Raw results: What happens in Vegas …

BY James Wortman

June 27, 2011

LAS VEGAS – The WWE Universe went for a spin in the city of sin for Raw Roulette, the one night of the year when matches, competitors and stipulations are determined by the whirling of the wheel.

Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show in a Raw Roulette Steel Cage Match; Mark Henry ravaged cage

Not even a steel cage door could keep an enraged Mark Henry from preying on Big Show during the giant’s confined clash with Alberto Del Rio. Just three days after assaulting Show in the locker room area on SmackDown, The World’s Strongest Man struck again, this time tearing the door off the steel cage and brutally mauling his massive adversary.

Always knowing a good opportunity when he sees it, the sly Mexican Aristocrat escaped the cage through the open doorway as Henry continued to batter Show. In a terrifying display of ferocity, Henry then nailed the giant with the steel door, sending him crashing through the cage wall itself.

Following this key victory, Kingston aims to keep this momentum going as he prepares for the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match in three weeks, when he will clash with Evan Bourne, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Alex Riley, Jack Swagger, R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio