SmackDown Results: Del Rio ambushed Sheamus, taking the law into his own hands

BY Michael Burdick

August 10, 2012

SummerSlam’s World Heavyweight Title Match was transformed into a SmackDown main event

HOUSTON – With the Toyota Center filled to the rafters, SummerSlam appeared to be coming early – following the monumental announcement of the first SmackDown World Heavyweight Title Match of the Booker T era. However, The Great White’s explosive clash with Alberto Del Rio came to a screeching halt before it got started, thanks to a controversial interruption from the boys in uniform.

SmackDown General Manager Booker T returned home to Houston, starting things off for the blue brand in electrifying fashion. After treating the WWE Universe a Spinaroonie in his tux, he proclaimed, “Houston, we have a problem!”

In a bold move, the five-time WCW Champion ordered the first-ever Irish-born World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, to apologize for his actions four days earlier on Raw. This included his “borrowing” Del Rio’s classic sports car, taking it for a joy ride and returning it completely trashed.

After The Celtic Warrior opted to comply with the man-in-charge, Booker looked to put the incident behind them. But, Del Rio would not have it. Instead, The Mexican Aristocrat stated that he was going to file a report with the San Antonio police over the hooligan-esque actions of the Irish champion. At the same time, he suggested that the things Sheamus did reflected very poorly of the SmackDown GM.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Sheamus proposed that they not wait for SummerSlam and instead have their World Heavyweight Title Match on SmackDown. An incensed Del Rio agreed, setting up the first SmackDown World Title Match of the Booker T era for later that night.

SmackDown Results: Del Rio ambushed Sheamus, taking the law into his own hands BY Michael Burdick

August 10, 2012

The World Title Match between World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio ended in a No Contest

Though it looked like SummerSlam would come early — with a World Heavyweight Title Match between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio — things quickly turned to anarchy instead.

Before the bell could ring to start the match, five men dressed as “police officers” emerged. While Del Rio at first gave the impression that he never filed the report with the police and that he wanted his title match, it soon became clear that the men were part of an elaborate setup, geared toward taking Sheamus out of action.

The numbers disadvantage eventually got the best of The Great White, with the hired guns holding Sheamus back. This allowed The Mexican Aristocrat to mercilessly attack his Irish adversary. Then, after ordering them out, Del Rio went further, locking the World Heavyweight Champion in the devastating Cross Armbreaker as SmackDown came to a close.