SDCC 2012: Mattel panel taken over by Del Rio

BY Alex Giannini July 12, 2012

SAN DIEGO - The Mattel panel at Comic-Con International started innocently enough, with toy designers giving WWE Universe members insight into the latest action figure lines and providing those in attendance with sneak peeks at upcoming products.

Featuring appearances by WWE Champion CM Punk, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Zack Ryder, the panel was highly anticipated, and the packed room enjoyed the presentation. When Punk and Ryder departed for other Comic-Con events, The Great White stuck around to answer questions from the audience. But no one could have guessed how the panel would end. Alberto Del Rio - who will challenge Sheamus for his World Heavyweight Title Sunday at Money in the Bank - appeared out of nowhere, crashing the party and raising the tension levels throughout the hall.

Del Rio berated the WWE Universe members in attendance, and had some pointed words for his Money in the Bank opponent. Then, to the horror of those in attendance, The Mexican Aristocrat proceeded to tear up a “holy grail” in the comic book collecting world - a rare copy of Action Comics #1, featuring the first-ever appearance of Superman!

After Del Rio got in his verbal licks, it was The Celtic Warrior’s turn. And when the champion challenged his foe, Del Rio quickly backed down and made his way through a sea of people toward the exit.