was basically stratight up matches and there was no stupid Johnny segments it was alot of fun. Normally when I go to these shows I’m tired by the main event and just want to leave, this time I was wide awake and into it the whole way through. Enough of my rambling, here are the results.

Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio in a 3 way to retain the WHC with guest enforcer Mick Foley. - The extent of Foleys involvement was putting Socko on Ricardo and raising Sheamus’ hand at the end. Del Rio & Bryan got great reactions, Sheamus got a monster pop. ( I want to say the biggest of the night) Incredible PPV quality match. Crowd was going back and forth with Yes & Si when Del Rio & Bryan were working over Sheamus.

Overall incredible show. I had lost faith after Sunday & Monday and was not looking so forward to the show, but they won me over tonight. Wish it could be this way on TV.