WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio def. John Cena (Last Man Standing Match)

BY Ryan Murphy October 24, 2011

SAN ANTONIO — John Cena’s unmatched willpower and sheer guts have seen to it that he always gets back on his feet — but not tonight. Brutally assaulted by The Miz and R-Truth during his vicious Last Man Standing Match with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, the Superstar had his potential 11th World Championship reign stolen from him by the devious duo as they smashed the Cenation leader, allowing The Mexican Aristocrat to take advantage of his wounded challenger and retain his title.

It was a shocking ending to a bout that was controversial before the bell even rang. Forced to rumble in a dilapidated ring that World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and Big Show destroyed in the prior contest, Cena and Del Rio didn’t waste any time trading chinlocks and armdrags in the squared circle. Instead, the rivals went at it like barroom brawlers, brutalizing each other with the ring posts, steel steps and everything else that wasn’t nailed down in San Antonio’s AT&T; Center.

For Del Rio, the bout quickly became a proving ground. Competing in his first Last Man Standing Match, the WWE Champion demonstrated his resolve by fighting back after being driven through a table by his opponent. With his determined performance, Del Rio showed the WWE Universe that his expensive cars and perfect hair belie the tough competitor hiding under the cashmere scarf.

For Cena, it was an opportunity to do what he does best. Choosing the stipulation that fits his “never say die” attitude, Cena knew he could not be stopped in a Last Man Standing Match. After all, the West Newbury, Mass. native defeated rivals like Umaga and Batista in this very bout.

Alberto Del Rio should have been the latest Superstar to fall to Cena in a Last Man Standing Match. Despite constant interference from his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, The Mexican Aristocrat was on dream street after receiving a massive Attitude Adjustment through the Spanish announce table. The official nearly counted to 10 before The “Awesome Truth” stole his attention.

Destroying Cena in the ring, The Miz & R-Truth gave Del Rio a chance to get back to his feet and take advantage of his battered challenger. Although he was able to stand up, Cena was ultimately knocked out cold when the smug champion blasted him in the head with the WWE Title. There was no getting up from a shot like that.

This is the second time The “Awesome Truth” has assaulted Cena following their attack on the former WWE Champion at WWE Hell in a Cell. Both The Miz and R-Truth may soon regret picking this fight.