SmackDown results: Rage outside the cage

BY Mitch Passero

March 18, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Although Christian picked up a rewarding victory over arch-rival Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match, Del Rio gained significant WrestleMania momentum by stinging World Heavyweight Champion Edge with a painful Con-Chair-To.

Christian def. Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match

Ever since Alberto Del Rio put Christian out of commission, Captain Charisma has been out for retribution every chance he gets. A Steel Cage Match proved the ultimate opportunity. After a tooth-and-nail struggle from atop the cage, it was Christian whose feet hit the arena floor first, giving him sweet victory.

When the bitter fight continued outside the cage, Edge interrupted by driving Del Rio’s car into the arena. After threatening to damage Del Rio’s luxury auto with a steel chair, The Rated-R Superstar was attacked from behind by Brodus Clay. With the champion down, Clay smashed him with the same chair. Then, Del Rio blasted his WrestleMania opponent with a stinging Con-Chair-To.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Brodus Clay

Young upstart Brodus Clay continues to turn heads in WWE. In a match against World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Clay had a tremendous opportunity to shine, but came up short when The Rated-R Superstar blasted him with a Spear. After post-match mayhem involving Alberto Del Rio and Christian, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announced the Steel Cage main event.