WWE Live Event Results From Oakland (2/7): Cena Vs. Orton Cage Match, Young Scores Upset

By Raj Giri | February 08, 2014

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Cristal for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Oakland, CA. Marc Lopez contributed to this report.

Friday Feb 7, 2014 Oakland House Show

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Miz. Del Rio comes out to some heat and uts a promo saying we need to stand up and cheer for him, that he hates us and he is going to make us learn to respect him like he did to Batista. That on Monday he saw the fear in Batista’s eyes. Miz then comes out to a good pop. Good match, lots of action outside the ring, Del Rio ran out a few times he actually went through the crowd. At one point Del Rio fell from the ring and hit his head on the floor, he stayed down for a bit. It sounded really bad to me but he continued the match and he seemed fine. I really enjoyed the match but the crowd didn’t seem to into it. Some guys tried starting CM Punk chants but they never got going. Match ended when Del Rio but Miz in the cross arm breaker and he tapped.


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