SmackDown results: Right place, rung time

BY Michael Burdick

April 22, 2011

LONDON – Just nine days before Christian’s epic Ladder Match with Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, Captain Charisma and Edge crashed the aristocratic Superstar’s mock Retirement Party for The Rated-R Superstar. Meanwhile, Big Show & Kane captured the WWE Tag Team Championships with an earth-shattering victory over The Corre.

Alberto Del Rio threw a Retirement Party for Edge

One week after Edge’s forced retirement from WWE, Alberto Del Rio ridiculed the 11-time World Champion with a mock Retirement Party. His “presents” included a grandfather clock for Edge to watch his life tick away, adult diapers, a “heavier” version of former WWE Diva Lita for companionship, a walker and even a mobility scooter, complete with handicap parking pass.

Moments later, The Ultimate Opportunist himself surprised both Del Rio and the WWE Universe, emerging to humorously address the “party poopers.” When Brodus Clay stomped up the ramp to take him out, Christian emerged from under the ring, striking his aristocratic adversary’s protégé with a ladder. After slamming Del Rio into the barricade, Captain Charisma climbed the rungs of destiny in the center of the ring, grabbing the vacant World Heavyweight Championship suspended high above the London masses. Will the same thing happen when Christian faces his elitist foe at Extreme Rules in nine days?