WWE Main Event results: Diva Drama

BY Bobby Melok

November 20, 2013

Alberto Del Rio def. Santino Marella

Looking to stay sharp ahead of his rematch with World Heavyweight Champion John Cena this Sunday at Survivor Series, Alberto Del Rio battled Santino Marella on WWE Main Event. Santino was hoping to catch The Mexican Aristocrat looking past him, but that wasn’t the case Wednesday night.

Del Rio was in no mood for Marella’s opening bell antics. When Santino gloated after cartwheeling out of an Irish Whip, Del Rio kicked him in the stomach and unloaded a flurry of ferocious fists on the Italian Superstar.

Though Santino tried his best to wrestle out of Del Rio’s grasp, The Mexican Aristocrat was always one step ahead, ready to land a vicious kick at a moment’s notice. Marella briefly mustered up some offense, but soon found himself trapped in the Cross Armbreaker, with no choice but to tap out.