By Richard Trionfo on 2012-09-03 21:11:40

This week, we begin with a look back at what happened between Jerry Lawler and CM Punk over the last few weeks.

We are live from Chicago, Illinois and your announcer is Michael ‘I am the A.J. Pierzynski of WWE’ Cole.

The World Champion Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Sheamus comments on what we have seen so far. He says that the party never ends when he is in Chicago. He says the party will end for one man . . . Alberto Del Rio. At Night of Champions . . .

CM Punk is now interrupted by the Raw General Manager AJ Lee and she tells Punk and Sheamus that she has an announcement. In one match, Alberto Del Rio will face John Cena. In the other main event, we will have Champion versus Champion with CM Punk facing Sheamus.

We are back and Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez.

Jack Swagger now makes his way to the ring.

Match Number Three (Take Two): Sheamus versus Jack Swagger in a Champion versus Former Champion Non Title Match

They lock up and Swagger with a clean break followed by a waist lock. Sheamus with a side head lock and shoulder tackle for a near fall. Swagger with shoulders in the corner but Sheamus with an Irish whip and he is sent to the apron. Sheamus with a flying shoulder tackle from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Swagger with a kick and then he dives for the knee and gets a near fall. Swagger punches Sheamus in the corner. Swagger with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Sheamus followed by double sledges. Sheamus with a shoulder int eh corner but he misses a running knee lift. Swagger tries for the Doctor Bomb but Sheamus escapes. Sheamus tries for White Noise but Swagger escapes and hits a Swagger Bomb for a near fall.

Sheamus with a knee lift and a Cloverleaf and Swagger taps out.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, we get a stare down between the two men who will meet for the World Title. Ricardo tries to distract Sheamus and Del Rio goes into the ring and he takes Sheamus down. Sheamus with punches and Ricardo hits Sheamus from behind but Sheamus sends Ricardo into the turnbuckles. Sheamus with White Noise to Del Rio and then he sets for the Brogue Kick. Rodriguez gets in the way to save Del Rio and Rodriguez is down.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Alberto Del Rio’s post match attack on Sheamus. We then see the heinous Brogue Kick to Ricardo Rodriguez. We see footage from the commercial break when Ricardo regained consciousness.

Matt Striker asks Alberto Del Rio for an update on Ricardo Rodriguez. David Otunga emerges with a super duper sized travel mug and he tells Matt that on behalf of his client, he has no comment.

We go to commercial so David can get a refill.

We are back and Matt Striker knocks on AJ Lee’s office door and he asks AJ about things falling apart and what she is going to do about it. AJ tells Matt to tell Alberto Del Rio and John Cena that their match is Falls Count Anywhere.

We find out that David Otunga will address the legal action that he will be initiating on behalf of Ricardo Rodriguez on Friday’s Smackdown.

Match Number Eight: John Cena versus Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

The match is joined in progress and Del Rio with a back breaker for a near fall. Del Rio with a slam and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a rear chin lock. Cena punches Del Rio and kicks him. They each go for clotheslines and they go down. Cena misses a punch and Del Rio with a lungblower for a near fall.

Del Rio kicks Cena and goes up top. Cena meets Del Rio with a drop kick and both men are down in this Falls Count Anywhere Match that has stayed exclusively in the ring. Cena with the two flying shoulder tackles and then he hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and he hits it. Cena gets Del Rio up on his shoulders but Del Rio goes to the apron and he drops Cena on the top rope.

They go to the floor and Cena gets Irish whipped into the ring steps. Del Rio leaps onto Cena’s chest. Del Rio sends Cena into the ringside barrier. Cena sends Del Rio towards the steps but Del Rio goes over the steps. Cena uses the steps to hit a flying shoulder and he gets a near fall.

Cena rearranges the announce table but Del Rio hits a step up enzuigiri and he gets a near fall. Del Rio kicks Cena and then he tries to suplex Cena through the table but Cena gets Del Rio up on his shoulders. Cena gets sent into the ring post. Del Rio gets a chair but Cena moves and Del Rio hits the post. Cena sends Del Rio over the ringside barrier and into the crowd.

Cena pulls the ring steps to the announce table. Cena sends Del Rio into the ringside barrier and then he gets Del Rio on his shoulders and he climbs the steps next to the announce table. Del Rio with elbows and he hits a belly-to-back suplex through the table and Del Rio gets a near fall.

Del Rio rolls Cena back into the ring and Del Rio takes the mic. Del Rio tells Cena that he is beneath him. Del Rio spits on Cena. Del Rio says that the entire WWE roster is beneath him. Chicago is beneath him. Del Rio says that he is going to break Cena’s arm. Del Rio floats over into the cross arm breaker but Cena rolls through and applies the STF. Del Rio hits Cena with the microphone.

Del Rio charges at Cena but Cena moves and Del Rio goes through the ropes and Del Rio goes to the floor. Del Rio punches Cena and then head butts him. Del Rio with a suplex onto the ramp. Del Rio can only get a two count. Del Rio with a forearm to the back from the ramp. They fight towards Del Rio’s car. Cena sends Del Rio’s head into the stage. Cena looks at the car and he takes a speaker and he tries to hit Del Rio but Del Rio kicks Cena in the leg.

