By Richard Trionfo on 2011-03-18 22:01:14

We are live on tape from Kansas City, Missouri and your announcers are Michael ‘I prefer Kansas City, Kansas’ Cole, Josh ‘What will I do on Thursday nights’ Mathews, and Booker ‘Watch Community . . . Sucka’ T.

In case you were hoping for the main event that was announced on Raw for the Tag Team Titles, we have some bad news. Instead of Edge and Christian teaming up to try for the tag titles, Big Show and Kane will be facing Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater for the titles. You may return to your flash photography to your overhead compartments.

But the Cole Chamber is being assembled while Michael Cole makes his way to the non-hermetically sealed box at ringside with his announcement by the ring announcer and the Raw theme music. Booker and Josh look incredulous at Cole.

Match Number One: Edge versus Brodus Clay with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez

Edge avoids Clay and he punches the bigger man. Edge tries for an Irish whip but Clay does not move. Clay with an Irish whip but Edge with a kick to a charging Clay. Edge comes off the turnbuckles but Clay catches him and he hits a t-bone suplex. Clay with punches to the shoulder and then he uses his knee for extra pressure with Edge against the ropes.

Clay continues to work on the arm to weaken the shoulder. Clay with a wrist lock followed by a punch to the ribs. Clay with an arm bar on Edge but Edge with punches. Clay stops Edge with a knee. Clay runs into an elbow. Edge tries for a tornado DDT but Clay pushes him off and hits a clothesline and then he tries for a splash but Edge moves out of the way. Edge with a running forearm followed by a clothesline but Clay stays on his feet. Clay sends Edge into the turnbuckles and then Clay charges but Edge with a drop toe hold that sends Clay into the turnbuckles.

Edge goes up top and hits a cross body but Clay kicks out emphatically and Edge is sent to the apron. Clay charges but Edge with a shoulder and then Edge slides back into the ring and tries for a sunset flip but Clay does not go over and Clay drops down and gets a near fall.

Clay puts Edge against the turnbuckles and Clay tries for the running butt splash but Edge moves. Edge goes to the turnbuckles and hits a bulldog. Edge gets that look in his eyes and he pulls his hair and sets for the spear. Rodriguez gets on the apron to distract the referee. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Alberto Del Rio’s evil plan is put into action as he grabs Edge’s leg to prevent the spear. Clay with a running body block but he can only get a two count.

From out of nowhere, Christian attacks Del Rio and they fight against the ring. Clay picks up Christian and then drops him on the apron. Edge with a spear for the three count.

Winner: Edge

After the match, Del Rio with a drop kick and then he punches Edge. Christian comes into the ring and he punches Del Rio. They fight to the floor with Christian getting in the majority of the punches. Del Rio with a knee and then they brawl over the announce table. The referees come out and separate Christian and Del Rio.

Teddy Long’s music plays and he comes out to make an announcement. He says that he is not going to stand by and watch the four of them constantly get in each other’s faces. The main event tonight is going to be Alberto Del Rio versus Christian. In order to ensure that this match is one-on-one, it will take place inside a steel cage.

We go to footage from last September when Del Rio attacked Christian and put him on the shelf for months.

We go to Todd Grisham in the interview area with Alberto Del Rio. Todd asks Alberto about his first WWE Steel Cage match. Todd starts to ask Alberto about the ramifications, but Alberto cuts Todd off. Alberto says that the ramifications are that Teddy Long is trying to interfere with his destiny. Christian is trying to interfere with his destiny. They are locking him in a cage like an animal. He asks Todd if he thinks that is funny. Alberto says that he is not an animal.

We go to footage from last month’s Elimination Chamber when Del Rio went after Edge and put him in the cross arm breaker. Then we saw the return of Christian and the Killswitch on Del Rio followed by a spear from Edge.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound of Snooki’s appearance on Raw with some of the media coverage after her appearance.

It is time to run through the card for Wrestlemania.

The steel cage is lowers from the heavens and the most electrifying music in sports entertainment plays. We go to commercial.

Match Number Eight: Christian versus Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez in a Steel Cage Match

The door closes to the cage and Del Rio goes after Christian but he moves out of the way. Christian with punches but Del Rio with a knee followed by a snap mare and kick to the back. Del Rio tries to send Christian into the cage but Christian is able to block it. Christian with a kick followed by punches and a back body drop. Christian tries to send Del Rio into the cage but Del Rio stops him. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Del Rio blocks it an then Del Rio with a clothesline. Christian with an Irish whip and Del Rio tries to escape the cage. Christian follows after him. They fight on the top rope and Del Rio tries for a German suplex from the top rope but Christian holds on to the cage. Christian gets to the top of the cage but Del Rio stops him and he hits a super Samoan drop and both men are down.

The referee checks on both men as we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio kicks Christian and then he punches him in the midsection. Christian with a kick but Del Rio sends Christian shoulder first into the cage and then Del Rio presses Christian into the cage. Del Rio kicks Christian in the shoulder and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex and gets a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock but Christian gets to his feet. Del Rio sends Christian back to the mat. Del Rio tries to climb the cage even though he is only feet away from the door.

Christian pulls Del Rio back to the mat. Del Rio with a kick to the knee. Del Rio tries to ram Christian into the cage but Christian blocks it. Christian with an inverted DDT on Del Rio for a near fall. Christian gets a second wind but he still shows the damage that he has suffered in the match. Christian with punches to Del Rio and then he sends Del Rio into the cage and he gets a near fall.

Del Rio grabs Christian’s ankle when Christian starts to go for the door. Christian kicks Del Rio and then he climbs the cage. Del Rio punches Christian to stop him and then he hits the running enzuigiri that knocks Christian off the middle rope and he gets a two count.

Del Rio starts to walk towards the open cage door but Christian stops him. Del Rio kicks Christian off. Del Rio is partially out of the cage but Christian pulls him back in. Del Rio kicks Christian off and then he kicks him again. Del Rio sets for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Christian counters it into the Killswitch and he hits it but Del Rio kicks out at two.

Christian struggles to get to his feet first and he starts to climb the cage but Del Rio pulls him off and then Del Rio pushes Christian’s back into the cage a few times and Christian slumps in the ropes. Del Rio uses Christian’s back to climb the ropes and get to the top of the cage. Christian grabs Del Rio’s leg and Christian climbs up top. Del Rio and Christian exchange punches on top of the cage.

Del Rio sees the Wrestlemania sign and he gets the encouragement to go over the cage. Christian hangs onto Del Rio and he propels himself over Del Rio and Christian gets to the floor first.

Winner: Christian

After the match, Del Rio shows his anger at losing the match. Del Rio with a drop kick to Christian while the referee raises Christian’s arm over the victory. Del Rio sends Christian into the ring bell pit.

Del Rio tells Christian that now he is going to destroy him like he is going to destroy Edge at Wrestlemania.

Before Del Rio can attack Christian, Alberto’s car horn honks. Edge is in the car and he says that it is a nice car. He asks how much it costs and then he comments on how nice the car is. Alberto wants to know what Edge is doing with his car. Edge says that it would be a shame if something happened to this car. What if he accidentally kicks out the headlight or scratches the paint job. Maybe he could stomp in the roof. Edge tells Alberto to shut up and then he says that he could get the steel chair in the passenger seat.

Before Edge can do anything to the car, Brodus Clay attacks Edge from behind. Del Rio and Rodriguez go to the car while Clay hits Edge with the chair and he hits Edge in the arm. Del Rio stands over Edge and then he puts Edge’s arm in a chair and then Alberto sets for a one man conchairto to the arm and he hits Edge in the arm.

Del Rio squats over Edge before the referees pull him away.