WWE House Show Results 09.08.13 - Hamilton, Ontario

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 09.09.2013

Dolph Ziggler wins a Battle Royal to earn a shot at Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship later in the evening. After the Battle Royal, Damien Sandow, who was in the Battle Royal, challenged Big E. Langston, who was also in the match. Langston accepted.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Alberto Del Rio via Disqualification. Before the match, Del Rio tore up a kid’s sign at ringside. Later on, Ziggler gave the same kid his t-shirt, as well as Del Rio’s shirt. During the match, Del Rio shoved the referee and then applied the Cross Armbreaker on Ziggler. It looked as if Ziggler submitted and Del Rio celebrated like he won. However, the referee ended up disqualifying Del Rio for shoving him. Ziggler eventually recovered and hit the Zig Zag on Del Rio on a chair. This was said to be the best match on the show by far.


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