Classic factions reborn

BY Kevin Powers

The Million Dollar Corporation

Rather than using his vast fortune on expensive cars and his bumbling ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio may be better served taking a page out of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s playbook and utilizing his wealth to buy a faction of Superstars seeking fortune and glory. In 1994, DiBiase bankrolled Nikolai Volkoff, Bam Bam Bigelow, IRS, Kama, Tatanka, King Kong Bundy, Sid and The 1-2-3 Kid in order to take control of WWE.

Del Rio’s assets would allow for worthy investments both on his part and for the Superstars who see green and wish to join him. The Prime Time Players — motivated by money and success in WWE — wouldn’t hesitate to join The Mexican Aristocrat. The same can be said for Jinder Mahal. A sense of entitlement notwithstanding, Mahal’s lavish lifestyle would only be bolstered by an alliance with Del Rio.

The Million Dollar Corporation also needs a hard-hitting Superstar who prides himself on being the toughest in WWE. Del Rio would in effect have to hire a mercenary of sorts. DiBiase’s original incarnation of the faction featured Bam Bam Bigelow and Kama — no nonsense ring warriors using their brash attitudes an in-ring style to collect a hefty check. A comparable Superstar for Del Rio to hire would be Antonio Cesaro. The Swiss-born competitor’s aggressive nature makes him a necessity for The Mexican Aristocrat, while Cesaro’s enjoyment of the finer things in life ensures he won’t dissent from Del Rio when the paychecks clear.

One of the most pivotal moments of the original Million Dollar Corporation was when fan-favorite Tatanka betrayed his tag team partner, Lex Luger, and joined DiBiase. The acquisition was huge for DiBiase’s faction and Del Rio would be wise to follow suit. The Mexican Aristocrat would need someone the WWE Universe loves, a Superstar who is powerful and loves a good skirmish. The best way for Del Rio to do this would be sending Brodus Clay a blank check. The Funkasaurus is beloved by the WWE Universe and may not sell-out, but Del Rio would be foolish not to extend the olive branch.