SPOILERS WWE SmackDown Results For This Friday

By Raj Giri January 29, 2013

Smackdown kicks off with Booker T entering the ring for his big announcement. Sheamus, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, The Great Khali, Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the ring for the announcement. Alberto Del Rio is shown outside with a bat waiting for The Big Show. Booker says that they all deserve a second chance to become champion and starts to announce that they will compete in the Elimination Chamber, but gets interrupted by Jack Swagger. Swagger says that he wants in the Chamber match, even though there are only 6 spots. Ziggler says he already has a guaranteed shot with the Money In The Bank briefcase, and that he isn’t competing in the Chamber. Booker T said that Ziggler can chicken out of the Chamber match, but he can’t chicken out of his match with Alberto Del Rio tonight. As for the others, they have to impress Booker and Teddy Long to gain a spot in the Chamber for a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania.

A video recap of Alberto Del Rio and Big Show from The Royal Rumble and RAW is shown.

Matt Striker attempts to interview Del Rio outside, who is still waiting with a bat. Del Rio said that he was getting fresh air and told Striker to leave him alone.

Del Rio is shown out back still waiting.

Back outside, and Del Rio hides as The Big Show’s bus pulls in. Big Show gets out and Del Rio attacks him. Show tries to get away and attempts to climb on top of a car. Del Rio breaks the window and they fight on top of the car. The play a game of chase around the car before Show gets in another car and drives off.

A recap of The Rock - CM Punk segment from RAW is shown.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler. This was said to be really good. The crowd was hot for Ziggler early on. Early in the match, Del Rio was on the top rope but AJ Lee distracted the referee and Big E pushed Del Rio to the mat. The referee then ejected AJ and Big E, but the distraction put Ziggler in control of the match. Ziggler kept control for awhile until Del Rio managed to catch him on the top rope and superplexed him. The crowd is behind Del Rio, who plants a side kick to Ziggler’s face. Ziggler kicked out and countered Del Rio’s arm lock and hit a famasser, but Del Rio kicked out. Del Rio hit a backbreaker, but Ziggler kicked out. Del Rio jumped off the top rope, but Ziggler caught him in the air with a drop kick. The crowd started chanting, “this is awesome!” Del Rio eventually locked in the arm bar to get the win.

As Del Rio celebrated, Big Show is shown backstage holding Ricardo by the neck and then delivered the KO punch. Del Rio rushed backstage and Ricardo is knocked out. The show ended at this point.


Big Show comes out to the ring in street clothes and talks trash and insults the crowd. Del Rio tries to make it to the ring, and fights trainers to come out to the ramp. Del Rio eventually breaks through and runs in, but Show spears him. Show then grabbed a chair. Del Rio managed to get the chair and nail Big Show with it about 10 times. Show then rolled out of the ring and ran away. Del Rio celebrated in the ring to a huge pop.


Complete WWE Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 01.30.2013

Smackdown opened with Booker T in ring with Sheamus, Kane, Great Khali, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and A.J. Booker spoke about the Elimination Chamber.

Jack Swagger came out and wants in the Chamber match. Ziggler still has Money in the Bank, so he doesn’t wanna be in Chamber. He threatened to cash in his MITB contract during WrestleMania. Booker announced Dolph would have to fight Alberto Del Rio tonight

They have been showing Del Rio outside waiting for Big Show for what he did to Ricardo Rodriguez.

Finally, Big Show arrived and Del Rio attacked him with a stick. Del Rio shouted in Spanish. Show yelled stop and did not fight back. Show jumped on top of a Crown Victorian, which Del Rio basically tore up. Eventually, Show jumped into another car and drove away.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. There were multiple near falls before Del Rio won by submission with the Cross Arm Breaker. During the Del Rio’s celebration, Big Show appeared on the big screen and had Ricardo by the neck.

Del Rio tried to leave the ring, but Show told him to stay there or he would hurt Ricardo. He warned Del Rio not to attack again. Show gave Del Rio the knockout punch. Del Rio ran to help and screamed in Spanish. Del Rio got a huge pop and was over with the Hispanic population in San Diego.

Show came out in jeans and said “Boohoo, I hurt Ricardo Rodriguez.” He said let that be a lesson to all the stars in the back and all the immigrants in attendance. He said he pays people like you to clean his pool and mow his lawn. He added that the current champion is nursing his burrito. Del Rio came out. Show told security to keep him away and said Del Rio is not worth of the belt or in his league.

Security kept Del Rio at the bottom of the ramp. Del Rio ended up getting in the ring and was knocked down. Show grabbed a chair. Del Rio kicked Show and ended up with the chair. He struck Show multiple times. Show rolled out of the ring and ran aay. Del Rio’s music played and he celebrated in the ring and shook hands at ringside to end the show.



By Jason Zohn on 2013-01-30 03:41:29

Smackdown opened with a number of contenders in the ring as Booker T came out to the ring. In the ring were Team Hell No, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and The Great Khali. They show ckips of the World champion Alberto Del Rio stalking outside with a bat, looking for Big Show to get him back for what he did to Ricardo on Raw. Booker said that they are all former champions and deserve another chance to become World champions. He announces they are in the Elimination Chamber. Out comes Jack Swagger in his first TV appearance since 1959 it seems, who says he’s a former World champion and should be in the Chamber too, so he’s going to go an win it. Booker says there are only six pods. Dolph says he already has a guaranteed title shot (Money in the Bank) so he’s pulling out. Booker tells him he might want to chicken out but he’s not chickening out of a match tonight with Alberto. Everyone else has to prove themselves tonight with their performances.

Outside, Alberto Del Rio attacks Big Show’s bus as it arrives. Show runs out of the bus and is chased around the parking lot before finally racing off in another car.

They show Rock and Punk from Raw.

Alberto Del Rio warns Ricardo he is to stay backstage.

World champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler in a really great main event. Pretty sure this was a non-title bout. Ziggler was over in San Diego. AJ and Langston got involved and thrown out. AJ sure lost her momentum compared to last time they were in town. Ziggler works over Del Rio who makes a comeback. They have a lot of good near falls but Del Rio finally grabs him in the armbreaker for the win.

Big Show shows up on the screen having grabbed Ricardo and knocks him out. That closes the show.

After Smackdown went off the air, Show came out and they had a segment where Alberto ran him off with a chair.


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