Assembling Team SmackDown

October 15, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore. – With WWE Bragging Rights looming, six Superstars competed in a series of Team SmackDown qualifying matches, and The Undertaker accepted World Heavyweight Champion Kane’s challenge to a Buried Alive Match.

Alberto Del Rio def. Chris Masters

Keeping with his trademark entrance, Alberto Del Rio drove himself into the arena in a luxury automobile – this time a Maserati. Once the action began, Chris Masters fell victim to Del Rio’s cross armbreaker, qualifying Del Rio for Team SmackDown. After the win, Del Rio refused to shake his captain Big Show’s hand. Not offended, The World’s Largest Athlete said he respected the move and that the “Bottom line is come WWE Bragging Rights, he has to pin someone from Raw.”

Rey Mysterio def. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

In the first Team SmackDown WWE Bragging Rights Qualifying Match of the night, Rey Mysterio tangled with WWE Tag Team Champion “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. After defeating Alberto Del Rio last week, The Ultimate Underdog picked up another win by blasting Rhodes with the 619 followed up by a springboard splash.