WWE Smackdown House Show Results (9/22) Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Posted by: Elio Cannella reporting for WrestlingNewsSource.com on Sep 23 2012

Smackdown was north of the border last night for a house show in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and here are results from that event

Alberto Del Rio cut a promo on the titantron and said he doesn’t care what the fans think and doesn’t want to be here

Booker T appeared on the TitanTron and said tonight’s main event will be Alberto Del Rio taking on Sheamus and the WWE Universe will decide what type of match it will be and they can do so by tweeting for either Street Fight or 2/3 Falls

Alberto Del Rio came out and said he hates Canada and if he hears “Brogue Kick” one more time he’d leave. Sheamus came out and said Del Rio is the first person to wear an adult diaper and scarf at the same time. The crowd began to chant “He wears a diaper”

(7)World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus d. Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo helped Del Rio by handing him a kendo stick. Del Rio hit Sheamus with the kendo stick. Back and forth match, Sheamus hit Del Rio with the kendo stick then Brogue Kicked him for the win


WWE Smackdown House Show Report 9.22.12 - Sarnia, Ontario

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 09.23.2012

The attendance was about half capacity. I would say 2,000 at most. The crowd was dead for the entire night. No energy at all. I drove in from Detroit and should have stayed home.

(7)Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Hvt. Championship. A good match. Ricardo Rodriguez is worth price of admission for me. He is hilarious.

Overall, it was not good. The lack of star power hurt the crowd interest from the start.

Biggest Pop: Shemus

Most Heat: I suppose Alberto Del Rio