SHOW RESULTS - 2/8 WWE in San Jose, Calif.: Orton beats Cena in a cage again, Mysterio in San Jose instead of San Diego, Miz gets some “Bad News,” more

Feb 9, 2014 - 2:30:04 AM

WWE Live show results; February 8, 2014; San Jose, Calif. at the SAP Center Report by VIP member Brandon Tanguma

A good crowd around 6,000-7,000. The lower bowl was about 80 percent full. About the same as Oakland on Friday with a lot of families, but they were much more vocal.

The Real Americans (with Zeb Colter) made their entrance. Zeb said their partner will be Alberto Del Rio and even though they don’t like each other, they have to work together to win. Zeb then started talking about immigrants and asked the crowd to stop booing him, which drew mega-heat. Mark Henry and Xavier Woods made their entrance and then Rey Mysterio came out. Rey got the second biggest pop of the night behind John Cena.

(4) Rey Mysterio & Mark Henry & Xavier Woods beat Alberto Del Rio & The Real Americans (Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter) via pinfall in a six-man tag team match. Mysterio and Del Rio started the match. Del Rio offered to shake hands, but Mysterio wasn’t buying it, so he kicked Del Rio. Woods took most of the punishment during the match, then he made the hot tag to Mysterio, who delivered a 619 to Swagger. Rey then tagged in Henry, who hit a World’s Strongest Slam for the win. After the match, Woods, Mysterio, and Henry danced a little bit, which led to intermission.

Overall, it was a good house show. I thought it was better than the Oakland show on Friday night, mainly because of the crowd. It was nice to see that they changed the line-up a little bit between the two shows because Oakland and San Jose are only 45 minutes apart from each other. Reports 10/article 76239.shtml#.UvglG vQojQ

WWE Live Event Results From San Jose (2/8): Randy Orton Defeats John Cena In A Cage, More

By Raj Giri | February 09, 2014

Thanks to reader Sean McCray for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in San Jose, CA:

Mark Henry, Xavier Woods and Rey Mysterio defeated The Real Americans and Alberto Del Rio. Zeb and the Real Americans came out first and he cut a typical Zeb promo playing with the crowd. He then said that the Authority said they had to team with their old friend Del Rio because its “best for business.” Del Rio then comes out. Henry and Woods come out together, while Mysterio came out to a new remixed version of his original theme and has the biggest pop of the night. All 3 men on the face team cut a promo on their opponents. Henry, Woods, and Mysterio win in a fun 15 minute match with a 619, Worlds Strongest Slam combo. Mysterio has his old theme playing after the win and Woods has a new rap theme and Titantron.

Roberts says that the WWE looks forward to coming back to San Jose in the near future and the show ends.

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