Del Rio punches Cena and they fight to the back. Cena with kicks to Del Rio and then Cena throws a trash can at Del Rio but the throw goes over Del Rio’s head and Cena is charged with an error. Cena sends Del Rio through the curtain behind the interview area. Del Rio with a kick and head butt to Cena. Del Rio tries for the float over but Cena escapes. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on the cases. Punk attacks Cena and then he puts Del Rio on top of Cena and Del Rio gets the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Punk picks up Cena and drops him on the hood of his car. Punk tells Cena ‘Respect’ and then he holds up the title belt before he is driven out of the arena . . . by Paul Heyman.


411’s WWE Raw Report 9.03.12

Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.03.2012

Sheamus comes to the ring to kick off the show. Sheamus says that they are ready to get things going in Chicago, and hen he comes here, the party never ends. But he says the party will end for Alberto Del Rio. At Night of Champions…

AJ now skips her way out in her Ally McBeal special. She has announcements to make. Tonight, John Cena will face Alberto Del Rio tonight. Also, CM Punk will face Sheamus in a champion vs. champion match.

Del Rio is pissed at ringside as Sheamus stares him down. Del Rio hits the ring and they brawl. Rodriguez in and Sheamus tosses him. White noise by Sheamus to Del Rio. Sheamus backs off, looks for the brogue kick and Rodriguez takes the boot for Del Rio, who escapes.

We get a replay of Rodriguez getting destroyed by the brogue kick.

Matt Striker talks to Del Rio about Rodriguez. David Otunga appears, drinking coffee and saying that his client has no comment at this time.

Striker meets with AJ. He asks her about the show falling apart, and what she will do about it. She says that the Cena vs. Del Rio match is a falls count anywhere match.

We see a TOUT from David Otunga, he threatens legal action against Sheamus on Smackdown.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

JIP with Del Rio getting a back breaker for 2. Slam by Del Rio, and another cover gets 2. Chinlock applied by Del Rio, as he is in control of the match. Cena fights to his feet, boot to Del Rio. They trade rights, off the ropes and they clothesline each other. Both men are down, to their feet and Del Rio gets a back stabber for 2. Del Rio lays the boots to Cena, heads up top now and as he leaps in, Cena connects with a dropkick. Shoulder block off the ropes by Cena, proto bomb, five-knuckle shuffle and sets for the AA. Del Rio escapes, to the apron and stun guns Cena off the ropes. To the floor and Del Rio slams Cena to the steps. Double foot stomp by Del Rio on the floor, and then slams him to the barricade. Cena manages to get a shoulder block off of the steps and covers for 2. Cena dismantles the announce table, which allows Del Rio to connect with the enziguri, which gets 2. Del Rio looks for a suplex, counters and Del Rio slams Cena into the steel post. Del Rio grabs a chair, misses Cena, and Cena tosses him into the crowd. Cena decides to move the ring steps around, near the announce table now. Cena now works over Del Rio, and slams him to the barricade. Looks for the AA, picks up Del Rio, takes him to the steps, climbs them and Del Rio escapes. Backdrop suplex through the table by Del Rio. Del Rio covers for 2. Del Rio works over Cena, tosses him into the ring and grabs the mic. Del Rio talks shit to Cena, and says Cena is beneath him. Del Rio then says everyone in the back is beneath him, and that Chicago is beneath him. Del Rio says he will break his arm, goes for the arm bar, countered into the STF by Cena. Del Rio uses the mic to hit Cena and escape. Del Rio charges Cena, misses and flies to the floor. Cena rolls to the floor, they brawl and Del Rio gets a suplex onto the steel ramp. Del Rio covers for 2. They now brawl over by Del Rio’s car, Cena with the advantage and now sees the car. Cena picks up a big speaker, but Del Rio with the leg kick stops that. They brawl backstage now, and Cena tosses Del Rio into the interview area. Del Rio tries to run, counters the arm breaker and gets the AA onto a production box. Punk arrives and attacks Cena, laying him out. Punk then grabs Del Rio and pays him on Cena, and that is good enough for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alberto Del Rio @ 13:00 via pin


Punk then hits a GTS to Cena, using the car instead of his knee. Punk then says, “RESPECT,” and then holds the WWE Title high as he gets in the car to leave. PAUL HEYMAN is driving the car…


411’s Instant Analysis 09.03.12: WWE Monday Night Raw

Posted by Chad Nevett on 09.04.2012

SEGMENT THIRTEEN: Falls Count Anywhere Match - John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio Match Result: Alberto Del Rio pinned John Cena Match Length: A little over 13 minutes (shown)

At first, I wasn’t expecting much from this match. It seemed like they were content to work a regular match and stick to the ring. But, their excursion from the ring added a lot as they built up to bigger and bigger spots, had a lot of back-and-forth and teased the finish well for the final five or six minutes. Del Rio’s mid-match mic rant was a nice touch and I’d like to see him do that more. It suits his character well. The finish itself was somewhat obvious (that or Sheamus getting involved) and would have worked better in a regular match, not as the finish to a stipulations match like this where it ending cleanly would have been nice. Another time, another place, I guess.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Segment of the Night: The Falls Count Anywhere Match

Trash Segment of the Night: Kaitlyn vs. Eve

Final Analysis: A solid show, but without any really strong segment to anchor things like the last few weeks. It was a much more even show without any high highs or low lows. I did like the comedy of Kane and Daniel Bryan, and Punk’s walk out. The Miz taking Jerry Lawler’s place on commentary gave the evening a different flavor – a much-needed change up. Like almost every other three-hour Raw, though, this episode felt too long and, by the end, I was just waiting out the clock to a degree, despite Del Rio and Cena putting on a good match.