By Richard Trionfo on 2010-10-08 22:00:00

We are live on tape from Topeka, Kansas and your announcers are Matt ‘I’m Glad I was wrong about your announcing’ Striker and Todd ‘Steady as he goes’ Grisham.

We take a look back at the history between Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio in the WWE.

We see more footage of Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio from the night that Alberto finished off Rey’s shoulder.

It is time for another Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio memory. We see footage from the fiesta.

We go backstage where Josh Mathews is with Alberto Del Rio, but we already know that it is him. Josh asks Alberto if he is concerned. Alberto says that he is not concerned about the little Chihuahua because his bark is bigger than his bite. Rey is a former champion and a Mexican icon. He is a God in Mexico, but he is not the essence of excellence. Alberto speaks in Spanish and then he says that a lot of people don’t understand what he is saying but all they need to know is that he is going to leave Rey like a pile of dog trash and he only has to figure out how to wipe him off his shoe.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the personal ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring. Alberto drives into the arena.

Match Number Five: Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio

They lock up and Alberto backs Rey into the corner and Alberto with a kick and punches instead of the clean break. Rey with forearms of his own and Rey with a kick. Alberto with a kick of his own and then he goes through the ropes and to the floor. Rey goes to eh apron and he misses the splash. Rey sends Del Rio into the ring steps and then Rey with a drop kick that sends Del Rio’s arm into the ring post. Rey with kicks to Del Rio and then he stands on the hand on the ring steps. Rey goes up top and hits a cross body onto Alberto and we go to commercial.

We are back and the action returned to the ring and Rey is in control. Rey sends Alberto into the ropes but Del Rio is able to get to the floor. Rey with a drop kick to Del Rio and then Rey with kicks on the floor. Rey points at Rodriguez and then he kicks Del Rio in the head against the announce table. They return to the ring and Rey with a kick to the knee. Rey with a back heel kick and then he hits a running drop kick to a seated Del Rio. Rey with a kick and then he hits an Arabian Press for a near fall. Rey goes to the apron and then he goes up top but Del Rio with a rising enzuigiri and Rey is sent to the floor.

Del Rio sends Rey into the ringside barrier and then he breaks the referee’s count. Del Rio returns Rey into the ring and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a key lock as he starts to work on the arm. Rey with kicks to keep Del Rio from working on the arm. Alberto tries for a slam but Rey escapes. Alberto with an enzuigiri to the shoulder and Alberto with knees to the elbow. Alberto with a hard Irish whip and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with an arm bar. Rey with kicks to Alberto followed by forearms. Alberto with an Irish whip but he runs into Rey’s boots. Rey struggles to the top turnbuckles and Alberto is able to get back to his feet and he stops Rey.

Alberto sets for a superplex but Rey holds on to the turnbuckle. Rey with punches to the back and Rey with a sunset flip power bomb for a two count. Rey with a stiff kick to the head but Alberto is able to kick out. Rey goes back to the apron and he hits the springboard seated senton but Del Rio with a power slam to Rey and Alberto gets a near fall. Alberto with a leaping belly-to-back suplex and he gets another near fall. Alberto pushes Rey into the corner and Rey avoids a drop kick in the corner. Rey with a rana from the top turnbuckle and he sends Alberto into the ropes. Rodriguez distracts Rey long enough to allow Alberto to recover. Rey with a head scissors that sends Del Rio into Rodriguez and it knocks Rodriguez off the apron. Rey hits the 619 and then he hits a frog splash for the three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio