By Mike Johnson on 2010-12-19 22:55:00

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was romancing Rosa Mendes in Spanish. He came across Edge. He accused Edge of wanting to kidnap his ring announcer and told Edge that he didn’t care because he’s just hire another. Edge asked him if he wanted to team up against Kane. Del Rio asked him if he was serious. Edge told him no and tried to tell Del Rio he was never in a TLC match. Del Rio told him that he didn’t care because all you need is greatness and if Edge doubted that, go ask his friend Christian. He warned Edge that he didn’t know him. Edge said that he didn’t care, because he was going to walk out of Houston as World champion.

World champion Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge

All four began battling at the bell. Mysterio had a Gene Simmon-inspired mask and outfit. Del Rio worked on Rey in the ring but Rey turned it into a head scissors into the corner and stomped him. Mysterio hit a flying dropkick into the corner. Meanwhile. Kane and Edge battled on the floor.

Mysterio placed a ladder in the ring and climbed to the top but Del Rio tipped the ladder. Mysterio crashed to the outside, wiping out Edge and Kane. Del Rio climbed the ladder but Mysterio met him. Del Rio took him out and Mysterio took a bump onto another ladder. Del Rio tried to whip Rey into a ladder in the corner but it was reversed.

Rey went up the ladder but Del Rio pulled him down onto his shoulders. Mysterio landed on a ladder in the corner while escaping and rode it down onto Del Rio. Rey went to take Kane down with a Lucha move but was caught and dropped face-first onto a ladder. Edge and Kane battled but Kane slammed a ladder down atop of him.

Kane threw a ladder to the outside on Rey and Alberto. Edge blocked a chokeslam and DDT’d Kane. Edge grabbed the ladder and rammed it into Kane’s head. Kane and the ladder went crashing to the floor. Edge grabbed the largest ladder on the outside and brought it into the ring. He caught Kane bringing another one into the ring and dropkicked it into the World champion. Kane and Edge battled around ringside.

Edge set up a table outside the ring but was cut off by Kane and slammed head-first into the announcers table. Kane then drilled Del Rio with a kick to the head and laid out Rey as well. Kane began setting up a table but ripped the leg off accidentally. Kane tossed Edge into the crowd and worked on Del Rio. Kane caught Rey coming off the apron then grabbed Del Rio by the throat as well. Edge attacked him and the three challengers swarmed over the champion.

Edge and Rey soon turned on Del Rio and sent him into the barrier with such force the wall popped off. Edge and Rey began working on Kane, then set a new table up outside the ring. Rey and Edge placed Kane on the table and peppered him with punches. Edge brought a ladder near the area where the table was. Edge went up the ladder and splashed out of the ring, putting Kane through the ladder.

Rey immediately went to the ladder and began climbing up. Del Rio pulled him down and whipped Rey into the corner, then drilled him with a clothesline. Del Rio grabbed a chair from his ring announcer. He charged Rey but was caught and put in the 619 position. Del Rio ducked out and Rey flipped around back into the ring, where Edge speared him and then Del Rio.

Edge climbed to the top of the ladder but Kane returned, tossing the ladder over. Edge crotched himself on the top rope in a nasty fall. Kane mauled Del Rio and Edge outside the ring. Kane dragged Edge to the ladder set up in the aisle and used him to wipe them out. Kane grabbed a chair and nailed Del Rio in the aisle, then turned his attention to Kane and Edge.

Kane swung a chair on the stage but Edge ducked. Kane took out Del Rio but ate a spear from Edge. Rey climbed up to the tables hanging above the stage and hit a Thesz Press onto Kane. Great idea. Rey realizes he’s closer to the ring and charges to set up the ladder but Del Rio hit the ring and cut off Rey. Rey set him up for the 619 as Edge returned, then did the same to Edge. Rey drilled Del Rio with the move, but when he went for it on Edge, Edge pulled a chair up and Rey’s knees hit them.

With everyone else out, Edge set up the ladder and began to slowly make his way up the ladder. Del Rio began to follow as Rey set up a smaller ladder adjacent to them. Del Rio grabbed Edge’s arm to trap him. Rey knocked Del Rio off the ladder and took his place. He and Edge battled atop the ladder. They both ended up crashing down to the mat.

Alberto’s ring announcer climbed up the ladder at Del Rios’ order and made his way to the top, only to find that Kane had returned to the ring. Kane grabbed him and chokeslammed him off the ladder. Del Rio then ate a chokeslam as well. Kane sent Edge crashing through a table to the floor. Mysterio knocked over the ladders, set up Kane and nailed him with the 619, then dumped Kane to the floor.

Rey went to set up the ladder and made his way up. He slowly made his way and grabbed at the title but Del Rio attacked him and beat Rey as he pulled him down the ladder. Del Rio applied the rolling armbreaker. Del Rio smiled as he looked up at the belt, then went right back after Rey. Rey tapped but it didn’t mean a thing.

Del Rio made it to the top of the ladder but Rey tipped him and Del Rio took a crazy bump to the outside through two tables. There goes my prediction of Del Rio. Rey made his way back to the top of the ladder but Kane recovered and followed him. Rey kicked him off and hit a springboard moonsault off the middle rope. Kane caught him in the air and nailed the tombstone.

Kane had a trickle of blood coming from his head. No stoppage!

Kane climbed up the ladder but Edge nailed him with several shots with the chair. Kane started to come down and Edge nailed him in the jaw with the chair. Edge speared Kane off the apron through a table on the floor.

Edge was left alone in the ring and climbed the ladder. He made it to the top and pulled the ladder down, winning the World title for the tenth time.

Your winner, Edge!

Just an excellent, brutal cluster with lots of hard hitting spots, bumps and some good drama and teases of potential wins. I liked the inclusion of Ricardo here as well. This was a total “throw in everything we can and work our asses off” type of match and it was extremely enjoyable on all accounts.;=2