Edge def. Kane, Rey Mysterio & Alberto Del Rio (New World Heavyweight Champion)

December 19, 2010

HOUSTON – Weeks of mind games with Kane finally paid off for Edge, as The Master Manipulator captured his tenth World Championship by winning a first-ever Fatal 4-Way Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match.

In a brutal battle with Kane, Edge, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio all vying for the World Title, The Rated-R Superstar dethroned The Big Red Monster in a match format many describe as his specialty. In fact, it was Edge’ seventh time in a TLC Match and he was in the first TLC Match ever at SummerSlam 2000.

On this night, Edge Speared Kane off the ring apron and through a table, allowing The Ultimate Opportunist to ascend a ladder and claim his prize.

Throughout the bout, tables, ladders and chairs all came into play, as each Superstar used each weapon to his advantage. In one high-risk move, The Rated-R Superstar jumped from atop a ladder, crushing Kane through a table outside the ring.

Showing no fear, Rey Mysterio utilized tables suspended from the ceiling to launch himself onto Kane.

Ultimately, though, it was Edge who was able to absorb all the punishment thrown his way and go on to become champion.

With Kane already rattled by Edge before WWE TLC, how will The Big Red Monster respond to having his title taken away? Plus with Paul Bearer’s heath in question, will the former champion wallow in self-misery, or will we see The Devil’s Favorite Demon sink to new depths of evil to regain what was once his?

Not to be overlooked in the World Heavyweight Title picture history are Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio, who both had championship glory within their grasp in the TLC bout. What will they do next?

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