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Posted by Steve Carrier on 07/12/2012 at 08:58 AM

While Alberto Del Rio has said publicly that he’s only going to wrestle for a few more years, there are people who believe he won’t be long-term for WWE. Del Rio has some leverage right now because WWE wants a top Hispanic star and Rey Mysterio isn’t looked at as a long-term talent and some of Sin Cara’s recent bookings show where he’s at in the company.

[新闻] 7月12日新闻–Finlay回归WWE

31.Alberto Del Rio公开表示他只会再进行几年摔角,人们相信他将不会在WWE待很长时间。Del Rio现在很有影响,因为WWE想要一位顶级的西班牙裔明星,Rey Mysterio并不能被视作一位长期选手,而Sin Cara最近的状况表明他也不在这个位置。

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Posted by Joseph Lee on 07.12.2012

Alberto Del Rio is going to get a big push this year for several reasons. One is due to the lack of roster depth on Smackdown and another is the fact that Del Rio has said publicly he does not plan to wrestle for many more years.

Since WWE’s other Mexican stars (Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara) have their own problems, Del Rio has leverage behind-the-scenes as to what he can do with his character.