WWE Main Event Recap: Fandango Vs. Kofi Kingston, Del Rio Vs. Santino, Tamina Vs. Naomi

By Christian Miller | November 20, 2013

This week’s episode of Main Event opens with Josh Mathews and The Miz on commentary.

Then, the recent rivalry between Alberto Del Rio and John Cena is recapped.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Santino Marella

Santino kicks at Del Rio several times and Del Rio doesn’t move. Del Rio attacks Santino with multiple kicks and punches. He hits Santino with a snap Suplex and then locks in his arm. Santino fights back, but Del Rio headbutts him to the mat and kicks his gut. He steps on Santino’s throat. Santino goes for his arm drag and misses. Del Rio locks back in Santino’s head from behind. Santino gets to his feet and strikes Del Rio into the corner. He charges and Del Rio moves. Del Rio hits his leaping enziguri.

Del Rio kicks Santino in the back of the head and then locks his arm back in. Santino battles back to his feet. He charges Del Rio and Del Rio counters into a body slam. Santino hits his arm drag and goes for the diving headbutt. Del Rio puts his knees up. Del Rio hits his super kick to the face, and then locks in the cross arm breaker. Santino taps.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


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