SPOILERS WWE SmackDown Results For This Friday

By Marc Middleton | September 03, 2013

Thanks to Barry Miller and @TubbyEmu for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam is up first. Alberto Del Rio is out for commentary. Another good, lengthy match. Orton dodged a Five Star frogsplash. Orton got the win with a RKO. During the match, Del Rio interfered and it was said he appeared to have injured his arm. After the match, Del Rio beat RVD down and left him laying.


Complete WWE Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 09.03.2013

Rob Van Dam (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Randy Orton. Alberto Del Rio sat in on commentary. No crappy intro from Ricardo. There are people walking the aisle selling the “Yes!” towels for $5. One actually sold in front of me. Del Rio ran Ricardo into the post, then RVD did a flip onto ADR, who spent the rest of the match shaking his hand/arm. Orton won clean with the RKO. ADR looked fine when he beat up RVD afterward. Big RVD chant afterward.


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