xrspook:伤得不是时候,因为这个周日就是AAA的Rey de Reyes了,紧接着下周末开始是澳大利亚巡演,还有其它的这个那个…… 简而言之,3月的Berto日程本来很丰满,他要cut掉哪些呢?


By Mike Johnson on 2015-03-09 09:24:34

Alberto El Patron has suffered a quad injury. He worked over the weekend for Northeast Wrestling in a reduced capacity and has been told by doctors to take some time off. Patron is believed to have suffered a partially torn quad.


Slight Name Change For Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron Out Of Action, Ivelisse Velez Videos

By Marc Middleton | March 12, 2015

The injury that AAA Mega Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) recently suffered in Mexico is a partially torn quad, not a full tear. Alberto, who has a match scheduled with former WWE developmental talent Brian Cage at Sunday’s Rey de Reyes event, is expected to be out of action for a while.