By Richard Trionfo on 2012-06-30 01:37:24

We are live on tape from Evansville, Indiana and your announcers are Michael ‘The Damon Bailey of commentary’ Cole, Booker ‘The Reggie Miller of commentary’ T, and Josh ‘The Randy Whitman of commentary’ Mathews.

Match Number Seven: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Dolph Ziggler versus Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title

Sheamus with a boot to Ziggler and then he goes after Del Rio. Sheamus sends Ziggler into the corner and then he does the same to Del Rio. Sheamus sends Ziggler to the floor and Del Rio attacks Sheamus from behind and chokes him. Del Rio with boots when Sheamus charges into the corner. Sheamus with a fireman’s carry slam on Del Rio for a near fall.

Ziggler hits Sheamus from behind and then Ziggler goes to the floor. Sheamus with a shoulder to Del Rio when he returns to the ring. Sheamus gets a near fall on Ziggler. Del Rio with a DDT for a near fall on Sheamus. Del Rio with knees to Sheamus’ shoulder and then he applies an arm bar.

Sheamus punches Del Rio but Ziggler gets Sheamus out of the ring. Del Rio tries for a tilt-a-whirl back breaker but Ziggler lands on his feet and he hits a drop kick. Ziggler kicks Del Rio on the floor and then he sends Alberto’s head into the ring steps.

Ziggler and Del Rio return to the ring and Dolph gets a near fall. Ziggler with a drop kick to send Sheamus off the apron and to the floor. Del Rio with punches followed by an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Ziggler gets a near fall. Ziggler kicks Del Rio in the corner and then he puts Alberto on the turnbuckles.

Ziggler tries for a superplex but Del Rio stops him. They continue to fight on the turnbuckles until Del Rio falls to the floor. Sheamus gets Ziggler on his shoulders and hits an electric chair drop on Ziggler.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio with a drop kick to Sheamus’ back and Ziggler is down too. Sheamus is kicked to the floor by Del Rio. Ziggler and Del Rio go to the floor as well. Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the head and Ziggler kicks Sheamus against the ringside barrier.

Sheamus punches Del Rio but Ziggler joins in the attack on Sheamus. Del Rio sends Sheamus over the announce table. Ziggler and Del Rio stand over Sheamus. Sheamus tries to kick Ziggler away. Del Rio sends Sheamus into the ring steps. Del Rio with a snap mare to Sheamus and Ziggler with kicks.

Del Rio tells Ziggler to go to the turnbuckles and Del Rio covers Sheamus. Ziggler yells at Del Rio and they push each other while Sheamus pulls himself onto the turnbuckles and Sheamus hits the flying shoulder tackle on Del Rio and Ziggler. All three men are down again.

Sheamus with double sledges and a shoulder to Del Rio. Sheamus with a knee lift to Ziggler followed by a power slam to Del Rio for a near fall. Sheamus puts Ziggler on the apron and in the ropes and it is time for the forearms across the chest. Del Rio tries for the single arm breaker but Sheamus avoids it. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick but he does not miss the uranage back breaker. Ziggler breaks it up and he goes after Sheamus. Ziggler misses the Fameasser and Sheamus hits White Noise on Ziggler. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick but Del Rio drops the arm on the top rope. Del Rio with an arm breaker for a near fall.

Del Rio kicks Sheamus in the shoulder and he sets for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Sheamus escapes. Sheamus charges into the corner and his shoulder hits the post. Ziggler with a drop kick to the arm. Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri to Ziggler on the apron. Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker but Ziggler breaks it up and he hits the Fameasser on Del Rio but Del Rio kicks out.

Ricardo gets on the apron and Ziggler sends Del Rio into Ricardo for an O’Connor Roll. Sheamus hits the Brogue kick on Ziggler and then he sends Del Rio over the top rope to the floor and he pins Ziggler.

Winner: Sheamus


411’s WWE Smackdown Report 6.29.12

Posted by Tony Acero on 06.30.2012

Before Del Rio comes out, he berates the crowd and heads to the ring. He says at the end of the night, he’ll be the champ. He is interrupted by Vickie, who has something to say, apparently. Vickie says that tonight, he is not going to win. The crowning jewel of her week is getting to introduce to him the next champion, Dolph Ziggler. And here he comes!!

Due to internet issues, the following is a summary of the match, rather than a play by play, and will thereby not have a star-rating.

Match 7: World Heavyweight Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Sheamus starts fighting both men, immediately, then sends Ziggler over the top rope. Del Rio tries to attack in the corner, but Sheamus is able to reverse a whip, sending Del Rio into the corner. The action spills to the outtside where Sheamus chases Ziggler around the ring only for Del Rio to attack Sheamus. Del Rio gets slammed into the steps by Ziggler before the action gets back into the ring and a pin onto Del Rio by Ziggler is had but only for a two. Sheamus is on the apron only to get knocked off and as he is doing so, Del Rio heads to the corner. Ziggler moves and Del Rio hits his shoulder hard. Ziggler with the strikes and he goes for a Superlex. Del Rio fought out of it, only to be sent to the outside just as Sheamus comes in to back suplex Ziggler. How convenient.

Del Rio comes in just as Sheamus is rising, and hits a dropkick before all three men head outside again. Del Rio and Ziggler attack Sheamus’s head before Ziggler tosses him over the announce booth. Back in the ring, and Del Rio goes for a cover. Dolph breaks the pin, ending their short lived alliance. They begin choppin at each other till Sheamus hits a shoulder block to both from the top rope, then hits a knee to Del Rio and a body slam to Dolph. Sheamus sends Ziggler over the ropes to bang on his chest a bit, and when Del Rio goes for an arm breaker from behind, Sheamus turns it into the Irish Curse! Pin for 2 as Ziggler breaks it up. Ziggler attacks Sheamus, but Sheamus hits the White Noise. He’s getting ready for the Brogue Kick, but here’s Del Rio for the arm breaker. He doesn’t get it, as Sheamus sends him into the corner. Sheamus gets dropkicked on the shoulder, and Del Rio tries for the armbreeaker agian, but Ziggler breaks it up. Sheamus rolls outside just as Ziggler hits a rocker dropper and a pin for 1…2…NO! Ricardo tries to distract, but Ziggler sends Del Rio flying into him and rolls him up for a 1…2…NO!!! Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick to Ziggler while he has Del Rio rolled up. Sheamus sends Del Rio to the outside and pins Ziggler for the 1…2…3!!

Winner: Sheamus


WWE SmackDown: Sheamus Retains, Money in the Bank Qualifiers and More

By Kyle Schadler (Senior Writer) on June 30, 2012

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler: World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus retained his title here after hitting the Brogue Kick on Ziggler. This was a good triple threat match. It featured constant action as all three wrestlers seemed at the top of their game.

Ziggler keeps proving that he is one of the best in the WWE right now. He is certainly the future of the WWE.

Del Rio has been less boring as of late. He had a very good match with Christian last week, was a bit entertaining on Raw and delivered here in this match.

Sheamus continues to deliver as world heavyweight champion as well. This match topped off this episode in a good way.