By Mike Johnson on 2011-10-23 22:59:00

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena – Last Man Standing Match

With the ring destroyed, they still had the main event. I think the only other time we’ve seen this in wrestling was at the first ECW Living Dangerously PPV. Cena has a new black t-shirt that reads “Rise Above Hate.” Was that aimed at the critics that reviewed his latest film?

Two of the ring posts are in place. A third is at an angle and the last one is just laying there. I am guessing that ends up being part of the finish. Del Rio laid out Cena to start and slammed him on the mat, where was at a slanted angle.

The referee started counting Cena down but Cena rolled off the ring to the floor. Del Rio continued beating down Cena on the floor, then sent him into one of the ringposts. Back in the ring, Del Rio went after Cena but was backdropped. Cena slammed Del Rio. The announcers started pointing out that this was an unsafe working environment. Cena elbowed Del Rio, who made his way to his feet. Cena slugged him several times. Del Rio took him down and nailed a leaping dropkick to Cena on the mat.

Del Rio continued working on Cena. The referee counted Cena to seven but Cena returned to nail the champion with a running clothesline. Both men were down in the imploded ring. Del Rio drilled him with the backstabber. Cena was counted but returned to his feet at nine. Del Rio snapped him with a suplex and followed with a second one. Cena reversed a third attempt. Cena began nailing a series of shoulderblockd and the pump handle slam.

Cena went to do the five knuckle shuffle, but there were no ropes. Cena improvised and nailed it. He went for the AA, but Del Rio slipped out and nailed a back suplex on Cena. Cena kicked Del Rio in the gut and nailed a gut wretch suplex. The referee began chanting Del Rio down. Del Rio returned to his feet and nailed a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio went right after Cena while he was being counted down. He placed Cena under one of the ring posts that were down and used a double stomp on the post. The referee counted Cena down but he made it to his feet at eight, then grabbed Del Rio in the AA.

The referee began counting each of them down on the mat. Cena went for another AA but Ricardo Rodriguez hit the ring. Cena nailed him. Del Rio locked in a rear naked choke, which they called a form of a sleeperhold. Cena fought his way out but was trapped again in the choke. Del Rio choked him out and let him go so the referee could begin the count.

Cena fought his way up. Del Rio went to throw him from the ring into the guard rail but Cena reversed it and Del Rio took a sick back-first bump into the guard rail barricade board. Del Rio was almost counted out but used the barricade to pull himself up. Cena tried to whip him into the ring steps but the Irish whip was reversed and Cena ate the steel. The referee began counting Cena down.

Cena made his way to his feet. Ricardo attacked Cena but was nailed with an atomic drop, being dropped onto one of the ring posts that were over, crotching him. Cena slammed Del Rio into the post with a drop toehold, so Ricardo then had the post slammed upwards into the babymaking machine. Clever stuff.

Cena grabbed ring steps and was going to slam them onto Del Rio but was attacked and peppered with punches. Alberto slammed Cena into the steps and drilled him with punches. Cena was leaning against the steps in the aisle. Del Rio grabbed the bottom portion of the stairs and drilled them into Cena. The referee began counting Cena out of on the floor. Cena made it to his feet at eight.

Del Rio attacked Cena. They brawled backstage. Cena tossed Del Rio across a table set up in the back, sending food flying. The referee began counting Del Rio out. Cena overturned a big equipment case, trying to crush the champion but Alberto made it out of the way. He attacked Cena and slammed him on the case. The referee began counting Cena out. Cena pulled himself up and staggered into the backstage interview area. Del Rio shoved over a metal backdrop onto Cena, then shoved over the other partitions, trying to trap Cena underneath.

The referee began counting Cena down. At seven, Cena showed signs of life and he got up. Del Rio immediately attacked him and they made their way back into the Arena. They battled in front of an area set up with a bunch of laptops. Ricardo tried to attack Cena but was laid out. Del Rio sent Cena flying into a giant “V” that was staged to spell Vengeance and Cena crashed through it.

Del Rio set up a table and placed Cena on it. He started climbing part of the stage to jump off but Cena pulled him down and Del Rio crashed through the table. Del Rio returned to his feet at nine. Cena and Del Rio brawled through the crowd before returning into the ringside area. Cena tossed Del Rio over the announcer’s table. Del Rio set up the Spanish Announcing Table, wanting to put Cena through it but was attacked and nailed with several clotheslines on the floor. Del Rio went for the leaping enziguiri on the outside but Cena ducked and he kicked the ringpost instead.

Cena assembled the ring steps again and picked up Del Rio. He climbed the stairs and nailed the AA off the stairs through the Spanish Announcing Table, which was destroyed. Miz and Truth hit the ring and attacked Cena, beating him down. Miz nailed the Skull Crushing Finale. Truth then nailed his kick. The referee began counting both men down but Del Rio pulled himself up and leaned against the ring steps. Cena was almost counted out but got up at nine.

Del Rio drilled the woozy Cena with the WWE title belt and then fell from the ring to the floor. The referee counted both men down. Del Rio pulled himself up with the help of fans in the front row but Cena didn’t make his way to his feet.

Your winner and still WWE champion, Alberto Del Rio!

Very different main event due to the ring situation. It ended up being a pretty entertaining brawl with some nice drama at the end. Miz and Truth coming out killed some of that but they want to use that to build to Survivor Series, so I can forgive that. Del Rio’s work here was excellent and Cena did a hell of a job as well. A unique bout overall and they really worked their asses off to give a good main event.;=4