SmackDown results: Sheamus won a Triple Threat World Title Match as five Superstars rode their dreams all the way to “the Bank.”

BY Michael Burdick June 29, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio in a Triple Threat World Title Match

Earlier on SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler tried to get his manager – and this week’s Interim General Manager Vickie Guerrero – to ban both Sheamus’ Brogue Kick and Alberto Del Rio’s Cross Armbreaker for their main event Triple Threat World Title Match. He asked this, despite how it might be perceived in the face of Vickie’s current bid to become the permanent GM of Raw and SmackDown. In the argument that ensued, The Showoff’s manager slapped him with a furious scream. (WATCH)

The first to journey to the ring for the main event, the confident Del Rio proclaimed that he would emerge victorious, before Vickie put the earlier incident aside and interrupted to introduce Ziggler to the WWE Universe.

Despite the odds, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus entered the Triple Threat Match full steam, taking the fight to both of his exceptional challengers. In the whirlwind contest that followed – a temporary alliance between The Mexican Aristocrat and The Showoff quickly descending into an out-of-control melee of near pinfalls and absolute bedlam.

And in the explosive matchup’s final moments – with The Great White down outside the ring – Ziggler looked to have the World Championship gold all locked up. After reversing Del Rio’s pin attempt, the crafty bleach-blond warrior grabbed a hand full of his aristocratic adversary’s tights. Though this nefarious action looked to guarantee his victory, The Showoff did not see The Celtic Warrior reemerged out of nowhere, blasting Ziggler with the Brogue Kick as he was still waiting for the three-count.

Once again, Sheamus reigned supreme, proving his intense dominance of Friday night.