WWE SmackDown Live Event September 23: Sheamus Wins, Kane & Bryan Are Terrific

ByJohn Canton(Featured Columnist) on September 24, 2012

I went to a WWE SmackDown house show on Sunday, September 23rd in London, Ontario.

I would guess the attendance was about 5,000 people. We were sitting sixth row, and we had a great view of the action.

Ring announcer Tony Chimel encouraged us to vote, via Twitter, for the stipulation of the Sheamus/Del Rio match. It was either a street fight or 2 out of 3 falls. They put the hashtags on the screen and you had to put #wwelondonon on them as well.

Sheamus d. Alberto Del Rio in a Street Fight

They used kendo sticks and chairs as weapons. They worked for about 15 minutes. The crowd was into it even though it’s a match we’ve seen on pay-per-view many times in recent months. Both guys worked hard and the chemistry was there. Del Rio went for the Cross Armbreaker. Sheamus fought out of it and won the match via submission with a Texas Cloverleaf.

Post match, Del Rio and Rodriguez attacked the arm of Sheamus with chair shots. They left proudly. Dolph Ziggler’s music started up and he came out there with his Money in the Bank briefcase along with referee Jack Doan. Just as he was about to cash in, Sheamus got to his feet and gave him a Brogue Kick. That made everybody happy.

When the show was over, Sheamus spent a few minutes interacting with fans. He signed autographs, took pictures with kids and went around the entire building mingling with the people.

Biggest Cheers

  1. Sheamus
  2. Kane
  3. Daniel Bryan

Biggest Heat

  1. Alberto Del Rio
  2. Dolph Ziggler
  3. Wade Barrett

All of the wrestlers worked hard, the fans were into most of the matches and the crowd was loud as usual. I’ve been to dozens of house shows in my life and they are generally a good time. This was no different.

It wasn’t the best house show I’ve ever been to. It wasn’t the worst either. As usual, it was two hours and thirty minutes of solid entertainment.


SmackDown Live Event Results From London, Ontario (9/23): Kidd Upsets Ziggler, Sheamus Defends

By Raj Giri September 23, 2012

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Zack Cattell for sending in these results from today’s SmackDown live event in London, Ontario, Canada:

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Street Fight. POOR STREET FIGHT!!! Alberto Del Rio got huge HEAT and Sheamus got a HUGE POP. They used a kendo stick, chair and the steel stairs. The match could have been awesome, but I think they both held back because it was not on television.

Overall I enjoyed the live event, but I think WWE could have done WAY BETTER! I was really kind of disappointed in them. Not all the superstars showed up that they advertised like Cody Rhodes, Sin Cara, The Usos and Randy Orton. I thought for sure a lot more NXT talent would be there because they air it in Canada. I hope next time WWE comes to London that they bring better talent and work better matches!


WWE House Show Results 9.23.12 - London, Ontario, Canada

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 09.23.2012

I arrived at the arena early. The merchandise stands didn’t have anything good to buy and all the Rey masks where pink. It was the exact same match lineup as the show in Sarnia, Ontario, but the london crowd was rocking all afternoon.

Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio In a street fight to retain the World Hvt. Championship. Match of the night. Ricardo Rodriguez is too funny. Sheamus won with the Cloverleaf. After the match, Alberto and Ric Rod did a “ConChairto” on Sheamus’s arm. Dolph ran out with a ref to cash in only to turn around into a Brogue kick and send the fans home happy.