Raw results: Orton shatters Goldust’s dreams, but Bryan gets the last laugh

BY Anthony Benigno

September 09, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth

What’s up? A victory for Alberto Del Rio, for starters. Six days away from a title defense against Rob Van Dam, the World Heavyweight Champion made an example of R-Truth on Raw. Things were looking tough for the champion at first when the “Suntan Superman” took flight and left Del Rio splayed on the outside of the ring. Truth’s advantage was short-lived, though, after The Essence of Excellence knocked the former U.S. Champion loopy with an enziguiri, following up with a second, jaw-rattling kick to Truth’s face and a Cross Armbreaker that left him tapping for mercy on the mat.


Rob Van Dam def. Ryback via Disqualification

Rob Van Dam may be going into Night of Champions with a win, but it was hardly a dominant one when Ryback willingly took a disqualification loss for the sake of embarrassing Mr. Monday Night. The No. 1 contender was all over Ryback for the majority of the match, letting loose with his famous feet and leaving the Human Wrecking Ball stumbling about the ring.

Things only went sour when the battle spilled to the outside and RVD attempted to take flight and collided face-first with the barricade when Ryback dodged the attack. Having had enough of Van Dam, Ryback brought the match to an end by ramming the ECW Original crotch-first into the ring post, following up with Shell Shocked. Say hello to “The Big Guy.”