By Mike Johnson on 2011-10-02 19:30:49

WWE champion John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

Punk went right after Del Rio who ran to the floor Del Rio spent the early minutes trying to run from Cena and Punk after the beating he gave them on Raw. They finally cornered him and Punk and Cena kept pulling the other away to get at Del Rio. Punk nailed a series of knees to the face and the crowd loved him. They weren’t behind Cena. It ended up with Punk and Cena left alone in the ring facing off. They missed several offensive moves and went for their finishers early but each evaded them.

Del Rio tried to attack Punk who avoided him and Alberto landed outside and nearly hit the Cell. Cena grabbed him for an FU on the floor but Punk dove out onto both of them. Punk nailed a backbreaker for a two count. Dueling chants for Punk and Cena, which was the most crowd response of the night at this point. Punk went under the ring for a chair but Cena nailed him. He whipped Punk into the stairs but Punk landed on them and goaded Cena to face him. Del Rio blasted Punk from behind.

This left Del Rio and Cena going back and forth in the ring with several near falls. Alberto grabbed a chair and wedged it into a corner. Cena nailed several shots, taking out Del Rio. He nailed the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for the AA but Del Rio came out it going for the rolling cross armbreaker. Punk broke it up and starting covering both Del Rio and Cena for near falls.

Punk pulled a table from under the ring. He was bleeding from the back where he was blasted into the cell. Punk went for the running knee on the apron and nailed it. He teased a bulldog through the table but was sent hard into the Cell by Cena. Punk grabbed at his elbow. Del Rio used the distraction to beat the hell out of Cena, including a backbreaker onto an open chair.

Del Rio drove his knee into Cena’s face in the corner and mocked him, waving his hand in his face. He tied Cena to the tree of woe and dug his boot into Cena’s throat. Del Rio charged Cena, who pulled himself up and Del Rio nailed his shoulder into the ringpost. Cena prepared to come off the top with the Alabama Jam but Punk shook the ropes and crotched Cena. He nailed a side suplex on Del Rio followed by a sit down slam for several near falls.

Del Rio cut off Punk and cinched in a side chinlock. Punk battled his way back to his feet but Cena came off the ropes with the legdrop on both. He covered Del Rio, then Punk for several two counts. Cena went for the AA but Del Rio slipped out. Punk nailed a Yakuza Kick on Del Rio, sending him to the outside. Cena clotheslined Punk and everyone was down.

Punk and Cena slugged it out in the ring with punches and kicks while Ricardo tried to revolve Del Rio. Punk went for the GTS as Del Rio returned with a chair and worked over Punk and Cena alike. He placed Cena down, then the chair and Punk on top of them. Del Rio came off the ropes with a back senton splash for a two count on each man.

They went into a series of near falls with the third man breaking it up. Del Rio locked in the cross armbreaker on Cena but Punk attacked them both. Punk nailed the GTS on Punk and covered him but Del Rio pulled Punk out of the ring and sent him into the ring steps. He then nailed Punk with a chair to the knees.

Del Rio returned to the ring where Cena caught him with a surprise inside cradle for a two count. Del Rio nailed Cena’s back, then sent him into the stairs on the floor. Cena was run into the Cell. Del Rio drilled Cena with a chair on the floor.

Punk returned to the ring and clotheslined Del Rio several times. Punk slammed him and nailed the Randy Savage flying elbowsmash for a two count. Cena returned to the ring with a flurry of offense on Punk but Punk kicked him in the head and slammed him. Punk went for the flying elbow but Del Rio shoved him off and Punk crashed through the table on the floor.

Del Rio stalked Cena who reversed him into the STF. Ricardo attacked the outside referee and unlocked the Cell. He tried to assault Cena with a pipe but Cena caught him and nailed the AA on the outside. Del Rio blasted Cena out of the Cell and locked him out. He tossed the keys under the ring.

Del Rio stomped Punk in the head and threw him into the ring. Punk was completely out. The crowd began chanting for Punk. Del Rio nailed a German suplex for a two count. Punk reversed another German attempt into a jackrabbit rollup for a two count. Del Rio nailed an enziguiri for another two count. Cena began to shake off his grogginess in the aisle.

Del Rio called for the cross armbreaker but Punk sent him into the buckles and nailed a series of kicks to the head and gut. Punk nailed a leaping leg lariat. Cena tried to return to the cage but found it locked. Punk went for the springboard clothesline and nailed it for a two count. Cena tried to force the door open but could not.

Del Rio rolled out of the ring and grabbed the pipe. He nailed Punk with it, then mocked Cena outside the Cell Punk went for the GTS but Punk was nailed again with the pipe. Del Rio covered him for the win.

Your winner and new WWE champion, Alberto Del Rio!

Cena hit the ring as soon as the match ended and the Cell was raised but R Truth and Miz attacked everyone with pipes. The Cell was lowered as Triple H and other officials hit the scene. Miz and Truth beat down everyone in the cage, including the referees and the camera men as the entire WWE locker room ran out, faces and heels alike, trying to get in. A swarm of police ran out. They finally cut the lock with bolt cutters. The cops ran in and Miz and Truth immediately dropped to their knees and allowed themselves to be handcuffed. Other police held back all the wrestlers. Miz and Truth were walked through the wrestlers. Triple H lost it and attacked them both. Johnny Ace tried to stop him and was nailed by HHH. HHH was dragged off and the announcers wondered if he was being arrested as well. They went off the air at this point.

The Cell match was your typical Triple Threat match although it was a lot more brutal with all the stiff chair and Cell shots. The angle at the end was a great chaotic ending to the PPV that put a TON of heat on Miz and Truth as outsiders and also left the question hanging as to the future of HHH as the COO. An effective cliffhanger angle.;=3