xrspook:我觉得Alberto Del Rio非常适合Intercontinental Title,他实在太能代表这个腰带了——比赛实在党!

NoDQ.com WWE New Feud for Del Rio, NXT Release, Rey’s Future

Posted by Steve Carrier on 04/02/2014 at 08:46 PM

The reason Alberto Del Rio pinned Big E clean a second time in non-title matches is because WWE officials are planning on having the two feud for the Intercontinental Title after WrestleMania XXX. A match is currently scheduled for Extreme Rules in May.


33.Alberto Del Rio第二次在非腰带战中战胜Big E是因为WWE官方计划在WrestleMania XXX之后让两个人争夺the Intercontinental Title。目前已经计划在5月的Extreme Rules进行一场比赛。