Raw results: Punk’s quest for respect leads him to Paul Heyman

BY Anthony Benigno September 03, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk attacked Jerry Lawler, interrupted Sheamus’ address of the WWE Universe

CHICAGO – A storm was brewing in the Windy City before Raw even began, when WWE Champion CM Punk attacked Jerry “The King” Lawler in the bowels of the Allstate Arena, incapacitating the WWE Hall of Famer and rendering him unable to attend to his duties at the commentary table.

Nonetheless, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus took to the ring to address the WWE Universe, but his fighting words for Alberto Del Rio were quickly cut off by none other than Chi-town’s favorite son, The Second City Saint himself. One week after Punk’s controversial pummeling of Lawler inside a steel cage, Punk (showered by adulation from his hometown fans) was still singing the same tune, bemoaning the lack of respect shown to him by the WWE Superstars and Universe alike. In this case, the champion took exception to Sheamus’ attempts to “try and talk to my hometown.” Punk played the native son card against The Celtic Warrior and claimed Lawler had attacked him from behind, provoking the “Chicago-style” beating at the hands of Punk.

“There is only one ‘King’ in Chicago,” Punk said, “and when you come at the king, you best not miss.”

The Voice of the Voiceless quickly shifted his ire toward John Cena, the “little white knight” who interrupted Punk’s “lesson in respect” to Lawler in the steel cage the previous week. Punk argued that if Cena helped Lawler, he agreed with Lawler’s statement that he had turned his back on the WWE Universe (an implication, by the way, the Chicago crowd thoroughly disagreed with). Sheamus, however, had had enough. The Great White, quite fed up with Punk’s sermon, wasted no time in challenging the WWE Champion to put his money where his mouth was and prove himself as The Best in the World against the World Heavyweight Champion.

Punk could barely get his response out before Raw General Manager AJ made her presence known, announcing the two main events for Raw: one-on-one matches between the respective No. 1 contenders for the World Titles, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio, and a Champion vs. Champion Match between Punk and Sheamus. Light it up, indeed.


Sheamus def. Jack Swagger; Ricardo Rodriguez took a Brogue Kick

AJ’s call for a new opponent for the World Heavyweight Champion was answered by none other than Jack Swagger, who (with Alberto Del Rio watching from ringside) attacked The Celtic Warrior with gusto and, perhaps, with more than a little desparation given his recent in-ring woes. The All-American American looked as sharp as ever against The Great White, driving him into the corner before Sheamus rallied with a pair of axehandle shots to Swagger’s head. Swagger attempted to put The Great White away with a Swagger Bomb, but it wasn’t enough to keep the champion down.

It was ultimately a surprise maneuver that sealed the match, as Sheamus trapped Swagger in a Texas Clovelerleaf and forced The All-American American to tap out.

Del Rio was quick to capitalize, jumping The Celtic Warrior in the ring and unleashing a furious assault on the champion. Before Sheamus could execute the Brogue Kick, though, Ricardo Rodriguez streaked into the ring. Del Rio ducked out of the way, leaving his manservant to absorb the full force of Sheamus’ foot.


Alberto Del Rio def. John Cena in a Falls Count Anywhere Match; CM Punk drove away with Paul Heyman

Alberto Del Rio came into his match against John Cena with revenge on his mind. Not necessarily against Cena, but The Essence of Excellence, incensed by the attack against Ricardo Rodriguez earlier in the night, was uncommonly aggressive in his opening salvo against the 10-time WWE Champion. Del Rio had victory within his grasp early in the contest when he stunned Cena with a backbreaker. An attempt at a top-rope strike, however, was cut shrot when Cena caught Del Rio mid-leap with a dropkick, leading seamlessly into a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena was unable to finish the job, though, when Del Rio maneuvered his way to the ropes after he was hoisted up for the Attitude Adjustment.

The two longtime enemies took their fight to the outside next, exploiting the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation to maximum effect. Cena and Del Rio traded Irish Whips into the steel steps before Cena set to dismantling the announce table, presumably looking to set it up for an attack on Del Rio. His plans never came to fruition, though, as The Mexican Aristocrat streaked out of nowhere to take Cena down with a kick to the head. Cena rallied, though, sending Del Rio over the barrier and setting the steel steps up next to the ruined announce table.

The Cenation leader made his play for victory then, carrying Del Rio up the steps and looking for the AA … but Del Rio countered, squirming off of Cena’s shoulders and sending him down to earth with a bone-shattering backdrop that left the announce table in ruins.

Del Rio took advantage of the reprieve to grab the microphone. Seething and sensing victory, Del Rio snarled that Cena, the WWE, and the city of Chicago were all “beneath” him before vowing “now I’m going to break your arm, Cena.” Next came the Cross Armbreaker, but Cena acted quickly, reversing it into an STF that Del Rio broke up by smashing the mic against Cena’s skull.

The fight spilled up the ramp and near the TitanTron. Cena attempted his own play for victory, hoisting a speaker high above his head before Del Rio kicked Cena’s leg out from under him. The two competitors brawled deep into the backstage area, using anything they could find as a weapon, but it looked like Cena would come out the victor when he AA’d Del Rio onto a stack of crates.

What he didn’t count on, however, was CM Punk calling off his personal day. The Second City Saint struck fast, kicking Cena in the head and incapacitating him before hauling Del Rio on top of the prone Cenation leader, allowing the referee to record the three count.

Punk wasn’t done by a long shot yet, though, hauling Cena towards his car and executing a Go to Sleep on the hood, leaving his No. 1 contender a battered mess on the Allstate Arena floor.

“Respect,” Punk said simply as he knelt before Cena. Point sufficiently made, The Second City Saint climibed back into the passenger seat of his car and drove away, but not before the camera got a good look at the vehicle’s driver … Paul Heyman.